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  1. Kishinoyama

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Yes it is.
  2. Kishinoyama

    Aki 2019

    LOL.... I am hoping for the return of the Ozeki back scratchers club.
  3. Kishinoyama

    Rikishi Status Aki 2019 - Day 8 Late

    I knew he had went kyujo but was a reason ever given for the kyujo?
  4. Kishinoyama

    Rikishi Status Aki 2019 - Day 8 Late

    What is up with Musashikuni, Kintamayama?
  5. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    Wow.... I never thought someone would say something like this. Asashoryu always seemed to be portrayed as the bad guy and Hakuho the good guy. How times have changed.
  6. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    This is what I am hoping he will do whether he is offered an ichiichidai-toshiyori or not. Chiyonofuji was offered an ichiichidai-toshiyori but took the Kokonoe name instead. I think it was a wise move on his part.
  7. Kishinoyama

    Enho - predictions?

    8-7 I hope....
  8. Kishinoyama

    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    Pulling being the key word here quite often toward the end of his career....
  9. Kishinoyama

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    Asashoryu... I know that he was a jack@$$ but he did make things interesting on the dohyo.
  10. Kishinoyama

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    That is pretty much a given since he is not Japanese. Kisenosato will have that position some day.
  11. Kishinoyama

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I just want to say that I am a big Ryuden supporter. His sumo may not be very exciting to some but I like his technique. He made it to Juryo and then got injured. He almost fell off the banzuke and now look at what he has accomplished. I am hoping that Terunofuji can follow his example and make it back to Makuuchi.
  12. Kishinoyama

    Terunofuji's health problems

    He did look better even though he did suffer a loss. I hope he will be in even better shape next time. Makushita will be a much bigger test.
  13. Kishinoyama

    Trump coming to the basho

    I also use an adblocker but I was able to copy and paste most of it: President Donald Trump's weekend trip to Japan — where he contradicted his national security advisor, backed the murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and misspelled former vice president Joe Biden's name while calling him "low IQ"— also included a trip to a sumo wrestling stadium. On Sunday, he presented the "United States President's Cup" — a 60-pound trophy more than four feet tall that Japan made up for the occasion — to Asanoyama, the 25-year-old sumo champion. "In honor of your outstanding achievement as sumo grand champion, I hereby award you the United States President's Cup," he announced from the wrestling ring. Trump said he hoped the cup would continue to be awarded for "many hundreds of years." It was part of a visit to the country's Ryōgoku Kokugikan Stadium, where an estimated 11,500 fans gathered to watch a series of five-minute sumo matches. Trump's visit to the wrestling match broke several traditions. Foreign leaders do not usually give presentations between matches. And while viewers generally sit on cushions on the ground, called zabutons, Trump and his wife, Melania, were given chairs. The Japan Sumo Association also banned the practice of throwing zabutons into the air as a security precaution, according to the Associated Press. People who enter the elevated dirt wrestling ring — called a dohyo — are supposed to be barefoot, but Trump wore slippers as he handed out the award. Some members of the Japanese media suggested that the ring would now have to be reconsecrated after Trump's presentation, according to the Washington Post. According to viewers, Trump didn't appear to pay much attention to the matches. He didn't react to some of the most dramatic moments. "He didn't smile at all, he didn't do any gestures," Jaime Tiktin told the Post. "It was kind of strange to see him not moving his lips at all."
  14. Kishinoyama

    Trivia bits

    If I remember correctly it was the knee problems that were cited for not participating in January of 2001.
  15. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    BS or not, you are playing by the Kyokai's rules. It is their 'show'. You don't want to play by their rules (written or otherwise) then you won't be 'playing' at all.
  16. Kishinoyama

    Spirited rikishi Natsu 2019

    He should have gotten first in my opinion with the effort he put forth.
  17. Kishinoyama

    Natsu Basho 2019 Videos

    Yes... Happy birthday and thank you for the last few days of videos. The first 10 days or so just weren't the same without them.
  18. Kishinoyama

    Trump coming to the basho

    The sumo visit (and the visit to Japan in general) was mentioned this morning on the national news channel's morning program that I tend to watch on Sunday. No controversy which is the most important thing in my opinion.
  19. Kishinoyama

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    So... now that the Natsu yusho winner had been decided, I am curious to see what other forum members think about which tournament was more interesting. This tournament or the last tournament and your reason(s) for your decision.
  20. Kishinoyama

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    You said mini.... Anyway, now that the two leaders have lost, who is going to win the tournament? Are Kakuryu or Tochinoshin still the favorites? Who is the surprise rikishi that is 'under the radar' that might take the yusho?
  21. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    This is what I was thinking he would do if he decided to stay in sumo after he retired.
  22. Yes it does but maybe he has already started the process? Certain things in Japanese society seem to be kept quite secret.
  23. Then it doesn't take much to make the YDC feel uncomfortable. Imagine how uncomfortable they would be if he sat out 7 tournaments....
  24. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    I for one get tired of the arguing. Some people just hate the guy. He can't do anything right even when it comes to being injured. He was not born and or raised in Japan so he has that going against him. He will never have the hinkaku of a Japanese person because he was not raised there.
  25. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    I agree! He clinched being around for the Olympics with the injury and the 15-0 record. With 42 tournament wins and 15 zensho, Hakuho should be in no hurry to step on the dohyo for a long time.