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  1. kawika

    Games Bugs

    Does anyone know if the BenchSumo game has closed? The Basho Entry Form button is grayed, so it seems like it is. I was just hoping it has a bug too, so I might still enter.
  2. Is the BenchSumo closed already for next week's basho?

    1. Jejima


      Yes. Sorry about that.

  3. kawika

    Bench World Cup 2018

    i totally misread. it was the first thing i read that morning, and i was still not really awake. it is all good from where i am sitting. i appreciate everyone's effort to make this Bench World Cup happen.
  4. kawika

    Bench World Cup 2018

    Yes. I read it before my coffee this morning
  5. kawika

    Bench World Cup 2018

    Is this round 2 or round 3? If so, I’m not droning for either. Please see our two PM thread on June 15. MAEDEN
  6. kawika

    Favorite J-Pop Bands

    and i didn't learn my lesson, Scandal is here in September, going GA again. one advantage, cause i will go solo, it is much easy to socialize in GA.
  7. kawika

    Favorite J-Pop Bands

    it was a pretty good show. general admission you didn't see so much of the girls, but the band has a killer sound!
  8. kawika

    Heya sizes

    after watching John's interview with Akebono, one question came to mind. what is the largest heya, in the number of rikishi. Akebono shares that in the old days a stable could have a 100 rikishi and there were fewer stables....
  9. i will be in the Big Mikan, aka Tokyo, this summer. anyone wanna have chankonabe near Ryogoku on say June 14th?
  10. kawika

    Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    i have a friend in Glasgow, she's a sumo fan, big time.
  11. kawika

    Favorite J-Pop Bands

    wow, old school! reminds that i enjoy J Soul Brothers. they were in a soundtrack of a movie awhile back, that's how i was introduced
  12. kawika

    Favorite J-Pop Bands

    I am going to see Baby Metal next week. Kind of stoked to see what the show will be like. I am not a huge fan but to have a chance to go, why not. I am a fan of Scandal too. They have a show coming to town in September. Haven't seen them live either. What about y'all? Anyone with a J-Pop band they like?
  13. kawika

    Yae no Sakura

    i finally figured out what got me to watch Yae No Sakura to begin with. Kuroki Meisa is in it!
  14. kawika

    Japan Times Sumo Column Request

    deep background on sekitori. helpful background on rising rikishi. in those stories, personal stories, something that makes them seem like regular folks. ideally, these stories would be based on face-to-face interviews. i can find all sorts of stuff online, but unless i am looking in the wrong place, in-depth stories are few and far betweeen.
  15. kawika

    元Takatoriki activities (beaten up)

    any update on how many of his restaurants are still open. went to the one at makuhari messe several years back. it was pretty good.