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    Name of your pets?

    One cat was named Tribble because he purred like a Tribble when he was little (it was either that or Evinrude). The other cat was named Natasha - the people I got her from had already named her, and I kept the name. Her brother was named Boris.
  2. Fukurou

    New Forum Format

    Rijicho wrote: (of the new Japan-Japanese Discussions area) So far, all of the postings in this new subforum have been in Japanese. Just to clarify, if someone wants to talk about Japanese culture, language, etc, they are supposed to do it in the new subforum and are allowed to do so in English, correct? And if they ask a question or start a discussion in that area in English, is it reasonable to expect that any replies should also be in English?
  3. Fukurou

    Sumo ML Working?

    Not that I'm aware of. I'm on daily digest mode for a couple other lists with no problems. It's probably something weird with this particular list, such as you have to be subbed at least 24 hours before being sent a digest or something equally strange.
  4. Fukurou

    Sumo ML Working?

    Hope this is the right area to ask this question... Is the Sumo ML working today? I've sent 2 different messages from 2 different subscribed email addresses and neither message has appeared yet (it's been about 4 hours since the first was sent, they usually appear within minutes). Both messages were questions about the digest version of the sumo ML. Has anyone seen them come through?
  5. Fukurou

    Sumo ML Working?

    The addy the 1st message was sent from was subbed to the digest version, and the message was sent to the regular SML address. If I understood the digest instructions correctly, you're supposed to do it that way - being subbed to Digest gives posting privileges to the regular ML address (I've asked for clarification about this). The addy the 2nd message was sent from was subbed to the regular version of the SML. I've since found out that the 2nd message was intercepted by the list software and redirected to Chris by some sort of content scanner which identified it as having admin-related content. The 1st message has apparently disappeared into the great bit-bucket in the sky - unless Chris finds it somewhere in his inbox. Here's another question - did anyone on the Digest list receive a Digest overnight Sunday-Monday (US Eastern time)? That was what prompted the 1st message - the subscribed address was newly subscribed to Digest, didn't receive the 1st one it should have, and I didn't know if the Digest was even working. Chris says it is, and doesn't know why I didn't get a copy of the Digest. We'll see what happens tonight.
  6. Fukurou


    move along, move along...
  7. Fukurou

    YDC members

    This is from a write-up about a 1997 language symposium (http://www.nhk.or.jp/bunken/en/b5207-e.html). I think she looks a little like Asako Kishi, the "East German Judge" on "Iron Chef".
  8. Fukurou

    It has been a good basho

    So-so in the games for me this time. Two MK, and two all-time bests. Chain Gang - Out on Day 4. I actually won this game once, on Day 7 in July 2003. (Sign of approval) UDH - My nemesis game. After spending most of the tournament flirting with the KK-MK line, a 4-11 final result sent me J6 -> J7. ST - 7-5 after Day 12 and ended up 7-8 at Ms6W. :-) ISP - 9-6 at J11E, tied for 21st. About average for me. Hoshitori - Second place on Day 8, Finished 14-1 in 5th place. An all-time best for me. Even better, this result took my ranking from J9 all the way up to M2! (I'm almost ecstatic) (Sigh...) RotoSumo - 11-4 at J4W, 2nd place in Juryo division. Another all-time best for me, but could have been better had I not collapsed in the last 2 days. Still, I'm quite pleased. Tied for 2nd for Outstanding Performance (9 100+ point days) and sole 2nd in Fighting Spirit (107 wins) Congratulations to Unagiyutaka! (Welcome...)
  9. Fukurou

    Day 12 insanity

    Thank Goodness for low scoring! I finished 14-20 in ST and *still* managed a win for the day, and my lowest Rotosumo score of the basho (by 26 points) was still enough to let me move up in the standings. A *very* strange day... (In a state of confusion...) I haven't seen the Hoshitori game results, but with only 28 points for the day I'll probably end up taking a bath in that one
  10. Fukurou

    Princess Nori to Marry!

    I had the impression that traditionally, dutiful sons still continue to live in their parents' house. Certainly saves on living expenses in Tokyo.
  11. Fukurou


    Hello ;-) I've been a member here for a few weeks now, but have mainly been in lurker mode here (while I capture some of the smilies (Whistling...)). I play some of the sumo games (6 of them this basho), and do much better in some than in others (where I'm excreable) (Laughing...) I first got interested in sumo by watching the old Sumo Digest shows on ESPN. The only other person I know who is interested in sumo is my former Japanese tutor (a lady from Hiroshima, who gave me magazine and newspaper articles about sumo as read-and-translate exercises), but she's not as interested since Terao retired. :-) Nice to meet everyone! (Bye, bye...)
  12. Fukurou

    Princess Nori to Marry!

    OTOH, she'll be able to live her life free from control by the old men of the Imperial Household Agency. From what I've heard, the Japanese Royals can't even go to the toilet without their permission... OT Third H, those same old men will now be able to control (read: restrict) access to her own parents, brother and other family members.
  13. Fukurou

    Day 6 Rikishi Talk

    Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but it sounds as if Chiyotaikai doesn't want to be there any more. If this is his state of mind, maybe he should just retire too.
  14. Fukurou

    Tochiazuma Goes Kyujo

    I just saw on the NSK website that Tochiazuma has withdrawn the 6th day of the November tournament. Does anyone have more information than this bare bones announcement? Might another Ozeki retirement be in the offing?
  15. Fukurou

    Tochiazuma's knee

    I'm trying to remember what exactly his knee injury was... I've sprained the medial collateral ligament in both knees several times (tae kwon do). My experience in recovering was that even when the doctor, my Master, my Sensei, and I all thought everything was good to go, they were still susceptible to easy re-injury when I really start stressing them. (I did say I'd sprained the same ligament *several* times...) I'm hoping for the best for him, but I'll be surprised if he makes it all the way through the tournament.