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  1. Noooo, the zenshō. :( I was still hoping in that consecutive wins record…
  2. I always wondered if rikishi left their body sweaty as a kind of strategy. In such a massively contact sport it would certainly make a difference…
  3. Am I the only one who dislikes Takayasu’s kachiage? He’s been using it a lot.
  4. That was amazing. I loved it.
  5. Damn, that sucks. Good for Yoshikaze though. Is this his basho?
  6. There’s Aoiyama too, no? Mitakeumi was disappointing today, looked like he thought he was out already. :(
  7. Chiyo - sho - uma 千代 - 翔 - 馬 ^That really took me by surprise… it ends with uma? I always thought it was Chiyoshōma, but it’s Chiyoshōuma? Don’t think I’ve ever heard the uma pronounced…
  8. Hah! I don’t think Mitake/Shōdai will make it within the year. Maybe Tamawashi?
  9. You really wanted to make me go find one? Fine. You’re talking nonsense.
  10. You’re absolutely wrong on that. They always give it their all in their bouts. I’m pretty sure Harumafuji has beaten Hakuhō on day 15 before while it made no difference for the yūshō.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Takayasu got saved by the gyōji? It looks like Harumafuji had him but stopped pushing to avoid killing the gyōji.
  12. He looks super skinny and yet he’s 20kg heavier than me… how does that work.
  13. Yutakayama looks like he has a great physique, but maybe it’s just all fat and no muscles. Either that or he lacks technique… I don’t know what it is, but he should definitely be winning much more than he is with that body. Ura is amazing. The moment Aoiyama grabbed the belt I knew he had lost. lol He needs to push, not do belt battles… Mitakeumi somehow neutralized Harumafuji’s bullet tachiai, after which he’s not that scary… This is Hakuhō’s basho, come on. That’s the official explanation, how it historically began and is supposed to be. But lately I highly doubt that customers throwing the zabuton are celebrating the underdog.
  14. I think you’re HUGELY mistaken about that. But whatever, opinions.
  15. …You think Wakaichirō has more talent than Brodi had? …Really? Brodi was bullied and always sick (losing a ton of weight), he certainly had enough talent to rise up. It was other factors that kept him down.