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  1. Deda


    Thank you! :)
  2. Deda


    Hallo! :-) I am new here to the forum! I'm Deda (Actually Andrea from Italy.. and I'm sorry guys, Andrea is a male name in Italy B-) ). Well, nice to meet you! I got into Sumo by chance.. back at the time I seen a tv report about a basho in italian Eurosport channel.. "Wow! The fat japanese guys pushing each other!!!" I istantly discovered that there was more, a lot more than that and I istantly became a fan. It was the time of the late Musashimaru. Sadly shortly after I discovered Sumo Eurosport Italy stopped transmitting the bashos and I've been forced to stop following it but for written accounts (on Pippooshu blog, I think he's here too, thanks once more!) because I had no fast internet connection (Italy..). Then came fast internet, the live streaming, the YouTube channels and my interest exploded! :) :) I hope I'll be able to contribute in some way to the forum, although I think I will be far more asking for news rather than giving them.. I'll try my best nonetheless! :) Well.. see you around! :)