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  1. p2501

    So, how much would *you* pay to watch sumo?

    The options in the polls don't really fit with what I would have in mind. I'd pay ~25€/basho for access to a video archive with the bouts of the current basho. I'd think it would be fair to charge something extra but not to much for older footage.
  2. p2501

    Video Stream - Availability

    "残念てす。すごく残念。 120ドル?高すぎ!ドイツから見た、ほとんど毎日。 Please save the foreign osumo community!" Nihon Sumo Kyokai likes that‹
  3. p2501

    Asashoryu to fight Hakuho again

    Lets hope Asashoryu didn't get soft since his retirement. I'd bet on Hakuho.
  4. p2501

    YDC on the next yokozuna run

    Harumafuji is too light to do sumo like Kisenosato (which is what I think they meant with yokozuna-like sumo: straight forward strength and weight based sumo).
  5. p2501

    Kotooshu preparation for ...

    Does anyone know how many have applied so far?
  6. p2501

    Name that rikishi

    If I remember it correctly, this is the right answer. Correct: http://www.icts.uiowa.edu/content/bod-pod%C2%AE
  7. p2501

    Name that rikishi

    Probably a one-man-sauna.
  8. p2501

    Preparations of the masses-Kyushu 2013

    Great set! Thanks for sharing
  9. p2501

    Endou Kyujo?

    I didn't know fracture and broken bone are the same thing: http://manhattanorthopedic.com/2012/01/sticks-and-stones-may-break-our-bones-but-what-exactly-is-a-fracture/ Thats bad :(
  10. p2501

    New recruits for Kyushu 2013

    Maybe that was the goal ^^
  11. Might have been cooincidence, because when we arrived we were apporached by a woman from the kokugikan (I assumed because we were gaijin) that spoke some english and wanted to help us. We showed her our tickets to get to know where to go etc. ... That was the same woman that later denied me access to the lower level and I assumed they had people on all entrances. Seems though that I was just unlucky to run into her there. She might not have stopped me if she didn't already know I only had tickets for the upper level.
  12. I was denied access before the first fights of the day and didn't try again from there on.
  13. So, I was there, and here is what I found: - you can not go into the lower level, if you only have a ticket for the the upper one - to the upper level you can bring tripods no problem - many of the press photographers do (they also have multiple cameras with big lenses dangling around them) - they don't mind any photoequippent at all it seems - I haven't seen any tripods in the lower level - I would advise against it (you wouldn't want to anyway, unless you're filming ofc)
  14. Some selected photos I made at the Aki Basho 2013 on the 15th day. There are more, so if you're looking for something specific, just ask, I might have it. But I was pretty tired throughout, I arrived at 5am that morning in Japan after a 14hour flight and was already up over 30 hours straight. http://www.flickr.com/photos/97639650@N02/sets/72157637134397176/
  15. p2501

    Kyushu 2013 Banzuke

    I so hope Takanoyama bounces back next basho. I just like this guy a lot. And wow, Endo now rubbing shoulders with rikishi like Ikio... I'm looking forward to him being seriously challenged.