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  1. Google Translate says it's a spoiler. If any Arabic readers would like it flagged as a spoiler, please let me know. Edit: Replaced the video with spoiler free version with the bonus of better quality. But, kudos to showing our overeager members what the spoiler tags are for. WTF are you doing!? Why are you changing my post? Excuse me, but either a posting is legitimit or it is not. In the one case leave in untouched or in the other remove it. But pls don't put content into other peoples posts that they didn't write. OK, ermm... Thanks for the other vid and cutting out my words about the other vid that don't fit anymore but... Couldn't you just have posted the other vid yourself in a different post? Pls don't change other peoples posts. Delete them or leave them as they are. If I write a typo (and I make a lot them :( ) it's my typo. Don't change it. And what's wrong about these spoiler tags? They don't harm. But in the morning with your first espresso on sensuraku when you want to see who won the yusho race, you lite up (?) your notebook, looking for video feeds, and then there is this... As we say in German *grmpf* ;)
  2. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Day 7: 1. Hakuho 114 2. Kakuryu 87 3. Harumafuji 77 4. Goeido 57 5. Kisenosato 55 6. Kotoshogiku 54 7. Terunofuji 46 8. Kotoyuki 25 9. Takarafuji 23 10 Ikioi 21
  3. torquato

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Actually the title of the Osuna bout spoils the result too. ;)
  4. torquato


    Should be Endos turn tomorrow But I bet on Osunaarashi to break the pattern.
  5. I'm so pleased with Ikioi. 6 wins in a row is his best start in Makuuchi ever. Would be fun to see him win the yusho followed by Kisenosato. :-D I'm exited to see the second half of the basho when the big guys compete against each other.
  6. torquato

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    In this list on the blue film strip icon in the right most column of the tables...
  7. Excuse me. I did write the text of the opening post of this thread. However, I did not open this thread nor did I write the title of this thread. Some Mod did. I don't know who or why. The context is gone and now pointless, and in my impression the title was intended to make a silly fool out of me. Forget about that. If mods change posts in this forum without indicating that, what and why it has been changed, we lose trust in all our communication here. Can I trust that Akinomaki really wrote that last post exactly the way it stands? Or has a mod silently overwritten it or will overwrite it shortly? If a user looks silly by what he wrote or stands in a bad light, was that really he or she? It's a matter of principle and trust, I think. Also, I really don't like being patronized. I was silent about this issue that led to my complaint and outburst for the last two or so days. I have enough fights in my real life, I don't need them in my virtual social life. I'm here because I like Sumo, not because I like quarreling. It was you now who came back on this. Why? I was already done with this topic. I understand that mods are needed in social media like such a forum and that mods sometimes have to take action on users and their posts. That's how things are. But I expect that we should know by who, why and to what extend action takes place. Spam is a different topic, completly unrelated.
  8. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Day 6: 1. Hakuho 99 2. Kakuryu 74 3. Harumafuji 61 4. Kisenosato 46 5. Goeido 44 6. Kotoshogiku 40 7. Terunofuji 36 8. Takarafuji 23 9. Kotoyuki 22 10 Toyonoshima 18
  9. torquato

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Has anybody got a best of Kotoyuki barking?
  10. Wow. The name has been mentioned here in the forum often enough, but I just wasn't aware that Ura is such a strong rocket starter. In all, but one of his past 5 regular bashos so far he was involved in the yusho decision, i.e in 4 out of 5 he won the yusho (1) or was in the playoff (3). Wow. Interesting question, where he will hit the wall must fight for 'normal' results..?
  11. Kisenosato is really a big spoilsport. All Yokozuna and Ozeki are at 4-1 now, all other Sanyaku at 1-4. The only exception that doesn't fit is Kisenosato with 5-0.
  12. torquato

    Grimsby reapers.

    In Germany we have a special attraction to places like North Thurston, Thrumpton Castle, Middle Fritham, and Nether Addlethorpe. ;)
  13. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Day 5: 1. Hakuho 78 2. Harumafuji 61 3. Kakuryu 54 4. Kisenosato 39 5. Goeido 36 5. Terunofuji 36 7. Kotoshogiku 34 8. Takarafuji 23 9. Toyonoshima 18 10 Myogiryu 15
  14. Hakuho!? Really!? WTF? I think as a Dai-Yokozuna he has every right to give a tiny little extra shove to someone who is not giving everything into the bout like Ichinojo some time ago but this... *shaking head* Seems to become a basho where the outcome looks very open for a bunch of guys. Looking forward to seeing what happens when the Ozeki and Yokozuna start to meet. Osunaarashi looks sooo strong now. Absolutely going into the fight. No limping and sign of pain anymore as far as I can see. I'm a bit surprised so shortly after his operation. I'm really hoping he stays in this condition.
  15. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Day 4: 1. Hakuho 54 2. Harumafuji 51 3. Kakuryu 42 4. Goeido 36 5. Kotoshogiku 34 5. Kisenosato 34 7. Terunofuji 27 8. Takarafuji 23 9. Toyonoshima 18 10 Myogiryu 15
  16. torquato

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Google Translate says it's a spoiler. If any Arabic readers would like it flagged as a spoiler, please let me know. Corrected. ;-)
  17. torquato

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Todays Osunaarashi bout: Thanks to the mods to keep this thread spoiler free.^^
  18. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Day 3 1. Hakuho 43 2. Harumafuji 33 3. Kakuryu 29 4. Kisenosato 28 5. Kotoshogiku 27 5. Terunofuji 27 7. Goeido 26 8. Takarafuji 23 9. Toyonoshima 18 10 Kitataiki 13
  19. torquato

    Kensho for Haru 2016

    Same procedure as every basho. Here comes the top 10 kensho ranking taken from Nikansports Day 1 1. Harumafuji 25 2. Takarafuji 23 3. Toyonoshima 18 4. Kotoshogiku 13 5. Goeido 12 6. Akiseyama 11 7. Terunofuji 10 8. Kisenosato 9 9. Daisomaru 4 10 Takanoiwa 3
  20. torquato

    New Banzuke for Haru 2016

    I hope the video guys will provide us with recordings of the Endo and Osuna bouts so that we really have something to watch. Kinta, did you hear me!? ;-)
  21. torquato

    Homasho retires

    NHK just announced Homasho's Intai. *sad*
  22. torquato

    Strange search result

    Just tried to find the forum topic titled 'Patterns' using the search box of the forum. To my surprise this topic didn't even turn up in the results. Although the last entry wasn't thaaat old. Eventually found it by looking up content from a user of who I know of was active there. The word 'patterns' is in the title and in the last post in the thread. Is the search broken or am I missing something?
  23. torquato

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2016

    So your bet is, that Osunaarashi will be lucky and stay in Makuuchi? I hope so. *fingers crossed*
  24. torquato

    Rikishi Health Checks pics

    Last time I had a blood test the nurse told me "You've got beautiful veins easy to find!" I took it as a compliment and was somehow proud of it, but at second thought I don't really know why. After all I can't shape my veins. Why does one feel proud or ashamed about things we can't change anyway? At the blood test before that I was about 5 years old and 3 nurses where needed to hold this crying, screaming, and struggling young boy (aka me) to just get a tiny drip of blood out of the tip of a finger... :D Sorry for my off topic...^^
  25. torquato

    Akebono Hospitalized

    *laugh* Even being only 'partially impaired' thanks anyway.