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  1. Bench World Cup 2018

    GROUP B, Round 3 Your picks are due 1 hour before kickoff - that is in about 16-1/2 hours from NOW Polimasa (Iran) - I have not received your pick chishafuwaku (Portugal) - I have not received your pick Ganzohnesushi (Spain) - I have your pick Fujiyama (Morocco) - I have your pick Polimasa (Iran) - I have your pick now
  2. Bench World Cup 2018

    GROUP B, Round 2 Final Nearly twin matches in Round 2. Slot 1 - both had R vs C with both winning, scoring 1 goal for R but no chain break for Cs. Both had Normal teams facing off in Slot 2, with both teams winning and no goals scored. Both again had Normal teams against each other in Slot 3, but one won and one lost. The winner got a goal, the loser suffered a broken chain. Match #1 had identical teams in Slot 4 and so moved on to Slot 5, where a Normal team faced the broken chain. Normal lost, and since the broken chain team won, Normal scored no goals and suffered a broken chain match ender. Final Score - chishafuwaku 2 - 0 Fujiyama. Match #2 played a match in its Slot 4 - and that match was identical to what happened in Slot 5 for Match #1: Normal team vs broken chain team; Normal lost, broken chain won; No goals and a broken chain for Normal, which ended the match. Final Score - Ganzohnesushi 2 - 0 Polimasa. GROUP B Standings (through Round 2) Chishafuwaku leads with 6 points, with Polimasa in second place (3 points) after a goal differential tie-breaker with Ganzohnesushi (also 3 points).
  3. Bench World Cup 2018

    I'm more concerned that Something Bad has happened to @Benihana
  4. Bench World Cup 2018

    I just look at tables 7 (N-N), 8 (R-N) and 9 (C-N), where the B team is the one with the broken chain. Maybe I'm misreading them too - it's hard for me because the font used in the table makes things not aligned and makes it difficult for me to read what column is what. (and I just now realized I should just copy them and convert them to a fixed font for my own use)
  5. Bench World Cup 2018

    Yes, that was a massive chart misread. It's been corrected
  6. Bench World Cup 2018

    Jejima was right, I was on the wrong table for Slot 3. Here's what I just worked out (and it's a maximum of 2 goals 4 goals) Bae Dat's team is listed 1st, followed by Pitinosato's Slot 1 - Russia vs Spain. Both win. Table 1 (N) vs (N) - No goals, no chains break. (0-0) Slot 2 - Argentina (R) vs England. Arg(R) lost, England won. Table 2 (R) vs (N) - Bae Dat's chain breaks, Pitino scores a goal. (0-1) Slot 3 - Australia (C) vs Mexico. Aus(C) draw, Mexico won. Table 9 (C) vs (N) - Pitino scores a goal, no chain breaks. (0-2) Slot 4 - Germany vs Belgium. Both won. Table 7 (N) vs (N) - No goals or chain breaks (0-2) Slot 5 - Peru vs Iceland (C). Both lost. Table 9 (N) vs (C) - No goals or chain breaks (0-2) Slot 6 - Serbia vs Sweden. (N) vs (N). Both lost. Table 7 (N) vs (N) - No goals or chain breaks (0-2) Slot 7 - Switzerland vs Poland. Switz won, Poland has not played. Table 7 (N) vs (N) - No goals can be scored here. If Poland loses, Pitino's chain breaks here. If Pitino's chain did not break Slot 8 - Panama vs Croatia (R). (N) vs (R), Panama lost, Croatia(R) won. Table 8 - No goals. Pitino chain breaks here (if it didn't earlier). (0-2) Slot 8 - Panama vs Croatia (R). (N) vs (R), Panama lost, Croatia (R) won. Table 8 - 2 goals for Pitino, no chain breaks (0-4) Slot 9 - Croatia vs Morocco. (N) vs (N), Croatia win, Morocco lose. Table 7 - Pitino chain breaks here (if it didn't earlier) (0-4)
  7. Bench World Cup 2018

  8. Bench World Cup 2018

    According to the Scoring Tables, you can get a goal in slot 2 if England wins. Regardless of what England does your chain will not break there. You will also get a goal in slot 3. Your chain will break in Slot 5. So yes, maximum score = 2. Scoring Tables
  9. Bench World Cup 2018

    Group B, Rd 2 day 5 update Reminder: There is one day left in Round 2. Round 3 line-ups are due 25 June, one hour before kickoff! Your refioji would appreciate receiving them well before the deadline. As for the update, there are no real changes from day 4. Both matches are pretty much decided and the only question is the final scores .
  10. Bench World Cup 2018

    GROUP B Round 2 Update Round 3 Line-ups are due soon (soon? your refioji prefers ASAP). The deadline is: Round 3: 25 June - 1 hour before kickoff Round 2, Day 4 update: Both matches seem to be over, just awaiting the final scores. At this moment chishafuwaku is on track to win match #1 while Ganzohnesushi is leading match #2.
  11. Bench World Cup 2018

    Confirmed for Group B
  12. Bench World Cup 2018

    Group B, Round 1 Final A one-stop shop for Group B, Round 1 full final results Fujiyama received a red card for an illegal line-up. Standings after Round 1: Many thanks to Jejima for resolving the line-up problem
  13. Bench World Cup 2018

    The junior refioji concurs after using this recalculation as a training exercise.
  14. Bench World Cup 2018

    Group B Round 2, Day 3 Match #1 took a vacation from the tournament today, with the exception of Croatia's win for chishafuwaku down in Slot 9. OTOH... France and, especially, Argentina have wreaked havoc with Polimasa's line-up in Match #2. Ganzohnesushi's line-up started hot on days 1 and 2, with wins in the first 3 slots. Polimasa's team finally got seriously into play on day 3 - France's (C) win didn't help in Slot 1, because Ganzohnesushi's Spain (R) had already won in the same slot. No chain breaks, but goal to Ganzohnesushi. Then Argentina lost and, best case, Polimasa's team is looking at a possible broken chain in Slot 3 with no possibility of scoring any goals in Slot 2. Bonne chance!
  15. Bench World Cup 2018

    This World Cup is getting stranger and stranger, and I don't mean on the field: Burger King Sorry for Food Offer to Women Who Get Impregnated by World Cup Stars