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  1. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    Again forgive my ignorance - what does (~) stand for in the predictions?
  2. Natsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Thanks for sneaking in a bit of font day.
  3. New Banzuke for Haru 2016

    I wish more injured rikishi (Endo?) would take a basho or two off to recover and enjoy the trip back up from Juryo as final rehab.
  4. Hatsu 2015 Videos- Day 1-15

    Compared to what? I'm comparing it to the blank page it replaced and find it wonderful. Thanks as always.
  5. Aki 2014 videos- promo and Days 1-15

    I use the html5 option on youtube with firefox and have no problems.
  6. Promo- Nagoya (July) Basho 2014+ Days 1-15

    I hope everyone who so appreciates Kintamayama's and Araibira's contribution will remember that, although we can't do the work for them, we can make sure it doesn't cost them out of pocket as well. If you haven't contributed in the last year, now is the time!
  7. Kintamayama - domo arigato goziamasu. Subarashi deshta. Moti - toda rabah I am amazed at the care you put into the recaps. They keep sumo alive for me, and for many others. And effort is enough - please let us know if there is financial cost - because that we can fix!
  8. I assume you've noticed how much Ikioi tries to look like Hakuho. Today, he did the mouth thing Hakuho does after a win. Of course, physically he does resemble the Yokozuna.
  9. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Natsu 2014

    It's probably obvious to everyone but me but ... Can someone point me to a description of the codes Asashosakari uses in the promotion/demotion predictions? The numbers and o's and x's in parens next to the rikishi names.
  10. Daily Sumo Pics

    Best of luck. I've have both eyes "fixed" and am delighted with how much better I see. I choose to have one eye set for reading and the other for distance so I can cope without glasses. I in fact wear variable focus glasses for best vision but can do active stuff like swimming and small boat sailing and finding the bathroom in the middle of the night without them.
  11. Videos-Kyushu 2013- Days 1-15 and promo

    Are the tour details set yet? Where will they be published?
  12. Videos Aki 2013- Promo and Day 1-14

    Enjoy fershlugging your Lulav and Etrog. Hag Sukkot Semeach.
  13. Demise of Sumo Mailing List?

    I must admit I'm not sure what you're referring to here. I've asked sumoforum to email me each new topic first post - which is all that's available. I then subscribe to interesting topics (such as this one) so I get all subsequent posts as emails. Why you may ask. Because I can follow a whole bunch of mailing lists at once in a reader, but have to visit each forum separately to follow that way.
  14. Demise of Sumo Mailing List?

    I actually "follow" sumo forum through the list feed. I'd prefer it if sumo forum had a follow every post option. So I have been seeing postings, and didn't put together that they were only the sumo forum mail. IMHO, wee really don't need two separate discussions as much as a mailing list/forum choice.
  15. Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    I must admit I've never been a Kise fan. That said - There is a saying in business - if you want to be a manager, dress like a manager. I'd suggest - if you want to be a Yokozuna, act like a Yokozuna. Kise's tachiai nonsense is not acting like a Yokozuna. I interpret Hak's half henka as a response to the nonsense. Yokozuna's should believe they can win every match on their skill and strength. Kise clearly doesn't.