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    test of tollow
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    The end?

    For fun I asked Bard (google ai) why are sumo videos being taken down Sumo videos are being taken down because of copyright infringement. The Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) owns the copyright to most sumo footage, and they have been cracking down on unauthorized use of their content. This has led to a number of sumo channels being shut down, including Natto Sumo's channel and Jason's All-Sumo Channel. NHK has argued that they need to protect their copyright in order to maintain the integrity of the sumo sport. They have also said that they are trying to make it easier for fans to watch sumo online by providing their own streaming service. However, many fans have criticized NHK for their actions, saying that they are making it difficult for people to enjoy sumo outside of Japan. Some fans have taken matters into their own hands by downloading and archiving sumo videos. This has helped to preserve some of the footage that has been taken down, but it is not a sustainable solution. The best way to ensure that sumo videos are available to everyone is for NHK and the JSA to work together to create a more accessible way to watch sumo online.
  5. US Pro Football has a similar phenomenon. Top college players, particularly Quarterbacks, have to learn what is essentially a different game, and many college stars fail in the pros.
  6. Millwood

    TORCHBEARER 2023: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Saigo/Millwood chiyono ms3e
  7. Millwood

    Aki 2022 discussion (results)

    It's easy to forget that COVID has a range of effects/damages from none to long term disability.
  8. Millwood

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Nagoya 2022

    Along with all the other distortions, many bouts were between rikishi much farther apart in rank than normal - thus advantaging the high ranked and disadvantaging the lower ranked. I hope that sense rather than formula is applied to this mess.
  9. Millwood

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    I would hope they are testing everyone every day
  10. Millwood

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    That move hooked me on Chiyonofuji. Thanks for the memory.
  11. Millwood

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    I am also a bit confused. kinboshi - gold start in Japanese - is what I though was said of defeating a Yokozuna. ginboshi might be read as silver star. But I really don't know what I'm talking about
  12. Millwood

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Any news about Ōnaruto Oyakata (former Dejima) who one of my favorites back then. Akua fell on him.
  13. Millwood

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Hatsu Basho

    It's my fault, I entered the Torch contest for the first time and guess who my rikishi is!
  14. Millwood

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    But at least ink was not spilled.
  15. Maybe this has already been figured out - do the six bashos include dropping out of Natsu? or are they the next six?