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  1. My English is not good. What do you mean? Sorry, I forgot that most of you are Americans and very sensitive to words as "retarded". Apology. Moderator Notice We hope this "discussion" ends here.
  2. Surabuyan

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    You are right, as always. There will be more to see from Tamawashi. He did some Asashoryu faces. ;)
  3. aikido training

  4. Surabuyan

    Kakuryu as Yokozuna

    Kakuryu can't do yokozuna. Even if he becomes one, he will be a dissappointment. He rarely gives his best, being afraid not to get injured. Unlike Harumafuji does. Ozeki is where he belongs. He will win a cup, sooner or later, but two back-to-back cups... very doubtful. Both yokozuna have their own unique sumo that Kakuryu doesn't have. Back 7 years ago when Kotooshu won a cup, all started speaking about yokozuna, It was obvious that he couldn't do it. Even when Kyokutenho won, there was such speech. Kyokutenho is smart in sumo - if the opponent is too eager to win, just lets him win. That's why he will go on doing sumo till 50; he knows how to keep himself safe and healthy. This is far from yokozuna. Yokozuna requires domination more than one or two tournaments. Harumafuji had already won several tournaments. before becoming yokozuna. What dominance has Kakuryu shown? He won once against Hakuho. Yes, getting a win against Hakuho is really a big and rare thing, but occasionally can happen. Yokozuna can't happen occasionally. Okinoumi - ozeki material... that was funny. The only ozeki thing he possesses, is his size. Compared to the current ozeki, even to the current sekiwake, he lacks a lot.
  5. Surabuyan

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    There are some new Mongolians that are looking good. Tamawashi also shows some improvement. Osunaarashi lacks technically, but he is strong. And Endo is the only Japanese hope. He will be sanyaku for sure, ozeki probably after 2-3 years. Don't see him as a yokozuna yet. Kisenosato will stay an ozeki too.
  6. He does have mental disabilities so the rikishi are aware and tolerate his attentions. Since when paraolympics (physically disabled) and mentally disabled became more important than the only samurai left? What a shame...
  7. Surabuyan

    Rise and Decline of the Caucasians

    Please change the title with "Rise of Easteuropeans". Caucasian means nothing for me. Of all those, only Aran can be considered Caucassian, because he has a Dagestani family name, aka his origin is somewhere near Caucasus.. And you are not right for many things. Aoiyama is doing pretty well and he is a newcomer "white man". Another reason for having fewer white people in sumo is because every beya now wants Mongolians. The problem is the one-foreigner-rule.. If there can be 2 or more in a beya, be sure that we will see more white people in the upper divisions. White people have the advantage of superior height and superior physical strength, and the disadvantage of having too long legs, but having too long arms is a big advantage too.
  8. Surabuyan

    Aki 13 Comments

    Calling Harumafuji "The worst yokozuna in history" shows lack of respect and complete lack of information. He became yokozuna with 2 zensho yushos, dominating Hakuho, who can easily be called "The greatest yokozuna in history" now or he shall be called like that after several years, regardless. Harumafuji has shown skills that few had shown over the years, his age is 31 and he is the lightest rikishi in makuuchi. This only seems impressive enough. Yes, he gave a lot of kinboshi and his shape has been bad since he got the highest rank. Have in mind that he has injuries and he is busy doing his yokozuna duties. He will be back with yusho, sooner or later.
  9. From theological point of view, training is a kind of fasting. Especially disciplines as rough as SUMO must be regarded as constat "fasting". Oosunaarashi's fastings seem unnecessary and following the book blindly . They can also hinder his progression in the discipline (THE FAST) he has already undertaken, so they can be considered detrimental from a religious point of view. Maybe he should get the right advice about it. However, as it is written, it depends on what sect Oosunaarshi is in and what does his teacher in Islam thinks about that. Eating pork and drinking beer remain out of question, because not consuming these two won't hinder his discipline in any way. About taking part in the Shinto rituals, some exceptions should be made for the following reasons: Oosunaarashi can be regarded as a representative of the Muslim community so he should take part in the traditional rituals. The rituals should not be regarded as "religious" but as cultural/secular activities. I think the problem here will be smaller because of all the politics involved. Maybe another topic should be made about this discussion.
  10. Surabuyan

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    I saw some comparison btw Osunaarashi and Endo. I don't watch lower divisions very much to know more about Endo but I am following Osunaarashi. Endo is a college champion like hundreds of others before him and he's doing good because he has experience. Osunaarashi is going to be a much greater rikishi. There are a lot of reasons for that. He reminds me of Kotooshu before he became ozeki, but with more fighting spirit, more agility and also more ambition. Maybe he's still not that physically strong as Kotooshu was but he is strong enough to get into Makuuchi. He will be in sanyaku next year.
  11. Looking for a Mongol Bokh club in Ulaanbaatar. Please recommend me something. Almost 3 months here without serious training, I am getting weak and fat... 120 kg, 194 cm, 33 years old.
  12. Surabuyan

    Mongol bokh

    Hi, I am a big sumo fan since 1992 when I watched sumo for a first time. I am Bulgarian but I am living in Ulaan Baatar right now. If there is a fellow Mongolian here to recommend me some mongol bokh club to train there, I will be grateful. Please PM me. Thank you. By the way, the forum is great. I am reading only, feel myself not knowledgable enough to write yet.