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  1. Tochinonada (7-0) over Mokonami by uwatenage, 7.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Displaying a good sumo sense and winning his seventh straight bout.) "I was trying to lift him up from left but I couldn't so I went with a throw. What made the difference was I was able to act quickly. I have been able to go with a good flow so far but I am not doing anything particularly differently this basho." (Holding Makuuchi basho record of 79 basho, the tenth most in sumo history but at ranked at Makuuchi West 16 and no space left to go down). "To be really honest, I just want to get one more quickly so that I can stay in Makuuchi. I am not asking too much of myself. It's basically one bout at a time." Kasugano oyakata (former Sekiwake Tochinowaka) ------------------------------------------------------------- (On Tochinonada, still active in Makuuchi even after his home town rival Dejima left and now competing as the second oldest sekitori next to Kaio.) "As far as the reason for his longevity is concerned, I can tell you one thing, I don't recall a day he ever skipped his training session. He thinks perseverance to be not perseverance at all." Wakanosato (6-1) over Takamisakari by sukuinage, 3.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Overwhelming another Aomori Prefecture born Takamisakari, extending his winning record against Takamisakari to 13 and overall 21 win and 4 loss.) "I lost my winning streak yesterday and I certainly did not want to lose consecutively. I was able to stay offensive throughout today." Takamisakari (3-4) losingto Wakanosato ------------------------------------------------- (Failing tachiai four times the day before and another one today.) "I know my tachiai is just plain terrible. I need to hit harder. All I can do is to do my best. That's all." Goeido (4-3) over Takekaze by sotogake, 4.5 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- (Didn't have a good start but now getting his third straight win.) "I believe I am improving my sumo as I go along." (After falling down to Juryo because of baseball gambling involvement, crawling back to Maegashira 5 this basho.) "I need to keep winning more. I am aiming for a double digit record." Kotoshogiku (6-1) over Aminishiki by yorikiri, 8.0 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Preserving his one loss record by getting his favorite Gaburi-yori move.) "Once I leave an open space (against opponents), I'd be more likely to let them get going, so I try to stay close, very close actually. I am now getting in good tachiaci too." Kisenosato (5-2) over Toyonoshima by oshidashi, 6.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Avoiding a consecutive loss and getting his fifth win.) "I had a totally disgusting bout yesterday so I was able to switch over rather quickly. I won today but I am not really satisfied with my sumo yet." Toyonoshima (1-6) losing to Kisenosato ---------------------------------------------- (Since beating Baruto on Day 1, losing six straight bout and no sign of seeing the proverbial light at the end of tunnel.) "I couldn't do anything. I can't cut off this bad flow. I am doing everything I can every night to turn this bad luck around. Ah..." Yoshikaze (0-7) losing to Kotooshu by uwatenage, 20.9 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Still winless this basho, trying to grab a long leg of Kotooshu somewhat like what Mainoumi used to do but came up short.) "I was all going in to grab Ozeki's foot but once I heard the gyoji's call of Hakkeyoi, my mind went just blank. After I grabbed the mawashi, I was like 'Why I am holding onto this mawashi at all?' Like what was I thinking?" "Anyway regardless of his higher banzuke ranking, I felt I wasn't going anywhere close to the winning line." "At least I was able to get the fans here excited. But I am pretty upset at myself as I could not show my good sumo when we have so many more people in this place and Saturday and all. I guess I was able to achieve my personal goal today but I am really exhausted now. " Kotooshu (6-1) over Yoshikaze ----------------------------------- (Often showing weakness against smaller rikishi coming inside of him because of tall frame but today calmly took care of Yoshikaze who came out crouching down.) "I was able to stop his advance without rushing myself." (Finshed last basho with only 8 win suffering from a collarbone fracture and unable to hit his opponents hard but recovered from the injury sufficiently this basho, his sumo has been gradually improving.) "I have had a good start from Day 1 so I just want to keep accumulating more win." Sadogatake oyakata (former Sekiwake Kotonowaka) ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Noting this is Kotooshu's 31 basho as ozeki and reminded his shisho, former Kotozakura and Musashimaru sharing the Showa and Heisei era record of taking 32 basho as ozeki to finally promoted to yokozuna) "I am telling Kotooshu that that's not kind of record he needs to overtake." Kaio (4-3) losing to Kakuryu by yorikiri, 2.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------ (Fooled by Kakuryu's henka and suffering his third loss.) "I never expected he would resort to something like that." (Added to his knee and lower back injury woes, injuring his left big toe yesterday.) "Basically even if i get them treated, they would not heal fully so all I can do is not to be beaten mentally." Harumafuji (5-2) over Aran by yorikiri, 24.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------ (Avoiding third consecutive loss) "I cut the Shitate so that I can get into a better position. It was not a satisfying sumo to me personally but it was a win." Tochiozan (2-5) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 2.1 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (His 10th challenge against the yokozuna but still unable to break the wall.) "I think I hit him with power as I came out of tachiai. I think I just needed a little more push." (Now finishing his ozeki and yokozuna bouts with 2 win and 5 loss record by beating two ozeki.) "I feel I should have won several more bouts. The fact I am losing them by the smallest of margin is where my weakness lies." Hakuho (7-0) over Tochiozan --------------------------------- (Almost pulled down by Tochiozan but somehow turned himself up to push him out.) "It just proves that I am moving well. I felt I kind of slipped but I was able to move well." (On this day 72 years ago, Futabayama's consecutive win record was stopped by Akinoumi while establishing his personal record of winning 20th consecutive bout since Day 3 of Kyushu Basho, overtaking Futabayama's record of accomplishing four 20 or more consecutive win record.) "Well now that you are telling about it, I am glad I was able to win in such a special day. So if I didn't lose the last basho, I would be 84 consecutive. OK, then, let's leave it with that number as I kind of like that one better."" (Since the beginning of Showa Era, three more rikishi have more 20 or more consecutive bout winning record than Hakuho. Taiho did it nine times, Kitanoumi seven times and Chiyonofuji, six times.) The Kyokai's Judging group called in and gave a severe warning to both Takamisakari and Shotenro who committed Matta four times on Day 6. "Both must attempt their best to get going by matching their rhythm against his opponent," Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging said. According to NIshonoseki Ichimon group, currently independent Takadagawa Beya will join their Ichimon after the Ichimon meeting to be held on January 17. Takadagawa Beya was ousted from Takasago Ichmon in 1998 when the previous oyakata (former Ozeki Maenoyama) decided to run for the Kyokai's board of director election without getting the Ichimon's consent. The current Takadagawa oyakata (former Sekiwake Akiknoumi) belonged to Futagoyama Beya, one of Nishonoseki Ichmon heya during his active days. Former Akinoshima and Nishonoseki Ichimon's Takanohana oyakata have not gotten along in the past, Takanohana oyakata has been maintaining a certain distance from Ichimon since his own election to the board without first getting the Ichimonn's acknowledgment.
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    While I agree with everything you write, given enough incentives and encouragement, the Kyokai can change rikishi's daily life routine so instead of getting them up on ungodly hours of 3 or 4 AM, they can start their day around 9 AM if the last bouts go on later in evening. But I don't believe that would get them more fans to come to the arena or watch the bouts on TV. They simply face more formidable competition. There are far more options of entertainment and sports during typical evenings and there are far more choices on TV. Their current base, older folks have more control of TV remote in afternoon but in evening, their grandkids have. NHK General Channel will opt to their regular evening programming and sumo broadcast will be shifted up to NHK BS with or without premium fee, but regardless less accessible to these older folks. Another is that older folks tend to go out less in nights so again the Kyokai may gain some new fans but certainly lose far more of their core fan base. If Ozumo cannot cut it now in its early evening time frame, any attempt to shift to another time zone will be futile and not beneficial to their overall health.
  3. Bushuyama (Juryo East 4, 2-2) over Shironoryu, Juryo West 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A close call as he dragged Shironoryu down to win the mono-ii.) "Actually I thought I lost it." (His first encounter against Shironoryu) "I've see his video but I really couldn't study his moves or sumo." (Being motivated by his heya's Tsurugidake who won his fourth straight.) "He is three times stronger on the dohyo compared to when he is on our training dohyo. I think he has grown stronger, perhaps he has finally woken up." "When I have training sessions against Miyamoto (Tsurugidake), I go with determination that he won't easily beat me yet." Tochinonada over Toyohibiki ---------------------------------- (A 36 year old veteran winning his fourth straight bout.) "Not sure what it is. I guess I just had a good timing for change.I don't think I am moving that well either. I feel more like just participating but I have been showing up in our training dohyo." "Any goal? I have none except to win 8." "I know where I am at. I fell down to Juryo countless times so I am not really worried about little things anymore." Wakanosato over Tosayutaka ------------------------------------- (Like Tochinonada, a 34 year old veteran won his fourth straight with good quality sumo.) "I think I am moving well right now. Last basho while the heya's Kisenosato and Takayasu really were doing so well, I had to go through quite a bit of struggles myself. All I could manage was 5 win and 10 losses after all." "We are still at Day 4. It sure will make me happy if we are already on Day 10 or later." (On recording 1,300th career appearance) "The number does not mean much as I am just coming out here every day. Now if this 1,300th win, well that will be something." Kotokasuga over Okinoumi ------------------------------- (After exchanging throws with Okinoumi, ending up falling out of the dohyo together). "My opponent appeared to had scratches on his face. I know people say he is really good looking so I'd kind of worried if I messed up his face or something." Takamisakari ove Miyabiyama ------------------------------------ (Beaten Miyabiyama, 43 kg heavier opponent.) "He is really difficult to go against as he comes up with so many different moves." (Withstanding Miyabiyama's push to the dohyo edge and getting his third win.) "I was able to keep going after him tenaciously. If I can say so myself, I had a pretty powerful sumo today." Kisenosato over Kakuryu ------------------------------ (Showing a sign of appreciation from his fans arriving from Ibaraki, his home prefecture.) "You know often when you try to rush things, you end up losing at the end. Yeah, I noticed their cheers and saw them going wild during the dohyo-iri. I really appreciate the support." "The bout took 30 seconds and I suppose that meant my attack was not powerful enough." Kakuryu losing to Kisenosato ----------------------------------- "I ended up letting him take all initiatives. All I could do was to endure it." Kotoshogiku over Tochiozan ------------------------------- (Showing a sigh of vitality, winning his fourth against not so favorite Tochiozan whom he had 1 win 4 loss record last year.) "It was just like what I imagined it to be. I am really happy about the bout. I had a good sumo. I can't wait till I get home to watch the video." (Toyonoshima's success last basho changed his outlook as he saw Toyonoshima fighting for the yusho against Hakuho.) "I can't deny the feeling I have, that the next one should be me." Kaio over Yoshikaze ------------------------ "I won but I don't see anything good come out of it. I am not aggressive enough and it went all downhill after the tachiai." (Cheered by the oldest son of Tomozuna oyakata, former Kaishoryu, as he opened a new chanko restaurant, "Chanko Kai", at the building where Tomozuna Beya was located until 1998 in Tokyo's Koto-ward. Kaio even provided a bit of help by letting Kaishoryu include in the menu what Kaio eats daily during basho, "Kaio's Grilled Garic Chicken".) "I am wishing all the success in his second life." Toyonoshima losing to Harumafuji -------------------------------------- (Losing his third after facing top ranking rikishi, asked if he is being bothered by too much expectations by everyone.) "That has nothing to do with this. I'd say we just started, nothing has been determined yet." "The ozeki came out with his arm so quickly. I need to be more patient." Harumafuji over Toyonoshima ------------------------------------- (Not giving Toyonoshima any chance to start anything, and showing a glimpse of his former glory.) "I can tell you I really had a good bout today." (Facing his first kadoban after two years in ozeki.) "I can tell you I am in no position to get overjoyed after each bout. I will need to go with my own sumo every day." Baruto over Aminishiki -------------------------- (Barely getting a win after starting out with a tepid tachiai.) "Actually I thought he would come out with a henka. Like I started wondering whether he would turn to left or right." Hakuho over Tochinoshin ------------------------------ (Showing no problem whatsoever against young turk, Tochinoshin) "I always keep reminding myself to be always one step ahead of my opponent, taking initiatives. And that is leading to my win." "I consider my mission to grow the next generation of competitive rikishi." The Kyokai said they have turned down a request to reinstate Kotomitsuki, made by a group called "Save Kotomitsuke" saying they would not make a special consideration for him. Record: Wakanosato - 1,300th career appearance Homasho - 500th career appearance, 400th Makuuchi appearance Attendance: 5,600
  4. Nionoumi ------------- (Winning his first Juryo bout) "I was so tense yesterday that my hands were literally shaking. But I am OK now. I am confident that as long as I can go with my sumo, I can win." Kitataiki ------------ (Unable to win on his 700th career appearance) "This was such an auspicious occasion, I really wanted to win. Well anyway my next goal is 2,000th appearance." Goeido --------- (Losing two straight) "It's only the second day. It doesn't bother me at all." Toyohibiki --------------- (Beating Kimurayama sixth straight times since his first encounter.) "He never resorts to a tachiai henka and he always comes out fair and square. I can always count on him jumping out straight forward from tachiai so I don't need to think of anything else and no need to waver." Miyabiyama --------------- (Suffered from a 40C fever prior to the basho opened but now the temperature came down and winning his first bout this basho.) "I was basically floating around yesterday. As far as I am concerned, today is the Day 1." Wakanosato --------------- (Winning two straight days from Day 1 since the 2008 Kyushu Basho.) "This is so rare that it's making me feel so good. I was able to win by moving forward so it's especially gratifying too." Aminishiki ------------- (Beating Kaio and was invited to an NHK interview but NHK remodeled the interview setup today.) "I was all ready to give my New Year's greeting but I couldn't remember anything I wanted to say there." Kotoshogiku ------------------ (Letting himself into Tochinoshin's favorite migi-yotsu first but didn't let it bother him and won by Gaburi.) "I was able to display good sumo today. Actually it was much better than what I ever expected of myself." (Ranked as sekiwake for the first time in three basho.) "I am setting a high goal for myself this basho, winning double digits." Kisenosato --------------- (Losing his cool after Aran's sharp tsuki and easily getting himself slapped down. Asked why he could not keep himself calm.) "............." Tochiozan ------------- (Quickly moved into Moro-zashi from a sharp tachiai and downing Kotooshu in one sweep.) "I was trying to move out as forcibly as I could and found myself into him. I was able to win by good sumo. It went out exactly the way I wanted. It's been a while since I was able to put both arms in so cleanly." (Slapped down by Kaio the previous day but showing no sign of wavering.) "I will be working as hard as I can from tomorrow, aiming for a rank (ozeki) higher." (Winning the most bouts among Japanese rikishi last year and now getting his first win this year.) "Actually I am relieved." Harumafuji ---------------- (Not rushing to win to get the win.) "Whatever the outcome is, I can only go out by believing in myself. It's all one day at a time. I will be doing all my best pulling everyone along." Baruto ---------- (Powerfully lifting up Kakuryu in the middle of dohyo and taking him all the way out of the dohyo with a Tsuri. Remembering his loss by a Sotogake at the last Aki Basho and taking no chance this time.) "I was really careful at the dohyo edge not to let him hook his leg on me." (But realizing his loss yesterday with his tachiai still far from sharp.) "I am happy that I won today but I am far from perfect. I can't be satisfied at all." Kakuryu ------------ (Losing his second already) "Once you get into that position, there isn't much you can do. But I certainly wanted to do something before that happened." Toyonoshima ------------------ (Facing again the insurmountable wall otherwise known as Hakuho.) "I was hoping to bring him down by moving around. But I was always one step behind. If I had gotten into Moro-zashi a little bit quicker." (Recalling the Ketteisen bout against Hakuho last basho.) "In the kettei-sen I got too concerned of Migi-sashi from the yokozuna and tried to guard myself, not going after his mawashi. Today by the time I got myself into my form, it was too late, But that kettei-sen really gave me more confidence, but to be honest at the same time I also felt a huge difference in our rank. our ability." (On having training sessions with Hakuho prior to the basho.) "I think he was checking my tachiai so thoroughly, he would have known my moves more than myself." Hakuho ------------ (Intentionally went out to have training sessions against Toyonoshima prior to the basho to learn his moves.) "I was well aware of the momentum he had from the last basho. I made sure I knew I'd have to keep myself sharp to face him. After all I consider him to be the most energetic of all at the moment.' Miyagino oyakata (former Maegashira Chikubayama), Hakuho's shisho -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On the Toyonoshima bout) "The yokozuna went to Tokitsukaze Beya for out training to let Toyonoshima deliberately get inside of him to see what he could do. This was definitely the crucial bout in the early rounds for Hakuho. If he could win here, I am sure he can go on with more power from now on." Demon Kakka appeared as a guest analyst in NHK's "revamped" Sumo broadcast today and filled in the name of Kototamiya (shikona Kotomitsuki started out his career) for his next year's dream banzuke forecast. He is asking the Kyokai to let Kotomitsuki return to Ozumo. "Why don't they let him resume his career from Juryo?" asked Demon. "I have serious doubts about the way he has been treated. He has shown his remorse on what he has done. I believe one of the things we watch for sports is to see individuals rehabilitate themselves and make a comeback." Currently Kotomitsuki is fighting in the Tokyo Regional Court declaring his dismissal by the Kyokai was illegal but the court turned down his preliminary suit. Among 12 sekitori admitting baseball gambling involvement, Kotomitsuki was singled out and was ousted from the Kyokai without any recourse. Demon's "dream banzuke" had Kaio as yokozuna and Toyonoshima and Kisenosato as Ozeki. Kotomitsuki was East Maegashira 1. A collection of Hakuho's photos taken by a camerawoman Hidemi Ogata went on sale on January 10. A limited number of first edition 144 page photobook (3,000 copies priced at 3,150 yen with tax) went on sale on internet. Ogata started taking Hakuho's photo when he was still an ozeki in April 2007 and includes his yokozuna promotion photo and his bout against Kisenosato at the Kyushu Basho last year when his consecutive winning record stopped. "There are a lot of photo I can reminisce about. When you see them, you really realize the time passes so quickly," Hakuho commented. "He was promoted to yokozuna and then he went through such tribulations last year. You can see his face transformed, gaining the air of distinction. Seeing him becoming larger by persevering day in and day out, dedicating himself every moment, one feels a glimpse of unlimited, unbounded potentials of human beings. I believe the photos can bring inspiration and courage to many people." Ogata said. "I wanted the whole wide world to know the generous heart of the yokozuna." A part of the sales of the books will be donated to non profit organizations helping children in distress. The Kyokai changed the color of cushions those members who receive free tickets during basho sit. These member seats have been used by organized crime members in the past. The Kyokai has been responding by setting a separate entrance area at arena to check the members and their standing to ensure no organized crime members get access to the seats around the dohyo. "Actually we have been using those cushion for so long and they were wearing out. So we decided to change the colors of these to make them more visible," a Kyokai PR official said. The Kyokai tried out something new on this holiday basho day. January 10 was Japan's "Adult Day", a celebration day for those who have become 20 years old. To celebrate their turning to adulthood, the Kyokai provided a special discount B seat pricing, 2,000 yen (normally sold for 4,900 yen) and sold about 100 tickets to this year's 20 year old men and women. "I felt it was well worth all the planning. I am hoping we can do a similar campaign for Children's day or Senior's Day," Kyokai's General Planning Director Michinoku oykata said. Record: Kitataiki - 700th consecutive appearance
  5. Matsutani (Makushita West 51, 1-0) over Kawanari by yorikiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Returning from a suspension resulting from baseball gambling involvement and winning his first day.) "I was really tense today but I was able to hear so much cheers and that made me so happy." (Receiving two basho suspension and falling down all the way to Makushita bottom from Juryo.) "There were so many times I felt I was going to quit. But then I realized I was being supported by so many people and I knew I had to work so hard to respond to their support." Sokokurai (1-0) over Toyohibiki by yoritaoshi, 12.8 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Notching the win on his 27th birthday.) "I won my bout back when I was in Makushita too. I believe I won most of my bouts on my birthday. Maybe I get more psyched up." Wakakoyu (1-0) over Kotokasuga by kotenage, 6.2 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Back in Makuuchi after three basho due to baseball gambling involvement.) "I was able to return from a point where I could have been released altogether." Takamisakari (1-0) over Tokitenku by uwatenage, 6.2 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- "I drew a good fortune at a shrine this year. I often get bad luck ones so I am feeling really lucky. " (Asked about his helper's fortune.) "Oh....I don't remember." Kotoshogiku (1-0) over Aran by yorikiri, 11.3 sec --------------------------------------------------------- (Got into his favorite Gaburi-yori and winning his first day bout.) "I would have to do all I can so that (rival) Kisenosato would be an ozeki before I knew it." Kisenosato (1-0) over Yoshikaze by tsukidashi, 3.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Returning to sekiwake rank after three basho, bulldozing out Yoshikaze easily.) "He can become pretty pesky once he gets inside. I was able to use Ottsuke well today. I was able to attack well from left. I am seeing my opponent very well." "Actually I was so tense today that I almost forget that we had the emperor and empress in attendance." (Stopping Hakuho's consecutive record last year, hoping to continue with the good stride.). "I want to make this year a year to leap forward." Harumafuji (1-0) over Tochinoshin by yorikiri, 13.9 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating Tochinoshin whom he has lost two consecutively and getting his first win this basho.) "I am happy about every win but I am especially very happy about this win. I am relieved." (Facing his first kadoban after withdrawing from the last basho due to right ankle injury.) "I have no concerns. I was a bit tense today as this is the day 1 but I am moving well and the foot does not give me so much problem. I just wanted to come back on the dohyo as quickly as possible. I realized how privileged I was to being able to step up on the dohyo once again." Kotooshu (1-0) over Aminishiki by oshidashi, 3.5 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (Experienced some troubles but finally beating his sometimes nemesis Aminishiki.) "I had no choice but keep moving forward. I am really happy I got the win." Aminishiki (0-1) losing to Kotooshu ------------------------------------------ (Hoping to reverse the outcome at the end.) "I was thinking at least I'd get a mono-ii but it may be foretelling my bad fortune ahead." Baruto (0-1) losing to Toyonoshima by hikiotoshi, 8.2 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Could not keep pace with Toyonoshima.) "I think I rushed myself a bit. Initially I was trying to catch him but I changed my mind in the mid-way." Toyonoshima (1-0) over Baruto --------------------------------------- (While evading Baruto's push, finding the perfect timing to pull the huge body down and rolling him down out of the dohyo.) "His pushing is not really technically superior so I just kept moving around. I was able to counter his moves well, I couldn't get inside of him but I was able to finish him with good timing. This is a win against the opponent I really rather not to face, so it is huge." (On winning two straight against Baruto.) "It's a real confidence builder. I kind of felt I was rather lucky in the last Kyushu Basho but today I was able to win by moving on my own. This is a great start for the basho." (On Hakuho bout tomorrow.) "I want to go on offensive first and get into a good form. I want to go with an approach that this time around I can beat him for certain." (Heard the emperor was seen giving him warm applause.) "As a Japanese, I feel really happy to be able to display a good sumo." Tochiozan (0-1) losing to Kaio by hatakikomi, 7.4 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing exactly the same way and not able to stay more than one second, unable to break through the wall as his record against Kaio stands at 1 win and 8 losses now.) "I lost by one step. I felt like I wasted all my efforts." Kaio (1-0) over Tochiozan --------------------------------- (Slapping down Tochiozan) "Obviously it isn't my sumo at all but I was able to see him coming out so clearly. The path is still long." Kakuryu (0-1) losing to Hakuho by oshidashi, 2.5 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (Faced Hakuho 16 times and ended up losing all of them.) "When the yokozuna gets his initiative first, then you would have no hope. I wasn't able to jump out well at the tachiai. I am so far away from even close." Hakuho (1-0) over Kakuryu --------------------------------- (Out of his 17 yusho, managing to win yusho only once at Hatsu Basho.) "Not sure what it is but perhaps I got too much satisfaction or a sense of accomplishment by winning the Kyushu to close the year." "Today I was able to go through with push. It was more of flow but I feel I have done (Asked if he was covering his old left elbow injury, protecting it by a supporter during training sessions.) "Well he came in low and there was his arm but it's true that I do feel a bit of tenderness there. But I am not in a position where I can go with a half hearted approcah." (Made a mistake during his dohyo iri last year anticipating the emperor coming to see the basho but this year he was able to perform the ceremony calmly.) "I'd be doing all my best this year as if it is up to me to pull and lead all six basho." The Yokozuna Deliberation Committee presented Hakuho with the King of Dohyo award today. Hakuho is only the fourth yokozuna to receive a special award from the committee after Taiho, Kitanoumi and Chiyonofuji. "We award the honorary title of the King of Dohyo to Hakuho for his great achivement and praise his accomplishments," the committee chairman, Takuhiko Tsuruta said. The trophy was designed by the committee member, Ryohei Miyata, the chancellor of Tokyo University of Arts. The trophy depicts a dolphin and is etched with 63, Hakuho's consecutive winning record number. "He is a great yokozuna equipped with grace as well as all of the elements of heart, techniquie and physique," Tsuruoka added. "If felt heavy. I feel I now have a new road and new challenges ahead of me," Hakuho responded. Hakuho aslo received 46 kensho, the most ever recorded on the first day of basho in front of the emperor and empress today. "I had a good start today. I believe when you have a good start, you will naturally have a good finish." The emperor and empress have arrived at the Ryogoku Kokugikan today to take in the lat half of Makuuchi bouts, visibly enjoying the bouts and applauding after each bout. "We have requested to them to come see the new Sumo Kyokai in this new year," Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman, explained. "The emperor told me he understood we have been endeavoring to work through many travails." "We are really pleased to see the emperor and empress visiting us so early." In his traditional Basho Day 1 speech today, Kyokai Chairman Hanaregoma oyakata pledged the renewal of Sumo Kyokai. "We will do our utmost as the whole Kyokai members as one, together to make this year, the year of renewal of Sumo Kyokai to regain the trust we have lost last year," the oyakata stated in his opening address. "We want to work towards building the sumo world where people can sense it has turned the corner and has made significant progress." The Kyokai is planning a study session with all oyakata and rikishi to learn more about legislative reforms related to non profit organizations on January 31. The Kyokai also organized a meeting to exchange opinion between all oyakata and sekitori (Juryo and Makuuchi rikishi) last August but there was hardly any input from the rikishi side so they are setting up another meeting with the sekitori but this time only with Kyokai executives on February 1 as some rikishi felt uneasy with all oyakata present. "We want to ensure we set up a stage where rikishi can freely express their opinion," Hanaregoma oyakata said. The Kyokai also indicated that they have reached an agreement with the Chaya Union (Sumo Annai-jo) last November to pay a settlement fee of 15 million yen. The chaya union was asking for compensation for loss of revenue resulting from significant drop on their sales after the baseball gambling and other incidents. The Kyokai released the name of nine new recruits who passed their new recruit entrance physicals. Other than one foreign born rikishi (a Mongolian rikishi from Magaki Beya), they will participate in Mae-zumo bouts from Day 3 on January 11. - Shinji Kameyama, 16, from Niigata, Dewanoumi, 192 cm, 160. - Katsuji Iwasaki, 22, from Hyogo, Irumagawa, 186, 106. - Muneo Sasaki, 18, from Kagawa, Oitekaze, 176, 108. - Rao Ito, 17, from Saitama, Tatsunami, 173, 118. - Kazuya Mitani, 18, from Mie, Mihogaseki, 187, 120. - Hideyuki Hatto, 16, from Kagoshima, MIchinoku, 185, 95. - Shinichi Komori, 16, from Saitama, Takashima, 184, 87. - Masahiro Mori, 18, from Fukushima, Tamanoi, 173, 109. The Kyokai announced Sanyaku rank gyoji Masanao Kimura will be on kyujo this basho as he requires further rest and treatment till the end of January. Masanao had a surgery remove cancer cells from his liver last October.
  6. Sounds like Tosanoumi as the owner of the Tatekawa kabu will retire tomorrow and Kaio will carry on. Obviously no brainer if he falls down to Makushita. He is really on the borderline but then again he may have come to realize he has indeed reached the end of long road. I still remember a time when he came in charging into Ozumo with Musoyama. Musoyama has been long gone but Kaio is still around and what will become of Jumonji. But I suppose old relics never die, they just fade away.
  7. Takamisakari (8-7) over Mokonami by yoritaoshi, 3.0 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Getting his kachikoshi on the Senshuraku.) "I was finally able to move forward at the end." "My aspiration for the next year is to contribute to the success of Ozumo. I sure would like to have a successful year for myself too." Goeido (12-3) over Tosayutaka by sotogake, 12.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Returning to Makuuchi after a baseball gambling involvement suspension and a Juryo basho, winning 12 bouts but not happy as his name not raised as a Sansho candidate.) "I was a bit disappointed but perhaps I expected too much. Next basho I will leave a record good enough to satisfy everyone's expectations." Miyabiyama (9-6) over Shimotori by hatakikomi, 7.6 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (33 year old saddled with rather indifferent performance earlier in the basho, even contacted his family to prepare for his retirement announcement.) "I was so relieved to get kachikoshi on Day 14. Now I've got a renewed motivation to face the yokozuna once again." Kisenosato (10-5) losing to Toyonoshima by oshitaoshi, 7.4 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Letting his rival Toyonoshima move around at will and getting him an opportunity to win the yusho.) "Obviously you've seen the extent of my strength when I let my opponent to take control of the pace like I did today." (Despite beating Hakuho and winning 10 bouts, not able to enjoy his achievement.) "It doesn't mean anything if I don't have a good finish. I remember more about those bouts I lost than those I won. I am acutely aware that I will need to learn more if I were to move up on the rank. Right now I am happy but I must admit it's half happy." Kaio (12-3) over Baruto by tottari, 1.5 sec ------------------------------------------------------ (Winning his 12th for the first time since 2004 Kyusho Basho.) "My body simply responded today (downing Baruto with a tottari). I never believed I could win this many actually. It made me rather happy to know in several bouts I was actually able to go with my sumo. This is my local basho and I feel the air is somewhat different here too, thanks to all the supporters." (A 38 year old being on the yusho race almost til the end for change.) "It gave me a tremendous confidence back. But at the same time really nothing changes for me, good or bad, I will keep going on as long as I can. Right now I want to rest myself so that I can gradually improve my physical conditions by taking care of all my injuries and focusing on my rehabilitation programs." Toyonoshima (14-1) over Kisenosato, losing to Hakuho by okurinage in the Kettei-sen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to look up and respond to reporter's questions for a while. A big sigh later, finally started talking and then never stoppped.) "Ummmmm. I know I did my best and all but right now my feeling is...Simply I can't stand it." "I think you really need to grab the mawashi firmly with both hands or there will be not much of chance of beating the yokozuna. If I could him get rushed somewhat but he stayed so calm throughout." "I was able to go with my own tachiai so actually from that perspective I have no regret but I still feel really bad about losing. I heard the cheers and support so I knew there were a lot of expectations on me. I resolved to myself to only think about winning." (Coming back from baseball gambling involvement suspension.) "I am fully aware of valuable trust I have lost because of it. I wasn't able to win the yusho today but I am hoping I was able to gain back some of the old fans as well as perhaps get some new fans." "In the year when all the bad things happened, somehow I was able to pull together a good result at the end and for that reason I am well satisfied." Kazuomi Kajiwara, Toyonoshima's father ------------------------------------------------ (Watching his son in the arena, vying for the yusho.) "He has given me an opportunity to see a really wonderful dream. I'd like to thank him all for the 15 day long dream." Hakuho (14-1) over Kotooshu by uwatenage, 2.7 sec, over Toyonoshima in the kettei-sen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Amid roars of Toyonoshima calls, never losing his nerves or sight, keeping a calm demeanor in the kettei-sen.) "Actually they (cheers for Toyonoshima) made me calmer and settled me down." "It felt like a long 15 days. I started out with rather shaky sumo but the fact I lost it (the consecutive win record) so early in the basho enabled me to come back from it. In the end somehow my inner and outer self merged into one." "I couldn't break the record set by Futabayama-zeki but I believe I was able to return back a little of what I have received in my sumo life." (On establishing five straight basho yusho record.) "My father won five straight yusho at Mongolia sumo tournament. The tournament is once a year so it's a bit different from my record but I feel like I equalled his record as well." "We've gone through so many things, so much happened this year so I really felt strongly I needed to close the final basho of the year with a strong finish. I feel I fulfilled my responsibility. That's all." "I believe Toyonoshima-zeki has done so well too. Right now I feel quite exhausted so I want to have some good rest before I can comment on the next year." Sayoko, Hakuho's wife ------------------------------------ (After his consecutive record was stopped.) "He never said anything about it. I saw him gazing at a movie as if he was lost in thought." Kumagatani oyakata, Hakuho's personal shisho -------------------------------------------------------- "He came back every night saying how exhausted he felt, so I was really concerned. He appeared to have been totally mentally drained for five or so days after his loss. He made it to 63 consecutive wins so he must have realized again how great Futabayama's record was. But you know he had five consecutive basho yusho, 86 most win record in year so there are many records he can still aim for." "You can only achieve greatness by going through tough times." Kokonoe oyakata (former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji) --------------------------------------------------------- (Also possessing five straight basho yusho record.) "There were some rough patches but he has consistently shown us his own sumo style when everything counted, for the most crucial bouts." Hanaregoma oyakata (former Ozeki Kaiketsu), Chairman of the Sumo Kyokai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I felt Hakuho showed us he was indeed a yokozuna worth all accolades. It's a tremendous accomplishment, achieving 86 wins under all the pressures." "We had a really thrilling basho till the very end. Obviously Hakuho had his usual tremendous basho but I am hoping you can all commend Toyonoshima's accomplishment as well. We had good all around efforts from several rikishi, notably Kisenosato and Toyonoshima so I felt we were able to close the year with a good competitive basho. As for the whole year, again Hakuho has done all he could have done and more." "No doubt it has been one turbulent year. It's something we brought it ourselves and no one to blame for but we can say it has been a year that remains in the history book." "I am rather pleased to say that organized crime issues have settled down much sooner than I expected to but we still have more tough times ahead. We will need to stay constantly vigilant to never repeat the same mistakes ever again." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging -------------------------------------------------- "You must be aware that the rikishi who needs to take in a challenger faces far more pressure. Mentally Toyonoshima had easier time as he had nothing to lose but all to gain for. But Hakuho appeared to stay really calm and he went on his business as if nothing at stake. But all in all Toyonoshima really fought well. It was literally the effort well worth of a yusho. It's not something easily accomplished but only through extremely hard work." Division Yusho ========= Makuuchi: Hakuho, East Yokozuna, Real name: M
  8. Nionoumi (Makushita West 4, 5-2) losing to Tsurugidake (Juryo West 13) by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A possibility of Juryo promotion looming ever larger but losing to Juryo Tsurugidake.) "I realize even if I am promoted, I will fall down quickly if I do not improve more. I need to get myself much much stronger." (A 23 year old 174 cm tall, 139 kg, making his dohyo debut at 2002 Haru Basho, the same time as Kisenosato.) "Whether I get promoted or not, it's really OK one way or another. One thing should be certain, that I will win more bouts next basho." Miyabiyama (8-6) over Toyozakura by tsukiotoshi, 3.8 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Returning to Makuuchi and getting his kachikoshi.) "Earlier when I was at 2 win and 3 loss, I thought maybe I couldn't do it at this level any longer. It's been really hard. I am so happy that I was able to get kachikoshi in my first basho back." Takamisakari (7-7) losing to Shotenro by oshidashi, 2.2 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Again facing the Senshuraku with his usual 7 win 7 loss record.) "This is the worst situation I can ever put myself in for. I am well aware that it seems like I am in this predicament every basho. I guess there is no other way than quietly take this in once again." Goeido (11-3) over Mokonami by sukuinage, 12.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his 11th, stimulated by Toyonoshima who also had to crawl back again after baseball gambling suspension.) "I was really feeling I could do as well as he has done." "Earlier on I dropped some bouts that I really shouldn't have. Without them, I could have easily been in the yusho race all along." Koryu (8-6) over Shimotori by oshidashi, 3.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (For the first time in his seven Makuuchi basho, winning kachikoshi. His best has been six wins and has been up and down between Makuuchi and Juryo since his Makuuchi debut at 2008 Nagoya Basho.) "It's been a long long time coming. I faced every basho feeling this would be the basho I'd get kachikoshi and got myself all tight. But for some reason I didn't get too tight this basho." "I have been able to come out here and compete this basho just as I have been doing in training sessions. If I can keep consistency, I have no reason whatsoever to doubt I do belong up here." Kisenosato (10-4) over Tamawashi by yoritaoshi, 8.1 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (For the first time in 9 basho, winning his 10th bout and a good prospect to return to Sanyaku.) "I worked so hard to arrive at this point so I definitely want to do all my best tomorrow to close the basho off well." (On facing his rival Toyonoshima on the Senshuraku and trying to stop his Yusho aspiration.) "It (the yusho race) has nothing to do with me. As far as I am concerned it's not really about who my opponent is but how I can display my own sumo style. I just want to focus solely on my sumo." Toyonoshima (13-1) over Kaio by katasukashi, 4.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Going into the Senshuraku, tied with Hakuho and the yusho on the line.) "I am coming back tomorrow, fully prepared to compete in two bouts. I am not sure a reason for it but I am moving extremely well." (On not able to match Kaio's slow shikiri move.) "I guess I was really hyper then but having failed at the first tachiai, I felt I was able to calm myself down instead." (On experiencing a suspension after baseball gambling involvement.) "I really don't know how to describe it but it was like I felt so pitiful and I really couldn't sit still knowing not being able to compete at all. But I realized even in such a circumstance there were fans who kept cheering me on and supported me throughout. I have no doubt they made me bigger than before and made me grow." (On closing his eyes just prior to his bout today, trying to settle his mind.) "I kept telling myself I could win, I could win." (Displaying a superb mix of power and techniques to shake off Kaio's attacks.) "I think I was able to come out on the top because I have been moving so well up to now." (On the yusho.) "Obviously that is something I always am aiming for. But I can tell you this basho it's all like a dream up to now." "It;s been some time since a Japanese rikishi winning the yusho so I definitely want to do all my best tomorrow and do well. This is to close this whole year so keeping that in mind, I want to keep myself sharp and win tomorrow." (The last Japanese rikishi to win the yusho was Tochiazuma who won it at the 2006 Hatsu Basho.) Kaio (11-3) losing to Toyonoshima -------------------------------------------- (No possibility of winning the yusho after losing to Toyonoshima by katasukashi.) "I got into a position I should not have got myself in." "However I felt I could be in one (yusho race) after a long while. It's been a good experience. But then again I wasn't really thinking about it anyway so I feel I've done well considering all horrible sumo I have been displaying lately. So when you take all that in consideration, I feel I have done better this basho." Tokusegawa (8-6) over Kotooshu by sukuinage, 3.6 sec =============================-------------------- (Getting his first win against an ozeki by beating Kotooshu.) "I was able to get inside of him really well." (On getting kachikoshi as well.) "I am really happy. I felt I was able to ride on the flow, taking advantage of his power. I never faced an opponent that big up to now. He got my mawashi so I was kind of thinking this was not good. But somehow I was able to throw him off using his momentum." Kotooshu (8-6) losing to Tokusegawa --------------------------------------------- (Not in the best conditions but facing Hakuho on the Senshuraku.) "Regardless, the only thing I can do now is to show solid sumo in the final bout. I just need to take initiative and keep moving." Baruto (11-3) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 7.1 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Losing decisively against Hakuho, losing not even a mathematical chance of winning his first yusho.) "I was all trying to hit him hard and get into a yotsu but as soon as I thought I got the mawashi, it was all over." "Well I lost it all, so there is not much I can talk to you about any more. It's all over for me this basho." Hakuho (13-1) over Baruto --------------------------------- "I was able to grab the mawashi just the way I wanted to do so I simply pushed on forward." (On Toyonoshima) "It isn't so much he is really powerful but he possesses good sumo techniques. As I came this far and as well I do feel the responsibility as a yokozuna. In that sense I do not want to easily give away the yusho." (By the time he has his bout, the result of Toyonoshima bout will be known and even if he defeats Kotooshu, there is a possibility of Yusho Kettei-sen.) "Actually I was hoping they put me against him today. I am well aware that I could have a bout or more tomorrow and will come back, being fully prepared for any contingency." "I have gone through similar experiences before. I know I basically will need to focus only on my sumo, my bout and go as hard as I can. If the end result turns out well then I think it's all OK, right? Like you gotta to do what you got to do. That's all." Yusho Race Board ---------------------------- Makuuchi: 1 loss - Hakuho, Toyonoshima Juryo: 3 losses - Toyohibiki
  9. Futeno (Makushita East 51, 4-0) over Yamashita by yoritaoshi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (The first kachikoshi in 13 basho since 2008 Aki Basho when he was Maegashira 10.) "It's been so long. I really can't describe all this in words." (Injuring his right knee and suffering makekoshi basho after another and fell down to Juryo at the Kyusho Basho last year. With baseball gambling involvement, falling out of Juryo to Makushita but 30 year old from Kumamoto is still hopeful for his future in Ozumo.) "I have gone through a lot but I am really happy to be able to display a sumo that fans can enjoy seeing now." Takamisakari (4-4) over Bushuyama by katasukashi, 2.1 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Completing his 800th Makuuchi bout, the most was recorded by his former shisho, Takamiyama with 1,430 bout.) "If I can compete in even one more bout, I'd be getting closer to him a little." Tokitenku (6-2) losing to Goeido by yoritaoshi, 18.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing to Goeido and suffering his second loss this basho.) "I was so sure that I threw him out cleanly by Utchari but after seeing the video, I now know my heel was out." Toyonoshima (7-1) over Tochinonada by okuridashi, 2.9 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing no doubt and going with full power to easily set aside Tochinonada.) "It was as if my body was moving on its own. Actually I wasn't trying to get him turned around. I was just trying for a moro-zashi but I was able to extend my right so well. " (Saying his good showing may be traced to his fiance Sunaho Takeuchi, singer, straightening him out.) "You know I hurt my neck about a week before the Day 1 and I was so worried about getting myself prepared for the opening day and told her about it, like I felt as if electricity runs through my neck and shoulder and may not do well. She just told me if I didn't win, I didn't have to come back to her. I think that really woke me up and feel now that my injury may have been gone away because of it. Now I am sending her a text message telling her that I am doing all I can not to re-inure it." (Preserving one loss record and not bothered as much by his neck injury.) "I will be coming in here as if I will be winning all the rest of my bouts. People think I should win every bout at this level but I know there are some strong contenders around too but I just need to try all I can to finish the basho with 14-1 record. " Yoshikaze (5-3) losing to Tamawashi by kotenage, 7.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to sync against his opponent, Tamawashi, at tachiai and finally made it out at the fourth shikiri.) "I know full well that both of us were at fault." (Ranked at Maegashira East 5, normally not in the position to face the yokozuna but with Harumafuji in kyujo, was selected on Day 9, his first yokozuna encounter since the Hatsu Basho last year.) "Well since I am given this great chance, I want to become a hero like Kisenosato-zeki." Kakuryu (4-4) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 3.3 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Completely dejected after suffering his third loss and his response hardly audible.) "I ended up with a sumo I wasn't thinking about it at all." (Showing no sign of offense, let Kotoshogiku take control of the bout.) "I believe I am trying too hard, trying to win so hard. I am gradually losing the mentality of challenger." Tochiozan (4-4) losing to Aminishiki by yorikiri, 5.9 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to push forward and suffering his fourth loss.) "I stop moving after I hit my opponent out of tachiai." (Was hoping to build the ground this basho to spring forward for ozeki promotion but with the yokozuna and ozeki bouts still remaining, the road ahead will get steeper and steeper.) "I understand so well that I should not keep thinking about it so much. I haven't able to display sharpness or any power whatsoever this basho." Homasho (5-3) losing to Kaio by kotenage, 18.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Lost the bout but feeling fortunate that his arm was not broken.) "My arm was so securely caught, I could not get it out of him." Kaio (7-1) over Homasho ------------------------------- (Grabbing Homasho's left arm firmly and showing a sign of his old self, leaving his opponent no other option than falling down on his own or breaking the arm.) "He came in with his left out to get the mawashi so I knew there was nothing else to do but that. I feel as if I keep winning despite being totally uncoordinated." (On cheering for him noticeably getting louder and louder by day.) "Well, actually I am not really hearing them at all. Just trying to compete on the dohyo and focus my all on it is all I can manage to do now." (Winning his seventh and one more to go for kachikoshi.) "More than anyone else, I know for myself, you never know what would happen next. All I can do is to try displaying a good sumo." (Receiving a new Kesho mawashi from his supporters club based in his birth place, after given his first one over 23 years ago. The mawashi design of a heavenly horse galloping over the shining starry sky, specifically designed by the shisho to "keep shinning and running longer and longer".) Mihogaseki oyakata, Director of Judging ---------------------------------------------- (On Kaio) "His lower back is really stable. He even attempted several times to slap his opponent down today but he was never in danger of getting pushed over." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ----------------------------------------------- (On Kaio) "I imagine when you get that much cheering, you really cannot afford to show less than decent sumo." Baruto (7-1) over Kitataiki by oshidashi, 3.8 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Keep moving forward and preserving his one loss record) "I have gone through some close calls but by yesterday and today, my sumo has been improving." (Aiming for the yusho this basho.) "I kind of wonder what I am doing right about now next week. Hopefully I am drinking good delicious sake." "I still have the half of basho left so really I want to focus on one bout at a time from now on." (Apparently the reason for his renewed vigor this basho may be linked to his scheduled return home to Estonia after the basho. It was planned back last June but he canceled it due to baseball gambling incident surrounding Ozumo.) Onoe oyakata, his shisho ------------------------------- "He couldn't go back because of so many things he had no control of. He was supposed to return home to celebrate his ozeki promotion but if he can add it with his first yusho, no doubt it will be far more splendid return home." Hakuho (7-1) over Aran by yorikiri, 9.1 sec ----------------------------------------------------- (For the first time in five basho, he passes through the mid-way mark with a loss.) "I had some rough spots but I feel I came out rather well and have done well, considering everything. Sometimes you need to give yourself a little praise too." (For the last half) "I guess it will be interesting for those watching but what I can do is to lead them all by getting on the top." Yusho Race Board ---------------------- Makuuchi: 1 loss - Hakuho, Baruto, Kaio, Kyokutenho, Toyonoshima 2 losses - Kisenosato, Tamawashi, Tokitenku, Goeido, Shotenro Juryo: 1 loss - Sakaizawa Record ------------ Takamisakari - 800th Makuuchi appearance The Kyokai released the name of seven new recruits, so called "Shin-jo", who will be placed on the Hatsu Basho banzuke and to compete in Jonokuchi for the first time. Ikeru (from Kagoshima), Onomatsu Beya Toyononami renamed from Takahata (from Ibaraki), Tatsunami Beya Yoshizawa (from Tokyo), Kasugayama Beya Kawazu (from Hyogo), Konokoe Beya Kozakura renamed from Shiina (from Ibaraki), Tatsunami Beya Yakushidera (from Oita), Kasugayama Beya Yamada (from Chiba), Oguruma Beya ------------- The Kyokai held their usual mid-basho directors meeting on November 21 to discuss Kyokai business including salary reforms but they were unable to come to any sort of conclusion and agreed to continue the discussion. The annual base salary of rikishi and oyakata has been on hold for the last nine years due to economic downturns and other incidents involving Kyokai members. The monthly salary of yokozuna currently stands at 2.82 million yen. Generally the directors set the next year's salary at the Kyusho Basho meeting. This year they have received a proposal to improve living conditions of gyoji and yobidashi but they could not come to any consensus. Kyokai's PR Director, Nishonoseki oyakata, says some directors feel they would need to raise their compensation after holding the salary for so long but others believe they could not get the public's understanding so shortly after all their troubles. Ozumo Dates: December 23 - Yokozuna Deliberation Committee Soken at the Ryogoku Kokugikan (open to public) December 24 - Directors and Councilors meetings January 6, 2011 - Meiji Jingu Dohyo Iri Ceremony January 9, 2011 - Hatsu Basho Day 1 --------------- The Kyokai also announced they would stage a new campaign targeting those joining "adulthood", born between April 2, 1990 and April 1, 1991 at the Hatsu Basho. They would be able to buy a B section seat for themselves and one accompanying person for 2,000 yen, that normally selling for 4,900 yen. The tickets can be only bought on the day at the ticket booth and cannot be reserved, only when there are still B seats available. They will be asked for an identification to prove their age. ------------------ The Kyokai officials had a high hope that this year's Kyushu Basho would attract capacity crowd prior to the basho as Hakuho was aiming to the consecutive record held by Futabayama but he promptly lost his quest on Day 2 and up to the Day 6, they only had 194 more customers coming in to see the basho than last year. They actually had quite a few Masu seats (9,200 to 11,300 yen per person) unsold prior to the opening day. When Hakuho lost his bout on Day 2, there were actually 308 less people at the arena than the last year on the same day. They did have a "sell out" on Day 7 and Day 8 but the number of tickets sold is not significantly more than last year. "Perhaps Hakuho's consecutive record challenge did not attract as many people as we initially believed," one oyakata said. "Maybe with a wide open yusho race can bring in more crowd." Compared to Nagoya and Osaka, Kyushu has less number of major industries and they have less sale of those who buy Masu seats through the basho. With smaller economic scale and no Sumo Chaya to sell tickets, the Kyokai traditionally had problems selling Masu tickets but they are trying to sell more chair level seats (2,000 to 4,700 yen) as they have less trouble selling these tickets. "Considering the time we are in, we will need to start re-appraising our approach of ticket sale here, such as price reduction, increasing more chair seats," an oyakata responsible for ticket sales added. "Well the big story this basho was obviously Hakuho's consecutive record but now we have other as interesting stories as well, like Tochiozan going for ozeki promotion and Kisenosato beating Hakuho," said Hanaregoma oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai.
  10. Shotenro (6-1) over Sokokurai by oshidashi, 3.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Preserving one loss record, sitting at the bottom of Makuuchi rank.) "Today I was able to go with exactly what I imagined I wanted to go." (Indicated that prior to the basho he trained intentionally not to go for a pull.) "So far I have been able to do what I consciously want my sumo to be like." (On suffering his first loss the day before.) "I am happy about I am where I am at with only one loss so far. I will come back again tomorrow as if it's the first day of basho." Tokitenku (6-1) over Kasugao by yorikiri, 28.0 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (With his heya mate, Toyonoshima, preserving an one loss record.) "I am trying not to concern with what others may be doing. I want simply to focus only on my sumo." Kyokutenho (6-1) over Tosayutaka by uwatenage, 16.8 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (As if waiting for his opponent to charge into him, deftly throwing him with right uwate-nage, preserving one loss record.) "He is so good once he gets inside. I figured if I went with the same approach as him, I wouldn't be able to beat him. Now I just want to get a kachikoshi quickly." (A 36 year old veteran still going strong, saying he gets his inspiration from watching his two year senior, Kaio, compete.) "Obviously I am being challenged by much younger guys every day but let me tell you whenever I watch Kaio-zeki, he really gives me more motivation and fighting spirit. You gotta admit that old dude is nothing short of amazing." Kimurayama (3-4) losing to Toyonoshima by oshidashi, 3,3 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering third straight loss, and now with more loss than win.) "It's far from over. You've got to know if I win the rest of this basho, I will have 11 wins. You just need to maintain a positive frame of mind." Toyonoshima (6-1) over Kimurayama --------------------------------------------- "I am coming out here every day as if I will win all my bouts." "I hurt my neck a little a while ago but it's been my experience that I tend to have a better record whenever I was suffering from a bit of injury." Yoshikaze (5-2) losing to Homasho by yoritaoshi, 14.0 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to finish his Utchari and losing.) "At the time I thought I lost it by a decisive margin but after viewing the bout now, I realize it was so close....ah...." (Referring to a bruise he suffered on his left shoulder as he fell.) "It's a medal of honor for me. It reminds me that I did not give up til the end...but I must admit it does hurt quite a bit. Strange thing is that had I won, it really would not be hurting least bit." (Appeared to be really regretting the loss even with a mono-ii, as he kept watching the video replay repeatedly on a cell phone site.) "Definitely I wanted to win this one today." Kisenosato (5-2) over Kakuryu by yorikiri, 4.8 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Not letting Kakuryu to go for his favorite right mawashi, instead going with the right uwate of his own to set him aside with ease.) "Well I sensed that he was coming out trying to get the right. I believe I was able to jump out from tachiai quickly too." (Going against top ranking rikishi and having a 5 win and 2 loss record as of now.) "I am not really satisfied with this record. Obviously if I was, then I know it's basically over with." Baruto (6-1) over Tochiozan by yorikiri, 2.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------- (Displaying no sign of weakness against pesky Tochiozan.) "It went just as I wanted to, I was able to grab the uwate firmly so I felt really comfortable." (Not bothering to go with a throw and kept pushing him like his Day 1 opponent, Kisenosato,) "I admit both guys are turning into really strong contenders. Anyway it's from now on, that will really matter." (Pointed out that there are seven rikishi all with one loss record, but somehow giving an impression it's not something he is a part of.) "I guess everyone is really doing so well for now." Tochiozan (4-3) losing to Baruto --------------------------------------- (Suffering his third loss) "It was all tachiai. I was so sure that he would start coming out from the right." (Winning 11 bouts last basho but already losing his third this basho.) "Tomorrow I will go for a win, trying to coming out of tachiai much harder and with more power." Kotooshu (4-3) over Hakuba by yorikiri, 3.1 sec -------------------------------------------------------- (Setting aside meddling Hakuba and now with more win than loss.) "I am only thinking about one bout only, the bout I have that day. With three losses, right now I am barely within the yusho race line." Kaio (6-1) over Asasekiryu by yorikiri, 23.9 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (On a six bout wining streak since Day 2 and having Fukuoka fans cheering him wildly.) "Somehow I have been able to move my body enough to contribute to the win. Today I was able to firmly secure the right side." "Obviously I have a lot of things that I should be concerned about but since I am winning, for the time being I try to think it's all OK." Kitataiki (3-4) losing to Hakuho by uwate-dashinage, 4.8 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ah,,,I couldn't do it. I was late coming out of the tachiai and he got my uwate quickly. I just couldn't do what I really wanted to do." (On Hakuho jumping out to left as if trying for a henka.) "I was thinking he would come out somewhat differently. I was really wanting to try pushing him out actually." Hakuho (6-1) over Kitataiki --------------------------------- "Today I got the mawashi quickly and got in front. All in good timing too." (Reflecting on his Day 2 loss on this day when he was supposed to go for 69 consecutive win record set by Futabayama had he won, and seeing the first day this basho with the sold out with the Mainn-Onray banner draped down above the dohyo and on the dohyo, receiving 48 kensho, the most ever recorded at Kyusho Basho.) "Actually I wanted to say I felt the weight of the kensho was heavy....but I know I can't. Speaking purely for myself, I want to keep going as if I equaled the record today." "I felt acutely aware that I could not return my gratitude to the sumo world and to Futabayama-zeki at the time I lost the bout. But then I now feel happy that l I was able to let everyone know how great Futabayama-zeki was as he is truly the man I deeply respect. So in that sense I believe I was able to return the favor." (With having 40 fans specially coming from Usa City, Oita, the birth place of Futabayama today.) "I am aware that even under this circumstance, many people have come to cheer for me today, making me feel deeply grateful as well as making me feel I want to work even harder than before and wanting to keep doing my best." (On his sumo since his loss) "I know myself, somehow I have not been able to go with physical and mental sides in harmony." Fumitoshi Shingai, Curator of Futabayama Memorial Referemce Museum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Visited by Hakuho prior to the basho and seeing his performance this basho) "The yokozuna displayed a really powerful sumo today. We would like to see him challenge the record once again and keep going with his consecutive win record." (Shingai says the number of visitors to the museum has increased by four fold since Hakuho started his quest of Futabayama's consecutive record and with so much interest generated on Futabayama's accomplishment there is now a talk of erecting a memorial monument commemorating Futabayama, Tanikaze and Hakuho who all established the consecutive win record of 60 win or more.) -------------- The Kyokai admitted that the rikishi who drove a vehicle against the Kyokai rule prohibiting any rikishi from getting behind the wheel was from Mihogaseki Beya, 31 year old Jonidan rikishi. According to Mihogaseki oyakata, the rikishi admitted he was aware of the Kyokai rule but he had a spontaneous urge and drove a car by himself. The oyakata was not aware of the fact until the Kyokai and heya officials pointed out that the video of his driving was posted on YouTube. "I received a severe warning from the chairman. Right now I am not planning to impose any special punishment or penalty for this," the oyakata said. "I talked to him and told him never to attempt driving again. But he does have a driving license so legally he has not broken any law. Apparently he drove for 1 km to go to a bath house from our base camp in Fukuoka. I wasn't aware of the incident until now." --------------- Kiriyama oyakata (former Komusubi Kurosegawa) annunced he would be folding his heya after the Hatsu Basho next year to join Asahiyama Beya. There are currently two oyakata including Kiriyama oyakata and five active rikishi belonging to Kiriyama Beya. "I welcome the news as I believe it will be more conducive to nurture more competitive environment for fighting spirits among rikishi when we have more rikishi around," Asahiyama oyakata said. According to Kiriyama oyakata, the heya's gyoji and tokoyama (Tokosaku, 31) will be transferred to Tatsunami Ichimon's Oitekaze Beya while the destination of other Kyokai members of the heya will be determined at an Ichimon meeting to be held at a later date. -------------- Record: Tochinonada - 1,129th Makuuchi appearance (past Tsurugamine and becoming ninth most in the sumo history.) Koryu - 6,00th consecutive appearance Attendance: 7,080 (capacity: 7,418), exceeding the last year's same day attendance of 6,439) Kagamiyama oyakata (former Sekiwake Tagaryu), Kyushu Basho Director ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Frankly I was really relieved to see the (Maiin Onray) banner coming out today as it was the first time I have seen it this basho."
  11. Takayasu (Juryo East 11, 1-0) over Tamaasuka by uwate-hineri -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Attention being paid as one of the first two Heisei era born sekitori) "Honestly I wasn't really nervous today. But I am relieved that it's over as I really wanted to get the first day bout out with win . As I was putting the kesho mawashi for the dohyo-iri I started to getting a feeling as a sekitori little by little. The kesho mawashi is really heavy, you know" Masunoyama (Juryo West 11, 0-1) losing to Chiyohakuho by hatakikomi ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The other of Heisei born sekitori but not as successful as Takayasu, getting slapped down at the tachiai.) " I was so nervous since I stepped on the dohyo for the dohyo-iri walk, I could not really move at all in my bout." Miyabiyama (1-0) over Koryu by hatakikomi, 5.9 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Back to Makuuchi after a stint in Juryo after baseball gambling involvement.) "As I was finally able to come up here again, I really want to leave a good record this basho." Toyonoshima (1-0) over Gagamaru by yorikiri, 16.3 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Another rikishi, returning to Makuuchi after one basho absence, falling down to Juryo as a result of baseball gambling.) "I don't get the feeling I am back yet until I get back into a position where I can face the yokozuna." "But I feel good as I was able to get the win today. I felt it's been a long while I was able to experience this special atmosphere in Makuuchi." Tochiozan (1-0) over Asasekiryu by tsukiotoshi, 1.9 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (Coolly responding to Asasekiryu's tachiai henka) "I had a feeling he would not come straight out. So I focused hard to observe his move out of tachiai. I was able to remain calm throughout." "I haven't come to a point where I start feeling extra pressure yet so first, I will try to aim for the kachikoshi." Kaio (0-1) losing to Aminishiki by yorikiri, 8.4 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- (Losing decisively, not able to do anything after being expertly handled by Aminishiki.) "I thought he would come out trying to get the right side of mawashi but he didn't." "I couldn't complete anything, I could put out only half hearted effort." (Injuring his left thigh prior to the basho, unable to do much training.) "Actually I feel much better physically this basho than the last at this point. I just need to focus on going with much more offensive oriented sumo." Harumafuji (0-1) lsoing to Kotoshogiku by kotenage, 3.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing to Kotoshogiku five straight times now, being pointed out his losing streak against Kotoshogiku.) "Well, what can I say? Look, I just happen to have lost to him, that's all." Kisenosato (0-1) losing to Baruto by yorikiri, 9.6 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to turn offensive against Baruto and will be facing Hakuho on Day 2.) "I am more than aware that I will have to put my full concentration on tomorrow." Tochinoshin (0-1) losing to Hakuho by uwatenage, 9.0 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Got hidari-uwate just as he wanted but could not do anything after and losing easily by uwatenage.) "Just as I have been always thinking, I needed to go after him much more quickly. Today I was able to go with my own tachiai but after that I let him come after me with ease." (Despite knowing Hakuho could have been tight on Day 1 and there was some expectation placed on him today.) "I couldn't get him rushed even with a (henka) move out of tachiai. You must know there are good reasons why tough guys are really tough to beat." Hakuho (1-0) over Tochinoshin ------------------------------------- (While those around him are paying special attention not to make him more nervous, Hakuho himself appears not to be too disturbed by the attention as much.) "I felt I was able to finish it with having a good amount of tension. I realize it is all up to myself how I will deal with all this." (By extending his record to 63 consecutive win, he tied the record set by the great Tanikaze of the Edo era.) "Now that I won, I was able to equal the record set by Tanikaze-zeki. Remember he is the first yokozuna in reality. We are talking about the Edo era here. But for him and all the people who have been supporting me and for the fans, I believe the only thing I can do for them is to keep on winning." Miyagino oyakata, Hakuho's heya oyakata ------------------------------------------------- (Shielding out all except for heya officials and rikishi out of their base camp.) "Obviously we will need to pay a special care so that he can concentrate fully on the task ahead." Kumagatani oyakata, Hakuho's personal oyakata --------------------------------------------------------- (On putting 'No Entry" sign to the training area for Hakuho) "It was decided by Miyagino oyakata and Hakuho himself. We all want him to break the record so I ask you all to afford him a little space he needs for himself. We appreciate your full cooperation." --------------------- The chairman of the Sumo Kyokai, Hanaregoma oyakata (former Ozeki Kaiketsu) once again offered an apology to the fans in Kyushu Basho for all the troubles the Kyokai has gone through this year in his Day 1 opening address. "I'd like offer my sincere apology to everyone for causing so much concerns and anxiety this year," said the chairman referring to the Kyokai's rikishi getting involved in baseball gambling. "We will be putting our utmost efforts to reform the Sumo Kyokai from now on". "I believe I needed to express a measure of our apology however small to the fans in Kyushu as this is our first time out here this year," Hanaregoma oyakata said to reporters later on. The chairman positioned the Nagoya Basho to be the one for "Renewal", the Aki Basho as "Restoring Trust" and now added this basho as one for "Reform". "We have a good story of Hakuho's consecutive winning record this basho. But to get everyone to reappraise us, all of rikishi must endeavor to display their best spirited sumo." Sanyaku rank gyoji Masanao Kimura (Uchihida Yamauchi from Gifu), 57, of Asahiyama Beya, has withdrawn from the Kyushu Basho due to illness. Masanao has been diagnosed with a liver cancer and is continuing with his treatment. Juryo rank gyoji Kiichiro Shikimori (Osamu Wachi from Saga), 35, of Kiriyama Beya also submitted a basho withdrawal request as he requires a treatment. He is suffering from a disorder of automatic nervous systems, more commonly known as panic or anxiety attacks. The Kyokai released the name of six new recruits who passed their physical to participate in Mae-zumo starting on Day 3, November 16. o Toru Yoshizawa, 18, from Tokyo, Kasugayama Beya, 183 cm, 136 kg o Yuta Yakushidera, 16, from Oita, Kasugayama Beya, 175 cm, 103 kg o Itsuki Shiina, 15, from Ibaraki, Tatsunami Beya, 173 cm, 107 kg o Kenta Ikeru, 17, from Kagoshima, Onomatsu Beya, 175 cm, 96 kg (a standout from Saitama Sakae High Sumo Club) o Kazuyo Yamada, 15, from Chiba, Ogurama Beya, 174 cm, 116 kg o Yuki Takahata, 20, from Ibaraki, Tatsunami Beya, 181 cm, 144 kg o Masanari Kawazu, 21, from Hyogo, Kokonoe Beya, 185 cm, 133 kg Day 1 Kensho: 86 (the most for the first day in Kyusho Basho, beating the previous high of 84 established in 2009.) Day 1 Attendance: 4,747 (about 60% capacity)
  12. Toyonoshima (Juryo West 1, 14-1) over Hoshikaze by yoritaoshi -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A long but fruitful basho has completed after going through baseball gambling suspension and falling down to Juryo.) "I felt the basho was really long. But I am fully aware of a fact that it will take much longer and much more hard work to regain full trust from the fans." Miyabiyama (Juryo East 2, 12-3) over Shironoryu by hikiotoshi --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning 12 bouts after missing last basho because of the suspension.) "Prior to the basho I had no idea how I would do and I was really anxious to know if I could even compete well again. But I believe I have done all I could have done." Toyohibiki (Juryo West 3, 7-8) losing to Tochinowaka by uwatenage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Becoming the sole sekitori out of baseball gambling suspension to suffer a makekoshi.) "This was the basho I should have shown the result. But there is no point in getting down now so I will train hard to prepare for the next basho." (Goeido, Juryo East 1, 12-3 won over Nakanokuni by hatakikomi, another of fomer Makuuchi rikishi returning after the suspension but now certain to be back in Makuuchi again next basho.) Sokokurai (8-7) over Kokkai by yorikiri, 14.5 sec -------------------------------------------------------- (Getting kachikoshi in his Makuuchi debut basho) "When I suffered my seventh loss, I thought I couldn't get kachikoshi. It's the same 15 days as in Juryo but it was totally different, it was so much harder." Takamisakari (4-11) over Kakizoe by yoritaoshi, 4.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Learning Iwakiyama also from Aomori retiring.) "Even most powerfuls will have a day to retire. Personally I have no idea how long I can continue myself but until that day arrives, I will keep on desperately struggling till the very end." Takekaze (12-3) over Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 9.0 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (His first Kanto-sho since 2008 Hatsu Basho) "I didn't think I'd win this many to get an award even when I got to 31 years old. More than getting to Sanyaku, I wanted to get a Sansho one more time actually. For some reason I was really able to stay relaxed this basho." Yoshikaze (11-4) losing to Kakuryu by hatakikomi, 4.9 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to celebrate his Kanto-sho with a win) "I was overpowered a bit today but mentally I am already looking forward to the next basho. I think I was able to focus well this basho. I need to get my sumo to a level fully competitive with the top ranking rikishi. As it will be my local basho (from nearby Oita) I will do all my best next basho. I still have a lot to do but I am happy to receive the sansho." Kakuryu (9-6) over Yoshikaze ----------------------------------- (Certain to return to sekiwake for the first time in a year) "I have not yet had a kachikoshi at sekiwake. If I can get the kachikoshi next basho, that will give me so much more confidence that I had indeed grown as well." Kisenosato (7-8) losing to Aminishiki by oshidashi, 8.8 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Another betrayal of expectations to his supporters and fans, finishing with 7-8.) "Once again I realized I didn't possess enough strength. I need to burn passionately so much more for sumo." Tochiozan (11-4) over Asasekiryu by hatakikomi, 3.0 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (On winning by hatakikomi) "I guess he just slipped. I was able to attack from right though. I was able to go calmly at the tachiai too. Throughout the basho I have been able to go with good sumo so it has given me more confidence." (On winning Gino-sho) "I doubt I was that good technically this basho actually." (Winning his 11th in his sekiwake debut basho) "I got myself onto the double digit win zone and felt I might as well try all my best to get one more today." "This basho I believe I was able to move so well after I was out of tachiai, hitting my opponent hard." (On a start of his ozeki promotion quest) "I want to prepare for it with confidence. If I am to have any hope of getting there, I will need to keep getting double digit wins." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman -------------------------------------------------- "His lower half has really stabilized. If he finishes with another double digit record next basho, I think there will be such a call (of his ozeki promotion possibility) too." Kaio (8-7) losing to Aran by yorikiri, 3.5 sec ------------------------------------------------------ (Overwhelmed by Aran) "When you think about it, if I did not get the win yesterday, this would have been my final bout. I definitely do not want to end my career with such a miserable sumo as today's. I will have to recover from injuries and rebuild my physique to as close as to perfect next basho." Baruto (9-6) losing to Kotooshu by yoirkiri, 9.5 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Seeing Hakuho) "62nd consecutive is really an amazing feat. I know I have to do something about it too." Harumafuji (8-7) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 5.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------ (Was all psyched up to stop Hakuho's consecutive record but easily getting pushed out.) "I couldn't turn to offensive. I need to really work hard to be able to go after him. I feel such regret over this. I don't know but then perhaps I am that weak after all." Hakuho (15-0) over Harumafuji ------------------------------------- "What was the most gratifying for me personally was to able to go with my own sumo till the end. I am most happy that I was able to get up on the dohyo healthy injury-free till the Senshuraku. Knowing by continuing the streak, if I can make even one fan or two fans share the joy, nothing can make me happier," "I am not a powerful man at all. It is with perseverance and endeavoring, 365 days a year, by challenging everything I do, I believe God has granted me a good fortune." "I recognized the weight of the yusho cup all over again. It really felt good. It was even brighter than the last time I looked at it. Last basho I had a bitter experience of not able to receive it. As a result I really wanted to get it myself this basho. I went through a pretty nervous time around the 53rd and 54th win but I am happy that I was able to do my best till the very end." "It was so trying last basho not receiving the Cup. I realize that how special it is to receive it for winning the yusho." "My immediate goal is to get close to Tanikaze-zeki, and then by equalling Futabayama-zeki, I believe I can repay to the Kyokai all it has done for me." (The 4th Yokozuna Tanikaze had 63 consecutive bout win record between 1778 and 1782. Futabayama set his record of 69 consecutive wins between 1936 and 1939.) Takanohana oyakaka (former Yokozuna), Director of Judging ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hakuho has been perfect. He had power and he went for the decision right way today too. It's really interesting to see how long he can continue (consecutive win record). Let's look forward to it." Hanaregoma oyakata (former Ozeki Kaiketsu), Kyokai Chairman --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hakuho is so good at cutting his opponent's hands off his mawashi and he can move into his offense so quickly." "Obviously Hakuho was nothing short of remarkable this basho. The other imperssions were dismal performance by all ozeki and Tochiozan's solid sumo. Both Takekaze and Yoshikaze have done well but I'd like to ask Ozeki to get themselves do something. In the last half basically they just collapsed." "This was the basho that reinforced the remarkable power of Hakuho. I can't put his achievement in any other way than say it was simply magnificent. I have a feeling his chance of breaking the record to be pretty good. I must say we wanted to have more fans coming over to see the basho but as we regain the confidence back, I believe we can bring them back." "I'd like to say that we were able to conduct a real normal basho, thanks to having received corporation from those inside and outside. I once again pledge to all that we are aiming to rebuild the sumo kyokai that is loved by every fan." Kumagatani oyakata, Hakuho's personal shisho ------------------------------------------------------- "He used to rush himself unnecessary in the past but he has hardly shown any of that now. He can take in his opponent firmly and calmly. I believe that comes from confidence he has within himself that if he can get into his form, he can win regardless. Since the Nagoya Basho after the scandal, mentally he has even matured further. And that is also contributing to his winning streak." "From now on it will be all battles within himself for Hakuho." Michinoku oyakata (former Ozeki Kirishima) ---------------------------------------------------- "I don't see any concerted will and effort from ozeki to stop him. Hakuho can even continue his streak to 100 wins if we go on with the way it is." Sayoko, Hakuho's wife ------------------------- (Replacing Hakuho's trainer suspended after baseball gambling, massaged Hakuho's arms and legs during the basho.) "By the second half of the basho, the muscles were so hard and tight, it became really difficult." "He used to talk about Futabayama often in the past but he has not done it this basho. I imagine he feels he has come close to him that he is viewing him as no longer a figure in the books, someone he can come close to achieving it now." Kokonoe oyakata (former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji) --------------------------------------------------------- "Even being so young, everything he does, he does it with such excellence." Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan ------------------------------------------ (As he presented the 40 kg Prime Minister Cup personally to the yusho winner, Hakuho.) "Congratulations on winning the yusho. And I would like to congratulate for your 62 consecutive winning record as well." Katsuo Uchida (former Ozeki Yutakayama, Futabayama's junior rikishi.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I believe he is supporting himself mentally by learning from Futabayama and doing all he can to come as close to him as possible. He now has more deep knowledge about sumo as well. I wish him to become a magnificent yokozuna." Hakkaku oyakata (former Yokozuna Hokutoumi) ------------------------------------------------------- "When he was promoted to yokozuna, he got there only because he was physically strong. Since then till the Nagoya Basho, I felt there was something lacking in him still. But since the basho he has transformed himself. Every word he speaks, one by one by it reflects his inner maturity in his heart. Finally his heart caught up to his physique to make him a true great yokozuna." Hiroyoshi Murayama, Deputy Kyokai Chairman (Acting Chairman during the Nagoya Basho) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "We have now been able to present the Yusho Cup as well as all awards presented by our sponsors. I feel personally relieved that we were able to complete the basho without any problems. The yokozuna has done a tremendous job for us." "Compared to the last basho with full of tense atmosphere, we had an air of having escaped from a real crisis. We still have a full set of tasks to complete to ensure our organization to remain a public foundation and as a going concern so that we can preserve the Japanese tradition and culture that is Ozumo." Shigeo Fukuchi, NHK Chairman ------------------------------------ (Presented the NHK Cup to the yusho winner, resuming live broadcast of the basho.) "I came here not just to congratulate Hakuho but to say a 'Thank You' to Hakuho. It was a masterful exhibition of sumo." Sansho Award --------------- Kanto-sho: Yoshikaze - Maegashira West 11, 11-4. Real name: Masatsugi Onishi from Oita. 28 years old. Oguruma Beuya. Dohyo debut: 2004 Hatsu Basho. 176 cm, 140 kg. His second Kanto-sho since 2008 Kyusho Basho. Takekaze - Maegashira West 12, 12-3. Real name: Akira Narita from Akita. 31 years old. Oguruma Beya. Dohyo debut: 2002 Natsu Basho, Makushita Tsukedashi 15. 171 cm, 150 kg. His second Kanto-sho since 2008 Hatsu Basho. Gino-sho: Tochiozan - West Sekiwake, 11-4. Real name: Yuichi Kageyama from Kochi. 23 years old. Kasugano Beya. Dohyo debut: 2005 Hatsu Basho. 189 cm, 152 kg. His second Gino-sho since 2008 Haru Basho. Yusho ------ Sandanme: Chiyozakura - East 51. 7-0. Real name: Masaru Tateno from Tokyo. 23 years old. Kokonoe Beya. Dohyo debut: 2010 Haru Basho. 184 cm, 134 kg. Favorite moves: Migi-yotsu, yori. "It was really hard facing against him (Myogiryu, his senior at the Nihon Taiiku university), in the kettei-sen. I could never beat him normally so I feel I was rather lucky today. I want to become a sekitori within the next two years." Jonoidan: Yoshifuji - West 77. 7-0. Real name: Seiya Minami from Hygo. 18 years old. Isegahama Beya. Dohyo debut: 2010 Hatsu Basho. 173 cm, 118 kg. Favorite moves: Tsuki, Oshi. "I could not believe it (beating his heya mate, Tosahikari). I went up thinking as if I was asking for a training session. But to lose or win, I just wanted to go all out. My parents have a birthday in September and October so I will buy them a present with the award money." Masunoyama ----------------- Chiganoura Beya's Makushita East 3 Masunoyama who won his fifth bout today to ensure his promotion to Juryo next basho and Makushita Yusho winner Takayasu of Naruto Beya will become the first sekitori born in Heisei Era. "Next Basho I will have 15 days. As I can go all out, I am really looking forward to the basho. I know I need to train much much harder too," 19 year old 179 cm, 171 kg Masunoyama said. Tsurugitake ---------------- Makushita West 3 Tsurugitake of Musashigawa Beya won his kachikoshi to earn his Juryo promotion next basho. He made his dohyo debut 10 years ago after graduating from Nihon Taiiku University. "There were times I almost gave up. But I am really happy I kept going," 31 year old said. Iwakiyama -------------- Former Komusubi Iwakiyama (real name: Ryuta Tsushima from Aomori), 34, of Sakaigawa Beya officially sent his retirement paper and his inheritance of Sekinoto Toshiyori share on Sepmteber 26. He has withdrawn for three consecutive basho since the Natsu Basho after a medical exam showed he had suffered a mild stroke. He was ranked at West Juryo 14. "I've gone done below 150 kg prior to the basho and I realized it would take more than six months to make a comeback," Iwakiyama said during his press conference today. Iwakiyama chose not to turn pro immediately after a successful amateur career and was working as a teacher at a private high school after graduating from Aomori University but could not give up his dream and made his dohyo debut at the 2000 Nagoya Basho. "About 10 years of rikishi life seems rather short. I feel I should have trained much harder. I wanted to show the junior rikishi, by working hard they too can make it and send them the message," Iwakiyama said with tears flowing down his cheeks. "I couldn't even go past my shisho and I regret I could not convey the message to younger rikishi." "I was told by my wife, if I forced myself to continue and die prematurely there was no point to it. I believe it was the best decision I could make under the circumstance." His shisho Sakaigawa oyakata said, "His quietly going about working every single day and virtue of it will be carried on to the next generation. I recall he made a pledge when he joined Ozumo that he would never attempt a tachiai henka or run away from his opponent and always hit the other opponent fair and square. He has shown he has kept the belief it throughout his active career." "He was our heya's first sekitori. I want to thank him for all he has done for us. All I want to say to him now is a big thank you. I believe without the presence of Iwakiyama, this heya we have now could not have existed," his shisho, Sakaigawa oyakata said. Kimenryu, Sandanme West 44 ----------------------------------- Holder of third most career basho with 154 basho, former YOkozuna Asashoryu's tsukebito Kimenryu announced his retirement at the age of 40 years old. "When I just joined Ozumo, I wanted to quit every single day. It's amazing to know I was able to compete this long," Kimenryu said after beating Hokutogo in his final bout. "My fondest memories are when I won the Sandname Yusho in 1997 Natsu Basho and beating Hakuho in both encounters," Kimenryu said looking back his 26 years of rikishi life since his dohyo debut at the 1985 Haru Basho. Attendance ------------ Prior to the baseball gambling scandal, the Natsu Basho's 15 day attendance was 129,000 while this basho the attendance was 15 days was only 117,000. It was more dismal compared to the last Aki Basho which ahd 143,000. TV ratings were as dimal as attendance. According to Video Research, up to Day 12, the average ratins after 5 PM when the last half of Makuuchi bouts were aired was only 8.6%, compared to 10.1% for the Natsu Basho and 11.7% recorded in the last Aki Basho. "If this ia a reflection of the problems we face, we will really have to gravely face up to it. I admit the level displayed by Hakuho is not low but it appears to me he has been winning too many bouts without exerting all of his capacity. I imagine if we still had Asashoryu around, it may have been a bit differnt," an oyakata said. Kensho --------- Compared to the Natsu Basho's 949, the Aki Basho recorded 803, almost recovering to the former level, In the Nagoya there were only 243 kensho. Hakuho had 47 kensho in his Senshuraku bout, the most this basho and he earned a total of 424, over half of the kensho total. Takamisakari had his sponsor Nagatani-En back in the kensho parade. "It was good not just for me but for all of us. An ideal is to have a kensho for every bout though. Then we will have more exciting bouts," Takamisakari said. Another sponsor Tama Home has also returned with 60 kensho but was more cautious. "We made a decision to come back after the pledge by the Kyokai of their zero tolerance policy towards organized crime groups. We will closely follow the developement and will decide our participation on merit every single basho," an offcial with the firm said.
  13. Here's more news about Attila Toth now renamed Masutouou. There is also Moti's early November post Attila Toth, 18, arrived in Japan on November 4, a day before the Kyushu Basho opened and promptly joined the newest and 55th heya, Chiganoura Beya. Toth then went to their camp in Kyushu and started training with the heya's four other rikishis at their training camp. So far he is in the process of learning sumo techniques initially by doing basic sumo exercises like shiko, suri-ashi and matawari but he already has a good size to build on with height of 187 cm and weight of 135 kg. Toth was introduced through a Shisho's senior sumo club member, during his Takushoku University days, who happens to live in Germany at the moment. Toth's father is a wrestling coach and his mother is a former skier. His younger sister who is going to high school is doing fencing. Toth started taking wrestling lessons from his father since he was young and practicing sumo since he turned 13 years old. He has faced both Sandanme Kazafuzan (Nishikido Beya from Kazakhstan) and Sandanme Takanoyama (Naruto Beya from Czech Republic) at European Sumo Championships. Toth also place second at the World Junior Sumo Championship held in Osaka. At the moment he is not only doing physical training but also trying to learn Japanese customs and language as a foreign born rikishi. Heya's manager and just retired Kiyomori Kubota says, "He is always taking his own initiative to establish a communication with us. Between the time he joined the heya and when he arrived in Kyushu four days later, he mastered all 50 hiraganas". Kubota is surprised by how quickly he is catching on but it may take a bit of time for him to get used to the food. Attila can handle chopsticks well but he is not yet comfortable with chankonabe and his eating is still mainly centered on bread and burgers. While in Kyushu, he was receiving a "special" treatment as his own mawashi was not yet ready so he has been using the oyakata's "white" mawashi. He is scheduled to make a dohyo debut at the Hatsu Basho's Mae-zumo. "After his dohyo debut, we will start training him pretty hard," Chiganoura oyakata said. "I want to work really hard so I can compete against Kotooshu as quickly as possible," Toth said. (The above is taken from this month's Ozumo magazine but more personal note should come from Lilla soon as she promised me. (Hugging...)
  14. Jonosuke

    Gambling Scandal: Hidden Background

    There are high level Yakuza guys and low level "chinpira" types. Generally the top guys never get caught just because some chinpira guys get arrested. So nothing written about chinpira guys will expose top honchos and the top guys will take no action to any reporter who writes such a story. However once top guys are threatened, it really does not matter who you are (unless you work for organized crime units of police), you will not be safe. By chance, if any top guys get caught, they never say a word to anyone and they just go to a prison in silence for 5 or 10 or whatever years and do their time in style. It will be simply unimaginable for any top yakuza guy to ask to write a memoir for his kids or whoever. All will go to their grave with what they know. All reports point to a major yakuza behind this baseball gambling thing involving Ozumio but so far the only guy got charged is a former rikishi who played a role of go-between. No one (or writer or police) has proved the direct connection to the top members of any yakuza group, all mentioned are more or less glorified chinpira. And that is the way it is with these guys. Weekly magazines feature one yakuza story after another but it rarely touches the core of any group. No national newspaper has ever done any deep investigative reporting on them (that is the Yomiuri included) though half a dozen years ago a regional Asahi edition reported some of their ongoing activities in Osaka that have touched their nerves and promptly some guys came over to their office with a sword and demanded to see the editor. I also remember some of their retail stores got bombed. Nothing of this sort has happened to our writer so it basically means his reporting was considered to be pretty harmless or more or less rehash of articles that have been published elsewhere. However there is one thing he is absolutely right, that is how the police is serious about the Kodo-kai branch of Yamaguchi gumi. These guys are so ferocious as they are not even afraid to go after police officers. Whenever the police raided their branch office, they found pictures and bulletin boards of the officers with their names and families and where they lived posted. The gang even went so far as to identify all the close relations, friends and colleagues of these police officers. The police is really afraid these members could easily take over the whole Yamaguchi gumi and other affiliated groups to garner enormous influence and become a major force that could even threaten the national security.
  15. Jonosuke

    Mawashi Facts

    A major reason was it was in honor of Wajima, one of the rikishi Hakuho admires both in style and techniques. At the time he was around the Wajima record and he wanted to acknowledge the powerful yokozuna (if he wears it, undoubtedly the subject will come up and there will be a career review of one time popular yokozuna, not yet forgotten nor lost from memory as far as Hakuho was concerned).. I personally think he is not really fond of doing something splashy anyway and most everyone knew it wasn't him. Actually a black mawashi suits him so well so why bother.
  16. Jonosuke

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Aki Basho 2010

    Did Goeido actually say anything, or was this just added for completeness? He may have said something but I did not find him say that. While his high school rival Tochiozan is now considered to be an ozeki promotion candidate, I thought he deserves a mention as he fell this far only because of suspension. I am sure he is still seeing Tochiozan to be his rival but just like Ama and Kisenosato, one may zoom past his one time rival by some kind of momentum. Tochiozan looked pretty solid this basho but of course he needs to repeat this two more basho which isn't that easily done. With a dire need of Japanese ozeki, however, who knows, he may only need 20 more wins by the end of Hatsu to park his car in the Kokugikan garage.
  17. Toyonoshima (Juryo West 1, 13-1) over Sadanofuji by tsukiotoshi --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning the yusho even prior to the senshuraku.) "This was the basho I competed feeling how I was so gratified to be able to keep going up on the dohyo. In my private life as well, I made a pledge that I will never again betray the fans trust." "I've seen both Miyabiyama-zeki and Goeido-zeki working so hard in Juryo as well and they made realize I too need to do all my best." "Now I want to get back to Sanyaku as quickly as possible to see my name among the next ozeki list. I will love to get a kin-boshi from the great yokozuna too." Yoshikaze (11-3) losing to Kotoshogiku by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering his third and giving Hakuho one step closer to the yusho) "You know as well as I that even if I won, it would not have given the yokouzna any added pressure." Tochinoshin (8-6) over Takekaze by uwatenage -------------------------------------------------------- (Giving Hakuho the yusho the moment he downed Takekaze) "Is it true? I did not even know that. Personally the fact that I was able to get kachikoshi was most gratifying." Aminishiki (8-6) over Kakuryu by tsukiotoshi ---------------------------------------------------- (Getting kachikoshi after going through kyujo last basho after suffering left knee injury) "To be honest, there were times I felt I really had it this time. I wasn't even thinking of kachikoshi actually, more like how far I could do. But I tried to be patient and now I feel it was all worth doing all that rehabs after all." (On a possible promotion to face even Hakuho next basho.) "I think I can stick around again one more time. Obviously it's always more fun at the top. I certainly want to face the yokozuna during his consecutive win record. You know you have nothing to lose yourself for that." Tochiozan (10-4) over Hakuba by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------ "I was careful not to hit him too hard as he is light weight. I believe I was able to keep calm." (Set a personal goal to get kachikoshi prior to the basho in his sekiwake debut basho but managed to finish with a double digit win record) "I was able to get the win by sticking with form today." "I was able to start strong this basho and somehow I was able to carry it through in the last half. I am really happy with the result. Now I need to get the win tomorrow too." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman -------------------------------------------------- (On Tochiozan starting his sekiwake rank with a double digit win record and a possible start of his ozeki aspiration) "When one transforms himself to next level, it is a time like this. The question is if he can keep maintaining this level of effort again the next basho." Kaio (8-6) over Kisenosato by yorikiri -------------------------------------------- (Asked if he was going for kachikoshi today or thinking of retirement if he loses.) "When you start thinking like that, it would make you tighter. I just went out trying to generate as much power as I could." (Stood with his arms on his waist like a statue after his win over Kisenosato) "It wasn't from pride or anything like that. I had to support myself keep standing up as it was that hard to be just standing. I just went out with a resolve that I had to go with everything I had. And I think that was the contributing factor of my win today. I feel good that I got the win." (No smiles even after finally escaping his 13th kadoban) "Frankly this time I believed I wouldn't be able to do it. It was that tough, phyiscally and mentally so draining." (Saying fully prepared to leave the dohyo life while searching through a way to be back in the Kyushu) "I kept thinking how, what form I could continue on actually." Tomozuna oyakata, Kaio's shisho --------------------------------------- (On seeing Kaio not giving up even with so many injuries and going through pains, from left shoulder injury, right knee and thigh injured prior to the basho.) "I imagine this is a result of his personal pride as there is nothing physically left for him to keep competing this basho. Besides all he hears these days is how powerful foreign born rikish are." "I was all ready to tell him straight, it's the time. But then I've seen him coming down every morning to our training dohyo for asa-geiko. How can anyone say to him to step down when he keeps showing you such ceaseless dedication. You would be soon convinced to tell him to go on. He should be the only one to decide for himself when he is ready, no one else has no right to say it to him. I am convinced of that now." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman -------------------------------------------------- "I could sense Kaio was going up there as if going through life and death struggles last several days. It reflected his genuine determination to put in everything he had both mentally and physically and his desperate perseverance." Harumafuji (8-6) losing to Baruto by tsukidashi -------------------------------------------------------- (Suffered his sixth loss but facing Hakuho on the Senshuraku) "I've been displaying such pitiful sumo up to now so I really want to show my best tomorrow." Hakuho (14-0) over yorikiri -------------------------------- (Pushed back by Kotooshu for a second after taking him to the dohyo edge) "Actually I thought his foot was out so I kind of stopped pushing. I recovered well after but it showed me how I was still far from achieving my fullest. Perhaps there was a premature sense of relief." (Winning his 61st consecutive win and fourth straight yusho, showing there is no other equaling his strength on the dohyo.) "I feel I have been displaying good quality sumo. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment on winning the consecutive yusho as this is the first time I won four straight yusho. Unless I set my mind to keep aiming for yusho, I know I won't be able to keep on winning." (Other than the day when he broke Chiyonofuji's record, showing no sign of tightness.) "To break that record, I became rather tense but since then I look at the record as another motivating factor. This is my 16th yusho so I no longer feel that tense over yusho but I am keeping myself focused on my sumo, thinking of yusho and consecutive winning record.." (On receiving the yusho bowl after not able to hold it the last basho) "Well tomorrow is tomorrow. This is not over yet. Can't really say which is more valuable, yusho or consecutive record. However I believe I do understand how crucial each win is." (On meeting and lifting Sylvester Stallone) "I realized that I didn't have arm strength. He was heavy." Actor Sylvester Stallone (in town for promoting a film, "Expendables".) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Took in the basho at the Kokugikan for the first time and meeting Hakuho personally.) "The appeal of Ozumo is its purity and simpleness of one man fighting another rule. I am really moved as I felt its power." (Meeting former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji whom he met when he visited Japan in 1988.) "Actually he looks younger now. It was just like we met each other yesterday." Sadogatake oyakata,Kotooshu's shisho --------------------------------------------- "To down Hakuho, you will need to take your initiative and to be one step ahead of him while never stopping him." Kokooe oyakata, former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji --------------------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho extending the consecutive record, appears to be the only remaining wall is Futabyama's 69 win record.) "It looks like that, isn't it? He keeps doing all this all so effortlessly." Nakamura oyakata, Deputy Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------------ "Right now I can see there is no weakness at all. He was quick to get his uwate today too. He kept on going after his opponent without stopping. I think he gains enormous confidence once he gets the mawashi. I don't see anyone who can down him at the moment." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ----------------------------------------------- "I know there should be a few close calls during any 15 day basho but I am not even sure if he even had that. There is a real gap between the yokozuna and ozeki. I must say he is one or two heads and shoulders above everyone else." Takuhiko Tsuruda, Yokozuna Deliberation Committee Chairman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Announced that his committee is considering presenting Hakuho with a special achievement award previously only given to Kitanoumi and Chiyonofuji, recognizing his consecutive win record.) "He may possibly pass the great record set by Futabayama. The ceremony will likely be held after the Kyushu Basho is over." Yusho ------- Juryo: Toyonoshima West Juryo 1, Daiki Kajiwara from Kochi Prefecture, Tokitsukaze Beya, 27 years old. Dohyo debut: 2002 Hatsu Basho. Juryo debut: 2004 Natsu Basho. Makuuchi debut: 2004 Aki Basho. Highest rank: Sekiwake. Fell to Juryo from Maegashira East 5 after suspension as a result of baseball gambling. Second Juryo Yusho. 169 cm tall, 141 kg. Favorite moves: hidari-yotsu, shitate-nage. Sandanme: Myogiryu (former Nihon Taiiku University Sumo Club ace Yasunari Miyamoto) from Sakaigawa Beya, former Juryo, will face Chiyozakura of Kokonoe Beya in the Sensuraku yusho kettei-sen. Jonidan: Tosahikari and Yoshifuji for Isegahama Beya will face each other on the kettei-sen. Makushita: Takayasu (Makushita 6) Naruto Beya won yusho in Day 13. Jonokuchi: Oazuma, Tamanoi Beya. Former Mongolian Makushita Daitensho, 26, naturalized as Kenichi Takashima, has filed a law suit against the Kyokai to restore his position and monetary compensation claiming he was forced to retire against his will. According to his legal representative despite his wish to continue, his former shisho Takashima oyakata submitted his retirement papers to the Kyokai office without his consent. He is also asking the Kyokai pay 160,000 yen he was supposed to be paid monthly. Ozumo's Governance Committee released their findings of survey they conducted with Kyokai's 106 oyakata in the last weeks of August and early this month. The committee said they received responses related to Kyokai's efforts on reform from 91 oyakata. According to them, 70 out of 91 oyakata felt the Kyokai needed external directors. Those favored to have external directors pointed out the Kyokai could gain from outsider with deep experiences in other social matters while those who felt there was no need indicated the external directors lack relevant understanding of sumo culture. All oyakata requested the Kyokai should work much harder to attract more fans coming to the venues. Governance Committee Chairman Takayasu Okushima was encouraged with the result and expressed, "We feel we were able to definitely understand their thought and feeling better." Former Juryo Hokutokuni resumed his sumo career from Mae-zumo this basho. He fractured his right wrist five years ago but never recovered fully and kept going on kyujo since the Natsu Basho last year. He had third surgery done this January to draft his forearm ligaments to the wrist after told by his doctor, "it was the last final chance". Then the baseball gambling story broke and he reported his involvement however his case was deemed to be light and avoided a suspension. However after missing the Nagoya Basho, the name of Hokutokuni with the highest rank of Juryo 12 disappeared from the banzuke. Seeing no prospect of return for a while he was half way giving up but he said this gambling case really opened his eyes again and convinced him to attempt a comeback. There are only two former Juryo rikishi in the Showa era to go into Banzuke-gai list but he was the first to actually participate in Mae-zumo bouts. Hokutokuni who started in Ozumo at the same time as Hakuho said, "I felt unless I dropped some stupid pride, I would never be able to make a comeback. I believe I will need to stay humble as if I am a brand new recruit starting out an Ozumo career."
  18. Hoshikaze (Juryo West 9, 4-4) over Shironoryu by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------ (Facing Shironoryu for the first time in Juryo. Both came to Totoori Johoku High School as exchange student from Mongolia.) "I really looked forward to this bout. I guess I will be facing him many times from now on too. It's great to have a rival around I can really work for." Toyonoshima (8-0) over Kakizoe by oshidashi, 2.7 sec ----------------------------------------------------- (Winning his eighth straight after falling down to Juryo as a result of baseball gambling suspension.) "I am going up on the dohyo believing by leaving a good result I can regain the trust I lost to the fans. Almost everyone has been cheering me on. I really appreciate their support and feel grateful." "Actually I felt more pressure on the first day than today (with kachikoshi on the line). Now that I am here, I am trying to win all my bouts this basho. I also want to blow away my regret from the last time." (Five years ago in Juryo, Toyonoshima won 13 straight bouts and losing on Day 14 to finish with 14-1.) Kyokunankai (3-5) over Tochinonada by uwate-hineri, 6.8 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (A dream come true as he was able to serve a role in the yokozuna dohyo-iri today as Tsuyu-harai as a result of Kyokutenho facing Hakuho this day. Though cautioned by Hakuho he was walking too quickly out of the dohyo, 32 year old Makuuchi debut rikishi appeared to be genuinely moved by the whole experience.) "I felt so gratified. I felt it was all worth sticking around this long to be able to do all this." (Getting his first win since his son was born as he stopped his own modest losing streak today.) "Well actually my own bout was far from my mind today. I guess that helped me remove the tension out of my bout." Yoshikaze (7-1) losing to Kimurayama by tsukiotoshi, 2.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (His winning streak coming to an end and missing Kachikoshi) "I slipped....Ah...I was doing so well too. I wasted a great opportunity." (Like the Kyushu Basho last year, the winning streak ends at 7.) "Again! I can't get over the seven. I guess now I won't get to face the yokozuna after all." Wakanosato (0-8) losing to Tochinoshin by yorikiri, 3.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Losing eight straight for the first time in his career.) "Again I still believe if I can get one win, things will turn around. I just want to win one as quickly as possible." "I guess you are never too old (being 34 years old) to have the new experience. But if I may say one thing, my opponent is young so for at least for the rematch, I would have wanted him to come at me straight." Tochiozan (6-2) losing to Baruto by oshidashi, 6.7 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- "I definitely figured he would come out pushing me away, not a yotsu." Baruto (7-1) over Tochiozan ------------------------------------ (Setting aside Tochiozan who has been doing so well this basho to preserve his one loss record.) "He is pretty strong so I knew I could not get him out by simply pushing him on. So I was trying to get into a hidari-yotsu today." "You know I am only doing what I need to do, no less or no more, but you know lately I feel the weight of getting kachikoshi too. A good thing is that I have been able to go with my own sumo. I have been thinking of coming up with many moves and I have been practicing a lot prior to the basho too. Don't forget I am strong too (laughs)." "Right now all I am thinking of is getting the win. (On facing Kaio on Day 9) Sounds great. I will do my best." Hakkaku oyakata (former Yokozuna Hokutoumi) ----------------------------------------------------- (On Baruto using Tsuppari from tachiai to get his opponents out.) "His opponent starts wondering how he comes out, especially a prospect of tsuppari can bring more uncertainty and uneasiness to his opponent's mind. And that helps Baruto to get the mawashi that much easier. It should work equally well against high ranked opponents too, including Hakuho." Kotooshu (8-0) over Aran by yorikiri, 12.7 sec -------------------------------------------------- (On eight bout winning streak since Day 1.) "I went into the bout, not really trying to think too much, letting my body do the moving." "It's been a while, isn't it? I want to keep my focus on my sumo strictly till the end. I try not to think about the yesterday's bout or next day's, just that day's." Hidenoyama oyakata (an oyakata with Sadogatake Beya) ------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kotooshu) "I believe he feels his lowerback, especially his knee, to be really stable this basho so he does not need to worry about them. It's been more of his mental side too. If he starts getting too greedy, he becomes mentally weak." (On Hakuho started his winning streak after beating Kotooshu on Day 14 of the Hatsu Basho.) "This whole thing started with Kotooshu so it's up to him to stop it for good." Kotoshogiku (5-3) over Harumafuji by kotenage, 2.9 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Against Harumafuji, 20 win and 9 record.) "Whenever I will be facing Kisenosato, Toyonoshima or Harumafuji, I come out feeling I will be out here all to enjoy myself. Maybe that's the secret of my success against them." Harumafuji (5-3) losing to Kotoshogiku -------------------------------------------- (Losing consecutively going against Kotoshogiku, an opponent he appears to wanting to avoid at all cost.) "Today or yesterday, I know there are only throws. I am starting to feel as though I am all weak or the other guy is so strong. I don't know which." Tokusegawa (3-5) losing to Kaio by yorikiri, 18.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Losing in his first ozeki encounter, losing to Kaio by yorikiri.) "And I really did not want to get into a hidari-yotsu and I let myself into it. Obviously I was really nervous, not sure the special atmosphere or ozeki himself. He came out pretty hard too." (On Day 9 bout against the yokozuna) "I have no strategy or anything. All I can do is to go out hard." Kaio (4-4) over Tokusegawa ------------------------------------- (Able to get his favorite migi-uwate and bringing his record to even.) "I tried to do all I could to get into my form and I was able to get the left (yotsu). I was able to go calmly and I think that helped as well." (Still there is a possibility of retirement looming on the near horizon.) "I'd say there is no point in thinking about it. You never know what will happen. Anyway if I can compete as much as I can, that's all I can ask for myself for now. I only need to focus on my sumo every single day." Kyoutenho (2-6) losing to Hakuho by sukuinage, 32.1 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to stop Hakuho's record setting winning streak.) "Well at least I could hear the fans enjoying the bout so in that sense I am happy." Hakuho (8-0) over Kyokutenho --------------------------------------- (Now setting his new goal to equal the great record set by Futabayama.) "Today I felt no different than any other day. Remember I am human too. The night before yesterday, I kept thinking about the record, I really could not sleep well but I am back to normal now. I imagine I'd start feeling tense all over again when I get to around 65 mark or so." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ----------------------------------------------- (On his impression of the basho he termed as the basho to bring back normalcy to Ozumo.) "So far so good. Everything is going smoothly. Except that I am bothered by too many Matta, as that certainly does not contribute to excellent sumo quality." (On many advance tickets going unsold though in the last two days they had sell out as more same day tickets were sold.) "Well, that, I can only ask for your (the media) cooperation." Former Komusubi, Juryo West 14 Iwakiyama, 34, of Sakaigawa Beya will be retiring at the end of this basho. Iwakiyama has been on kyujo three straight basho since the May Basho after suffering a stroke. It now became certain he would be demoted to Makushita next basho. He has been training lately but he indicated he would be retiring if he falls out of Juryo. Iwakiyama graduated from Aomori University and was active in amateur sumo after his graduation. As he acquired Makushita Tsukedashi qualification, he decided to turn pro and made his dohyo debut at the 2000 Nagoya Basho. He made Makuuchi debut at the 2002 Kyushu Basho and one year later at the Kyushu Basho he made Komusubi. He had a total of 43 Makuuchi Basho. He will hold a news conference on the Senshuraku and will work as Sekinoto oyakata as an oyakata associated with Sakaigawa Beya. "He has no problems living from day to day and we felt this was the best thing for him to do now considering the rest of his long life. He did all he could till the very end of his active career so I believe he would have no regret either," his shisho Sakaigawa oyakata said. The Kyokai announced a list of three Shinjo rikishi and three returnees on September 19. Shinjo (new recruit) ---------------------- U from Kanagawa, Arashio Beya Mimanishiki, formerly Nishimura from Tokushima, Isegahama Beya Sakuraumi, formerly Takahashi from Tochigi, Shikihide Beya Returnee -------- Hokutokuni (former Juryo), from Yamagata, Hakkaku Beya Miyake from Hyogo, Oguruma Beya Tajima from Kagoshima, Matsugane Beya Yusho Race Board ----------------- Makuuchi: 0 loss - Hakuho, Kotooshu 1 loss - Baruto, Yoshikaze Juryo: 0 loss - Toyonoshima
  19. Sokokurai (4-3) over Kakizoe by tsuki-otoshi, 4.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------- (130 kg light weight displaying a wild tsuri-otoshi reminiscent of Asashoryu to down Kakizoe but regretting later about getting carried away to execute the risky move.) "I should have been taken him out simply but I ended up going for the throw. I want to come back keeping myself in check and remain little bit calmer." Yoshikaze (5-2) over Gagamaru by hikiotoshi, 3.3 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (On seven bout winning streak, not washing his hair since the steak began,) "All I can say is I stink and my head is so itchy. But I will get Kachikoshi tomorrow for sure." (Beating Gagamaru by hikiotoshi/) "You realize I (all of 140 kg) can't take that huge guy (202 kg) by simply pushing him out. I was prepared to be pushed down by him." (On his modest 7 bout winning streak) "I had a surgery done on my left elbow prior to the last basho and I really could not do much (he was 1 win 9 loss by Day 10 last basho). But I am aware of how close I am to kachikoshi this basho. Besides who knows I may even get to face the yokozuna if I keep on winning from now on." Kotokasuga (4-3) over Kasugao by hatakikomi, 1.4 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his fourth straight after losing three straight to start the basho by downing an opponent he had never won against, losing seven straight since their first encounter two years ago.) "Yeah, this is my first win against him." (On beating him by hatakikomi) "It was more of a desperation move. But I finally have more wins than losses now. When I was with 0-3 earlier, I thought how long I could keep going on." Aminishiki (5-2) over Tosayutaka by okuridashi, 8.1 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his fifth win and ranked at West 4, he may even face Hakuho.) "Obviously I want to go against him if my conditions improve. I think you get to have lot more fun up there (in the top ranks)." Tochiozan (6-1) over Wakanosato by oshidashi, 5.6 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Seeing yotsu-zumo specialist Wakanosato come out pushing in but somehow endured to get his sixth straight win.) "Actually I was so surprised that he started that way. But I kept thinking not to give him a firm yotsu, keep moving and not beaten mentally." "I feel I am moving forward well. As I am able to see my opponent's move well, I would not go down easily even if I get slapped down." Kakuryu (4-3) over Harumafuji by uwate-hineri, 21.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Downing Harumafuji) "I have been losing to him him by pulling him in so I tried never to pull him today." Kaio (3-4) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 4.8 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Easily losing by yorikiri, suffering his third straight loss, even appeared to be outpaced, outsmarted by Kotoshogiku.) "I need to display a sumo that I can respond well to my opponent's moves." "Well, I know it does not look too promising right now but it's not yet over. I still possess a strong will to continue. Really I can't afford to lose that right now." (On his right knee injured during his bout against Tokitenku on Day 4.) "What can I tell you? It's so hard knowing I can't keep up with my opponent and I can't go against him in the way I really want to. All I can do is to try to forget about the injury while I am up on the dohyo" Kisenosato (2-5) losing to Hakuho by oshidashi, 11,5 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Had some success attempting to get Hakuho out of balance and had a few chances to win but let the yokozuna take initiative in the end.) "I was able to withstand his harite out of the tachiai for change so I figured maybe I could do well against him today but obviously by looking at the result you know the life ain't that easy." "There was a crucial moment in there when I should have moved into him. I thought the timing was all OK but unless one keeps pressuring him hard with sharp moves, he is not someone one could easily beat." Hakuho (7-0) over Kisenosato ----------------------------------- (A close call as he attempted to pull Kisenosato in close and could not get the mawashi throughout but recovered nicely at the end.) "I must admit I was a bit nervous but since I was able to tie the record yesterday, the goal I set to myself prior to this basho, I felt little more relaxed." "I couldn't get my feet to really moving well and generate power but fortunately my lower back remained stable for me. " "After the bout, all kinds of thought flashed through my mind, like congratulating myself of doing the job well done, like you go through so many things to reach this point." (On getting congratulated by Kokonoe oyakata/) "I realized one again how great the oyakata's record was. I am not sure whether he was happy about me breaking his record or upset though. I was not sure which (laughs) but I could see tears in his eyes". (On being within only 15 win shy of Futabayama's hitherto unbreakable record.) "It sounds so close but yet so far away. If you ask me I guess that's my gut feeling right now." "Basically every day I just try to persevere all I can to get up on the dohyo, taking it one day at a time." (On having the first sell out of this basho as the fans expected to see him break the record.) "I am happy about so many people taking the time to come see us compete today." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ----------------------------------------------- "It appeared he was a bit tight today. I guess the yokozuna was human after all. Out of his 54 wins he had some close calls. But with this record he established today, I see him extending his streak slightly longer." (On having the first sell out, Maiin Onray this basho.) "I am really happy about that. I believe today we had pretty good sumo throughout as well too." Kokonoe oyakata, former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji -------------------------------------------------------- "I believe he is thinking of this simply as a point to pass through. I don't see any weakness at the moment. It doesn't look like his streak will end any time soon. This is no longer about who his opponent is but one of concentration, how he could maintain his focus on his sumo as he goes along. But he made me realized that the 53 bout winning streak was indeed a phenomenal number." Takanohana oyakata, Chief Dohyo Judge ------------------------------------------------ (On seeing Hakuho's bout today from the dohyo side.) "Actually I think I was more nervous, trying to make sure we would not miss anything as a judge." "I guess the fans may have wanted Kisenosato to really take it to the yokozuna but the yokozuna's strength resides in a fact he won't permit it. It may have been appeared as if he was in danger but the yokozuna's sumo was perfect. His lower back was as firm and stable as always." Kumagatani oyakata, Hakuho's personal shisho -------------------------------------------------------- "Simply put, right now I don't see any opponent to equal Hakuho." "He never misses doing Shiko and Suriashi or Mata-wari every single day. I see him repeating the basic exercises for over an hour again and again." "Even seeing from far, you can tell his shiko is the yokozuna class now. It is a proof of how stable his lower back is." Consecutive Win Record over 30 (since the beginning of Showa Era) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Futabayama - 69 2. Hakuho - 54 3. Chiyonofuji - 53 4. Taiho - 45 5. Asashoryu - 35 6. Haguroyama - 32 6. Kitanoumi - 32 8. Takanohana - 30 (Prior to Showa Era Year 2, 1928, if one rikishi went on kyujo, the other rikishi was also recorded as kyujo so there was no win or loss recorded. During winning streaks by rikishi prior to the year, there were these types of kyujo days. Prior to the Showa Era, Yokozuna Tanikaze of Edo Era had a record of 63 bout straight wins while the first Umenotani established 58 consecutive win record in Meiji Era while Yokozuna Tachiyama won 56 bout consecutively in Taisho Era.) The Onokuni Story ---------------------- It happened 22 years ago. Yokozuna Onokurni (current Shibatayama oyakata) was told by his shisho, Hanaregoma oyakata (former Ozeki Kaiketsu, current Kyokai Chairman), "At the moment, you have no hope of winning". It was the night before the 1988 Kyushu Basho Senshuraku, Ononkuni was heading into what turned out to be the very final Ozumo bout of the Showa Era. Against his opponent Yokozuna Chiyonofuji (current Kokonoe oyakata) who recorded his 53rd consecutive win that day. "At that time I could not have done anything right against him. I needed to think how I could display my own sumo form," Shibatayama oyakata said. "I remember I was able to jump out of tachiai on my own pace. I grabbed his left front mawashi and established the flow. I was pulled in close by him but I was able to use my own weight (200 kg) to overwhelm him at the end." Shibatayama oyakata described how formidable Chiyonofuji was at the time. "Once you let him get your front mawashi, he had so much power to pull you in close. Even though he did not have size, he could move around so well. His lower back was so stable that you could not shake him loose". "We don't have any yokozuna to yokozuna bouts right now, compared to that time and back then we did have a good group of new up and coming rikishi like Akinoshima (curent Takadagawa oyakata) too. Right now everyone around Hakuho is just being overwhelmed ". The oyakata laments no one is trying to stop the yokozuna's one man march. "Basically I think they lack more through study of the yokozuna's sumo. I don't see many rikishi trying desperately to hang onto the yokozuna either. Really I want them to show more fighting spirits," the oyakata complaines. Meanwhile the oyakata's former shisho, Hanaregoma oyakata could only make a brief comment, "I am sure our ozekis can show us what they are really made of and their true mettle".
  20. Jonosuke

    Rikishi Talk Day 7 Aki Basho 2010

    A bit more: Takamisakari ----------------------- (Losing five straight since Day 3) "Mentally I can't really recover from each day. When you keep losing, it's so hard." Wakanosato ----------------------- (Having the distinction of being the sole Makuuchi rikishi with no win this basho) "Nothing at all is working for me now. I know I only just need to get a win to turn this around so I just want to get that win as quickly as possible." Kotooshu ----------------- (Staying calm and stable, just keep on trucking so far.) "Today I had no other choice but to move forward. I think I have been staying cool throughout my bout this basho." Harumafuji ------------------- "I got my knee in there but it's OK. But that man (Kakuryu) is really getting stronger."
  21. Daido (1-0, Makushita West 1) over Fukao by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Falling down to Makushita after admitting baseball gambling. Getting into a firm yotsu with Fukao and with three minute of immovable state, the bout was stopped by Chief Dohyo Judge Nakamura oyakata and restarted after a two minute of rest, normally re-scheduled after two bouts later but a Juryo bout was scheduled right after. ) "It was the most effective two minute for me as I was totally exhausted by then." Fukao (0-1, Makushita East 2), losing to Daido ------------------------------------------------------- (Losing in the rematch) "I was really disappointed as I felt I was in a better position so I really regretted that it had to be stopped." Miyabiyama (0-1, Juyo East 2) losing to Toyonoshima by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing at the end despite pushing Toyonoshima hard but feeling good about the return after the one basho suspension due to baseball gambling.) "I must admit I was rather fearful prior to getting up on the dohyo as I wasn't sure if I could display a decent sumo but once I was on, I really felt so happy being able to compete. I just need to keep improving my sumo now. Anyway what's the point of going up there only to show a boring sumo to everyone. It's better to work hard to make the bout more exciting." Toyonohsima (1-0, Juryo West 1) over Miyabiyama ------------------------------------------------------------ (Beating another baseball gambling amigo Miyabiyama in their Juryo bout.) "This wasn't about a win or loss actually. I was so happy about being able to compete once again. When I heard someone yell during the dohyo-iri, 'Welcome back!', it really made me shiver. I want to keep displaying powerful sumo. But all it's been said, whether I win or lose on Day 1 makes such a difference. During the suspension I lost some weight but the win can lead to more self confidence." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ---------------------------------------------- (On the Miyabiyama-Toyonoshima Juryo bout) "It was so spirited that it was like experiencing an illusion in time as if seeing a bout in Makuuchi last half. I just want them to put the past behind and do their best going fotward. We have now seen that those suspended Makuuchi rikishi competing in Juryo showing splendid sumo. I wish them all to quick return to Makuuchi." (Out of baseball gambling suspension rikishi, all except Toyohibiki, won their Juryo bout.) Goeido (1-0, Juryo East 1) over Toyozakura by hikiotoshi, 1.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Another of baseball gambling suspension rikishi winning today.) "I have caused concerns and worries to all the people who have kept supporting me throughout. I will definitely need to keep winning to regain their support." Tosanoumi (1-0) over Kyokunankai by hatakikomi, 4.0 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his first bout after returning to Makuuchi as the oldest rikishi since the beginning of Showa Era at the age of 38 years and six months.) "I had a bit more left and felt comfortable. Obviously the goal is to keep winning every bout." Kasugao (1-0) over Sokokurai by yorikiri, 1.9 sec ---------------------------------------------------------- (Receiving huge cheers and support from two bus full of J-League Kawasaki Flontale fans and winning his Day 1 bout.) "The support really helps you win the bout. This is the third time they came over to cheer for me. I won the two out of three bouts. I am so appreciative of their support. If have any time, I'd like to go over there and cheer for them too." (Located in Kawasaki City, Kasugayama Beya rikishi have been working together with the Kawasaki players to generate more local interests and exposure to their respective sport.) Takamisakari (1-0) over Aminishiki by oshidashi, 11.0 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- (With the return of Nagatani-En, his sponsor, receiving nine Kensho already on the first day after getting only five Kensho winning 9 bouts the last basho.) "I cannot express my thanks enough. But remember I am not doing this for kensho alone. By displaying good sumo we can get our fans back to come see us that much quicker." "Today I felt calm and I was able to go with my pace." (Told his opponent is also vying for his kensho every bout.) "I know they are all aiming for that but if we can bring in more excitement to the basho, we are all better for it." (On a possible encounter with an ozeki or even yokozuna this basho ranked at Maegashira East 5.) "Listen all I can do is do my best. That's all." Tochiozan (0-1) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 5.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Appearing too tight and losing his first day.) "When you have a bad tachiai, you never get any solid sumo in. I don't believe I was that much nervous knowing this basho is my sekiwake debut." Kaio (1-0) over Homasho by hatakikomi, 10.2 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- (Somehow getting his first win in his Kadoban basho after chasing Homasho and slapping him down. Appearing to be still suffering from left shoulder injury suffered back in Nagoya Basho and not willing to go into a yotsu position and preferring to push and pull sumo style. Admitting only starting to train five days ago.) "I just managed to win barely. I ended up pulling him in here and there but I am doing all I can and I have nothing left. I was just desperate." (On his left shoulder) "Well I think it will be all right but you can't tell by one day. You never know what will happen tomorrow." Baruto (1-0) over Wakanosato by tsukidashi, 2.4 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Overwhelming his opponent with dynamic Tsukidashi. With NHK live coverage back, his fans abroad once again could see his sumo.) "I am really happy that we are back on TV." Harumafuji (1-0) over Kisenosato by shitate-dashinage, 15.5 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Displaying a full spirited sumo) "Whenever I face Kisenosato, it really makes me more motivated. I wanted to show good sumo. We are no longer at the same rank but he is still my rival." Hakuho (1-0) over Kakuryu by yorikiri, 27.0 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- (On his 48th straight win, beating technical wizard Kakuryu by switching his mawashi hands around.) "I used the longer reach and height to my advantage. I was able to lean my weight on him well too." "I couldn't get the tachiai the way I wanted. It's a flow but somehow I was able to move out of rather precarious position." "Was I nervous? Sure all rikishi are tight on the first day so I am no different." (On not able to received the Emperor Cup last basho and cried.) "What's done is done. I only need to do my best looking forward." Kokonoe oyakata (former Yokozuna Chiyonfuji) -------------------------------------------------------- (Hakuho approaching his consecutive win record and heading to tie the record on Day 6.) "It is something one needs to build one bout at a time. He can make it, all he needs to do is to do his best for himself." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging --------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho) "He excels in bringing his bout from disadvantageous position to his advantage. He is stable and he is quick to move to his offensive." (On his first day as the director of Judging) "It's not my first time on Judge seat but I was able to complete it rather comfortably and in good mood today." Hanaregoma Oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ---------------------------------------------- (On his two and half minute opening address.) "I actually wanted to offer more apology and show our appreciation to the fans. I actually cut down quite a bit of my speech to make it shorter." (On Tokyo Basho Day 1 not selling out for the first time in five years.) "If we keep showing good exciting brand of sumo, I have no doubt that the fans will love to come back and see us live at the Kokugikan." Hakkaku oyakata (former Yokozuna Hokutoumi) --------------------------------------------------------- (With Tamanoi oyakata, former Ozeki Tochiazuma, helped distribute 10,000 McDonalds fans to arriving spectators at the Kokugikan today.) "When we had so many sponsors canceling their participation last basho, McDonalds helped us with over 100 kensho as well as their continued support for us. This is the least we can do for them to show our appreciation." Record ------------ Kotooshu - 400th Career win Kensho - 82 (compared to 19 last basho but less than 93 Aki Basho last year.) "Last year at the Aki Basho we had 1,006 for the 15 days. We expect to equal the number this basho." - a Kyokai official. A new sponsor this basho is TOKAI, an operator of bottled water deliveray service. Attendance - 8689 (capacity: 11098), No sell out at the Kokugikan, for the first time in five years. Left over reserved tickets were 3,122 at 4PM today. Matsuchiyama oyakata, Ticket Sale Manager: "We even have quite a few tickets left for the Senshuraku. Ocha managers are saying their ticket sales have been dismal so far as well." After suspending their live coverage at the Nagoya Basho, NHK Sogo has resumed the full live coverage of Makuuchi bouts. At the beginning of their telecast today, they aired a special segment explaining the Kyokai efforts to reform Ozumo including an interview with Hanaregoma oyakata. NHk said they felt they had received a certain understanding from their viewers which contributed to their decision to resume the live coverage this basho. -------------------------------- There will be three recruits who will be competing in Mae-zumo: - Hiroki Nishimura, 18, from Mima, Tokushima Prefecture, of Isegahama Beya. 175 cm tall, 118 kg. - Koji U, 16, from Yokohama, of Isegahama Beya, 176 cm tall, 68 kg. - Toru Takahashi, 21, Ohtawara, Tochigi Prefecture, of Shikihide Beya, 167 cm tall, 67 kg. Nishimura is the only recruit who passed in the preliminary recruit exam while the other two passed the secondary exam. ---------- Juryo West 13 Yamamotoyama, 26, (Ryuichi Yamamoto from Saitama) of Onoe Beya has gone on kyujo. He injured his left knee during the Nagoya Beya and it has not been healing well. This is his fourth kyujo and second consecutive basho. His opponent, Tochinowaka, received a fusen win today. He will become fourth Juryo rikishi to go on kyujo including Matsutani who is on forced kyujo due to his involvement in baseball gambling. It's likely that YMY will be demoted to Makushita next basho as it appears rather difficult for him to come back this basho. Onoe oyakata, Yamamotoyama's shisho: "I intend to ask him to see if he can come back during this basho." Sanyaku rank Gyoji Tamamitsu Kimura, 60, (Nobehide Ueda from Kyoto) of Hanaregoma Beya and Masanao Kimura, 57, (Yukihisa Yamauchi from Gifu) of Asahiyama Beya have gone on kyujo from Day 1. Tamamitsu has left foot injury while Masanao is ill, diagnosed with liver cancer and expected to be in treatment for at least several months. The Kyokai continued their strict surveillance of any organized crime members at the Kokugikan by stationing 25 police officers in and around the arena today. In addition those arriving to seat in the reserved special Kyokai Supporter Sunakaburi section needed to register at a special desk near the entrance with two security video camera to check their identification. Manabu Iwai, 57, from Shizuoka who arrived replacing a supporter member had to go through rigorous identity check. "In a situation we are in, they will have to do this so personally I didn't really mind it at all. We are still seeing the same sumo anyway." Another supporter member, 60 year old man from Tokyo said, "I felt they should make the check more rigorous to rid of organized crime influence completely." Kykai Chairman Hanaregoma Opening Address =============================== I would like to formerly offer a warm greeting to you all on this occasion of Day 1. I'd like to deeply apologize for causing the worst crisis situation in the Ozumo history recently to have you gone through such grave concerns and inconvenience. All of us, members of the Kyokai, are taking this situation very seriously and have a strong determination to work all we can to educate and lead the Kyokai members toward the full reforms of Sumo Kyokai. We will also do our utmost to persevere and do our best working together as the whole Kyokai in one to have our fans regain the love of Sumo and Kyokai and to come to our venue to see Ozumo, moving forward working towards the goal. Regarding our decision to hold the September Basho, we have received severe criticism and guidance but the fact we have been able to hold this basho as a basho should be held normally, I consider it to be the result of your understanding, making me feel the joy, that I feel no higher. I'd appreciate once again to ask for your guidance and your continued interest in our endeavors. As all of our rikishi are facing this basho as the basho to regain your full trust and will do their best to fulfill your expectations to step up on the dohyo to display their motivated sumo, I would ask you to come see the basho till the Senshuraku and cheer us on, making the request to close my opening address. September 12, the Heisei Era 22, Registered Foundation Nihon Sumo Kyokai Chairman. Teruyuki Hanaregoma
  22. Jonosuke

    New rules in the Kogugikan

    Does this mean we can no longer just buy a same day ticket to watch earlier bouts around Sunakaburi? If so, this sucks as there is no chair seat (single seat) on the first floor. I saw an early bout on NHK News at Noon today and I noticed there was absolutely no one around the dohyo so I figure either everyone stopped showing up early or something.
  23. Jonosuke

    Riji changes

    Chairman Hanaregoma Q & A -------------------------------------------- Q: You decided to bring in an outside director (former Acting Director Murayama) to the post of Deputy Chairman. Hanaregoma: Strictly Sumo is concerned, obviously all of us know well enough. But dealing with all outside relationships, I am not confident to do all that by myself alone. I will be consulting with the deputy to see if we can search for a best course of action. Q: Are you considering to have the post of deputy chaiman to be the permanent fixture in Ozumo? A: Personally I believe each chairman should judge what is the best for us and for the time. Q: Why did you replace your director of Public Relations at this time? A: We had a variety of opinion expressed concerning strengthening the post. I felt we needed someone who could express our points of view to the outside world and I came to a conclusion that perhaps the person who could best represent us at this time would be Nishonoseki oyakata. MIchinoku oyakata (the previous PR Director) is still young. I would like him to learn more working towards the future. Q: Why are you bringing in an outsider to the position of Deputy Director of Public Relations? A: Regarding the PR work, we have never moved with time and have been doing the same thing over and over whether it was working or not. At the board meeting we decided we would need to start exploring in new areas. Q: You have appointed Takanohana oyakata as the Director of Judging. A: We should be putting our best face forward to the position of Judging Director. As well I felt it's worthwhile to let him experience a variety of things from now on.
  24. Jonosuke

    Et Tu, Haruma?

    A magazine well known for its aggressive paparazzi, (Bi-)Weekly Flash, says in this week's issue to be published on August 17, it will have a photo showing Ozeki Harumafuji and an executive member of prominent organized crime group, taken at a golf club. Koichiro Mochizuki, Kyokai's chief legal counsel and member of its Independent Investigation Committee, declined to respond specifically to the photo other than saying, "As the issue in question is not published yet, we will not make a specific comment at this point. Once it is published, we will review it and decide on our course of action".