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    Okami-san gallery

    Oh ok, I didn't know about any of this.
  2. obinishiki

    Okami-san gallery

    That doesn't sound too serious. Thank you!
  3. obinishiki

    Okami-san gallery

    Unfortunately the video is no longer available. I would be very grateful for a brief summary.
  4. obinishiki

    Interview about Kyokai meeting

    oh man, you just made my day!
  5. obinishiki

    Basho Preparations - 2014 Kyushu

    that is most interesting stuff. thanks a lot!
  6. obinishiki

    Breaking news-Kotooushuu second first in the world

    Then you've got to be the most tolerant creature to ever walk the face of the earth.
  7. obinishiki

    Leaderboard Day 9 Aki Basho 2009

    thanks for your daily efforts, very much appreciated. (Sign of approval...)
  8. obinishiki

    Wakanohou arrested for drug possession

    That sounds very odd. Could you elaborate on that?
  9. obinishiki

    Interview with Izutsu Oyakata

    Great Interview Thanx a lot!!
  10. obinishiki

    Ex-Kyokushuuzan to run for Mongolian Parliament

    Good luck for Mongolia! Given his rather hasty retreat from the world of sumo (Chased by the fans...) his interest in "strenghtening the Mongolian-Japanese relations" is certainly surprising. Maybe you could elaborate on his "program" other than being a former rikishi.
  11. obinishiki

    Spain or Germany?

    3-1 Germany!!! Unfortunately :-)
  12. obinishiki

    Ama gets honored, Asa at home

    Indeed, I think it's the forehead.
  13. obinishiki

    Day 14 Pics - Hatsu 08

    Nah not only that but February till July.
  14. obinishiki

    Yokozuna dohyo-iri

    Now that I know that it's called segi agari, Musashimaru's comes to mind. He always reminded me of a giant baby sea turtle, when they're headed for the sea. (cute little fellows (Punk rocker...) )
  15. obinishiki

    Day 2 Pics - Hatsu 08

  16. obinishiki

    SFM Sekitori Interview

  17. obinishiki

    The Henka

    Well said. A henka is kind of an anticlimactic experience. But then again it's also necessary because if it were illegal it would be nearly impossible for small rikishi to survive the tachiai. Yokozuna and Ozeki shouldn't use it though.
  18. obinishiki

    Yokozuna and Ozeki

    Kaio intai - no promotions
  19. obinishiki

    "Asashoryu facing YDC" banter

    Are you a king (In a state of confusion...) or something and do I have to assume that you're speaking for me too? Just wondering.
  20. obinishiki

    Return of the King

    Well first of all a happy 5-month anniversary ( i know technically it's not an anniversary but nonetheless) (Crowned...) (Band playing...) Altough I disagree with you on every imaginable subject and you have a certain way to enrage me :-) I haven't been able to put you on my ignore list. The simple reason for that is I'm not sure whether you are really such an ignoramus or just the most sophisticated troll of all. Because if you would've been trolling the whole time, I guess it must be like method acting, 24/7. I bet you even created your own fictional mongolian grandparents Harpersbazaar and... whatever. Unfortunately you probably ain't gonna tell me and i have to live on with this burning question. :-P (I am not worthy...) best wishes obinishiki
  21. obinishiki

    Hakuho and Big George Foreman early 1970s

    Yeah you're right around the eyes and the nose, George seems to have a darker complexion though. (Sign of disapproval...)
  22. obinishiki

    Surprise Kyujo

    Or maybe it's all rather simple and Taikai went out last night for a little boozin (Cheers...) (Singing drunk...) (Sign of disapproval...) got into trouble and the honchos considered it best not to disturb the senshuraku completely. I have to admit i'm an avid admirer of Kaio but why everyone would jeopardize their career just to prolong this soap opera just beats me.
  23. obinishiki

    Asashouryuu? My ears? My years?

    Me too, i was lying in bed half asleep but deemed it a blast from the past.
  24. Thank you very much for translating and posting all these reports. Aside from tradition and eventual flaws in the whole system, what really saddens me is the eagerness of people to torture or torment someone just because they're told to do so. Now I know everyone of them is in a difficult situation because obeyin your Shisho is a must but I can't help but imagine them all psyched up enjoyin their duty. It reminds me of my military service. Of course we had our own Private Pyle and most of us were tryin to help him wherever we could. Most of the time. But sometimes when a certain Sergeant was on duty he would let him run a "few" extra laps. Then he'd make an effort to bond with us by bitchin about him. And guess what it always worked. The talk would revolve around topics like "sending him to the gas chamber" and such. Now that's not as bad as to beat one up but the more of this kinda talk went on the more we all got psyched up and it was clear to me that the majority of the group would have beaten him up badly. Just a brief order, and there wasn't much at stake let alone their career. Well there's probably no real moral of this story, except that there's no moral. ( I'm sorry, punctuation is is one of my bigger problems with the english language. Besides grammar and orthography ;-) )
  25. obinishiki


    Sounds a tad obsessive to me. Well, his name and sponsor is written on the mawashi, and I bet Wakanoho was allowed to say a word or two about the design. About the phoenix symbol, both Roho and Wakanoho have the phoenix kanji in their name. Then Wakanoho needs his own Kanji (Yusho winner...)