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  1. Day 13 Ms1w ASAHISHO (2-2-2, absent from day 7, returned day 11) is withdrawing again. However, Jk6w TOCHIGIDAKE (absent from day 1) is beginning his tournament.
  2. I am tempted to say Ura's continual charges show he didn't really have a plan, but I did see at least twice when he attempted to grab Takayasu at the knee. The charges themselves reminded me of a hypothetical practice session, where Takayasu would be playing deadweight for Ura, who would then attempt to push him backward across the dohyo. Ura's retreat, then stand there with his arms up, waiting before going back in strongly reminded me of fighting sports other than sumo. (wrestling? boxing? MMA?). I loved it at the end when it appeared Takayasu grabbed Ura by both ears before throwing him down (about 10:38 (replay) on the Day 10 video and 2 following clips).
  3. I believe in things happening that reflect badly on overly full of themselves groups, such as the NSK in general. Some may call it karma. The people who have to do what they are told, in the way they are told to do it, aren't at fault if what they're told to do isn't any good. The NSK has years of observation and other information that the dohyo at this basho in particular doesn't hold together well, mainly due to prevalent weather conditions. They've had years to come up with something to help the situation and haven't done anything (and if they have tried something, they need to try again). The NSK are great believers in the twin things that generally get groups and people in trouble: tradition and "that's the way we've always done it". And now on day 10 part of the face slid off the dohyo. Go back and try again with your building components and clay mixtures, NSK. Yes, sometimes part of the dohyo face falls off, but it shouldn't, and if you were serious about things it wouldn't. Give your yobidashi something real to work with.
  4. Day 11 Returning: Ms1w ASAHISHO (2-1-2, absent from day 7) Sd95e TOKUDA (1-1-3, absent from day 5) Withdrawing: Jd25e TOKKORIKI (2-3, fusen day 10) Jd73w NISHIMURA (1-4, fusen day 9)
  5. Yes, let's take a cheap shot, shall we. You know I wasn't talking about the yobidashi in particular.
  6. Yep. I still find myself wishing for a nice chunk to slide down off the face, though. Maybe take a step with it. (just me wishing for something to toss a bug into a group that prides itself on everything being perfect) Nice series of photos, btw :)
  7. I don't think cracking is unusual. Not nearly as good as your image of day 8, but it was cracking on Day 1: Day 1 Day 3
  8. Any Whovians here? BBC announced the identity of the 13th Doctor today during the Wimbledon men's final, any thoughts on the subject? I personally think it's a great choice. Jodie Whittaker has been terrific on Broadchurch (hmm, the new DW showrunner is from Broadchurch too). I just hope it's more "The Doctor is a woman" and less "a woman is The Doctor" Amusing bits on Billie Piper's twitter - some folks thought it was going to be her (The Doctor regenerates as Rose?)
  9. Day 9 Another one bites the dust - Sd15e KOTONOSHU (3-1)
  10. TUG's Rules message (which includes scoring info) is having display issues. I've PM'd Achiyama about it.
  11. Day 7 2 kyujo, 2 returns going kyujo are: Ms1w ASAHISHO (2-1) Jd88e FUKUMINATO (2-1) returning are: Sd75e KURAHASHI (0-0-3, absent from day 1) Jd16e BYAKKOMARU (1-0-2, absent from day 3)
  12. Perhaps not but the only times I recall an ISP day being wiped was when there have been server issues keeping players from making their selections.
  13. Thanks Bumpkin and Yubinhaad. Maybe they should give this basho a subtitle - Nagoya 2017: Let the Carnage Begin
  14. If there was any doubt, Ura's definitely going to be facing the top guys now (what's left of them)
  15. As if things weren't going badly enough for me in Hoshitori, I just lost both a rikishi in my line-up and my substitute! (hate it when that happens)