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  1. karlsmom


    Thank you all for sharing your pics and videos. This is really appreciated by those of us who can only watch from afar... :-D :-) :-) More? :-) :-D
  2. karlsmom

    Kaio Natsu 2006 : encouragement messages

    Good luck and keep heatlhy! Karlsmom Ontario, Canada
  3. karlsmom

    Tochiazuma's Promotion to Yokozuna

    I must admit that I agree with this... (Cloverleaf...)
  4. karlsmom

    Rikhis Talk Senshuraku Haru Basho 2006

    Again, thanks you so much Jonosuke for these translations... (Clapping wildly...) (Sign of approval) I (and for sure, other non-Japanese speaking forum members) really appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed of how the rikishi feel with each basho. Thank you thank you!
  5. karlsmom

    Hakuho's rank in January 2007?

    I too continue to vote for Hakuho as ozeki. I believe that in essence, he is his own worst enemy. His complacency is something he should hold in check. At the end of the day, his intensity and dohyo smarts is what pushes him through always - barring any injuries. (A yokozuna...) :-(
  6. karlsmom

    No More English Sumo on NHK

    I'm a TV Japan subscriber too, but I noticed that their English website for TV programs has already disappeared!!! (Showing respect...) Actually, he said after Haru basho. Do you really think NHK would listen to us? We're just silly gaijin. Very sad, Dale Oooh, sorry. I misread (or rather, just gut-reacted) to Murray's message. Anyway, TV Japan IS NHK, so maybe those of us who subscribe can write to TV Japan as well.
  7. karlsmom

    Blog Translations

    I appreciate the blog translations a lot. I always say that for us, non-japanese readers, a peek into what else is going on with the rikishi is always interesting. Thanks to all the translators! (Eh?)
  8. karlsmom

    More Las Vegas pictures

    Many thanks for sharing your photos!!! (Blushing...)
  9. karlsmom

    Las Vegas Koen on TV Japan

    Thank you Jonosuke. I shall wait for this then.
  10. karlsmom

    Sumo on CBS

    Thanks! Only wish the feature was much longer. For us here in North America, English-speaking featues like that are few and far between.
  11. karlsmom

    Asa comes to Sadogatake

    I vote Katayama too. Chest is not as hairy as Kotoryu's. The mage just fell off to the back so it kinda looked short. Certainly possible, since they are also in the same Ichimon, and Katayama looks a lot like Kotoryuu, but still seems like Kotoryuu to me.. Not Kaihou, that's for sure. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  12. karlsmom

    Day 15 pics Nagoya 2005

    I definitely enjoyed it! Posts like these do make visits to this forum worth our while. :-)
  13. karlsmom

    Asashouryuu's tsukebito shines

    Thanks Sasanishiki!...
  14. karlsmom

    Asashouryuu's tsukebito shines

    Hey, the anecdotes about how Asa thanks him are heartwarming! Good for Shinzan then. (Applauding...) As Asa's sparring partner, he does get good keiko whether he likes it or not. Just a question: If he rises up the banzuke, that means Asa will have to find a new tsukebito right? Until when does a sumotori remain a tsukebito?
  15. karlsmom

    Rikishi Talk Day 1 Nagoya Basho 2005

    Thanks for the starting this post Jonosuke. I have been really looking forward to reading these translated rikishi comments. (Nodding yes...)