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  1. Asysanyama

    Apres-Banzuke pics-July 2011

    Really miss one of Takanoyama ! I've been waiting for this almost 10 years (Blushing...) and finally, when he arrives to sekitorihood, there's not even ONE photo of him with the banzuke? (On the banzuke...) Hope he has a bright Nagoya basho and shows (Whistling...) he's ready for a makuuchi spot. (Kensho parade...)
  2. Asysanyama

    Sanshos for unbasho

    Uhhh, dooh ! Forgot about it !!!
  3. Asysanyama

    Sanshos for unbasho

    What about shukun-sho for Harumafuji?
  4. Asysanyama

    Day 11 lower division results

    Thank you very much for this table, it's now much more clear to me now ! Just one question:
  5. Asysanyama

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    How can you wipe someone off something which doesn't even exist, even virtually?.. Especially in these times the Kyokai website could definitely be more up to snuff. Actually, on the Kyokai site's banzuke (there is one), they are both gone. Actually, on the Kyokai Japanese website, there are banzukes for all the categories (for example Makushita1), we need somebody to translate it! (Takanoyama at Ms2e !!!) (Sign of approval...)
  6. Asysanyama

    Tiny KaioU scandal

    Sorry but I don't understand WHICH ceremonies he's going to miss, YDC or being a train stationmaster? (Band playing...)
  7. Asysanyama

    Now who would have expected that?

    Mmmm, no spoilers within the first 24 hours please ! At least, not at the title !!! (Shaking head...)
  8. Asysanyama

    Hatsu basho 2009 banzuke predictions

    I am curious on this entry in your banzuke prognostication. When Kotooshu, Hakuho, and Kotomitsuki were shin Ozeki they all debuted at the lowest available WEST rank. In Kotooshu & Kotomitsuki's case O2W and in Hakuho's case at O3W. In all 3 situations they finished their Ozeki-toris with strong Jun-Yusho performances and in Kotomitsuki's and Hakuho's cases they finished their 2 preceeding basho with Jun-Yusho performances, yet they debuted at the WEST ranking. I am interested in why you believe Ama, sorry, Harumafuji will come in at the EAST spot? No other Yokozuna (filling the WEST SPOT) at THAT time?
  9. Asysanyama

    Osh's Blog

    Ok, I HAD to download (GIF (256 colors) image with a granular aspect); expand to 2x; then pass a gaussian blur filter (3,0) and shrink again to 1920x1280 size. Hope you like the result. (click the image to render the original size's on a new window) AND
  10. Asysanyama


    (Jumping in ecstasy...)
  11. Asysanyama

    Basho video

    And this basho not only you find Juryo and Makuuchi, but also ALL the Makushita's "combats" (first tiem I've seen Kyokushuho fighting)
  12. Asysanyama

    Spring Time for New Recruits

    Huahaha ! (Being unsure...) Are they NEW recruits for SUMO or maybe
  13. Asysanyama

    How many legs does a centipede have?

    Centipiede in Japanese is mukade. 百足 is the kanji (which most Japanese don't know in my experience) and it too means 100 legs. ...and in English it's centipede. ;-) And in Spanish it's: CIENPIES (Almost the only word in which a "p" following a "n" doesn't obligue to turn this last letter into a "m") CIEN = One hundred = Centi- PIES = FEET = -pede
  14. Asysanyama

    Sansho - Hatsu 2008

    Congratulations Fay, Kakuryu REALLY deserves that sansho. Only needs to train against sanyaku rikishis and ... Who knows ??? (Dohyo-iri...)