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  1. Sandanme Game Haru 2018

    Thanks, Itachi, I did not expect to win this time. In fact, the winning score of 10.41 points is by far the lowest of all my 18th yusho. Must have been a really difficult basho for all Sandanme gamers!
  2. Pick The Yusho Winners Haru 2018

    Congratulations, Itachi, a well-deserved first yusho! I am pretty happy with the jun-yusho given the fact that neither one of my Makushita picks even managed a kk...
  3. エレベーター力士 Elevator Rikishi

    Similar record: Dewanohana had four consecutive promotions and four demotions between Hatsu 1986 and Haru 1987. And before anyone asks: The record for consecutive Makushita-Juryo pro-/demotions is held by Shinobuyama
  4. エレベーター力士 Elevator Rikishi

    Obviously, "consecutive" is the important restriction in your query. In order for someone travelling back and forth between Makuuchi and Juryo for more than a year, you would not only need a very borderline-quality (and injury-free) rikishi, but also lots of banzuke luck. When it comes to Juryo<->Makuuchi elevator rikishi in general, the numbers of promotions/demotions are much higher.
  5. エレベーター力士 Elevator Rikishi

    Apparently the record is held by Wakashoyo with four consecutive promotions and three demotions between Aki 1991 and Aki 1992.
  6. Perfect Team - Haru 2018

    In my experience, that's one of the many great side-effects of playing sumo games, especially games like Makushita Game, Sandanme Game, Pick the Yusho Winners or now Perfect Team and Class Dismissed - you will occasionally learn things like that.. Thanks Wakatake for providing the latter two!
  7. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    Not different at all (at least if the rookie does not strike back which, I believe, many would do nowadays). I understood your original comment differently and thought that you are comparing on- and off-court violence (= fights between athletes) in western sports with the case of this beating and I disagreed on that. I do agree that we have lost proportions, mainly due to all the recent scandals - but also due to the fact that there was (and, unfortunately still seems to be) a structural issue with and a culture of "hierachy-based" violence in sumo.
  8. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    You're right, obviously, though I am unsure whether "bullying in the clubhouse" in western sports would (nowadays) include the kind of a blunt punishment beating that seems to have taken place here. In any case I just wanted to point out that it is problematic to compare cases of on-/ and off-court fights between athletes in any sports with what Takayoshitoshi did.
  9. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    True, there is violence in every sports and someone watching e.g. ice hockey may find the calls for a police investigation in this case rather absurd. But then I guess it makes a difference if two (or more) athletes are fighting each other on (theoretically) equal terms or if one guy is simply beaten up by his senior. I assume that NBA or MLB would have a serious problem, too, if, say, a junior player is beaten up by a veteran because he failed to hand over a water bottle or a towel in time, at least if this is perceived to be a structural issue.
  10. Rikishi Status Haru 2018 - D15 no changes

    Not sure what you mean: neither Fujikawa nor Uminishiki even entered this basho with their injuries, they dropped out last basho after getting injured which was what Yubinhaad was referring to.
  11. Perfect Team - Haru 2018

    15 - Tamawashi 13 - Takakeisho 12 - Shodai 11 - Mitoryu 10 - Daishoho 9 - Tomokaze 8 - Tokimaru 7 - Tsukahara 6 - Naya
  12. Cibersumo-emergency help please......

    I think your team is already retired; at least Fujisan is not on the banzuke anymore (and not included in the ciber rikishi list). BTW: I have trouble entering Cibersumo every basho, because the password required is not the one I use for all the other sumo games - it is the name of my team oyakata. I think that password was set automatically in the past...
  13. Class Dismissed Haru 2018

    Mitakeumi Hokutofuji Yoshikaze Mitoryu Asanoyama Nishikifuji Ichiyamamoto Tanabe Tomokaze Shunba Tetsuyuzan Mitotsukasa Shiba Wakatakakage Kamiyutaka Alternate - Enho TB - Yago, Maeta
  14. Bout Time, Endurance Team and Unstable Team NOT ANYMORE

    Yes, very sad to hear this; I was getting fond of Unstable Team. No need to excuse yourself, though: Thanks for providing these games and the 2nd League and all the best for you!
  15. 21 Har Har 18 - The Results

    1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. X 6. A 7. A 8. X 9. B 10. A 11. X 12. X 13. X 14. B 15. B 16. A 17. X 18. A 19. B 20. X 21. B