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  1. Ryukaze

    Please read.......

    Thanks for your responses guys, yeah I finally got an email back from myspace customer service, they clearly stated that under no circumstances can they give out a users email and password to a third party even if I give them the necessary documentation as proof of my brothers passing (which seems hella dumb as hell, I mean even assuming I am someone just out to do no good I would be able to have his account deleted completely before they will give me his password information wtf???) seems awfully damb silly but nothing I can do. His email service would not give me his password to log in to his account either but they did say they could email a copy of all that is currently contained inside (so hopefully his myspace info is in there somewhere.........) Other than that he had a computer in Iraq so maybe when we get that back I can look and check to see if he has it stored there somewhere, aside from that I guess I'm screwed. Again thanks so much to all who responded with a reply, peace and god bless.
  2. Ryukaze

    Please read.......

    Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while.........I am normally not one to post anything personal but in the hopes that someone will be able to be of help with regards to this situation in someway I will. My brother was recently killed in action in Iraq ( when the Humvee he was in struck an I.E.D.) It has been a difficult situation but my family and I are dealing with it, (he was my only brother and sibling.) Anyhow he was a big myspace user and he had a myspace page that he always used to keep in touch with his friends, us and everyone he knew, especially his fiancee (who had been living with my parents awaiting his return.) So in hopes of keeping his memory alive to those he knew I was hoping to somehow keep his myspace profile up so that his firends and everyone he knew could continue to post comments, pictures and keep in touch with each other. Unfortunately I need his email address and pasword or his account to do this (which only he knew......) I have had little luck in getting a response to my emails from "myspace customer service" with regards to this, would anyone happen to know if there is any other way I could contact them over this issue (a mailing address, phone number, a person even anything at all???) Contact information for myspace seems rather scarce from what I have tried to find but knowing there are many of you here who know so much more than I, I was hoping someone could help me out with this issue if possible (getting my brothers email and password so that I can log in and keep his myspace page up and going.) If so it would mean a great deal to my family and all those who knew my brother, thanks for listening and thanks for any help. - "Ryu"
  3. Ryukaze

    YDC recommends Hakuhou promotion

    So your saying Sekiwake Hakuho is/was just as good as the now Yokozuna Hakuho?
  4. Ryukaze

    Happy birthday to Kokonoe oyakata

    Hmmm...nah I think I'll pass, thanks for the suggestion though! (Sign of approval...) .
  5. Whitey go home! Seriously do you think Hakuho is caucasian? Ah, well for someone who is so "Pro-Japanese" I was only assuming that you were an equal opportunity biggut (with regards to caucasians as well as Mongolians.) (Sigh...)
  6. Ryukaze

    YDC recommends Hakuhou promotion

    The day all you whiners have longed for has finally come, (i.e. a second Yokozuna and for all intensive purposes a "rival" for Asashoryu.) Now lets see if Hakuho can put a serious dent in Shoryu's rampage to 32+ Yusho.........
  7. Ryukaze

    Kotomitsuki on way up?

    Id give him 4/1 odds. Even if he does make it though I just can't imagine him being able to hold it down at Ozeki for very long, then again stranger things have happened...........
  8. Ha ha ha Nish you anti-Caucasian, racist bastard you!
  9. Ryukaze

    american sumo wrestler

    me neither, who?
  10. Ryukaze

    Kotomitsuki on way up?

    Also perhaps worthy of note lest we forget......CURRENT Ozeki need only achieve kachi-koshi to remain Ozeki so..........assuming our current Ozeki have had a number of less than stellar performances (of 8-7, 9-6 etc) and lord knows they have, this only makes his record that much less impressive, (especially since he's going to need to punch through with at least 33 or so wins in 3 basho to get there.......) :-)
  11. Ryukaze

    Shunkan Bunshun

    O.k. sorry bro, I wasn't sure (didn't mean to sound like a dick, well at least not here I didn't lol) But yeah regardless of whether he really said it or not, " mou mongorujin yokozuna nan te iranai" essentially means "We don't need any more Mongolian Yokozuna." I'd say it's more like "We don't need more of these Mongolian Yokozuna.." . The "nan te" has a negative connotation. It could easily have been without those words (mou mongorujin yokozuna wa iranai) , but they add some nastiness. O.k. so I could say something like....こんな細かい翻訳"なんって"いらない。
  12. Ryukaze

    Shunkan Bunshun

    O.k. sorry bro, I wasn't sure (didn't mean to sound like a dick, well at least not here I didn't lol) But yeah regardless of whether he really said it or not, " mou mongorujin yokozuna nan te iranai" essentially means "We don't need any more Mongolian Yokozuna."
  13. Ryukaze

    Nice throw and cool reporter

    おいおい! ヨーロッパ人 なんて 呼ばないでくれよ! おれ "アメリカ 人" だって ほら.......But that big fat b-tch sure let loose on that reporter didn't she? lol She didn't even hesitate lol.
  14. Ryukaze

    Shunkan Bunshun

    You mean to tell me that you can read the Kanji and put it into romaji for us all to read but aren't sure about the meaning???
  15. Ryukaze

    Revenge Time

    "Revenge time" or "piss your pants time" at the prospect of having to face the Yokozuna for these two.......