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  1. Today isn't onlly the first day of Spring, it is also the first day of the New Year for people of Zoroastrian and Baha'i faith and/or Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan, Tajik culture (as well as many people in Turkey and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia), all places where wrestling is considered a major sport and where Sumo would be much considered if had any chance to be better known.

    So Happy New Year - Nowruz Mobarak to everybody.

  2. 1. Asashoryu

    2. Chiyotaikai

    3. Hakuho

    4. Tochiazuma

    5. Kotomitsuki

    6. Tamanoshima

    7. Miyabiyama

    8. Kokkai

    9. Takekaze

    10. Tochinohana

    11. Dejima

    12. Kasuganishiki

    13. Futeno

    14. Kisenosato

    15. Toyonoshima

    16. Takamisakari

    17. Tosanoumi

    18. Hokutoriki

    19. Wakanosato

    20. Katayama

    21. Kitazakura


  3. Just to add my two cents, I would have a hard time deciding between Asashoryu, Federer, or Rossi, but since nobody said we could not nominate a woman, I would add Elena Isinbayeva to the poll. She is the first -and only- female pole volter to have cleared the 5-meters mark, she has beaten the world record 5 times in 2005, and this year she has won the European as well as the World Championships. She also finished the year as the top female athlete in the IAAF ranking...and she is beautiful (Shaking head...)

  4. Info-Sumo server still down.


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    Trio tip for day 15:

    Equipe A : 2-1


    Et vive Asa!!!!!

  5. When I tried to log in to Banzai for Day 6 I only got access to the page for Day 5. Did anybody else have the same problem?

    If it is because I logged in earlier that usual, please accept my apologies. Otherwise, what shall I do?

    PS I have checked my cache.

  6. Same problem for me - and I agree that the japan-guide page does not look great tonight.

    Should the problem last for much longer I would have difficuulties entering my selection. Does anybody know of an "emergency" solution? And if this means sending the selection to the webmaster could someone confirm that the email address is webmaster@japan-guide.com?