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  1. Norizo

    Choshu-yuki banned from Seki games

    (I can't speach English well.It is likely to be likely to invite misunderstanding about the problem of the translation.) Such a talk is a surprise for me. Choshu-Yuki is my family. (Her photo is true.) We watch Ozumo on TV and talk about rikishis or bouts. Our opinions are similar. there are almost the same. If it is a rule to which a similar vote is not permitted, being excluded is also reluctant. N-C is managed to loose very much. I hope for generous feelings to the N-C players. Sorry. :-D I feel stifling in this place. I think that it goes away from a purpose original of enjoying Ozumo. I might retire in the near future.......?
  2. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Stats

    NC started as a unclear rule game. In the early days it was possible to entry by Day 3. The records were not left in early days. The rule of "Sansho" was not decided strictly. Now there are no prize(S,K,G). I don't know much of online communications. About in 2006, Onzoshi-oyakata made this game to strict. But now NC is not mature. (^^;) And I can't enderstand English well. I give many players trouble. (Shaking head...) I am afraid NC would be out of Super banzuke... I love Ozumo and NC. We will make this game more attractive. Please look after NC. (I am not worthy...)
  3. Norizo

    Norizo Cup question

    Sorry to answer too late.(^^;) In Japan NHK(Nihon Hoso Kyokai) broadcasts Ozumo. Always It ends by 18:00, but sometimes ends over 18:00. (18:01,18:03,and so on) I check the ending time everyday. In Norizo cup, it is necessary for win not only knowledge of rikishi but also much fortune.
  4. Norizo

    Norizo's Cup Results un-complete - Haru 2009

    In NC-cup Sansho-point is include in ◎ or ○. Your entry ◎Aminishiki=9win*20-6lost*10=120 ○Toyonoshima=8win*10-7lost*10=10 ○Homasho=11win*10-4lost*10+Kantosho30=100 ○Asasekiryu=9win*10-6lost*10=30 Total ○ points =140 So sansho points are being refrected. Thank you!
  5. Norizo

    Game Talk

    I can't try to pick over 50 points in Odd Sumo. (Showing respect...) Choshu-yuki said, " I am trying to get more big score! " So she seems to pick today over 400 points. :-)
  6. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Banzuke Kyushu '08

    EX>In kyushu 2008 DAI 841 point 13-2(13-2) Ryu 781P 12-3(12.25-2.75) Takanorappa 760P 12-3(12-3) Bokusa- 721P 12-3(11.5-3.5) Zenjimoto 701P 11-4(11.25-3.75) Daishoyama 690P 11-4(11.25-3.75) Yushuyama 670P 11-4(10.75-4.25) Sugawara-isaocchi 660P 11-4(10.75-4.25) Max 641P 10-5(10.5-4.5) ........... ........... Seki-haruaki 590P 10-5(9.75-5.25) Mumeishi 590P 10-5(9.75-5.25) Choshu-yuki 590P 9-6(9.75-5.25) ........... ........... Kaio 520P 9-6(8.5-6.5) ........... ........... In this basho 11-4 players counted MAX 11.25-3.75,MIN 10.75-4.25. 10-5 players counted MAX 10.5-4.5,MIN 9.75-5.25. 9-6 players counted MAX 9.75-5.25,MIN 8.5-6.5. 8-7 players counted MAX 8.5-6.5,MIN 7.5-7.5. The calculation is complicated by points.
  7. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Banzuke Kyushu '08

    The entry lists are auto-updating, though. Has anybody ever lost an entry even after they were definitely listed as submitted? Maybe people just forget that they need to click another button to re-confirm their entry sometimes...? Maybe, but not me. My Japanese is good enough to read those instructions pretty fluently. Besides I'm aware of the entry routine by now. Oh, and I certainly don't check auto-updating entry lists. I don't care even enough often times to check the standings or banzuke as I obviously never did during or after Nagoya. It also isn't important to me if I am ranked in juryo or makuuchi right now. I just wanted to make the point that the game administration has done enough to get itself removed from the Super Banzuke if that is under consideration. Sorry I can't understand what you want to say. Because my poor English. (^^;) NC doesn't adopt "Kosho". Kyjyo(Absence) is treated 0-15. I entrust manager to NC entry system. I wish the system go perfect. But not. If your entry is not appear, please send another way. I hope NC forum. English OK.
  8. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Banzuke Kyushu '08

    It was unfortunate for you. There were 2 reasons. 1)In Norizo Cup, KK does not guarantee rise banzuke. The banzuke made relatively. EX> A9-6 M5 B9-6 C9-6 M6 D8-7 E8-7 M7 F 5-10 G10-5 M8 H6-9 I4-11 M9 J12-3 Perhaps E will be down. 2)For example 8-7, it was ubdivided into 7.5-7.5,7.75-7.25,8-7,8.25-6.75,8.5-6.5 and so on. If you were 8-7 but nearly 7-8, you probably counted 7.5-7.5 in making banzuke.
  9. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Banzuke Kyushu '08

    NC banzuke in Kyushu 2008 is here. Sorry too late.
  10. Norizo

    Norizo Cup Banzuke Kyushu '08

    Sorry too late. Please wait until this week end. m(_ _)m
  11. SQ DAY 2 Entry Ichihara Daishoumi Hoshihikari Kotooshu By Norizo
  12. I can't entry too. Please let me entry here. Y:Hakuho O:Kotomitsuki S:Ama K:Baruto M:Aminishiki,Goeido,Kakuryu,Tochiozan,Tochinoshin,Hokutoriki by Norizo
  13. Norizo

    NC banzuke - Aki 2008 Entry start. Please come here!
  14. Norizo

    Making Norizo Cup banzuke

    I forget another rule. I add to demotion 3, 3 or more Makekoshi(7-8 or less) in last 6 basho. Ex)ex-Ozeki GONZABROW (2007.5 ~ 2008.3) 9-6, 6-9, 9-6, 6-9, 9-6, 7-8 He demoted to Sekiwake in 2008.05. So NC Ozeki is needed 4 or more Kachikoshi in every 6 basho.
  15. Norizo

    Making Norizo Cup banzuke

    NC Ozeki promotion 1,Total Yusho in Komusubi 2,Makunouchi Yusho or total 2nd place in sekiwake. 3,30 wins or more in Sekiwake in continuous 3 basho. needed all "Kachikoshi"(8wins or more) needed 10wins or more the last basho. If in Komusubi counted 1win decreased. (9-6 -> 8-7) If in Hiramaku counted 2wins/rank decreased. (M1:-2,M2:-4,M3:-6,......) Ex) Sw8-7 -> Sw11-4 -> Se11-4 O Ke9-6 -> Sw12-3 -> Se10-5 O (8+12+10) M2e13-2 -> Sw10-5 -> Se11-4 O (9+10+11) Ke11-4 -> Se12-3 -> Se9-6 X (Not 10 wins last basho) Se12-3 -> Se7-8 -> Sw12-3 X (include "Makekoshi(7-8)") 4, 2 continuous Yusho(every rank) Ozeki demotion 1,4-11 or less 4-11 -> Sekiwake 3-12 -> Komusubi 2-13 or less -> Makujiri(lowest Makunouchi) *return(only once) Sekiwake 11 wins or more Komusubi 12 wins or more Makujiri 13wins or more 2, 2 continuous Makekoshi(7-8 or less) demotion to Sekiwake *return(only once) 10 wins or more **return Ozeki demotion again,can't return 1 basho. needed 30 wins in Sekiwake in 3 basho.