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    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 5: 1. Hakuho 105 2. Kotoshogiku 60 3. Kakuryu 42 4. Harumafuji 41 4. Yoshikaze 41 6. Kisenosato 37 7. Terunofuji 27 8. Aminishiki 17 8. Toyonoshima 17 10 Ikioi 14
  2. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 4: 1. Hakuho 81 2. Kotoshogiku 51 3. Kakuryu 42 4. Harumafuji 38 4. Yoshikaze 38 6. Terunofuji 27 7. Kisenosato 25 8. Toyonoshima 17 9. Aminishiki 15 10 Endo 13 Sorry for the delay... :(
  3. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 3: 1. Hakuho 65 2. Kotoshogiku 43 3. Yoshikaze 38 4. Harumafuji 28 5. Kakuryu 24 6. Terunofuji 19 6. Kisenosato 19 8. Aminishiki 15 9. Toyonoshima 14 10 Amuru 12
  4. torquato


    Have a look at this thread, where I posted the video earlier. That thread has been reopened and there was one suggestion about who the yoks might be.
  5. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Rewatching the NHK footage on Jason's All-Sumo channel on YT, I can now tell that Osunaarashi got 3 Kensho for this bout, if anybody wanted to know.
  6. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 2 1. Hakuho 48 2. Yoshikaze 38 3. Kotoshogiku 28 4. Aminishiki 15 5. Kakuryu 13 6. Amuru 12 7. Harumafuji 11 7. Terunofuji 11 9. Kisenosato 9 10 Kaisei 6 10 Tochiozan 6
  7. torquato

    oldest sumo match video?

    The oldest I could find with a quick YT search is this here: I'd guess from around 1915 plus/ minus a few years. Has anybody got an idea who the two yoks are? There exists Japanese film material from even befor 1900. I would be very surprised, if these very early film makers in Japan didn't film sumo fighting. I'm sure there is stuff in the archives.
  8. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    The kensho top 10 from Nikkansports. Day 1 1. Yoshikaze 26 2. Hakuho 22 3. Kotoshogiku 16 4. Amuru 12 5. Harumafuji 11 5. Terunofuji 11 7. Kisenosato 9 8. Chiyootori 3 8. Kaisei 3 10 Toyonoshima 2 10 Goeido 2 10 Ikioi 2 10 Mitakeumi 2
  9. torquato

    Kyushu 2015 Videos- Promo + Days 1-15

    Mhhh.... Meg Ryan.... LOL Be lucky it wasn't Angela Merkel and Meat Loaf...
  10. torquato

    Kyushu 2015 Videos- Promo + Days 1-15

    Yes, interbasho time went passed quite quickly this time... We all are looking forward to seeing your daily digests. Hope you're fine and everything works out. 頑張ってください〜 BTW: Is it just me? How many people in your live told you, you somehow look like Ben Kingsley?
  11. torquato

    Why Do Rikishi Under Juryo Have 7 Matches?

    Let's make a calculation. On the current banzuke there are 568 rikishi below Juryo. That makes 1,988 bouts per tournament (568 * 7 / 2), or on average 132.5 bouts per day. If you add one additional bout for each rikishi, i.e. 8 bouts per tournament, we get 2,272 bouts per tournament, or 151.5 bouts each day. This is an increase by 19%! Non-sekitori bouts start at about 9 a.m. and end at about 3 p.m if I remember correctly. So one additional bout per rikishi would mean an increase of over one hour of fighting each day. If we had a 9th bout for every non-sekitoi they probably had to start at about 6:30 a.m or worse. Or alternatively, the Yokozuna had to fight very late at night. Practically, there just happens to be a limit. This limit is either controlled by the number of rikishi or the number of bouts per rikishi. If you change one side of the equation, sooner or later you have to change the other.
  12. torquato

    Baruto activities

    No it doesn't. It just happens that you can see parallels in two different fighting 'sports', which developed in diffenrent times under different conditions.
  13. torquato

    Guess Jejima & Fujiko's Baby

    Congratulations so far for becomming father.^^ Will it be a he-wee or she-wee? I'm absulutely sure I got the time of birth 100% correct, but I'm still a bit uncertain about the time zone... ;-)
  14. torquato

    Qatar koen planned

    I'm very sure details aren't decided yet. You'll have to wait.
  15. torquato

    New recruits for Aki 2015

    Sometimes, for an amateurish fan like me, it really feels good to see a dai-sumo-expert like Asashosakari beeing clueless.^^ :-D
  16. torquato

    Rikishi extra activities

    Osunaarashi entered Tokyo International University. He inscribed to the department of 言語コミュニケーション. Don't know how to properly translate this. Something with language and communication. He signed the student ID card with his real family name and not his shikona.
  17. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    That's why it's a lottery!
  18. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Post-basho blues On days like this I'm wondering why there aren't any bouts to watch and what I should do instead. At a sudden life feels so useless without sumo. Anyone else?
  19. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I've mentioned that:
  20. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    There is that legend that in ancient or mythological times a winner of a sumo competition got a bow as prize and was so happy about it that he started to dance with it. In reference to this we see nowadays at the end of every tournament day the yumitori-shiki, the bow-twirling ceremony. On senshuraku a complete bow is shared among the winners of the last three matches, representing the 3 highest ranks. Sanyaku literally means 3 honours, 3 offices; San is 3. The winner of the first match recieves an arrow, the winner of the second a bow string, and the winner of the last match is as usual honoured with the bow-twirling ceremony. The arrow is also tight to the world of warriors and Shintoism. It represents a kabura-ya, a signal arrow. They were shot in ritual archery exchanges prior to formal medieval battles to alert the enemy. It is also believed that they chase away evil spirits, and alert friendly gods to lend their support. Therefor, you usually buy such an arrow at your first visit to a shinto shrine on New Year's Day. A nice pastiche of symbols.
  21. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I wonder why Terunofuji and Kakuryu switched sides for the playoff.
  22. torquato

    Kensho for Aki15

    Day 15: 1. Kakuryu 439 2. Terunofuji 251 3. Kisenosato 215 4. Endo 153 5. Kotoshogiku 130 6. Okinoumi 78 7. Yoshikaze 68 8. Myogiryu 65 9. Goeido 62 10 Tochiozan 60 As Akinomaki already mentioned my prediction became true. Terunofuji is now tied with Hakuho for winning the most kensho in a single bout. Thanks for reading.
  23. torquato

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2015

    My amateurish oppinion on this: I can't see that happening. Although as rooting for Osunaarashi I'd thankfully take the extra Komusubi slot opening up then. I think they generally handeled some things differently back than. So, such promotion queries should be looked at with precaution. If they resort to something like an extra Sekiwake spot, there must be a very, VERY strong case behind it, which I can't see with Tochinoshin. Kitao/ Futahaguro had also a 10-5 result in the previous basho. I'd guess they saw him on an Ozeki run and wanted a future Ozeki being promoted from Sekiwake. The extra spot than is due to the fact that they can not have demoted Hoshi with a KK result. If Tochinoshin was on a strong Ozeki run, they might resort to something like that nowadays, but he is not, so...
  24. torquato

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    If Teru loses the bout, the result wouldn't be enough for a run. A lost ketteisen would qualify Kakuryuish. Win-win for both. Maybe they find an agreement? Huu.... That's a conspiracy theory.