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  1. Day 13 Returning to the basho: Jd4e HAKKAIRYU (3-2-1, absent from day 11) Jk4e KAIHO (absent from day 1) Withdrawing from the basho: Jk2w KITASATSUMA (1-5, fusen day 12)
  2. Does he do it regularly or every so often? Every dog has his day. This is the guy who is 0-7 (about to be 0-8) in earning a KK while ranked M4 or higher (facing the Joi). Up he comes, down he goes.
  3. Ura, creature of media promotion he is, is Endo, creature of media promotion he was, before the knee injuries. Endo wasn't able to (and still can't) handle the Joi well enough to become one of them.
  4. Thanks to Yubinhaad and specialweek 2 for providing this info
  5. Thanks to Rocks and Frakazu and anyone else I may have missed for posting about these late rikishi withdrawals.
  6. DAY 11 Returning: East Makushita 45 TOCHINOHAMA (absent from day 1) Withdrawing: Jd4e HAKKAIRYU Jd32w AIZUFUJI
  7. Can you do a re-check on this? I picked Hokutofuji, not Endo. EDIT - reading Gaijingai's comment, perhaps there was an error for those picking Hokutofuji?
  8. Endo is 3-5 in his quest to get his first-ever KK from M4 or higher. So far he's defeated 1 yokozuna (Kisenosato) and both ozeki. OTOH he's lost to the other 3 yokozuna, Takayasu and Aoiyama. He is scheduled to face Kotoshogiku on day 9. That leaves Tamawashi, both komisubi and all of the maegashira to round out his schedule in his quest to go at least 5-2 in the next 7 days and get his KK.
  9. Day 9 Sd90e KENSHIN (0-2-2, absent from day 5) is returning to the basho. Jd2e WAKASENRYU (1-3) is withdrawing from the basho.
  10. This is the game where you pick rikishi who you think will lose.
  11. You sir are amazing.
  12. Day 7 More beginning their basho... East Jonidan 40 TAKAKURAYAMA (absent from day 1) East Jonidan 81 MASUNOYAMA (absent from day 1) East Jonokuchi 22 MASUYAMA (absent from day 1) ...as another one bites the dust: Ms47w MUSASHIUMI (1-2)
  13. Just to clarify why I did what I did, I'm not a mod. I thought more people would find this interesting discussion topic in its own thread, but if it went much longer (time for mod to read and respond) it would get unwieldy to move.
  14. I have copied ryafuji's and Bumpkin's comments, plus my own, about expectations for Yokozuna into the Ozumo Discussion section under the new thread Yokozuna Expectations.