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  1. Day 9 3 withdrawing: Ms9w Dewayayate (1-3, fusen day 7) (link) Sd11w Mitsuuchi (2-2) (link) Jk21e Kotonagahama (1-3)
  2. Day 7 Jd33w Murata (1-2-1, fusen day 5) is withdrawing. (link) Sd53w Tatsukaze (0-1-2; absent from day 3) is returning.
  3. Day 5 Ms36e Hisanotora (0-2, fusen day 4) has withdrawn from the tournament.
  4. Fukurou

    UDH Haru Basho 2019 -- skipped due to technical problems

    While it's disappointing UDH won't run this basho, it's so much better to cancel and fix things than push onward through the mess. Here's hoping UDH will be back better than ever next basho.
  5. Fukurou

    Games Bugs

    Friendly reminder/request - would someone please give Hoshitori its usual "oh, the basho's started" server kick? Thanks
  6. Day 3 (returning) Ms39w Mitotsukasa (0-0-1, absent from day 1) Jd50e Denpoya (0-0-1, absent from day 1) (withdraw) Ms32w Hokutokawa (0-1, fusen day 1) Ms48e Sadanohana (0-1, fusen day 2) Sd53w Tatsukaze (0-1, fusen day 1)
  7. Fukurou

    Class Dismissed Haru 2019

    For rule 2, is it safe to assume that if your sekitori alternate is in play and another sekitori goes kyujo, the 2nd sekitori will NOT be replaced by the non-sekitori alternate? Would you please elaborate on rule 2c? The best 15 score among who?
  8. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (15th Wave)

    Jd19w Kaishu please
  9. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (14th Wave)

    Ms60w Sasakiyama please
  10. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (13th Wave)

    Sd98e Wakakinsho please
  11. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (12th Wave)

    Sd13w Musashiumi please
  12. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (11th Wave)

    Sd11e Kotokino please
  13. Fukurou

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (10th Wave)

    Ms59w Tochimaru please
  14. Fukurou

    Some new rules..

    Apocryphal perhaps, but I recall reading somewhere that back in the 1960s the producers from the James Bond franchise had to pay the film's leading ladies extra because they found Sean Connery's body hair disgusting and didn't want to touch him (the film was You Only Live Twice). Then decades later, Tom Selleck was making a baseball movie in Japan and it was the same thing with the Japanese actresses. As I said, just something I read, no proof.
  15. Fukurou

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    I've been wondering along similar lines - how much of this sort of thing is because of the way sumo is organized in the first place. In many cases, you have a group of young men forced together in a "survival of the fittest" hierarchical situation. If you get "stuck" (bouncing around at about the same rank, not really advancing anywhere), and your personal situation doesn't allow any real way out for you if you desire, I'd think you might start getting more than a little frustrated. If you're a bit of a bully to begin with (or just used to being the big fish in the small pond back at home), perhaps you might take out that frustration on the easiest thing available - those below you in the hierarchy, especially the ones who aren't willing to push things by standing up to you. It's not like these guys have a lot of "adult supervision" to begin with. (or not even built up frustration by a stuck rikishi; the higher ranker / star who's frustrated had a bad day/basho isn't immune to taking things out on others - from junior rikishi to the okami-san, as we've seen in the past)
  16. Fukurou

    Videos Hatsu 2019- Days 1-15

    Thank you for putting in all the time to do these videos once again. And yes, it was a strange basho
  17. Fukurou

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    I hope this is just a place holder... the NSK site currently says "no prize winner" for each of the sansho Sansho Winners (scroll to the end of the champions list)
  18. Fukurou

    Retirees after Hatsu 2019

    Thanks for this list of post-Hatsu 2019 retirees! You translated that quickly
  19. Fukurou

    New Juryo for Haru 2019

    I wonder what his new shikona will be
  20. Fukurou

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2019

    That's wild. Obviously sheer luck. Congratulations to Tenshinhan for sharing the ride.
  21. Fukurou

    RotoSumo Banzuke Haru 2019

    Ah well, There has to be someplace for things to begin and end. Great job on getting the results calculated and published so quickly.
  22. Fukurou

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Happy Mitakeumi was able to compete well after his return and was awarded a sansho (1st time ever someone has received one after having withdrawn due to injury), but I really hope he hasn't wrecked his chances for the next basho!
  23. Fukurou

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    Just to put it all in one place (save someone in the future from having to research who won the tournament), here's how it turned out: Shukun-sho (Outstanding Performance Award) West Sekiwake Tamawashi West Komusubi Mitakeumi Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit Prize) West Sekiwake Tamawashi Gino-sho (Technique Prize) East Sekiwake Takakeisho Read and you learn. This is from an article about Tamawashi's victory on Mainichi
  24. Fukurou

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    I wonder how often someone is kyujo and gets an unconditional sansho in the same basho? (rhetorical question, no answers necessary!)
  25. Fukurou

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    YAY It's place holders! Shukun-sho (Outstanding Performance Award) West Komusubi Mitakeumi East Sekiwake Takakeisho (conditional) West Sekiwake Tamawashi (conditional) Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit Prize) West Sekiwake Tamawashi Gino-sho (Technique Prize) East Sekiwake Takakeisho I wonder what the conditions are?