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    Politics free

    I recived a couple of warnings by moderators of this forum concerning my avatar. One of them (exil) took the liberty to force me to remove my signature. Displaying his ignorance to the origin of the signature. It is taken from thr HOLY BOOK of Qur'an, a book that is not holy only to me but it is considered to be holy and respected by all other religions. Saying that, I cannot see how someone could be offended by a quotation from Qur'an, besides having something against Qur'an or muslims in general. If that is the case I can only see a paradox in exil's comment how this is a politics free forum. If he doesn't have anything against muslims and Islam as a religion I find his warning plain stupid. The quote is talking about fighting and I find it very suitable for this forum (and as my personal signature) as a spark of wisdom (maybe some of you have noticed that i had qutations of a zen master before). -------- [Anti-semitic rant deleted] EDIT: The same untolerant fascist just edited your post. So my point is that this is not a politics free forum (well, nothing is). If it was I wouldn't be looking at a national flag of any country, without any obvious reason (If I was from Bulgaria I would definitly be proud of Kotooshu being from my country and write or have a flag around my posts). So if you're trying to have a politics free forum I will remove my avatar the minute I see that people who have Israeli flag have removed it. As for my signature I belive the PM I got from Exil is untolerant and fascistic to say at least.

    Choitaikai party pooper

    It just seems to me that Hakuho still doesn't have the maturity , altough we all agree that his behaviour is pretty kool :-P for a youngster that he is. He shows great calmness during and more importanly after the bouts, but sometimes it looks to me like he just doesn't know what to do after the tachiai. No tactics whatsoever. At least it LOOKS that way. I knew that he will mess things up after he beat Asa. In Aki basho he looked like a natural born Yokozuna in some bouts (the way he handled Musoyama who is 30+ kilos heavier on the mawashi and how he outsmarted Dejima) and then you see him doing nothing against Kotomitsuki the next day for example. Same in Kyushu. And Chiyotaikai is not a piece of cake (well maybe some of the ladies would disagree with me on this:), even when he's not having such a good basho. But even now I'm soooo looking forward to the January basho. ;-) I think the kids will go crazy... and the europeans will join in.

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    Is this anthrax thing supposed to be funny? Tenkashoryu, you're officially on the list... I can hook you up with some people. (Crowned...) I haven't seen the bout yet, but Hakuho's performance is pretty much unpredictable. Oftenly his inexperience prevails. Guess that happened yesterday. Altough when taikai finds his sumo he's tough, so I guess we all shouldn't be so surprised by all this. Only pissed... (In a bad mood...)

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    (Holiday feeling...) the yokozunas? chiyo? u mean chiyonofuji? does asa have a secret time machine or will this be a basketball-style into-the-crowd attack-the-shinpan thing? :-D lapsus linguae- meant ozekis Altough I wouldn't mind seeing another Asa-Takanohana bout, even if its off dohyo (Birthday!) (Applauding...) But that would be too PRIDE/Pancrace style, even for a character such as Asa...

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    (Clapping wildly...) It's just easier, we all know nobody hates-HATES any rikishi in a true meaning of the word. I used to be a Musashimaru-hater. And i wouldn't care to ba callled that, altough I didn't actually hated him. so, I'm not sure what are you talking about. (Punk rocker...) sorry

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    Same here. I stood on hakuho's side, (asa is my favourite usualy), but if he doesn't yusho I'm gonna start sending some anthrax letters to his stable. But for now.... (Laughing...) !! (Clapping wildly...) Y.E.A.H!! HAKUHO (Punk rocker...) :-S oh...and one more thing... There were some discussions on this forum previous to this basho about Asashoryu and TRAINING with him and some people (asahaters) tryed to explain to me that you don't have to train with better rikishi (Asa) to win and some more (Oops! ) like that. And the only kid who had (Censored) to front Asa during the training sessions beat him thus far. So there you go... (Blinking...) I'd really like to see Asa beat the (Censored) out of the yokozunas now, especially Chiyo (whom I also like, but he pissed me of when he refused practice with Y, after poor results in Aki, that was plain stupidity)... I just hope Asa is really pissed off now and Hakuho can stand the pressure.

    Asashoryu vc Hakuho

    This is the first time I'll go against my favourite rikishi Asa, just because I want to see Hakuho go yusho really bad. (last time that happened is when I cheered for Asa against the superhuman Takanohana) The only problem is that even if Hakuho wins tomorrow I think he will mess up at least a couple mor bouts afterwards. ----My predictions, however are that Asashoryu will win Easily (notice the big E) because with all his training he did with H. I dont think the kid has anything new to surprise Asa. The good thing is that I'll be happy tomorrow whoever takes it. :'-( Roho and Ama winning will just make my day more. ;-) *insert witty comment here*

    Hakuho vs KaioU

    I (Censored) KNEW IT! And i wrote it last nite. It was just a feeling, but it didn't surprise me at all when I heard. (I am not worthy...) hakuho (Being unsure...) can't wait to see him and asa in the dohyo... ;-) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...)

    Hakuho vs KaioU

    What my common sense and logic tells me is that Kaoiu (whom i really like) is still to strong, so I'm also predicting a yorikiri win, but there's this feeling that I have which is screaming that Hakuho will outsmart Kaiou's strength tomorrow. This is a tough one since I like both of them but I think I like Hakuho a bit more... so what I'd really like to see is Hakuho's uwatenage win. That would make my day. (Applauding...) GO HAKUHO B-)

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    ------------------- Maybe the guys and ladies who have been around for some time in this forum shouldn't be so negative about couple of us who are new to the FORUM discussing the asa case all over again or any other. And if you see the name of the topic that you don't find too interesting DON' (Censored) READ IT! -------------------- I can definitely relate to Manekineko on F1 matter (I used to cheer for Alesi also when I was younger, and now I'm a huge fan of Juan Pablo's) and don't get me started on ski jumping... ( weird we like same sports…) But in this particular case (mine that is) I don't think it's the matter of "overgrowing". I liked Asashoryhu the first time I saw him on eurosport. And I feel ecstatic that I followed him to the yokozuna rank he's holding now. Him being the best (now) is not something that could make me not cheering for him in his every bout. And I’ve also got a couple of views from a female angle on Kotonowaka which put him within the girl’s favourites, so don’t tell me you’re cheering for the underdogs. :-) He’s definitely not an underdog in that department, that’s what I’ve heard! ------------------- But there's one thing I don't understand and that everyone else is agreeing upon. I LIKE Asa because of his cockyness, taking the money with left hand and that look he always gives- lifting up his right eyebrow, that camera picks. I like that little smile when he crushes his opponents. I like him being bully-boy sometimes. I like him being a DIFFERENT yokozuna. And I don't think he will change too much with age. I like sumo because we have totally different people kicking ass around the dohyo during their five minutes of glory- Takanohana and Asashoryu for example. I don't think there is such a strict yokozuna attitude that should be followed to death or something. If Asa is a yokozuna- then THIS is a yokozuna behaviour. Yokozunas are there because they deserved it. And who are we (well, you) to explain to Asashoryu what is a “proper” yokozuna behaviour ?! I’m sure in one thing: I wouldn’t like being an Asa hater. He’s just too much of a character. (In a bad mood...)

    TV'ai help

    (Blowing up furiously...) thanx! That's the info I needed, because- since I'm from bosnia and the law isn't obeyed in any way we can get just about every channel there is for free. Well you have to pay some money to your dealer, but you get tons of channels for the money that you would normally pay for one per year or so. We can even go around PPV thing that's why I was asking. well, some do :-O

    TV'ai help

    Is there PPV available anywhere? I know, but it's too small and my eyes hurt (Whistling...) .

    TV'ai help

    Can anyone tell me are there any tv stations around the world who do broadcasts of the ongoing bashos besides japanese national tv? Or cover the ongoing basho in any way? Which tv station is the one that we see in movies on, cuz i've noticed that comments are in english.... i'd appreciate some help. thanx. (Whistling...)

    Day 2 comments

    Obviously. I get a lot of hits in the head per week, thats all i have to say in my defense. (Whatever above, it is funny...)

    Day 2 comments

    anyone has any day 2 caps or photos? (Whatever above, it is funny...)