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  1. There are already two games that follow the same principle and that are not listed in this forum (and that may be worth considering for the Superbanzuke):

    Kachi Clash with 158 players for the July Basho and very basic rules

    Pick ONE rikishi from EACH of the ranked sections:

    Y-O | S-K | M1-M5 | M6-M10 | M11-M17

    Each time one of your picks wins a bout, you get 1 point.

    Note that the game itself doesn't have a Banzuke

    Basho Contest with around 60 players on Reddit and the rules are

    Pick a rikishi in the top division up to the rank for each category slot. Your first pick can be any wrestler in the top division up to a yokozuna. Next can be any up to ozeki and so on.

    You can edit up until the basho begins. Just make a note when you make an edit what you did. You have through the 5th day to make a substitute due to injury only. If you fail to note why you made an edit after the basho starts, you may be penalized a couple of ranks. No big deal, just try not to cheat folks.

    Category 1: One rikishi M16+ up to Yokozuna

    Category 2: One rikishi M16+ up to Ozeki

    Category 3: One rikishi M16+ up to Sekiwake

    Category 4: One rikishi M16+ up to Komusubi

    Category 5: One rikishi M16+ up to M1

    Category 6: One rikishi M16+ up to M6

    Category 7: One rikishi M16+ up to M11

    Scoring will be calculated three times during this basho. After the 5th day, after the 10th day, and after the final day.

    Each time the scoring is calculated, the following will apply.


    Win/Loss Ratio >= 1.3:1 you gain an additional rank.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 1.5:1 you gain an additional 2 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 1.75:1 you gain an additional 3 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 2:1 you gain an additional 4 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 2.25:1 you gain an additional 5 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 2.5:1 you can an additional 6 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio >= 3:1 you gain an additional 8 full ranks.

    Win/Loss Ratio of 4:1 or higher, you'll get an additional 10 full ranks.

    After the final day, we will also look at the overall score. Winning Record gets an additional 4 full ranks. If you participate and don't get a kachikoshi, well, you'll get 1 rank as a consolation prize.

    If one of your non-yokozuna wrestlers wins the basho, you get an extra 2.5 ranks. If one of your non-yokozuna wrestlers gets a special prize, you'll get a bonus 1.5 ranks per prize.

    Interestingly, for ranking purpose, everybody has started in Jonokuchi and only one player has reached Juryo yet.


  2. Like Oshorokita and Karasakurai, I think this a rare situation and I will be OK with your decision.

    Also, I don't think you need to change the rules. Living in Europe, I am often one of the "victims" of late kyujo (and I wish some games would alter their rules to take this into consideration), but this case is different as the official torikumi for the day was readily available on Saturday and I could use it to determine my picks.

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    1 minute ago, Jejima said:

    Although I appreciate your idea, this will not be happening for Bench Sumo.  Any rikishi at any time might break an ankle, and so could go kyujo without warning. This is pretty much the same as with any rikishi getting a high temperature.

    Please don't misread me. I would never suggest such an adjustment in "ordinary times". My suggestion(s) only had to do with the present situation and the potential risk of a higher number of kyujo.

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  4. My understanding of the situation is that:

    1. If a rikishi doesn't feel well or has some temperature, they will have to go kyujo

    2. If a rikishi is confirmed with COVID-19, the basho will be cancelled 

    This means the impact on the games will not be uniform and the key question for me is to have as fair a competition as possible.

    1. For "pure" daily games such as Sekitoto or Sumo Game,  it will probably make more sensitive the issue of time where European players will be at a disadvantage if the kyujo are announced at the usual hour.

    2. For "pure" pre-basho games like Norizo or UDH, there may be some frustration and the feeling that the game turned into a lottery to some extent, but we all start and play with the same conditions.

    3. I would make a special case for the Bench Sumo game as it combines pre-basho and daily dimension.  Anyone playing the game has had to manage a team with one, two or more kyujo rikishi, and we accept it (even with the possible associated "time" frustration the day the kyujo is announced).

    For the upcoming Basho, what I would like to see is:

    1. That, because of the higher probability of kyujo than usual, the time to change your line-ups be pushed as late as possible before the start of the Makuuchi bouts

    2. That especially for Bench Sumo, but also for any pre-basho game, we could use a substitute for any COVID-19 related kyujo. We could, for instance, give a list of 4/5 possible substitutes to be used in order of preference (but I don't suppose it is possible considering the time available)

  5. 2 hours ago, Athenayama said:

    OK for me. It's just a game afterall, not a war. I assume that everyone is in good faith so whatever the Game Master's decision is, I'm ok with it.   :-)

    I am in full agreement with Athenayama's view.

  6. 15 hours ago, Tenshinhan said:

    Hi Tameiki,

    Happy New Year to you as well and thank you for playing. If I understood the issue right, Bench Sumo is the only relevant game that you play as "Tameiki".
    For your Metasumo team, I can easily add the points from Tameiki and Kyoju together.
    By the way, I also have the aim to return to Makuuchi in Bench Sumo this year. :-)

    Good luck in your games too.


    Yes. You got it right. Thank you and good luck for the return to Makuuchi. Hope to meet you there soon ;-)



  7. @Tenshinhan

    Hi (and Happy New Year),

    I messaged Pandaazuma earlier and he said I should, in fact, address the query below to you:

    I have a minor problem with my potential results for the Metasumo ranking and maybe you cannot do anything about it, but now that I have reached Maegashira ranks in Bench Sumo, I felt it would be worth asking.

    So, the issue is that I play most games as "Kyoju", except JWS, DJSOG (when it was on) because they are forum based and...Bench Sumo that I first played 20 years ago as "Tameiki" and where I restarted last year with the same Shikona. And my question is: is there a reasonably easy way for you to combine my two sets of results?

    Thank you for taking the time to read me.

    Thank you in advance for anything you can do and good luck in the games!


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