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    I absolutely love Japanese sumo ! If I dont go back to Japan I am going to become a veterinary surgeon. I love dogs and horses too. Dont forget strength athletics.


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  1. Kagamifuji Iumu

    need help

    jonosuke-san, nice to see your still here too. Thanks for the link. The avatar is from after i left. it was, more than likely taken during a time when our heya went to make mochi for a near by community, I am not sure where it was, but the photo looks exactly the same as where we went. Buba, thats is very interesing, a rikishi as a relative, very cool. Many of my relatives still dont even know i was out there. Hey, you mentioned him not doing soo well, how bad are you talking about ? How about the other guys ? thanks
  2. Kagamifuji Iumu

    need help

    My avatar, left is Daiun (shikona has changd), second left is Kagamiyryu (shikona changed), next over is the Oyakata's son (name unknown to me), and right is a mongolian (he got there shortly after I left as did the Oyakata's son).
  3. Kagamifuji Iumu

    need help

    hey, i know there are some peole with connections on here. can someone help me find some info as to how I would contact Akebono or Sentoryu. I would like to contact either one for several reasons, let me know please
  4. Kagamifuji Iumu


    matawari ? I can ! Just did tonight in fact. It alays used to, and still does, hurt my knees because of the way my knees were injured doing the matawari puts pressure on them at just the wrong way, OUCH. But it still does a body good.
  5. Kagamifuji Iumu

    Asashouryuu back in keiko-injures Osh

    ah, ok. That makes sense, is it bad ? anyone know ?
  6. Kagamifuji Iumu

    Asashouryuu back in keiko-injures Osh

    wait, I'm confused, Asa or Kotooshu was injured ?
  7. Kagamifuji Iumu

    Takamisakari red in the face

    poor guy, I always did like him. They sure can be tough on a guy.
  8. Kagamifuji Iumu


    after keiko we would use it on the dohyo. Crap, I forget what its called, but when you sweep all the sand to the center of the dohyo and place a stick with a religious thing in the pile of tightly packed sand. Then you would purify the ring with salt. its hard to explain, and sorry for the lack of correct terms. At Kagamiyama beya I belive we would used some of the stuff out of the kitchen, it was different that most salt though.
  9. Kagamifuji Iumu


    I used to do teppo A LOT wheni was with Kagamiyama beya. The pole is very hard and very rigid. Very little give, if any at all. And you ARE supposed to hit your head, just as Shiroikuma said it helps to get rid of the mental block of beating your head. I was scared to go in with my head at first so used a shoulder and chest tachi-ai. I would advise not to used a punching bag, unless your are doing it for fun. because it is soft and gives a lot. Yes it hurts your wrists, but tough it out. It does work your pecs, shoulder and triceps very well. You cant just slap the pole, you, as you guys have said, must folow through and push off.
  10. Kagamifuji Iumu

    I am new, my name is Kagamifuji

    Who is Shiroikuma ? yes it still baffles me to think I was only 15 at the time. I just wonder whether I had gone out there now how I would have taken it. And why did you think you would never see those words in the same sentence ? I think I'll e-mail a few stables just for fun and see what they say. I know I know, you guys are sure about the rules, but I'll try just to humor myself and see what happens. Kompai !
  11. Kagamifuji Iumu

    I am new, my name is Kagamifuji

    thanks ! when I was 15 in the stable. I got drunk many many times, it was polite to drink when we were out with the heya supporters. i remember putting away 11 pints of Japans finest beer along wih sake and sho-chu. Man I slept good that night, but felt like crap at keiko the next day. Anyway, just another memory
  12. Kagamifuji Iumu


    ah, shiko. gees, we used to do shiko soooo much. but it does indeed work. but its not just shiko that strengthens the legs and lower body, but the entire keiko session. it does play a big part, but sparring and those things work very well too. yes, rikishi DO fall over. i have seen many guys fall over, especially when first starting.
  13. Kagamifuji Iumu

    age of recruits

    hey, i sent you a PM. I can probably answert some questions if you want. let me know whats up in the PM (private message)
  14. Kagamifuji Iumu

    I am new, my name is Kagamifuji

    Jonosuke, yes I remember Deka-san and Yas-san (i always called them that). Speaking of Kagamiyama beya rikishi, what happend to Ryudo (Takeshi-san) ? he was probably the best guy in our stable at the time I was there. I saw he retired, but can you find some more info for me please. And yes I have seen the other three guys at the stable. How would I go about geting into one of these other things such as K-1 and Pride and what not ? Or even Mongolian suumo. Yangnomazuma, unlike yourself, at 15 I was almost 6 foot and weighed 300 plus. but it wasnt all fat, I have been working out since 14 and am actually quite solid. MongolPower, I DO NOT want sumo to become an olympic sport. You guys may not feel the same as I do. But actually being inside sumo and living the sumo way and doing ALL things sumo I feel that it would be nothing but a disgrace to the sport. I would not at all mind being an olympian, but NOT sumo. These are just my feelings, and am very happy that the Kyokai decided against the bloody olympics, and hope they continue to vote against it until at least i'm dead so i dont have to watch it become something that it shouldnt be. Oh, got carried away. Sorry, but I do really feel strongly for the world of sumo.
  15. Kagamifuji Iumu

    Asa wants to stay..

    hey send me a copy through e-mail. i have a couple of old banzuke, one with me on it too. it is my greatest souvineer. I remember taking a day off of keiko to sit at the heya and fold and get all the banzuke sent out. what memories !