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  1. Flohru

    What are your "best" SB games?

    Nice idea! No big surprises in my case as well with four daily games among the top 5. One should mention some changes over time as well. +135 of my 135,93 points in S-O came before 2014... Regarding the games that ceased operation: Funny that ten more years of Fantasy Sumo were not enough to match the points total of GISP despite the games being so similar.
  2. Flohru

    Class Dismissed Haru 2020

    Thanks Wakatake, and congratulations Achiyama on a well-earned jun-yusho! That game is really fun, I hope more players will join us in the near future. May I suggest something: Now that you use Surveymonkey for the picks (instead of the forum), it would be great, if you could post the teams after the deadline, so that people can keep track of the results during the basho. Thanks again!
  3. Flohru

    21 Har Har 20

    As I have said before: There is no better way to win 21 than via X-picks. Thanks Asojima for a particularly great bout selection this time, and thanks Prof for your regular updates, both is much appreciated!
  4. Flohru

    Games Bugs

    TTT is back. Thanks to all involved!
  5. Flohru

    Games Bugs

    Thanks, strangely the database was still working fine for me at that moment (now it is down), so I was wondering why Hoshitori wasn't! Edit: Up and working again
  6. Flohru

    Games Bugs

    Hoshitori seems not be dead at the moment. Was anybody able to enter, yet?
  7. Flohru

    21 Har Har 20

    I have wondered about this in the past; this time it seems something has gone wrong completely, as the numbers for e.g. bouts 5 and 6 simply make no sense, no matter how you define "the most recent". Also I think that @ Rocks question above is still unanswered; as 21 could easily be finalized even if the basho is cancelled mid-way, I guess it would be good to clarify beforehand, if the game will be cancelled as well or any remaining matches will be counted as X. Thanks for still providing the matchups, Asojima!
  8. Flohru

    21 Har Har 20

    1. A 2. B 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. X 8. A 9. B 10. B 11. X 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. X 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. A 21. B
  9. Flohru

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    In my opinion, the only reason why it would make sense to skip the games this time: If they cancel the basho mid-way I would regret it to have wasted a couple of hours entering all the games. That said I am definitely going to wait until the last moment before entering in case a rikishi will be infected before Sunday...
  10. Flohru

    Sandanme Game Hatsu 2020

    Wow, nine players and three yusho winners (never thought about that, but are there no tie-breakers?)! That's a 33 % chance of winning a yusho: Sumo gamers, you simply need to join Sandanme Game!! Thanks, Itachi
  11. Flohru

    JWS Hatsu 2020

    Wakatake: Thanks for your response and your efforts; However, I am now positive that this was actually completely my mistake (I never even realized there is a registration page where I am suppose to indicate whether I plan to enter my picks daily or not - and, yes, I should have checked the results sooner), so I am 100 % fine with having Hoshoryu counted as my picked from day 2 onwards. Starting next basho I am going to make things easier by simply playing daily - the game deserved it!
  12. Flohru

    JWS Hatsu 2020

    @ Wakatake: I've selected Hoshoryu as my day 1 pick, but Terunofuji as my 1st default pick, assuming that Terunofuji would kick in from day 2 onwards if I send no further pick. I only now realize that was not the case. The rules indicate that you are keeping the rikishi you pick on any given day unless you send a new pick, so that is fine. However, the Surveymonkey states "Please Select Your JWS Pick for Day X" which suggests that it is only for this day. Maybe it would be better to just write "Please Select Your JWS Pick", not indicating a day, to avoid such misunderstandings? Thanks for providing the game!
  13. Flohru

    Metasumo 2020

    Or else, they think that you could be encouraged to try a comeback! No? :)
  14. Good idea, there was a similar long-term game with fantasy heyas in the past (forget the name), which unfortunately ceased to exist after a while. K-M2 Mitakeumi M3-M6 Meisei M7-M11 Onosho M12+ Kiribayama J Kotonowaka Ms Roga Sd and below Hokutenkai
  15. Flohru

    Metasumo 2020

    Always the most difficult game... Thanks for providing it! 1-5 Pandaazuma 6-10 ScreechingOw´╗┐l 11-20 Susanoo 21-40 Choshu-yuki 41-80 Athenayama 81-120 Oortael 121-200 Takanorappa 201+ Joaoiyama