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  1. obinishiki

    Okami-san gallery

    Oh ok, I didn't know about any of this.
  2. obinishiki

    Okami-san gallery

    That doesn't sound too serious. Thank you!
  3. obinishiki

    Okami-san gallery

    Unfortunately the video is no longer available. I would be very grateful for a brief summary.
  4. obinishiki

    Interview about Kyokai meeting

    oh man, you just made my day!
  5. obinishiki

    Basho Preparations - 2014 Kyushu

    that is most interesting stuff. thanks a lot!
  6. obinishiki

    Breaking news-Kotooushuu second first in the world

    Then you've got to be the most tolerant creature to ever walk the face of the earth.
  7. obinishiki

    Leaderboard Day 9 Aki Basho 2009

    thanks for your daily efforts, very much appreciated. (Sign of approval...)
  8. obinishiki

    Wakanohou arrested for drug possession

    That sounds very odd. Could you elaborate on that?
  9. obinishiki

    Interview with Izutsu Oyakata

    Great Interview Thanx a lot!!
  10. obinishiki

    Ex-Kyokushuuzan to run for Mongolian Parliament

    Good luck for Mongolia! Given his rather hasty retreat from the world of sumo (Chased by the fans...) his interest in "strenghtening the Mongolian-Japanese relations" is certainly surprising. Maybe you could elaborate on his "program" other than being a former rikishi.
  11. obinishiki

    Spain or Germany?

    3-1 Germany!!! Unfortunately :-)
  12. obinishiki

    Ama gets honored, Asa at home

    Indeed, I think it's the forehead.
  13. obinishiki

    Day 14 Pics - Hatsu 08

    Nah not only that but February till July.
  14. obinishiki

    Yokozuna dohyo-iri

    Now that I know that it's called segi agari, Musashimaru's comes to mind. He always reminded me of a giant baby sea turtle, when they're headed for the sea. (cute little fellows (Punk rocker...) )
  15. obinishiki

    Day 2 Pics - Hatsu 08