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  1. Tameiki

    21 Har Har 20

    Congratulations to Flohru! It is an honour to lose to such a great champion.
  2. Tameiki

    Games Bugs

    TTT down again...
  3. Tameiki

    Games Bugs

    TTT working again.
  4. Tameiki

    Games Bugs

    Same for me. "Runtime error" in Turn the tide.
  5. Tameiki

    21 Har Har 20

    1. B 2. B 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. A 13. A 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. B 20. B 21. B
  6. Tameiki

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    Please don't misread me. I would never suggest such an adjustment in "ordinary times". My suggestion(s) only had to do with the present situation and the potential risk of a higher number of kyujo.
  7. Tameiki

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    My understanding of the situation is that: 1. If a rikishi doesn't feel well or has some temperature, they will have to go kyujo 2. If a rikishi is confirmed with COVID-19, the basho will be cancelled This means the impact on the games will not be uniform and the key question for me is to have as fair a competition as possible. 1. For "pure" daily games such as Sekitoto or Sumo Game, it will probably make more sensitive the issue of time where European players will be at a disadvantage if the kyujo are announced at the usual hour. 2. For "pure" pre-basho games like Norizo or UDH, there may be some frustration and the feeling that the game turned into a lottery to some extent, but we all start and play with the same conditions. 3. I would make a special case for the Bench Sumo game as it combines pre-basho and daily dimension. Anyone playing the game has had to manage a team with one, two or more kyujo rikishi, and we accept it (even with the possible associated "time" frustration the day the kyujo is announced). For the upcoming Basho, what I would like to see is: 1. That, because of the higher probability of kyujo than usual, the time to change your line-ups be pushed as late as possible before the start of the Makuuchi bouts 2. That especially for Bench Sumo, but also for any pre-basho game, we could use a substitute for any COVID-19 related kyujo. We could, for instance, give a list of 4/5 possible substitutes to be used in order of preference (but I don't suppose it is possible considering the time available)
  8. Tameiki

    JWS Hatsu 2020

    I am in full agreement with Athenayama's view.
  9. Tameiki

    Metasumo 2020

    Yes. You got it right. Thank you and good luck for the return to Makuuchi. Hope to meet you there soon Tameiki
  10. 1) K-M2 Daieishio2) M3-M6 Enho3) M7-M11 Yutakayama4) The rest of Makuuchi Kiribayama5) Juryo Kizakiumi6) Makushita Naya7) Sandanme and below Hokutenkai
  11. Tameiki

    Metasumo 2020

    @Tenshinhan Hi (and Happy New Year), I messaged Pandaazuma earlier and he said I should, in fact, address the query below to you: I have a minor problem with my potential results for the Metasumo ranking and maybe you cannot do anything about it, but now that I have reached Maegashira ranks in Bench Sumo, I felt it would be worth asking. So, the issue is that I play most games as "Kyoju", except JWS, DJSOG (when it was on) because they are forum based and...Bench Sumo that I first played 20 years ago as "Tameiki" and where I restarted last year with the same Shikona. And my question is: is there a reasonably easy way for you to combine my two sets of results? Thank you for taking the time to read me. Thank you in advance for anything you can do and good luck in the games! Tameiki/Kyoju
  12. Tameiki

    Metasumo 2020

    1-5 Pandaazuma (1) 6-10 Konosato (8) 11-20 Susanoo (15) 21-40 Sakura (27) 41-80 Kyoju (41) 81-120 Wolfgangho (86) 121-200 Benihana (157) 201+ Tamanaogojima (208)
  13. Tameiki

    21 Kyushu 19, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B 21. A
  14. Tameiki


    Thanks. I usually play the forum games as Tameiki and the other ones as Kyoju, but I was in a rush and I mixed them up. So there is only Kyoju.
  15. Tameiki


    Too bad.