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  1. torquato

    Juryo Promotions - 2016 Hatsu

    Seems to be not unusual at Oitekaze to start off with their real family names. Besides Endo and Abiko currently there's also Iwasaki (Ms 37w) still with his family name. Seems that in these cases they get a proper shikona on Juryo promotion at the latest. I think Endo was just pure accident (and probably considered a mistake behind the scenes). He got his promotion on his second turnament. Apparently too quick for his shisho to find a proper shikona. I was curious and quickly went through some beyas to watch out for traditional shikona prefixes (and suffixes). This is what I got so far: Kokonoe: Chiyo* (千代) Sadogatake: Koto* (琴) Oitekaze: Daisho* (大翔) Kasugano: Tochi* (栃) Takanohana: Taka* (貴) Isegahama: *fuji (富士) Oguruma: *kaze (風) Tomozuna: Kyoku* (旭) / Kai* (魁) The two prefixes are the result of a merger? Are there more regular prefixes and suffixes?
  2. torquato

    Retirees after Kyushu 2015

    Haven't thought about this type of koenkai support before. It reminds me of something Akinomaki once reported. So I guess the various koenkais often play an importand role here.
  3. torquato

    The Wall 2015 Edition

    I was curious and looked him up. He is from Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県). Different Kanji, but same (kun-)reading and meaning. I'd think the shikona shall mean something like 'the winning mountain from Hime'. Nice, actually.
  4. torquato

    Polls discussions

    From the other thread, where I can't reply. Err... I wasn't aware we had that many. I guess you mean "3 Yokozuna won 5 yusho" or "5 times a Yokozuna won a yusho". ;-)
  5. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Last day, final standing: 1. Hakuho 251 2. Harumafuji 171 3. Kakuryu 169 4. Terunofuji 144 5. Kisenosato 108 6. Kotoshogiku 97 7. Yoshikaze 78 8. Goeido 55 9. Endo 51 10 Toyonoshima 37 Thanks for reading. See you next basho.
  6. I asked myself the same 'silly' question today. First I thought about "Science Tiction", but then I thought about Sumo Talk, which I guess is some other Sumo forum or the like... Well, I don't know.
  7. Why should this be a silly question?^^ I don't know anything about rules and traditions involved in gyoji fashion. Would love to hear more from an expert about this, but Akinomaki today mentioned in his picture thread for day 14 that they have taken away the red and white colour decorations at the front tower because red and white is an auspicious colour combination which obviously doesn't fit to the death of Kitanoumi. Considering this, I could imagine that some gyoji might have changed their garment to darker colours. Don't know. Just a wild guess on my side.
  8. torquato

    Sansho Kyushu 2015

    Thanks for your insight. Second time it happens to him. Nagoya 2014 at M3 he got 2 Kinboshi (Harumafuji, Kakuryu) and failed to reach kachikoshi on the very last bout. The 'promised' shukun-sho was gone by that.
  9. They are still huddled in a corner dreaming up a conspiracy to explain what just happened. Standby. This will be a gooood one. Of course this was a yaocho conspiracy! Proof? Because it was done so well crafted. Everybody loosing on the last day. Nobody would notice. Because nobody could think it was a conspiracy, that's exactly the proof that it in fact was one. Everybody who can't see this, is either a fool or part of the conspiracy. Even, Osunaarashi winning a kinboshi against the furure winner of the tournament was part of it. Giving slight hope for a Japanese Yusho-winner at the end. How malicious is that. That can only have been a yaocho, err... yocho. And BTW, Josef Blatter and the IOC is clearly involved in it. They know, how to handle sports events. Do you really think it's a coincedence that Tokyo got the olympic games 2020 and the Japanese Women Football Team won the 2010 worldcup in Germany and the President of the IOC is now a German..? That all was planned a very long time and all the rikishi this tournament were part of it. That's so obvious! :-D
  10. I’m not sure where to find the links. It was YT vids. I remember one of them was of Hakuhō talking about it while inside the car after the day’s bout. In general though he wasn’t sure what to do and I think he said it was his wife who told him to go for 36 yūshō to equalize his father (I may be wrong on that). Sorry but I have only my memory to go on, don’t know how to find the vids again. And from this piece of video (that you have no idea where it is - or actually VIDS, so you should have no problem finding at least one, but you won't) you deduced he has no motivation to do sumo anymore? And you say he has been saying that for months?He never said anything remotely similar. I challenge you to show me anything near that. Because even if that's what he thinks, he will never say that. That's the part about Sumo you don't fully comprehend. A Yokozuna will never say that. Saying this kind of stuff leads usually to retirement. Well, I can 'confirm' a story along that line. However, only by memory. Hakuho said something about not being fully motivated after achieving something and that he felt very grateful to his wife, who supported and remotivated him. Im absolutely sure I have read this here in this forum some time ago. It could have been uterly unreliable gossip talk, a quote from a Japanese paper or in a YT video interview. I can't remember, But I remember reading this here in the forum before. However, I don't think that it is a valuable argument for anything anyway.
  11. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 14: 1. Hakuho 251 2. Harumafuji 171 3. Terunofuji 126 4. Kakuryu 118 5. Kotoshogiku 97 6. Kisenosato 83 7. Yoshikaze 78 8. Goeido 50 9. Endo 39 10 Toyonoshima 37
  12. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 13: 1. Hakuho 251 2. Harumafuji 153 3. Kakuryu 118 4. Kotoshogiku 97 5. Kisenosato 83 6. Terunofuji 77 7. Yoshikaze 58 8. Goeido 50 9. Endo 39 10 Toyonoshima 37
  13. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 12: 1. Hakuho 251 2. Harumafuji 133 3. Kakuryu 118 4. Kotoshogiku 87 5. Kisenosato 83 6. Yoshikaze 58 7. Terunofuji 50 8. Endo 39 9. Toyonoshima 37 9. Goeido 37
  14. He got a 6-1 record exactly one year ago (but including a fusensho so he actually won only five bouts) He started Ozumo the year and month I made my Abitur (A-levels, Bac, high-school graduation... whatever you call it...). Why do I think I'm getting old and he's still active? Mhhh....
  15. torquato

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2015

    It doesn't look that much worse if you go back through 2014 either, although I admit his sanyaku opponents in 2014 were not of the same caliber. I hadn't realized that he beat all 4 junior sanyaku last basho and is halfway there this basho. And 2 out of his 3 losses were against Sekiwake who became Oseki the following basho, Goeido and Terunofuji. I knew he won all bouts against S and K last basho, but I wasn't aware that he generally looks that good against these opponents.
  16. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 11: 1. Hakuho 228 2. Harumafuji 115 3. Kakuryu 102 4. Kotoshogiku 87 5. Kisenosato 83 6. Yoshikaze 55 7. Terunofuji 50 8. Endo 39 9. Goeido 37 10 Ichinojo 34
  17. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 10: 1. Hakuho 195 2. Harumafuji 109 3. Kotoshogiku 87 4. Kisenosato 83 5. Kakuryu 80 6. Yoshikaze 55 7. Terunofuji 40 8. Endo 39 9. Goeido 37 10 Kaisei 31 10 Ichinojo 31
  18. torquato

    Kyushu 2015 Videos- Promo + Days 1-15

    Added this one to the DB. First time I've done that. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to do that. Hope that is OK.
  19. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 9: 1. Hakuho 186 2. Harumafuji 90 3. Kotoshogiku 87 4. Kisenosato 83 5. Kakuryu 80 6. Yoshikaze 55 7. Endo 39 8. Terunofuji 33 9. Ichinojo 29 10 Ikioi 22
  20. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    It's always (for all kensho) the company name and a product slogan. In this case: 永谷園から Nagatanien kara From Nagatanien 遠藤はだっこちゃんです Endo ha dakko-chan desu Endo is a... Don't really know how to translate dakko. Dakko means 'a child's hug' or carrying a baby or pet in your arms. Chan is a diminutive suffix used for example for young kids. So something like "Endo is a cute litte pet to hug".
  21. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 8: 1. Hakuho 171 2. Kotoshogiku 87 3. Kakuryu 80 4. Harumafuji 75 5. Kisenosato 65 6. Yoshikaze 53 7. Terunofuji 33 8. Endo 26 8. Ichinojo 26 10 Ikioi 22
  22. Kitanofuji in a red synthetic leather punk rock band jacket. Cool. :-D
  23. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 7: 1. Hakuho 139 2. Kotoshogiku 74 3. Kakuryu 69 4. Harumafuji 65 5. Kisenosato 56 6. Yoshikaze 47 7. Terunofuji 33 8. Endo 26 9. Ikioi 22 10 Aminishiki 18
  24. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Day 6: 1. Hakuho 124 2. Kotoschogiku 60 3. Harumafuji 58 4. Kakuryu 48 5. Kisenosato 45 6. Yoshikaze 41 7. Terunofuji 33 8. Endo 26 9. Aminishiki 18 10 Toyonoshima 17