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  1. Fukurou

    YDC convenes after Haru 2019

    Remember the "good old days" when Asashoryu was the black hat who could do nothing right (and obvously didn't give a crap about it after a while) while Hakuho (who started his yokozuna run with a henka of sole yokozuna Asashoryu) was the white hat golden boy who was full of hinaku and could not do anything wrong. Asa's reaction to the henka was amusing, a cross between good one and I'll remember that.
  2. Fukurou

    Regaining ózeki

    Official. If he gets 10 wins he gets an automatic promotion back to ozeki. It's a one time thing, though. If he does not get at least 10 wins in May then he is promoted/demoted where his record puts him.
  3. Fukurou

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    You're kidding, right? They do not promote Juryo guys directly to ozeki, regardless of record. I don't think they will even promote them to komusubi. Those 3 mid-Juryo makekoshi from May - September don't help his case much either.
  4. Day 13 withdrawing: Ms25w Kagamio (2-4, fusen day 12) returning (beginning): Jk17w Hakuyo (absent from day 1) Jk22e Watanabe (absent from day 1)
  5. Fukurou

    Videos Haru 2019- Days 1-15

    You must be tired as you're taking it entirely the wrong way. I watch from here and was slightly confused at the mismatches. As you'd noted it on YT but not here I noted it here. That's all. As for 2 different language versions, I have been pleasantly surprised you've taken the time, and stunned you've done both every day so far. That's a lot of additional work on top of everything else you voluntarily do around here. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Fukurou

    Videos Haru 2019- Days 1-15

    The caption on this (and the English version) both say this is Day 9 video, but they are obviously Day 10 videos (the title here and on YT (and YT comments) all say so). Don't be confused, fellow viewers!
  7. Fukurou

    Games Bugs

    Thank you Doitsuyama!
  8. Fukurou

    Games Bugs

    Is Hoshitori even running this basho or was this just an exercise in data entry?
  9. Day 11 Sd92w Roman (2-3, fusen day 9) has withdrawn
  10. And it's officially official (on the NSK site)
  11. Fukurou

    Silent Violence

    Has anyone heard anything about this other than the one post here?
  12. I don't think he'd be officially kyujo until the day 11 list under usual circumstances, being a lower ranker and having a fusen and all. Was there a reason given anywhere for the fusen on day 9? Was he injured in his day 8 match? If that incident really happened and the fusen was to keep things quiet, the best thing they could do, IMO, is kyujo or intai and get it over with.
  13. He was not on the match schedule for day 10, which is normal considering he was scheduled on days 8 and 9. If he's out it will be on the day 11 kyujo list (the next one).
  14. Day 9 3 withdrawing: Ms9w Dewayayate (1-3, fusen day 7) (link) Sd11w Mitsuuchi (2-2) (link) Jk21e Kotonagahama (1-3)
  15. Day 7 Jd33w Murata (1-2-1, fusen day 5) is withdrawing. (link) Sd53w Tatsukaze (0-1-2; absent from day 3) is returning.