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  1. Flohru

    UDH Aki Basho 2018

    You are right, maybe I am getting as old as the games and becoming rather grumpy myself! :) Of course, re-evualating and discussing rules is legitimate and even important, especially in the case of "younger" games. It just seemed to me that while in theory we are all appreciating the work of the game masters, in practice there are lately more complaints (about "problems" that look very minor to me) than thanks in many game threads - and I am not singling out any individual player here.
  2. Flohru

    UDH Aki Basho 2018

    Yes, I can very well live with other approaches in other games and would never dream to complain about them. Also, your reasoning seems absolutely sound to me. It is more the demanding of rule changes and/or yokozuna retirements that I cannot understand. UDH is running since 20 (?) years and, to me, that is worth much more than an "undeserving" yokozuna who could be retired.
  3. Flohru

    Aurora breaks the record and Aki weigh-in

    That ("error in translation") was exactly what I responded back then, but the translator (unfortunately, I forgot who it was) double-checked it. Possibly they did exaggerate, but who knows how much a 200+ kg Russian can consume, especially if he wants to gain weight by drinking beer? Here is the passage of the interview, now translated into English: "Batraz: Orora is able to drink 25 liter of beer over the course of an evening. Soslan: Yes, I did see that myself. And he was not even drunk. On the next morning he was at practice on time, at 6 a.m. He likes to drink beer."
  4. Flohru

    Aurora breaks the record and Aki weigh-in

    This is an old discussion: Already when Orora entered aged 16 (and close to 200 kg) it was mentioned that he was suffering from some kind of metabolic disorder and was in dire need of constant medical support and a regulated livelihood. In 2003, there was an interesting article in the Russian sports paper "Sport-Express", an interview with former Roho and Hakurozan, that was translated by a Russian-speaking member of the German sumo forum (I copied the text, luckily, as the thread is long gone). Roho and Hakurozan were asked about Orora and mentioned that Kitanoumi set the 300 kg as a career goal for him - apparently some sort of medical examination revealed that he could weigh that much without serious danger to his health. This is, of course, rubbish. They were also mentioning that Orora is drinking 25 liter of beer on a regular evening which made me think that it would be better if he quit immediately. Never thought it possible that he would still be around 15 years later..
  5. Flohru

    UDH Aki Basho 2018

    Let me interrupt this discussion for a second to highlight what IMO is the most important thing mentioned: Thanks for still running UDH, Tamanaogijima (and everyone else involved in long-standing games such as TH, BS, SG, DSTS, ISP and so on). Personally, I feel there is way too much complaining and fussing in Sumo gaming lately. As for the yokozuna question, I still fail to see any problem: Right now we are having a mere 2 yokozuna, so everything seems to be in order? Even the relation 7 yokozuna-92 players in 2012 mentioned by Ganzohnesushi seems okay to me, especially if it is only for a short time of transition. And as for their performance: In real sumo during the last six basho (Aki 2017-Nagoya 2018) our three current yokozuna had a combined 76 wins. Why would anyone be so keen to demand stricter guidelines for a fantasy game?
  6. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 8 (and so on): Yago
  7. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 6 (and so on until further notice): Tokushoryu
  8. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 4 (and so on until further notice) - Aminishiki
  9. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 3 (and so on until further notice): Azumaryu
  10. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 2 (and so on until further notice): Mitoryu
  11. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    If I start complaining about rule changes, I should give the game a try at least... Day 1 (and for the following days until I change the pick): Wakatakakage
  12. Flohru

    Class Dismissed Aki 2018

    Mitakeumi Mitoryu Hokutofuji Daiamami Yago Aratora Nishikifuji Ura Irie Ichiki Takemasa Maeta Kizakiumi Omoto Kawamoto Alternates Tokushoryu Yamaguchi Tiebreakers Wakatakakage Satoyama
  13. Flohru

    JWS Aki 2018

    Does excluding fusen winning rikishi make sense? It may prevent "cheating", but you cannot expect players to change their picks in time after a kyujo is announced?
  14. Flohru

    21 Aki 18, The Results

    1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. B 18. B 19. A 20. X 21. B
  15. Flohru

    Bench Sumo news

    Point taken! Let me point out, on the other hand, that you should delete the "at least" in your sentence. 2 out of 42 Makuuchi players were kosho (and that is in July, vacation time), if we were to treat kosho differently, exactly two mk players would gain a full and a half rank respectively. I really cannot see the big problem here and I even doubt the two affected players actually care about that.