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  1. torquato

    Hakuhou injured-Kyushu crisis looms

    That means first time after becoming Yokozuna 11 years ago with less than at least two yushos a year.
  2. torquato

    World Cup 18 - comments

    Hey, @Jejimalook at the bright side. Your lads won a penalty shoot out for the first time ever during a world cup.
  3. torquato

    World Cup 18 - comments

    This world championship turns out to be a European championship with a few guests in the earlier rounds. Maybe we could change the thread title…?
  4. torquato

    World Cup 18 - comments

    Let's have a look at how well the tournament is going for the current (continental) champions. CAF / Africa Kameroon: Did not qualify OFC / Oceania New Zealand: Did not qualify CONCACAF Gold Cup / North-, Middleamerica and Carribeans USA: Did not qualify Copa América / Southamerica Chile: Did not qualify AFC / Asia Australia: Out after group stage UEFA/ Europe Portugal: Out after octofinal And the still *sigh* world champion Germany out after the group stage, too. Not a good place for champions… o_O
  5. torquato

    World Cup 18 - comments

    Hell froze over. England won a penalty shootout! o_O Could somebody please wake me up!?
  6. torquato

    World Cup 18 - comments

    What Argentina and Germany have in common: Both finalists of the last Cup lose in Kazan and drop out unusually early. o_O
  7. torquato

    Tochinoshin returns to Georgia

    Or when playing golf. But that's rather considered as special sports wear…
  8. torquato

    Trivia bits

    Yes, exactly. But I forgot about the chopsticks…
  9. torquato

    Trivia bits

    The name of the last president of the US would have qualified perfectly well, don't you think?
  10. torquato

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Sure. But wouldn't it be cool if a male mayor then send his female vice mayor for these duties… Take that, NSK!
  11. torquato

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    I wish I had this childhood scar from a fight with… errr… perhaps Kitonoumi at my age. Much better story than to say that I just fell off the bicycle… o_O
  12. torquato

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    soccer vs. football Well, actually for historical correctness the sport should be called by its original ancient greek term ἀποπουδοβαλία.
  13. torquato

    Winter Olympics 2018

    Great. After Eddy the Eagle, we finally have Lizzy the Swan.
  14. torquato

    Winter Olympics 2018

    Curling is a bit like Snooker on ice. I like both.^^ My moments so far: - The first Pan-Korean Ladies Ice Hockey goal ever - The guy from Tonga for not beeing the last in his competition - 2 shared gold medals in the bob sleigh I think in a sports world full of doping an corruption such stories from the 'second' row weigh much more than ever…
  15. torquato

    Urban animals

    I live in the city centre of Berlin. From my writing desk I usually can watch some magpies, also doves, common starlings and some species of black crows. Some time ago when I enjoyed a warm summer evening outside only a few houses away a hedgehog passed by. An animal I didn't expect in the centre of such a big city. In a park close by I once saw a common kestrel. At a friends place not far away there's a squirrel family living (this fluffy european red squirrel, not the big grey ones that konquered England from the States). Once one of them came into the house over the balcony and tried to steal a ball of wool. It failed because one end was stuck at the basket. In the morning we could see a long thread of wool going through the living room, over the balcony and along some trees. At her place you sometimes can also see and hear a Great spotted woodpecker. A beatiful bird I think. < Who has never seen a fox up close? > Never or ever? I saw one a few years ago at very unexpected place. It was on the Museumsinsel right in the heart of the city centre. It was on the lawn which was there at the spot where the Palast der Republik stood and where they now build the Humboldt Forum museum. It just passed by a few meters away in a warm summer evening. The fox seemed to be completly unimpressed by all the people arround. Wild boars are said to be frequent in the outer city districts, but I've never seen any of them myself. If you look close enough there is quite a lot of wildlife here in Berlin…
  16. torquato

    When does an “Ozeki run” begin?

    Gagamaru is always on an Ozeki run.
  17. torquato

    Translation frustration

    Thanks for this entertainig insight of our dayly struggles on your side.^^ If my Minister of Finance knew that Greece still holds money to fund a cultural event, he would probably flatten the theatre with his wheelchair… *SCNR*
  18. torquato

    Videos -Wacky Aki 2017- Promo and Days 1-15

    Is that tomorrows video forecast?
  19. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Do we really need an icon or smiley for 'that f*** hurts by just watching at!'? I personally don't feel any pleasure for lookig at broken limbs or bleading eyes… Perhaps I'm too sympathetic… A basho, where 'half' of the sekitori is already in hospital and we still cheer for a bleeding eye… #WackyAki
  20. The other one is Ikioi, right?
  21. torquato

    Preparations of the Y/O-Nagoya 2017

    degeiko at Tomozuna? Mmmhhh…? I can clearly read 宮城野部屋 (Miyaginobeya) in mirrored writing at the tent.
  22. torquato

    Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    How sweet.^^This tiny little boy amidst these huge athletic muscle trunks of men…
  23. torquato

    You need to get weighed..

    Before or after you wheighted her?
  24. torquato

    You need to get weighed..

    I guess that's weigh too fishy…
  25. I dare to disagree. Shikona always have a meaning! It's just not always a one to one dictionary translation word meaning. Usually shikona are chosen with a lot of consideration. 大砂嵐 (Ōsunaarashi) is a good example for such untranslatable meanings. Prima facie it translates to 'big sandstorm', but there is more behind it. The 大 is a stable Kanji. that links him to 大嶽部屋 (Ōtake-beya) and the late Yokozuna 大鵬 (Taihō). 千代 (Chiyo) links a rikishi to Kokonoe-beya and 琴 (Koto) to Sadogatake. This link in tradition IS a meaning! If you read 'sunaarashi' with its chinese reading you get 'sharan'. It's no coincedence that Osunaarashi's real family name is Sharan. For other rikishi a Kanji can be taken from their home town, home prefecture or the like. Maybe that's where your 'chestnut' comes from? With such personal links a shikona conveyes a well thought of meaning. Alas, a meaning that is not always translateable to a single word; but meaning is always there!