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  1. Tomoe

    FINAL - RotoSumo Standings (Hatsu 2009)

    Sigh, one of these days I'll get it right.... I've changed the original post to reflect this... :-D B-)
  2. Tomoe

    FINAL - RotoSumo Standings (Hatsu 2009)

    ;-) After a long long decent from Makuuchi to Jonokuchi this Yusho is the first sign of hope... (Sign of disapproval...) But Zentoryu...(Whistling...) I am not "him" but "her" (Laughing...)
  3. Tomoe

    Asashouryuu considering intai

    As I like Asa very much I am realy sad about him considering giving up...first time when its not easy to win the next basho, he is running away? (Neener, neener...) Champions are people standing up after defeat, fighting back and win again. I hope he has the strenght to continue... ;-)
  4. Tomoe

    A very future yokozuna

    And in the interest of dragging the thread further off-topic and adding to the subject of ambiguity at the same time: I wonder what drinks they serve at a language bar? That's simple... drinks of might and magic (Gyoji...)
  5. Tomoe

    A very future yokozuna

    Even in have "die Macht" to do not sound the same to the ears of foreigners, but this noun exists all over Germany. Even in Bavaria were I am from (Neener, neener...) @Orion: "Wehrmacht" is a "good" example (only for the meaning of the noun "Macht" of course!): it simply say: "The Force (or Power), who ist able to fight back"
  6. Tomoe

    Day 4 Pics - Aki 08

    Sorry, but this is a sort of prostitution allready.... (Neener, neener...)
  7. Tomoe


    Sorry, but I had to announce my Intai (Clapping wildly...) for all games except for the German Tippspiel, Juryo Game, Roto Sumo,Fantasy Sumo and SalaryCap... Too much work, too less time (Being unsure...) Tomoe
  8. Tomoe

    Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2007 (1st Wave)

    jk6w Omori
  9. Tomoe

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2007 (1st Wave)

    Jd128e Fukukasuga
  10. Tomoe

    New RotoSumo Banzuke (Natsu 2007)

    K1 Tomoe (M4W) 10-5 (Eek...) (Showing respect...) (Another year older...) (Clapping wildly...) For the first time in my personal Sumogame History above maegashira Rank...I love Roto Sumo (In love...)
  11. Tomoe

    Chaingang total destruction

    Done ! And again over ;-) perhaps the last time... B-)
  12. Tomoe

    Chaingang total destruction

    Please Help!!!! I am one of the 5 last surviving players (many thanks to Kisenosato and Kotomitsuki!)...but I am not able to log in or reach the (any!) entry page of Chain Gang Game Yesterday I had the same problems but finally managed to reach the entry over but today even this way is blocked...
  13. Tomoe

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2007 (1st Wave)

    Jk6e Nara
  14. Tomoe


    Sorry, but I am not able to place any tip for Hatsu basho 2007. I normaly participate in nearly all pre-basho games, chaingang and the German Tipp Spiel. If possible to grant me kosho state in all games i normaly participate, it would be very kind.... (Shaking head...) (Laughing...) (I am not worthy...)
  15. Tomoe

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2006 (1st Wave)

    Jd100w Kamakari