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  1. Is there a typo in the original post? I did a double take when I read the following two lines: 0.87 is nearly 10% higher than the ideal; yet 0.86 is close to optimal? Is the reported Tochiazuma number is in error?
  2. A pity then that tombo (Japanese for dragonfly) can't be incorporated into the shikona.
  3. Gochisozan

    Geometric puzzle

    OK...won't say a thing.
  4. Gochisozan

    Asa in hot water again?

    Not retirement...Just announced: 2 basho suspension (Aki and Kyushu) and 30% cut in pay for 4 months. Kyodo News (in Japanese)
  5. Gochisozan


    Isn't uwate-hineri where one twists an opponent down to the dohyo. Osakate sounds like a more sweeping move as the attacker is bending backwards and swings the opponent out of the dohyo.
  6. Gochisozan

    Sumo Game.com....

    A change in the site. At least we get: So will wait and see what gets fixed when.
  7. Gochisozan

    Sumo Game.com....

    Same troubles here. I can get to www.japan-guide.com but it doesn't look pretty. Still early my day, so will try again later once (if) the problem clears up.