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  1. Translation frustration

    Thanks for this entertainig insight of our dayly struggles on your side.^^ If my Minister of Finance knew that Greece still holds money to fund a cultural event, he would probably flatten the theatre with his wheelchair… *SCNR*
  2. Videos -Wacky Aki 2017- Promo and Days 1-15

    Is that tomorrows video forecast?
  3. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Do we really need an icon or smiley for 'that f*** hurts by just watching at!'? I personally don't feel any pleasure for lookig at broken limbs or bleading eyes… Perhaps I'm too sympathetic… A basho, where 'half' of the sekitori is already in hospital and we still cheer for a bleeding eye… #WackyAki
  4. The other one is Ikioi, right?
  5. Preparations of the Y/O-Nagoya 2017

    degeiko at Tomozuna? Mmmhhh…? I can clearly read 宮城野部屋 (Miyaginobeya) in mirrored writing at the tent.
  6. Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    How sweet.^^This tiny little boy amidst these huge athletic muscle trunks of men…
  7. You need to get weighed..

    Before or after you wheighted her?
  8. You need to get weighed..

    I guess that's weigh too fishy…
  9. I dare to disagree. Shikona always have a meaning! It's just not always a one to one dictionary translation word meaning. Usually shikona are chosen with a lot of consideration. 大砂嵐 (Ōsunaarashi) is a good example for such untranslatable meanings. Prima facie it translates to 'big sandstorm', but there is more behind it. The 大 is a stable Kanji. that links him to 大嶽部屋 (Ōtake-beya) and the late Yokozuna 大鵬 (Taihō). 千代 (Chiyo) links a rikishi to Kokonoe-beya and 琴 (Koto) to Sadogatake. This link in tradition IS a meaning! If you read 'sunaarashi' with its chinese reading you get 'sharan'. It's no coincedence that Osunaarashi's real family name is Sharan. For other rikishi a Kanji can be taken from their home town, home prefecture or the like. Maybe that's where your 'chestnut' comes from? With such personal links a shikona conveyes a well thought of meaning. Alas, a meaning that is not always translateable to a single word; but meaning is always there!
  10. Probably the most important shō in sumo. It's also the shō in yusho and zensho. Learning kanji is a long, long hard work… but it can make so much fun.^^ PS: But don't confuse this 勝 (shō) with this 賞 (shō) that we know from 三賞 sanshō.
  11. @6 azuma An uncommon reading mainly used in names. @9 鵬 = hō A mythological bird like 鳳 ōtori, also used in shikona names. A phoenix as it were. 里山 and 山口 are not proper shikona. These are real family names like 遠藤 (Endō). 18) 丸 = maru The usual suffix for ship names. ;) 19) 高 / 貴 = taka Different meaning. The ‘sho’ problem A very (!) frequent reading of kanji. Among the ca. 1000 kanji taught in primary school 40 of them have a reading of shō or sho. PS: Who the f*** inventted this f*** useless forum editor!? §$%&$§"
  12. This 'crown' is actually a small a small 山 (yama) mountain. Storm 嵐 (arashi) is a mountain of a wind 風 (kaze). King as a kanji would be 王 (ō).
  13. Drug free sports? Really? Oh. Look there. A pink elephant is flying in front of my window!. Seriously.
  14. Kensho for 2017 Natsu

    I can already see the NHK anouncement: "The 6 o' clock news broadcast will be delayed by 5 minutes due to kensho congestion."
  15. RINGSIDE SEATS for Natsu Basho

    Well, we all know they will appear before for their doyho-iri.