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  1. Flohru

    Improving Strategies for Sumo Game

    I tend to do pretty well in the daily games when I do not have the time to watch ANY bouts during the basho (like this time)!
  2. Flohru

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    I will play! Thanks
  3. Flohru

    Sekitori Sweepstake - November 2023

    I am in, thank you!
  4. Flohru

    Sekitori Sweepstake - September 2023

    I am in, of course! Thanks!
  5. Flohru

    JWS Nagoya 2023

    Well, you don't have to read the rules or pick all the TBs/defaults, they just improve your chances to succeed - or not. In fact, if you had just picked Daiamami, Kitanowaka or Tomokaze for the whole basho (the way Jejima does every basho), you would have won the yusho this time! ;)
  6. So, Aoiyama gives me the yusho, who would have thought that! Thanks, Achiyama, for your perseverance with maintaining this wonderful game!
  7. Flohru

    Bench Sumo news

    That is because the crowded part of the banzuke ends right after you, but unfortunately all the players ahead of you are there for a reason. All the other MK players ahead of you must be ranked ahead of you even in terms of Ozumo banzuke making. There are four KK players between J1 and J5e and all four of them are suffering from bad to terrible banzuke luck as well: a 10-5 only receives a three ranked promotion (instead of five), a 9-6 only two (instead of three), a 8-7 only is promoted half a rank. I really cannot see what we could have done differently. Even if we had not promoted the KK players at all (!) you would have fallen to J3w due to the fact that the other MK players are having better rank/record-combination than you have.
  8. Flohru

    Bench Sumo news

    To be sure you have had a streak of bad banzuke luck recently. However, as Sakura indicated, this is mainly due to the dynamic banzuke making principle which favours double digit KK and might lead to mini promotions for small KK (or huge overdemotions for small MK) players in crowded parts of the banzuke. Looking at your career record you did profit from that guideline in the past, e.g. in your second basho when you were promoted to J13e after a 10-5 at ms10e (= a 11 rank promotion instead of the 5 rank promotion you were due with that record in terms of numbers only). So, yeah, in my experience, too, it does balance out in the long run. ;)
  9. Flohru

    Sekitori Sweepstake - July 2023

    Me too! :) Thanks for the game!
  10. Flohru

    Class Dismissed Natsu 2023

    No thanks!
  11. Flohru

    FAWL Invitation - Hatsu 2023

    I am not giving up: Will we see FAWL again, Neko!? :)
  12. Flohru

    Class Dismissed Natsu 2023

    Thanks, Wakatake! Gonoyama is listed twice in the entry form (incorrectly as J14w) while Sd67e Arise is missing.
  13. Flohru

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2023

    Retirement is not an option - I am in!
  14. Flohru

    Sanyaku Carousel Haru 2023

    3 pt Kotonowaka 6 pt Daieisho 9 pt Meisei 12 pt Kiribayama 15 pt Hoshoryu Alt Sadanoumi TB Shodai