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  1. Sorry, I rushed my reply when I saw how close the deadline was. The shikona is Kyoju, but I must still be registered in the database and the Yahoo group as Tameiki (although I have lost my password for the game), so I don't know what is the best option from your perspective. 

  2. 1    B
    2    B
    3    B
    4    B
    5    A
    6    B
    7    B
    8    A
    9    A
    10    B
    11    B
    12    A
    13    A
    14    B
    15    B
    16    A
    17    A
    18    A
    19    B
    20    A
    21    B

  3. 4 hours ago, Pitinosato said:

    Do we have a problem with promoted/demoted Rikishi ??? (Eh?)

    I think the rule is clear, we can't take the winner of a Bout where Makushita or Makuuchi Rikishi are involved.

    Where we do have a problem is when a Rikishi goes Kyujo.

    Me for example didn't know that such win doesn't count, so I took Wakatakakage on Position 1.

    I agree with Haidouzo. 

    We should allow a substitute Pick.

    The question is if this one subsitutes the Kyujo-Bout-Pick directly,

    or if he gets Position 9, and every other below the Kyujo-Pick ride up 1 Position.



    I fully support Pitinosato's view and think the substitute should get position 9.