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    Kensho for Hatsu16

    Day 2: 1. Hakuho 68 2. Harumafuji 35 3. Kakuryu 31 4. Kotoshogiku 26 5. Terunofuji 20 6. Amininishiki 17 6. Mitakeumi 17 8. Goeido 14 9. Amuru 13 10 Kitataiki 12
  2. torquato

    Kensho for Hatsu16

    As every tournament the daily top 10 kensho ranking taken from Nikkansports: Day 1: 1. Harumafuji 35 2. Hakuho 33 3. Aminishiki 17 4. Kakuryu 15 5. Amuru 13 6. Kotoshogiku 11 7. Terunofuji 9 8. Kitataiki 6 9. Goeido 5 10 Kotoyuki 4 10 Takayasu 4
  3. torquato

    Kensho for Hatsu16

    The maximum of kensho per bout used to be 51. Last year they raised the bar during hatsu-basho to 61, because of the high demand of the sponsors. The senshuraku-bout between Hakuho and Kakuryu thus had 61 Kensho. This raised maximum is valid for all bouts of all tournaments. The bout between Kakuryu and Terunofuji on senshuraku at the Aki-Basho last year also had 61 kensho.
  4. torquato

    Left handed +1 More..

    If you mention snooker Ronny O'Sullivan comes into mind. He's somehow ambidextrious. Quote from WP: "He is right-handed but can play to a very high standard with his left hand and routinely alternates where needed. While not quite possessing the same power in his left arm, being ambidextrous enables him to attempt shots with his left hand that would otherwise require awkward cueing with a rest or spider."
  5. torquato

    Rikishi extra activities

    Can anybody translate it?I guess they haven't changed the song, I listed all there is to know about it in the thread about the oyakata all stars version. Well, at least Ikioi made a little change. Instead of "Hakkiyoi, hakkiyoi" he was singing "Hakkiyoi, Ikioi" at least once. ;-)
  6. torquato

    Chikara-mizu servers at the end of the day

    Interesting. I wasn't aware of this last resort solution. I found a video that shows the yobidashi giving the chikaramizu to Ikioi from a few years ago, but his shoulder wasn't bare. Funny to see the tsukebito comming to late. :-D
  7. torquato

    A mystery? Can you solve it?

    I just hope the spaghetti trees will be fine this season...
  8. torquato

    Tweet pics of Winter tour 2015

    Basically the same with a few tiny differences and variants.
  9. torquato

    Songs and sumo

    The song is massively popular on Okinawa, as it was co-written by Begin, a group from hailing from Ishigaki Island in the prefecture, and Moriyama Ryoko.Lyrics: The song received national attention after Natsukawa Rimi covered it. Even more so after a few years ago a popular film came out with the same title and this song as its theme. Nada Sōsō (film). The pictures in your first YT video derive from this film. Worthwhile to watch, I think. To confess, actually it's one of the few Japanese songs and modern films I really like.
  10. torquato

    Songs and sumo

    I'm curious. Could you give a link?
  11. torquato

    Songs and sumo

    Ikioi actually caught my attention on the dohyo because he's such a good singer. Now I'm cheering for him. Here's a good performance from him in a TV music show singing one of my favourite Japanese songs, Michinoku hitoritabi (みちのくひとり旅). However, no matter how good he sings, this is my absolute favourite version of this song:
  12. torquato

    < in links

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    < in links

  14. torquato

    2015 Kyushu - Kimarite Statistics

    Thanks for comming back to this topic. I guess the one and only case given in the DB before that is a mistake in the DB then? (Thinking in depth...) That URL has been mangled somehow, but I know what you're referring to and I'm sure it's correct, there are other examples of kimarite from the 2001 additions being called in earlier decades. See also tsutaezori, osakate, kotehineri, tokkurinage and sokubiotoshi. I guess the kimarite list was more fluid at times, or perhaps it was at the discretion of the announcer gyoji or the official record keeper to make his own decision, who knows. As to my crippled DB query link. I was doing the same in my search as you did for fumidashi, but I was limiting the results to pre 2001 ocurrences. The link argument for this was &year=<2001. The forum software seems to cut off everything past and including an < in links. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature and should be reported in the feedback section?
  15. torquato

    Goeido in 2016

    Oops. My mistake. Apparently I was adding the one 10+ on top of the four 8+ not realizing that an 8+ could of course itself be a 10+. No idea, what drove me that way. Silly me... (Blushing...)
  16. torquato

    Goeido in 2016

    Err... How can an Ozeki drop to Sekiwake whith only one makekoshi basho? (Thinking in depth...)
  17. torquato

    2015 Kyushu - Kimarite Statistics

    I guess the one and only case given in the DB before that is a mistake in the DB then? (Thinking in depth...)<2001&kimarite=83&onlyw1=on
  18. torquato

    Basho attendance

    42 But I don't know the question.
  19. He (still) looks so stiff in his movements... I doubt he will make it into the top ranks, even though winning curently... Dunno... A guy like Osuna looked much more agile and promising at this stage... Mmhhh...
  20. torquato

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    He had about 12/13 Kensho in each of his bouts. That means he gave away about 130 to 140 kensho this basho. Quite generous of him. I wonder If his sponsoring will go on like this with such records. Harumafuji for sure attracts less money than Kakuryu, but in the yoks case it's also a matter if they lose/win the last bout of the day or an earlier one and which day of the tournament that is. Harumafujis win against Hakuho in the penultimate bout of day 13 gave him just 20 kensho. The final bout on senshuraku had the old maximum limit of 51 kensho, which definitely also would have been there when the Kakuryu and Harumafuji bouts against Hakuho would have been scheduled the other way. In this case (reasonably assuming the same amount of kensho) Kakuryu would have finished with 138 and Harumafuji with 202 kensho. With just one change in scheduling it could have looked much different.
  21. torquato

    Sumo app

    No one could do font day as beautiful as you can.
  22. torquato

    Juryo Promotions - 2016 Hatsu

    No. As Akinomaki already wrote between pictures it's Chiyoshoma. The stable ranking for Juryo reads from left to right: Chiyonokuni, Chiyoshoma, Chiyomaru, and Chiyoo.