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    Natsu 24 - Games talk

    When I was still active, I took many opportunities to complain (only in private): about the sumo gods, my opponents, or rikishi doing stupid things that ran counter to my predictions. But I never got the hang of the popular Bench-intrateam-bout-complaints. I would really love to know whether those who have more intrateam bouts fare worse than those with less intrateam bouts, statistically speaking. Of course, having intrateam bouts increases the number of losers in your squad. But on the other hand: you observe the rikishi in your squad much more carefully and are probably better in predicting intrateam bout outcomes than other outcomes. Now if someone had a huge database of all Bench sumo bouts in history (wink wink, nudge nudge)...
  2. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Natsu 2024

    Hi there, it took a little longer than usual, but now all games have published their Natsu Banzuke. Throwing them into a tumbler and stirring them until they were properly cooled, I published the result at the usual place (permalink: http://99998271.com/sb/sb202405.html) Both SB Yokozuna (Golynohana and Andoreasu) dropped to Ozeki, respectively. Flohru now leads the standings, and Pandaazuma is back on track (in second place). Enjoy seeing the results! And pick responsibly :)
  3. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game

    Hideho! Makushita Game wants YOU to play it. It waits for its banzuke which has been sent to Doitsuyama. It also features the World's smallest Juryo division, comprised of a single player on the Natsu Banzuke. Alas, many players were kosho in March, so it would be more than happy for many happy returns. Here you can play it: https://makushita.sumogames.de
  4. Randomitsuki

    Advice on Sekitori Oracle?

    Some comments from a former gamer... A while ago Jejima created some controversy by predicting an 8-7 for each rikishi on the East side and a 7-8 for each rikishi on the West side, and getting pretty good results out of it. While this outcome made some people question the validity of the entire game, it rather showed to me that Jejima's move embodied two key principles that not-so-strong players easily overlook: 1) Being too daring does not pay off (only in one's dreams). If you think that someone will finish 2-13, do not enter 2-13 because it will kill your results if that rikishi ends up with going 6-9 or better. Using a purely mathematical approach, hardly any rikishi had less than 5 expected wins in my computations. This is particularly true for low-performing rikishi, and not quite so much for high-performing rikishi. During his prime, 13-2 or 14-1 was a nearly safe bet for Hakuho, but even for typical Ozeki I rarely predicted double-digit wins. Take home message: do not deviate too much from 8-7 and 7-8 unless you have very good reason for it. 2) I always find myself surprised at looking at SO standings for Day 1 as these (completely irrelevant) standings invariably feature the same bunch of players on the top. Why? Because they violated one of the most obvious rules - the average number of wins for all your rikishi in a divison should be 7.5 (or slightly lower if you figure in potential kyujo). Just for illustration: if you would predict all rikishi to finish with 5-10, you will be guaranteed to lead the standings after Day 1 as much as you are guaranteed to end up dead last on senshuraku. So keep an eye on your average points.
  5. Randomitsuki

    Haru 2024 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Thanks for the correction. And yet: The slaying of a beautiful story by an ugly fact...
  6. Randomitsuki

    Haru 2024 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    And another exciting basho of sumo gaming is over. You can see the results for the Superbanzuke games at the usual place. Kaito won his third Green Mawashi with ease. He becomes the first player to ever to get the yusho in all three Superbanzuke games that were invented by Superbanzuke inventor Zenjimoto (Sekitori-Oracle, -Toto, and -Quadrumvirate). This unique triple was complemented with a yusho in UDH. Pandaazuma wins his eigth career shukun-sho for getting double digits in three different games (among them a yusho in Hoshitori Game). The other two sansho are secured by ScreechingOwl. He impressed in daily games (Sumo Game yusho) and pre-basho games (jun-yusho in Hoshitori Game), yielding his fourth gino-sho. By having eight Top 10 finishes he also nets his second career kanto-sho. Congratulations to all the winners! I have also updated the standings for the 2024 World Championships.
  7. Randomitsuki

    Games talk Haru 24

    I'm still waiting for Hoshitori Game. But yeah, Kaito's order with the sumo apparel services was not in vain - he'll win the Green Mawashi. Currently short of 90 points but that might change with the Hoshitori Game final standings.
  8. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Haru 2024

    Hi, this is to invite you to another edition of Makushita Game. Ok, it's probably too late for an invitation now... To the 30 players who participated anyway: thanks for playing! This edition was won by Yokozuna Andoreasu. A trio of players gets the jun-yusho honors: M1 Bill, M3 Golynohana (who led until about Day 10), and M6 Oortael. The upper group (Y to M4) had an average score of 8.57 win points. In order to determine your final W/L score, subtract a full point from your WP column and round down half-points. Papayasu is the last to get a KK, Asashosakari is the first to receive a MK. Ozeki Ganzohnesushi goes kadoban again (after freeing himself from it last basho). The lower group (M5 downward) had an average score of 7.23 win points. Add half a point to your WP column and round down half-points. Thus, the KK/MK line runs between Holleshoryu and Kamibaka. Sansho: Shukun-sho: Bill (for being one of only three players to pick 7-0 Kazekeno, and for deciding the tie-breaker with having 6-1 Yoshii). Kanto-sho: Golynohana and Oortael (66 wins) Gino-sho: Bill (16.53 points; among them 4 points for Miyagi, 2.33 points for Kazekeno, and 2 points for Kayo). Thanks for playing, and please return in droves!!
  9. Randomitsuki

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    No yusho push. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=Jk&form1_wins=7&form1_losses=0&form1_year=2019&form1_month=7&form1_y=on&form1_yd=on
  10. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Haru 2024

    Hi there, I am in a bit of a hurry, so without further ado I want you to enjoy the latest edition of the Superbanzuke Ranking.
  11. Randomitsuki

    Hatsu 2024 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Hullo. The first Masters Series of 2024 is in the bags. The gaming year starts with a nice surprise, with a relatively new player (Kajiyanosho) receiving his first Green Mawashi. And what a deserved title it is, with a strong 55 points. The foundation for his triumph was a triple yusho (Chaingang, Hoshitori Game, Norizo Cup). With a double yusho in the twin games (Ozumo Bingo, Paper Oyakata), Kotohirayama receives the shukun-sho, his/her first Superbanzuke sansho ever. The gino-sho goes to Susanoo for balanced strong performance in pre-basho games (e.g., Juryo Game yusho) and on the daily scene (jun-yusho in Quad and Toto). It's already the ninth Technique Prize for Susanoo, and now he is tied again for most gino-sho ever (with Norizo). Oskahanada gets his fourth career kanto-sho as he was the highest-placed player to achieve 6 Top 10 finishes. His last Fighting Spirit Prize was more than ten years ago. Congratulations to all the winners! Final results can be found at http://99998271.com/sb/sbmsnew202401.html The same results, but with a slightly different design are on display in the World Championship standings.
  12. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Hatsu 2024

    Hiya, now that all Superbanzuke games have their Hatsu banzuke published, it's time for another edition of the Superbanzuke Ranking. For years, Pandaazuma has been dominating the ranking, frequently with more than 1000 points distance to the closest pursuer. Occasionally, the Panda had lost the coveted Y1e spot, only to recover it with ease in the next basho. But not so this time... After losing the Yokozuna spot in a number of games, Pandaazuma has really plummeted in the SB ranking (for his caliber). So in the last Superbanzuke it was Golynohana who could capitalize on that. But in a departure from previous patterns, Golynohana defended the Yokozuna East spot after a strong outing in Kyushu. The Panda would not be the Panda if he hadn't made it back to Y1w after a single basho, and it remains to be seen whether and for how long other players can survive at the top of the standings before becoming pandafactured and pandaporized. See how you stand at this permalink.
  13. I can safely say that from all sumo games that are dedicated to sumo's 3rd division, Makushita Game is a) the most well-known, b) most popular, and c) hands-down best of its ilk. So why not take part in this exciting endeavor? Consider playing at https://makushita.sumogames.de/ A banzuke for Hatsu Basho has been sent to Doitsuyama and awaits upload.
  14. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2024

    Final Results: Up-and-comer Konya ga Yamada wins the yusho in a very high-scoring basho. Five players (S Asashosakari, K Kaiowaka, M3 Bill, M4 Golynohana, and M12 Kamibaka) share the jun-yusho. The average win points score in the Y-M4 range was a hefty 10.03, so to find out your actual W/L record you have to subtract 2.5 points and round down half points. The KK/MK line runs between Kobashi and Asapedroryu. This turns out to be good news for all those top dogs who were in demotion danger. The Ozeki pair of Flohru and Ganzohnesushi could stave off kadoban with relative ease. And with an incredible extra oomph on senshuraku, Yokozuna Andoreasu straddled the KK line, averting a third MK in a row and an enforced intai. In the M5-Juryo range, the average win points were at 7.81, so to get your W/L record you subtract 0.5 points from your WP column and round up half-points. The KK/MK line thus runs between Shatsume and Andonishiki. Sansho: The shukun-sho goes to Kaiowaka for picking Wakatakakage, Hakuoho, and Daishomaru. Konya ga Yamada wins the kanto-sho with ease (70 wins) And the Technique Prize goes to Bill with 16.72 points (e.g. 4 points for Sazanami and 2 points apiece for Asakoki and Kumanoryu). Thanks for playing Makushita Game!!
  15. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Hatsu 2024

    Good catch, thank you. Will be amended in the next edition.
  16. Randomitsuki

    sumo jokes/memes

    Heavy Battle
  17. Hiya, I have updated and uploaded all relevant files for ending the sumo gaming year of 2023. Final Results Kyushu Masters (permalink) Final Results 2023 Sumo Gaming World Championship. Enjoy! And come back playing next year!!
  18. Randomitsuki

    Kyushu 2023 Superbanzuke Masters Series and Year's Wrapup

    Meanwhile, I checked for Papayasu's nationality (now that s/he plays several games, there is certainly one which shows nationality). And according to Sumo Game archives, Papayasu is from Japan. Which is great to know, but also spoils your interesting trivia nugget.
  19. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Hi there, it has become a habit of mine over the last 15 (?) years or so to track the standings in the Sumo Gaming World Championship on a daily basis during Kyushu Basho. I also know that there are a few very dedicated fans of this routine (including myself). Therefore I can assure you that I will do my best to present daily updates for the World Championship home stretch. However, I am almost dead certain that I will not be able to do this as reliably as in previous years. Preparing and scoring everything takes about 5 hours on shonichi and between two and three hours on every other day, and it is extremely unlikely that I will always find the necessary time. Delays are almost unavoidable. I am not even sure whether I will be able to at least download the game standings on each day so that I could insert them into my standings on the next day. If someone might volunteer in providing me with standings information for some days, please step forward. That being said, I am excited to see who our World Champ of 2023 will be. Oskanohana sported a 20 points lead over Kaito and Susanoo after Aki Basho. However, after being tied for the jun-yusho in GTB this leading margin has increased to 30 points. Will Oskanohana come through this time (last year he lost in a dramatic nailbiter against Susanoo)? Check in regularly to see how the grand finale will unfold.
  20. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Kyushu 2023

    Final Standings: Sorry for missing out on the interim standings... The Kyushu yusho goes to Kaiowaka (13.00 WP) in front of chishafuwaku (12.50) and a group of seven players at 12.00 WPs. Overall scores were extremely high, so you have to downgrade your WPs substantially. For players down to M4, subtract 2.5 points and round down half-points. For players at M5 and below, subtract two points and round up half-points. The KK/MK line in the elite ranks is between Bunbukuchagama and Itachi. For the lower-ranked players, the border is between Yarimotsu and Kamibaka. Yokozuna Andoreasu is in dire straits after posting his second MK in a row. Ozeki Flohru and Ozeki Ganzohnesushi will be kadoban in their next tournament. And Asashosakari missed out on a re-promotion to Ozeki. Shukun-sho: Wamahada (for picking Satorufuji, Takerufuji, and Kayo). Kanto-sho: chishafuwaku (68 wins) Gino-sho: chishafuwaku (12.26 points, e.g., 4 points for Oyamatoumi, and 2.5 points apiece for Kurohimeyama and Marusho). Hope to see many and more of you return in January!!
  21. Ready for another round? Makushita Game is open for registration, participation, and documentation. The Kyushu Banzuke is uploaded already and I am looking forward to seeing you take part in this little gem of a game. http://makushita.sumogames.de/
  22. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Other awards of the year (again, barring pending corrections once all results are in): World Champion: Oskanohana (246.38 points) Pre-Basho Games World Champion: Oskanohana (145.25) Daily Games World Champion: Kaito (121.93) Shukun-sho: Oskanohana (8 yusho) Kanto-sho: Oskanohana, Kaito, and Pandaazuma (33 Top 10 positions) Gino-sho: Oskanohana (101.13 points in his worse category). World Champions in Individual Games: Bench Sumo: Pandaazuma Chaingang: Kaito Deutsches Tippspiel: Fay GTB: Goshobiyama Hoshitori Game: Oortael ISP: Kishikaisei Juryo Game: Kajiyanosho Norizo Cup: Oskanohana Odd Sumo: Oskanohana Ozumo Bingo Game: nomoichirou Paper Oyakata: Susanoo, eboshiiwa, Sinsanga Roto Sumo: Gonzaburow Salarycap Sumo: Susanoo Sekitori Oracle: Oskanohana Sekitori Quad: Oskanohana Sekitori Toto: Bill Sumo Game: Norizo TTT: Manatsumai UDH: Gonzaburow I guess it will be next weekend until I find time and inclination to create the Web sites for Kyushu Masters and the World Championship. Thanks for reading!!
  23. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Unconfirmed Final Standings: Here are the inofficial Final Standings for the Kyushu Masters and the World Championship. Results for Hoshitori Game, Salarycap Sumo, and UDH are provisional - I did my best to calculate the scores, but there is always the possibility that I semi-manually botched some things that will deviate from the official standings once they are in. For Hoshitori Game, I forgot to jot down the estimated points, but the winner was Suwihito, followed by Beeftank and Pitinosato (who was outside of the Top 10 on Day 14). For Salarycap Sumo, my standings have Sakura (2446) on top, followed by Joaoiyama (2383) and Beeftank (2305) And in UDH I see Gonzaburow winning (370) in front of Oyama (362) and Kishikaisei (359). If that is true (and probably even if it isn't) the winner of the Green Mawashi is Golynohana (54.51). Oskanohana is not only World Champion, but also ended Kyushu on a high note in second place (with a glorious Odd yusho on senshuraku), giving him 50.77 points as well as gino-sho and kanto-sho. Beeftank (46.00) finishes in 3rd place. Other players above 30 points are Gonzaburow (43.71), Pandaazuma (41.59, kanto-sho), Athenayama (41.00), Andoreasu (39.60), Papayasu (34.30), and chishafuwaku (31.80). Oskanohana wins the 2023 World Championship miles ahead of his competitors. Congratulations for a fully deserved title (and please PM me with a postal address in case you want a trophy). Kaito is the only other player to finish north of 200 points, giving him 2nd place. The battle for 3rd place went in favor of Pandaazuma who outdid Gonzaburow (4th) and Susanoo (5th). The battle for 6th place was decided by Norizo over Joaoiyama and Golynohana. Andoreasu remains in 9th place, and chishafuwaku rounds out the Top 10 of the year. The only player with triple digits who is not on the chart is Bill (103.38).
  24. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Standings Day 14: UDH will not present standings on its web page this weekend as Tamanaogijima is away from the computer. However, he gave me access to his secret files, and here are the top 3: Gonzaburow (346) over Kishikaisi (345) and Oyama (339). Salarycap (including special bonuses): Joaoiyama (1821) over Oskanohana (1786) and Ruziklao (1784) Oracle projection: Gonzaburow (559) over chishafuwaku, Kishikaisei, and Pandaazuma (554). Golynohana is in an excellent position to grab the Green Mawashi (60.51). However, there might be outside chances for chishafuwaku (49.50) and Andoreasu (45.83) to claim the title. Other notable performances can be seen for Gonzaburow (42.96), Athenayama (42.00), Oskanohana (39.25), Pandaazuma (35.55), Beeftank (30.50), and Kintamayama (30.13). The World Championship reports have turned into a bit of a bore. While Oskanohana's victory is beyond any dispute, it also looks as if Kaito will be Vice World Champion (he crossed the 200 points mark today). Third place is still contested among Gonzaburow, Pandaazuma, and Susanoo. Sixth place is still contested between Golynohana, Norizo, and Joaoiyama. And in the only slight change over yesterday, 9th place is now contested between Andoreasu and chishafuwaku.
  25. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Day 13 (had way more time today than expected, hooray!): Inofficial Salarycap standings (including jun-yusho bonus for Kirishima/Atamifuji): Ruziklao (1677) in front of Joaoiyama (1675) and Wamahada (1668). Adjusted Oracle standings: Gonzaburow (567) in front of Pandaazuma (561) and chishafuwaku & Torafujii (560). In the Kyushu Masters, leader Andoreasu lost about 12 points while Golynohana stayed on course, giving the Polish powerhouse the lead (57.55 vs. 49.84 points). Tetsuba also has a shot at the Green Mawashi (48.80). Notable others: Gonzaburow (43.05), Oskanohana (36.17), Athenayama (34.00), Pandaazuma (33.94), chishafuwaku (33.00), and Beeftank (31.50). Most of the top players saw slight improvements over the day, so things in the World Championship remain mostly as they were. Kaito now has a 12.30 points lead over the trio that fights for 3rd place (Gonzaburow, Susanoo, Pandaazuma). Three players are in the race for 6th place (Norizo, Joaoiyama, Golynohana), and Andoreasu in 9th slipped a bit. chishafuwaku defends 10th place. Balon and Oshirokita are in the 10-point window behind 10th place. Not on the chart: Bill (109.38), Unkonoyama (101.51), and Kishikaisei (101.34).