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    Hello Nagoya

    The committee can rush to wrap up all they want but it won't settle the issue when so many guys are denying the involvement. It will likely drag on for weeks. Without a more or less firm closure to this, their friends at Ministry of EduSci won't be agreeable for any hon-basho. The May ticket is supposed to go on sale on April 9 and they certainly won't have enough time to get all this pass through to the Ministry folks. The Kyokai has virtually run out of the time for the regular Natsu Basho aside from holding such a basho when they can experience a rolling power blackout any time during the basho as well as JR Sobu and Oedo Subway lines working, maybe, around a half capacity and could stop their trains from running any time of the day.
  2. Jonosuke

    Meanwhile, the rikishi are..

    There are a lot they can do without fleeing. They can help raise the money needed for rebuilding efforts, joining in charitable events. I did not mean to go to the areas as many have evacuated the areas. How about a heya taking food to cook chanko at evacuations centres in Saitama or Ibaraki within the reach once things are settled down? All sumo beya regularly receive foodstuffs from their supporters liviing in many areas like rice, vegetables, meats, fish and fruits. Well they can certainly contribute some of these especially if they combine their efforts by ichimon or the whole Kyokai. I am sure they can stock a whole truck load. There are all kind of things we can do without getting in the way, all we need is compassion and ideas.
  3. Jonosuke

    Fukushima plants after the quake

    Even one person who may die of radiation from Fukushima years from now is bad but worse is even at this moment elderly people are dying in evacuation centers because of no heat or medication or adequate food, water and blankets. Already two dozen people have died in evacuation centers because of these reasons. A major factor that materials do not reach these centers is because of overly elevated radiation scare - not enough drivers are going in the areas and even those who go, they would not be able to get there because there are shortages of gas or oil at gasoline stations in the regions because only few gasoline trucks are going there to re-stock the stations as they do not enter the no-go zone. Many foreign media and governments accused Japanese governments for setting 25 or 30 km radius to be no-go zone and asking them to extend them quickly to 50 or 80 km without understanding one of the major reasons they could not do so is if they have extended the zone, they would have to evacuate hundred of thousands of people right away and they simply do not have enough transportation and gas or infrastructure capacity to carry out such an operation right now. If everyone can get out on their own, great but almost all gas stations are closed and absolute shortage of gas and fuel and remember most are elderly and sick without any means of transportation. Many of the people who are still in 25 to 30 km zone are indeed elderly and sick and their family. To move these people they would need to bring in hundreds of ambulances and specially trained medical personnel. If they extended the zone prior to these people moved out, they would have simply run out all medicine, food and water and fuel in these stricken areas. So things are as not simple as some want to make out to be. There are priorities and the highest priority is to save as many people's lives as possible by moving them out safely. Focusing solely on the nuclear issue will not help the majority of those suffering or trying to help them now.
  4. Jonosuke

    Meanwhile, the rikishi are..

    For someone following so-called the national sport of Japan for so many years. my leaning may be even right of the Sankei Shimbun or my view may strictly belong to a minority but any of non-Japanese rikishi who wants to fly back home, the Kyokai should let him and hand him the walking paper as they don't need him. Actually no nation needs any one who flees after the first sign of trouble as they are nothing more than long term tourists. All non-Japanese rikishi came to Japan on their volition and those who became successful became successful because of their own determination and whole lot of love and support from others, including those who may have suffered and are suffering from the quake and tsunami and living with no more than two Onigiri a day. The Kyokai had many jungyos in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi and all rikishi should think long and hard how generously they have been treated while they were in these areas. It is a question of whether they want to live through and share hardships and anguish with many of their supporters who are unable to flee or they want to dig deeper and show their true blue camaraderie with the people who truly love the sport they love. They truly have a great opportunity to be a part of rebuilding process and solutions. They already know what their life with sumo is like but they should think what their life was and is and will be like without sumo.
  5. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Actually the NHK's Sumo Chukei magazine is more or less a PR magazine for their sumo broadcast as it's been always a special issue of their TV magazine lineups so since there is no Haru Basho broadcast, there is no point in publishing it. Their subscription base has reached to an alarming low level and it's been a case of when, not if when they cease the publication. With their BS coverage gone now and knowing how fragile their Sogo coverage is, like when they have a Diet session, NHK feels they no longer need to advertise it as much. On the other hand, I do miss the Yomiuri's Ozumo magazine. I stuck with it even after they went bi-monthly as they had a bit more lighter outlook on Ozumo but then they were getting back so many unsold issues, they had no choice. At least as long as Ozumo is going, we can still depend on the Baseball Sha's Sumo magazine as they like to call themselves the official sanctioned magazine of Ozumo, regardless how low their subscriber base falls. Heck there is even a kayak magazine in Japan so I am sure they can find some way to keep publishing it.
  6. 1. For the time being (until such a time as approved by the Kyokai), all keiko must be done in your own heya however you can still go out for a de-geiko. 2. For the time being (until such a time as approved by the Kyokai), all jungyo events should not be held. 3. Visits to senior citizens home and facilities are encouraged as long as such a visit is done within sole initiative and confine of each individual heya and participated by a small number of rikishi (but a prior notice must be received by the Kyokai's PR department). 4. Volunteering and charitable activities are encouraged and should be pursued by every member. 5. Request for appearances and lectures should be carefully judged on its merits and should be only accepted if they remain within the limit of self restraint mode. 6. The Kyokai's manual, "Code of Conduct for Kyokai Members" should be thoroughly read and be re-read by every member. 7. Acceptance to wedding, funeral and other social gatherings should be considered carefully and to be limited. 8. All parties and receptions as well as engagement and lecture activities sponsored by heya should be either curtailed or canceled. 9. Cooperate fully to all investigating efforts conducted by Special Investigating Committee. 10. Maintain a healthy living lifestyle by watching your health and by not overindulging. 11. Ensure to remind yourself, "we will stand tall and straight more than ever now by re-appraising ourselves of who we really should be. And we will proceed ahead by walking towards the new path for new generation". 12. Each heya must set its own curfew time every night to be observed by every single rikishi. 13. Whenever you need to visit a facility outside of the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, your own home, hospital/clinics, you must receive a prior permission and approval from the heya shisho. 14. Always remind yourself that "I am under the watchful eye of others, every conduct of mine is being judged by them", and act accordingly and responsibly. 15. Persevere every single day, remembering the time you started training for sumo for the first time. 16. Not only in your own neighborhood but also everywhere, whenever you are greeted, greet back simply and sincerely. 17. Act responsibly by following rules. with integrity.
  7. On surface it may mean you never know a Friday magazine freelancer photo guy is waiting for you to capture some shots while you are coming out of an expensive restaurant with Kotoviki san but I think there is an implication of "loose lips sink ships". It sounds like the Kyokai is telling the guys that don't be an ahole like former Kanechika cheating his wife and boasting knowing about yaocho with a lover in some hotel room
  8. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    I believe you meant Maenoyama, former Takadagawa oyakata and Kotozakura, former Sadogatake oyakata. Both were specifically singled out as they were ozeki for so-called "Mukiryoku Sumo" (Un-motivated Sumo). At 1972 March basho, Maenoyama was in a dire strait. He injured his right foot a while back and he could no longer compete at this level, repeating 8-7 basho and in this basho he was in danger of falling out of ozeki. Kotozakura appeared not to be in his usual combative mode as he never initiated any offensive move, simply satisfied to stay in a yotsu position and in the end he was rather easily thrown out. The Kyokai sent out a note of caution to both shisho for "Mukiryoku Sumo" but this is not exactly a yaocho. Actually the Kyokai still refused to use the term, Yaocho, instead preferring to categorize it with an euphemism, "Koi ni yoru Mukiryoku Sumo", literally meaning "intentional unmotivated sumo" but for Maenoyama vs Kotozakura, they did not include the term "Koi", so I am not sure if one can call the bout as a yaocho as in the Kyokai's view it was not "intentional". Of course we may be splitting the Mage here.
  9. Jonosuke

    How would you repair sumo

    I suppose providing a salary to lower division rikishi will reduce yaocho for an obvious reason like one day you had your helper washing your back and the next day you are the one doing it for him if he is promoted to Juryo and you fall down to Makushita but as long as there is a difference in pay, it will not really eliminate yaocho. They can make it more difficult though by radically changing the way the yusho winner is decided in a basho. First 15 day basho is too long so they cut it to 7 day, competing on every other day (of course this will reduce their income but they will need to augment their lost income by going on Jungyo more - I have an idea for Jungyo set up) then on each basho day, they will switch to a tournament style to decide the yusho winner every day by elimination in each division. So Makuuchi rikishi will face other Makuuchi rikishi regardless of Heya or Ichimon. A Yokozuna will first face the bottom guy and the highest ozeki will face the second lowest guy etc and only the winner in each round advancing to the next round until the overall winner for the day is decided. As the last round winners do compete for more bouts, they will likely get more exhausted so chances are there will be more yusho winners (Hakuho will unlikely win all seven days). This will also mean they need to win all their bouts, they must deal with all their competitors on the same day and individually it will be pretty difficult to arrange a yaocho as they are never sure who their next round opponent will be and not enough time to arrange the bout between the rounds. And having Torikumi based on the previous basho day from Day 2 onwards, it's also really difficult to figure out who your opponents for the next day. Anyway on Day 7 (the senshuraku), all past six yusho winners (or five or four or two yusho winners) will meet in the elimination round. It's possible that by this time the yusho winner for the whole basho is decided as he could win all six days but even now Hakuho could decide the yusho on Day 13. The following basho banzuke will be decided by the record of each rikishi (based on winning percentage as a rikishi loses every bout, he will only have seven bouts, so injured rikishi can only show up seven times). As for Jungyo, to maximize the revenue, they separate in four camps - one fourth going to Kyushu/Okinawa, another going to Chugoku/Shikoku area, another to an area between Tokyo and Osaka and the last going to Hokuriku and Hokkaido. They will do this four times a year, each time a different group is going to a different area. By cutting down the number of participants, they can reduce the cost so they can charge less to the promoters and fans and they can get four times more revenue by having four Jungyo at the same time four times a year. This way they will get more visibility in areas not served now and more people get access to completions and rikishi.
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    Rikishi/Oyakata/YDC reactions to yaocho affair

    hmmm what is the point this reporter is making? That the restaurant is expensive and that he must be able to afford it because he took bribes? 10,000 course start... this is Tokyo, no big deal!! Secret unidentified man.... again no big deal, doesn't the riji have his own life? He isn't always going to be out with rikishi/oyakata every minute of his life. Sometimes I am also seen out with unidentified people when I'm not having dinner with rikishi.. LOL Then again is there really a hidden message and I just don't get it? (In a state of confusion...) If there is one last Ozumo man to serve as the Kyokai chairman at the moment and get this to a reasonable resolution, it is Hanaregoma. Unlike many of his counterparts in the board, he really had no ambition to be the chairman and all through his career as an active rikishi or oyakata, he had never been the one to be a star. Time and time during his tenure as the Jungyo director, he preached to the rikishi to show their best in front of the fans coming in to see them and he acted himself accordingly. Perhaps reporters may frequent only ramen shops but many business people do go to lunches and dinners at very expensive restaurants (and they don't even have whatever stars). Some restaurants are so exclusive, they only take their regular customers and guests. Hey, there are even buffet restaurants that charge you close to 10,000 yen. Regardless if Hanaregoma can't do it and leaves his post, the next chairman will be an outsider,
  11. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Because to put it mildly, Ministry of EduSci people no longer have any confidence at all on the Kyokai top echelons to clean themselves as they see them no more than fat geezers with Grade 8 education. After so many repeated infractions, in public forum, the Kyokai has virtually lost all respectability and credibility. Yaocho is not illegal but to preserve their core integrity, the Kyokai must be seeing ridding of themselves of it or they simply should dissolve themselves as a for non-profit organization and turn themselves as a for profit business entity like K-1 or professional wrestling, no PM trophy or Emperor Cup.
  12. Jonosuke

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Here's the Sankei Shimbun newspaper Extra published today, reporting the Kyokai's announcement of Haru Basho cancellation: Sankei Paper Extra As this is something unprecedented in Sumo History (not counting their building not completed to hold a basho), we can all print it and frame it somewhere.
  13. Jonosuke

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    I read there is a clause in the Kyokai's contract as a public funded body that they HAVE to hold a basho, in some form or shape. 財団法人の協会は規約で「力士の技量を審査するための相撲競技およびその他の事業を実施する」という寄付行為施行細則がある。 So, we shall see.. In fact, I'm pretty sure that during the gambling scandal last year Jonosuke himself pointed out that they can't/won't cancel Nagoya for that reason. I don't remember saying this but there is no where in their bylaw that states they have to have six basho a year. There were times they only had two basho a year or three or four. At the same time if they do not hold a basho ever then there is no point in having the organization as it's like a charity that does not collect money and distribute it for a cause. Of course there is no specific clause for having a jungyo but this really hurts as a lot of seniors who can never make it a basho but can travel shorter distance will definitely miss it. With no BS-TV coverage of up to five hours daily from now on and no visibility to those lower than Juryo will mean fewer and fewer people will know younger rikishi and less and less support for them, which is a real shame. Considering all the things that could happen short of losing their non-profit charter, this is the worst possible outcome for them and the fans, so everyone realizing all this and they can only take one step backward before their dissolution as an organization, maybe this time they can garner enough determination to clean the whole house. Hopefully they can come back by the May Basho Soken or they will start losing lower rank guys as some of them like those close to 30 years old will likely feel they will need to find another line of work and be gainfully employed.
  14. Jonosuke

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    What does the bolded part have to do with their ability to hold a basho without spectators? (In a state of confusion...) Because without general public support, the Kyokai cannot hold a basho with or without spectators. If they decide to hold a basho under the current climate, they would lose even a modicum of integrity they may even possess. They would need to come clean first before they can hold any basho behind the scene or otherwise. All that bold part says is a reflection of public anger and sentiment held by the Japanese public. They had no choice but to cancel the basho, even hinting they could hold a basho without spectators speaks loudly of how some in the Kyokai are out of touch with those who are out of their closed world. It only helps to erode t whatever little support they have now. They will need to get real.
  15. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    If we assume (though not likely the final fallout from all this), the current yaocho bouts were confined to three confessers plus Kiyoseumi, there will be collateral damage to their shisho as well and that could be significant as we are talking about Dewanoumi, Kasugano, Kokonoe and Kitanoumi. They certainly will suffer demotions from their current rank, meaning the Kyokai will need to replace them in their board, not sure how they will do it but they will not afford to keep them in the directors rank. They could fill the holes with outsider directors but either way Hanaregoma will have more tough time steering the ship as I am sure Takanohana will start rearing his head and finally will take what he considers to be the rightful place with the Kyokai, which may have been his destiny all along.
  16. Jonosuke

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    I am not sure what the purpose of bringing up this "private" basho business. That basho in 1945 was held without spectators only because there were air raids over Tokyo. It was simply too dangerous for any number of people to gather around as one bomb and you would have hundreds of people perished. This time it's not about having anyone viewing a basho, it's about whether they are in any condition to even hold a basho. And the answer is NOT, with or without spectators. Even before they postponed the Haru Basho ticket sales, Chaya have been receiving a whole lot of cancellation as well as their kensho sponsors were under serious consideration to withdraw their support. NHK has been said to be considering not covering the basho live again. The Kyokai officials were "strongly advised" by government people not to hold the basho. As for salary, all Kyokai members will keep getting their paycheck coming in but their Basho allowances will not be issued. It will be a long three months before the May Basho for most of them, hoping that the basho schedule will be resumed a and normalcy will return somewhat.
  17. Jonosuke

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    The Board of Directors is expected to make an announcement after their special meeting this Sunday morning of the cancellation of Haru Basho. They basically have no choice as the special investigation committee already said they would need another month or so to complete their investigation and Min of EduSci as well as Cabinet members already stated that Kyokai could not hold another basho until they settle this matter or else they would lose their charter as a non-profit organization. It has been a foregone conclusion since most of sekitori have been reportedly saying to the committee they have no recollection of anything related to yaocho being talked about or discussed among themselves. The committee has said they would need to check the rikishi's celll phone log as well as their bank account transactions. I would say even the May Basho may be in jeopardy now.
  18. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    External members of a special committee set up by the Kyokai to investigate this yaocho matter will need to act quickly and decisively if the Kyokai wants to save the Haru Basho. The committee chairman is saying they would interview each of alleged participants individually and at length as well as sending out a survey to all of over 900 members of the Kyokai. Even if they work overtime, they won't likely finish the whole thing by the end of month and by then everyone has to get busy and needs to get prepared for Haru Basho if they want to have the basho open. Haru Basho is especially important to the Kyokai as that's the basho most of their recruits join. Now if the recruits are really keen on joining, they may join the following basho but that one month or two they wait for can be trying for them as their family members and friends all will be advising against and convincing them not to join such a listing ship. Who knows what the future holds for this organization, they will say. Already Min of EduSci officials are stating publicly, the Kyokai even shouldn't be thinking of holding another basho until they can come clean on all this. Ticket sale in Osaka has been dismal up to now so this bit of news won't encourage folks to rush to the ticket windows either. As I mentioned the Kyokai's needs to have their non-profit organization status approved by the Min of EduSci in two years but now not only the minister but the cabinet secretary stated that the Kyokai is in real danger of losing the status right now. Many think it's not a big deal as they just need to form a business corporation to start out but the law says before a non-profit organization can do so, they will need to clear out all their assets and in case of the Kyokai, it includes the Kokugikan which they will have to "donate" to another charitable organization.
  19. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    I do find it amusing that, for the last scandal, when actual crimes were committed with actual underworld people that few of us ever suspected, most people on this forum accused NHK et al of overreacting. Now, when evidence is found for a non-crime that we all knew was going on, it's a crisis situation. It has nothing to do with whether this is a crime or not. So if this happens in horse racing, it is a crime but not in Ozumo as there is no such criminal law for that. The point I was making is that its repercussion. Ozumo is no friend of the current governing Democrats, Kan, Sengoku and et el. Unlike Liberal Democrats geezers who often served as a honorary chairman of heya or rikishi supporters club and helped them behind the scene. Within two years, the Kyokai will need to get approved by Ministry of EduSci as a non-profit organization and there is less and less likelihood that such thing will happen to them. Without preferential tax treatment and donation from corporations and individuals, at least half of heya are not big enough to survive. After baseball gambling fiasco, heya has lost quite a bit of so called local businessmen who used to sponsor their Jungyo and out of Tokyo basho and their budget is tight enough now, further cuts to their donor base will be near fatal. While the Kyokai itself can survive with NHK rights and their core supporter money, they have been attracting less and less of spectators to the arena as evidenced by the last several basho so losing more fans is something they will like to avoid at all costs as well as having more Chaya going into bankruptcy. I am sure NHK will keep airing live broadcast as there is still a significant base of viewership but they will likely reduce their coverage if the Kyokai loses the status so their broadcast will align more with other sports they cover like baseball and soccer. The Kyokai can kick out known culprits and bad apples like Chiyohakuho but a bad taste in mouth will remain and regain trust back from general public appears to be further and further away from all these events.
  20. Jonosuke

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    The fact that the story came out from police investigation and they do possess evidence that strongly hints that Yaocho took place speaks loudly this time around. It is not some non-fiction crime reporter or weekly newspapers just looking to gain publicity. How serious is this thing? Well the Kyokai immediately summoned their board of directors meeting in the afternoon and by the same evening, they appointed a special committee made up of outsiders to further investigate "alleged" incidents. The Kyokai should realize it may not be enough to kick out those responsible as I have no doubt these took place but they will have to come up with some other drastic actions as anything less the Ministry of Education and Science will not be satisfied. It's entirely possible that the Kyokai could lose a special charter as a non-profit public corporation thereby losing their preferential tax treatment and huge sources of their revenue. It is really a crisis situation that could even threaten their existence unless they take immediate actions as this could cause the cancellation of Haru Basho.
  21. Jonosuke

    Kokkai's downfall

    Funny you say that. Despite their background, Kakizoe and Kokkai have known each other even before they joined Ozumo and climbed up banzuke together battling each other while remaining good friends. I suppose it's natural they fall together. Kakizoe definitely lost most of his mojo however Kokkai's main issue this basho has been his inability to use right elbow.
  22. Jonosuke

    Tenku and Koyu Called to the woodshed

    I'd think his mom would have more happiness in the future as I expect him to go much higher and would threaten even ozeki gang soon.
  23. Mokonami (8-6) over Kokkai by yorikiri, 1 min 5.5 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (A must win situation for him to get kachikoshi to prepare for his wedding reception scheduled for January 29.) "I was feeling so much pressure as people were saying I should cancel the whole reception if I got makekoshi this basho. Now I feel I can go for the great reception." Koryu (8-6) over Toyohibiki by oshidashi, 11.9 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (His wedding planned on one day later than Mokonami's but wanting kachikoshi equally for the same reason.) "There was so much difference in winning and losing (for kachikoshi)." Kotokasuga (8-6) over Takamisakari by yorikiri, 3.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Beating Takamisakari and receiving his first kensho.) "Finally I was able to get one today but this one was pretty thick. Obviously I am pleased with the win but more than that, getting this kensho was really so special." Takamisakari (6-8) losing to Kotokasuga -------------------------------------------------- (Not able to win four consecutive and ended up with makekoshi basho.) "Just because I am getting older, it does not mean I am giving up (to continue as an active rikishi). I need to complete it till the very end." Wakanosato (7-7) losing to Kyokutenho by yorikiri, 17.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing his six straight and now 7-7.) "I just keep hoping for one win to stop all this bad flow but things don't go that well." Goeido (10-4) over Tokitenku by oshidashi, 9.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his 10th and third straight basho to get a double digit winning record.) "I am relieved to achieve the goal I set for myself prior to the basho. My conditions have improved since about mid-way through the basho." Toyonoshima (7-7) over Tokusegawa by tsukiotoshi, 5.0 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Now getting his record back to 7 win 7 loss recovering from 1 win and 7 loss point.) "I did believe I had a chance but actually I didn't think I'd get to where I am now. I want to keep taking advantage of flexibility I have shown so far this basho to face tomorrow's Senshuraku and for kachikoshi (and even for a Sanyaku possibility). Likely I won't be able to sleep tonight but if I recall I was going for the yusho last basho so when you compare to all that, it will not be as huge but still significant for myself." Kakuryu (8-6) over Tamawashi by hatakikomi, 4.8 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Started with four consecutive losses but recovered nicely to get kachikoshi and to preserve his Sanyaku position.) "I think the fact I was able to generate my full power in the last half turned things around." "In the first half I kept worrying about my foot I injured last basho but then I turned myself around by going out hard thinking even if I re-injure it, it's OK." Okinoumi (11-3) losing to Kisenosato by yorikiri, 12.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to stop Hakuho's yusho after being picked to face against a sekiwake despite his rank of East 13 but unable to get into his Migi-yotsu and losing.) "I lost to the atmosphere. Like as if I was competing all alone by myself." (Competed so close to the Musubi for the first time.) "It was just like when I was watching it on TV. You look down and all you see are ozeki under the dohyo. I even had a glimpse of the yokozuna waiting at the back of Hanamichi. I got so high from all that." "I admit it wasn't even close to good sumo but I believe what I gained from all this is huge and will be so valuable to me for my future." (Asked if he was hoping the yokozuna to lose so he would still have a chance tomorrow.) "Are you kidding? Never. None whatsoever. No way. I really did not want the yokozuna to lose. For myself I will do all my best tomorrow." Kisenosato (9-5) over Okinoumi -------------------------------------- (No problem with a young whippersnapper Okinoumi and asked if he didn't want Okinoumi to take him that easily.) "Oh, nothing like that at all (smiles)." "Actually he has power. He has good tsuki and oshi so I really could not afford to take it easy. Once he gets the mawashi he can become formidable." (On Harumafuji bout tomorrow) "I can only go out and have my own sumo. I want to display good sumo to close the basho good." Harumafuji (8-6) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 2.3 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Now with the record against Kotoshogiku of 9 win and 22 loss.) "I can't say anything about anything." Kotoshogiku (11-3) over Harumafuji -------------------------------------------- (Overwhelming Harumafuji and easily setting him aside to gain 11th win, his most. Winning bouts by not particular concerned with mawashi sumo.) "That's perfectly OK with me. It's really giving me more confidence. I don't get too tense this basho and I am so much at ease. Like today I felt comfortable enough even to look around the dohyo. I didn't expect to win this many but I just want to finish the basho with good sumo tomorrow." Kaio (9-5) over Kotooshu by kotenage, 2.3 sec -------------------------------------------------------- (Downing Kotooshu and to face Hakuho in the first Senshuraku Musubi since the 2004 Kyushu against Asashoryu.) "He came lower than I expected. If he leaned on me, I know I'd get injured again so..(went with his killer kotenage). Today I was kind of rushed and started shaking him but tomorrow I really want to to go out by hitting him hard. All I am hoping for is to generate enough power. I feel I only need to focus on my sumo and just go for it." Baruto (9-5) losing to Hakuho by sukuinage, 49.6 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Trying to feign ignorance over Hakuho winning the yusho.) "Really? So the yokozuna won the yusho after all." "I just couldn't generate enough power today. I am late in starting my attack. I tried to exchange my hands on the mawashi but I could not really do it well. I cannot finish my move when I want to." Hakuho (13-1) over Baruto -------------------------------- (Feeling good about tying the record set by Taiho whom he views with great respect.) "I am happy that I have been able to equal the grand old man of Ozumo. I've always thought of the six consecutive yusho to be a great achievement I wanted to achieve some day." "I was able to grab the mawashi just where I wanted today. I can only say I am really happy." "I consider I am in the position to lead all the others. I will need to strive to keep setting good examples." (Finally able to present his own "shisho", former Chikubayama the Yusho trophy as the oyakata returned to become Miyagino oyakata this basho. The oyakata was solely instrumental for Hakuho starting out his career in Ozumo.) "There is no more joy than this world's parent who helped me to grow where I am now to have him hold the trophy. " (On verge of having his third child, possibly within a week.) "Yeah, when I start thinking about it, it gets me really anxious. Like I start wondering it could be today or tomorrow or when." Kokonoe oyakata (former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji) ---------------------------------------------------------- "He has not yet even come close to the finishing mark. He can still accomplish far far more." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman (forme Ozeki Kaiketsu) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You can't describe it any other way than saying he is immensely powerful. He just blew away Baruto today. No wonder he is the most accomplished now (in his six consecutive basho yusho streak). I believe he has been very deliberate in his sumo this basho except the one he lost to Kisenosato. He looks like he is back again in his consecutive winning streak mode." Koki Naya (former Yokozuna Taiho) ------------------------------------------- "I would like to congratulate him heartily. Hakuho really had a good flow this basho. He appeared even more to get himself together after his loss to Kisenosato. For Hakuho, six consecutive yusho basho is simply a passing point so it's nothing to really get excited over. He is young. there are so much more potentials still left to even accomplish seven or eight straight yusho." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------- "He was in a perfect form, never letting Baruto to start up any kind of attack. The moment Hakuho was able to stop Baruto's movement, he already won the bout. After winning the yusho, what kind of sumo he can display on the Senshuraku is something worth looking forward to." Miyagino oyakata (former Makuuchi Chikubayama), Hakuho's shisho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Himself assuming as the heya shisho this basho.) "It's completely different when I was just an oyakata associated with the heya. I feel so passionate about the yusho. (When Hakuho joined the heya) I never even dreamed of him getting this powerful. It was almost like a plain coal transformed into a diamond." Record ----------- Shimotori - 500th Makuuchi appearance Juryo West 14 Masunoyama, 22, of Chiganoura has withdrawn again from the Hatsu Basho on Day 14. He initially injured his right ankle and withdrew for two days starting on Day 9 but returned from Day 11 and got kachikoshi. But he further aggravated his injury on Day 13 and decided to withdraw again. His opponent on Day 14 Asofuji would get a fusen win. Masunoyama's injury was diagnosed to take four weeks to heal. The Kyokai announced the dates for Haru Jungyo as following: April 3 - Ise Jingu Shrine Offertory Sumo April 8 - Yasukuni Jinja Offertory Sumo April 9 - Fujisawa City, Kanagawa (Akibadai Bunka Gymnasium) April 10 - Kamata City, Ibaraki (Sogo Koen Gymnasium) April 16 - Nagano City (M Wave) Makuuchi Yusho: --------------------- East Yokozuna Hakuho (M
  24. Asofuji (Juryo East 8, 1-2) -------------------------------- (Getting his first win this basho) "I finally got my first! Hello people, a Happy New Year! I am so relieved." (In the Hatsu Basho last year, also losing two straight bouts but won his third day, ending up with 8 win and 7 loss record) "You know we just got started. I just want to avoid another consecutive losses." (On January 17, Day 9, celebrating his 35th birthday.) "Actually I can't afford to be enjoying something like a birthday right about now. Beside I am no longer at an age I need to be celebrated, you know. I'd rather want to have my birthday some other day out of basho." (But appeared to be keeping track of his record on his birthday as when asked if he had more wins than losses on his birthday, he responded quickly.) "I think I have been winning more actually." "I am moving well. As long as I can lift my chin up, I will be OK." Tokusegawa (3-0) over Homasho -------------------------------------------- (With Aminishiki facing Hakuho today, Tokusegawa experienced his first duty as Tachimochi in the yokozuna dohyo-iri ceremony. While admitting he was tense during the ceremoney, in his bout he beat Asasekiryu getting into his favorite Migi-yotsu and winning his third straight.) "I tell you I was so nervous, my hands were shaking." (Back in the last Nagoya Basho when he served as Tsuyuharai, he also won.) "I guess this really brings me a good fortune." Tochinonada (3-0) over Sokokurai --------------------------------------- (A veteran winning three straight from Day 1 for the first time since the 2009 Hatsu Basho.) "I am in a good groove but whatever it is, it's from now on that I need to take care of." Goeido (1-2) over Kyokutenho ----------------------------------- (Learning from his first two days, went out low with Migi-yotsu deliberately.) "In the last two days my sumo was rather rough. Like I didn't finish my moves and tried to force unnecessary." (After winning 12 bouts last basho, getting himself back to East M5 position this basho.) "Hogher up in the ranks, everyone is really sharp and powerful. I need to take more care in every move I make." Kotoshogiku (3-0) over Tamawashi ----------------------------------------- (Three straight wins after returning to sekiwake this basho.) "As long as I can hit my opponent with power at tachiai, I know I can go with my own flow." (On the night before the Day 1, was told by Sadogatake oyakata to put more pressure on himself this basho.) "I am actually amazed at myself how good I have been doing, how well I can get into my form so far." Tochiozan (1-2) losing to Kisenosato ------------------------------------------ (Considered Kisenosato to be one of his rivals.) "He is obviously one opponent I do not want to lose at all." Kisenosato (2-1) over Tochiozan ----------------------------------------- (Getting himself sharp compared to the previous day bout and blew away Tochiozan out of the dohyo.) "I actually wanted to decide the outcome by one push but he is really good technically." (And much more talkative today as after the loss yesterday he did not utter a single word.) "The winning factor today was the tachiai. Obviously I need to go with my own sumo. Period." (Often considered to be a rival of Tochiozan as their age is close) "I hate people comparing him to me. Actually I hate to be compared." Naruto oyakata (former Yokozuna Takanosato), Kisenosato's shisho -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato's loss in the first two days.) "I felt that the fact he beat Hakuho last basho put more undue pressure on him." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ----------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "We can't really say whether his sumo became stable or not at this point." Kotooshu (2-1) over Toyonoshima ---------------------------------------- (Winning a close boutl against Toyonoshima after a mono-ii.) "I knew I already won it so I really did not attempt to stay at all cost. Why try to kill yourself when you know you've won. But it's true you never know until the very end." (Commenting on Toyonoshima's success last basho, winning 14 bouts.) "Well, you should understand that the caliber of sumo at this level is totally different from lower Makuuchi. As far as I am concerned, he was just plain lucky, nothing more." Kaio (2-1) over Tochinoshin -------------------------------- (Getting himself into his favorite form and winning the bout.) "I was able to get into hidari-yotsu so I just kept going on offensive." (still his conditions are not the best as requiring a painkiller shot for his right knee injury.) Harumafuji (3-0) over Kakuryu ----------------------------------- (Overwhelming pesky Kakuryu) "You know I am pushing forward." "I am happy about the bout today." (Still suffering from right ankle injury which forced him to withdraw from the last basho.) "I am going with all physical and mental powers I am capable of generating so I don't have any space to feel the pain. But we know what matters is what happens from now on. It is all up to now on." Hakuho (3-0) over Aminishiki ------------------------------------ (Calmly throwing out trickster Aminishiki) "I was able to go with my own sumo. I was able to respond well. I am basically trying to remember what I have done last year and go with it." (Pointed out that his normal sumo has been to receive his opponents in the past but this basho he has been taking initiatives and bouts have been finishing quickly.) "I am not sure if I am consciously trying to do it but perhaps somewhere in my mind, I am going that way. But then I don't really think about something like that seriously." Former Ozeki Kotomitsuki, Keiji Tamiya, 34, disclosed that he would be preparing to file a full suit at the Tokyo Regional Court to reverse the decision by the Sumo Kyokai to oust him from Ozumo. However his lawyer says he has not discussed with former Kotomitsuki himself so Kotomitsuki's precise plan is not clear at the moment but Kotomitsuki expressed that he still wanted to get back in Ozumo during a preliminary court hearing held last September. At the time the court declined to take in his case. According to the Kyokai's PR Department, 5,118 tickets went unsold on Day 3, making it the worst ticket sale day in the Kokugikan's sumo history since they moved into the building in January 1985. With the capacity seating for Ozumo being 10,500, it meant that the half of seats were vacant on Day 3. It appears that Ozumo has not truly recovered from the aftermath of baseball gambling problems and a series of incidents they have gone through in the last several years. Another factor may be lack of quality opponents against Hakuho, making a basho rather predictable. Normally as the first basho of year, Hatsu Basho tends to attract more fans but while they had a sellout on the Day 1, they could not fill out the arena on Day 2, holiday Monday. Record: Takekaze, Kokkai - 300th Makuuchi win Attendance: 5,500
  25. Tochinonada (7-1) losing to Shotenro by oshidashi, 2.0 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I wanted to get the left in and unbalance him before I go with a throw. I lost to him using my own favorite left last basho and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I thought about it too much." (Getting more cheers, gradually getting louder by day as well as receiving phone calls, encouraging him.) "Well I never used to get any but I was really happy to hear them but now...I guess it will all come to an end." (So desperately wanting to get his 8th win as quickly as possible but not to be.) "I should know it's not that easy to get a kachikoshi this quickly. But thinking of the next banzuke, I will keep reminding myself, it's just one more, just one more. I just want to go on and do my best without getting discouraged." Shotenro (5-3) over Tochinonada ----------------------------------------- (Going against Tochinonada who had lost none up to this day.) "Well I figured no point keep thinking about it so I just went hard against him." "I saw his foot go out so I knew I've beaten him for good." Wakanosato (7-1) over Kimurayama by oshidashi, 15.3 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his seventh.) "I knew he was all oshi-zumo so I tried to hit him harder. I was just thinking of keep staying as aggressive as possible." (While his winning streak from Day 1 ended at 5 but getting back to a winning way.) "Actually I was able to switch my mind around so well. At the moment I am still among the leaders but I know we are far away from the finish so right now I am just thinking of tomorrow, just to get kachikoshi, if I can tomorrow." Gagamaru (3-5) over Takamisakari by yorikiri, 2.8 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (For the first time since his Makuuchi debut, getting a kensho.) "You gotta believe I am happy. Now I think I will go out and buy myself a new pair of pants." Yoshikaze (0-8) losing to Goeido by yorikiri, 8.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Recording his eighth straight loss since Day 1 and his makekoshi already on Day 8, being asked for a comment.) "..........." Kotoshogiku (7-1) over Toyonoshima by yoritaoshi, 4.4 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Downing another of his rivals by powerfully pushing Toyonoshima all the way out.) "It was good sumo. I think I can sleep well tonight too." (On beating his two main rivals Kisenosato and Toyonoshima this basho.) "I am really happy to beat them both." (On Toyonoshima) "We've been rivals since our junior high school days so he was one opponent I do not want to lose ever. I felt if I can beat him then I can go on strong this basho." "Anyway I am trying to enjoy this whole thing, So out of the last seven bouts, I am like if I can win one more, it's almost OK. That's my approach for now." Kakuryu (4-4) over Tochiozan by hatakikomi, 2.3 sec --------------------------------------------------------------- (Cleanly slapping down Tochiozan to get his fourth straight win.) "I was able to go with my own tachiai today." (Getting his record back to even after started the basho with four straight losses but turned himself around after his shisho, Izutsu oyakata, told him he was thinking too much.) "I realized I just had to go out as hard as I could. I was kind of losing myself." Kisenosato (5-3) losing to Kotooshu by yorikiri, 12.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Nothing working and losing miserably.) "It was a full complete error of strategy. A complete loss. There was nothing good about it, I simply lost it." Kotooshu (7-1) over Kisenosato --------------------------------------- (Preserving his one loss record by setting aside Kisenosato.) "I feel my sumo is gradually improving every single day." (Hakuho still within sight) "I will have to stay within one loss or I will have no chance of winning the yusho. I want to stay within one loss of him until I face him directly." "I am convinced that I have regained my own sumo style. This morning we even had snow coming down around our place too. I kind of get happy seeing snow you know. I feel everything will be all OK now." An unnamed oyakata ------------------------- (On Kotooshu) "Since becoming an ozeki, what makes or breaks Kotooshu is the last half. He is mentally feeble, his presence is fading away day by day." Homasho (4-4) losing to Baruto by oshidashi, 6.8 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (As with the last basho, stayed as far behind from the shikiri line as possible but to no avail this time around.) "I just didn't want to get into a yotsu with him. I wanted to hang on to him somehow but he didn't let me do it." Baruto (7-1) over Homasho -------------------------------- (Not getting bothered by Homasho coming back with the same tachiai as the last basho when he beat Baruto.) "I know I had good sumo today (not getting fooled by the same tachiai tactic). Yeah I alreayd had that experience before." (Chasing Hakuho but with only one loss behind and with a chance of winning the yusho.) "I consider my only kachikoshi is by winning the next seven bouts." Takanohana oyakata, chief dohyo judge ----------------------------------------------- (On Kotooshu and Baruto) "Both really showed today that they were indeed worthy ozeki." "As for Homasho, when you are going against a superior opponent, you need to go with a mentality of challenger to try anything and he did that so in that sense, trying another approach is important." Harumafuji (6-2) over Tokusegawa by tsuridashi, 5.0 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing all his power but beating Tokusegawa with a Tsuri.) "Well this does not mean I am all satisfied with my sumo..." (In a way, resorting to a Tsuri for the second time this basho is a sign he does not yet have enough power to push his opponent all the way out due to his right ankle injury.) "I feel I am still out of shape." Hakuho (8-0) over Tamawashi by hatakikomi, 3.3 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- "Basically it is my sumo. I have been able to find my sumo within the flow of bout." (Finishing the half with 8 straight win, something he could not do it last basho.) "Well this is one of the milestones. I guess it's been a while I've been able to pass this point with no loss (smiles)." (On having exhausting schedule prior to the basho and during this basho.) "Well the peak was around two days ago. But as I was able to go over it, I feel somehow I can get through it." (Already atop all by himself.) "In one sense I kind of miss others not with me." Yusho Race -------------- Makuuchi: 0 loss - Hakuho 1 loss - Baruto, Kotooshu, Kotoshogiku, Wakanosato, Tochinonada Juryo: 1 loss - Kasugao Juryo West 14 Masunoyama worsened his right ankle injury during his bout against Daido on Day 8 and may likely go into kyujo. He was unable to walk back to the dressing room unassisted and required a wheel chair. "He injured it during a morning keiko on January 14 but an x-ray came back showing no bone fracture. It's up to him to decide but I will talk to him once back in the heya. You will need a certain degree of courage to force him to go into kyujo," his shisho Chiganoura oyakata, former Sekiwake Masudayama, said. For the first time in 50 years, distinguished former manager of the Yomiuri Giants of Japanese Baseball League, Shigo Nagashima, 74, known as Mr. Baseball, came to see Ozumo live. "I was really moved. I've been always watching it on TV but it's really different to watch Ozumo live up close, like the sound of rikishi hitting each other, sweat pouring down. The atmosphere in the Kokugikan was truly wonderful," Nagashima left his comment through the Kyokai's PR Department. "The yokozuna's sense of speed was truly impressive. He was overwhelming, not letting his opponent start out anything," Nagashima noted. Nagashima left the building after smilingly shaking the hand of Baruto who came running after him. The Kyokai released the name of 8 new recruits and one returnee who will have their shikona on the Haru Banzuke and to be ranked in Jonokuchi. - Raomaru (renamed from Ito, from Saitama, Tatsunami Beya) - Daishomune (renamed from Sasaki, from Kagawa Prefecture, Oitekaze Beya) - Morinoyama (renamed from Mori, from Fukushima Prefecture, Tamanoi Beya) - Iwasaki (from Hyogo Prefecture, Irumagawa Beya) - Hatto (from Kagoshima Prefecture, Michinoku Beya) - Mitsutani (from Mie Prefecture, Mihogaseki Beya) - Kameyama (from Niigata Prefecture, Dewanoumi Beya) - Komori (from Saitama Prefecture, Takashima Beya) Returnee: - Tajima (from Kagoshima Prefecture, Matsugane) - ================ It's reported that as a part of complying with non profit organization act reforms, the Kyokai is considering a drastic reform on the way they deal with Toshiyori Myoseki. Unlike the current practice of private selling by the right holder to a prospective qualifed Kyokai member, the Kyokai will be buying the share and will be managing them so that they can hand it out to their member they deem to be well qualified with no cost. At the moment their bylaw only stipulates that the holder submits an exchange of right request to the Kyokai and receives the Kyokai's acknowledgment while the right is traded around hundred millions of yen. Currently there are 105 Toshiyori Myoseki registered with the Sumo Kyokai excluding one generation honorary Myoseki of Kitanoumi and Takanohana. It's mandated that any active rikishi wishing to remain with the Kyokai, will require to hold a Toshiyori Myoseki but once in possession, they are guaranteed to receive a monthly salary until Kyokai's retirement age of 65 years old. It has been often pointed out that the high price of acquiring a Myoseki is forcing a prospective holder to borrow money sometimes from less than legitimate sources and heavy dependence on their supporters club members. A recommendation is being discussed within the Kyokai's directors including Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman, and Kyokai's Governance Committee members headed by Takayasu Okushima, head of Japan High School Baseball Association. On preparing sufficient funds to buy the shares, the Kyokai is considering an idea around the Kyokai adding appropriate amount to retiring oyakata's retirement payment. They are also considering changing the current qualification base of only allowing those with substantial Makuuchi and Juryo experiences to acquire the Myoseki. The Kyokai is required to submit their reform plans to the government's Cabinet Office to re-apply for their charter to stay as a non profit organization by November 2013. Along with Toshiyori Myoseki issue, the Kyokai is being asked for more transparancy on their dealing with their ticket agency Chaya as well as substantial reforms on Heya based organization they are structured. Hanaregoma oyakata indicated he has set up a committee within the Kyokai to further clarify the issues and propose recommendations but they are far from coming to resolution on any issues. Meanwhile there are a variety of reactions from oyakata. While some oyakata expresss a certain degree of understanding as they see no other way out but some others are asking for the previous holder to be able to name his successor. Others believe the Kyokai would go bankrupt before they can buy off any Toshiyori share as they doubt the Kyokai has no ability to buy back any share. Former Kyokai Chairman Sakaigawa oyakata (former Yokozuna Sadanoyama) once proposed that the Kyokai should control any share without any clear successor after two years of the previous holder's retirement or death but needed to retract as there were fierce oppositions from oyakata. "If the Kyokai once takes control of the share, there is no way to recover the money paid to gain the share," protested one oyakata. "As well many feel the Kyokai has no business interfering with a Toshiyori Myoseki, which is a part of private asset of individual." At the following board of directors election, seeing anti-Sakaigawa candidates specifically running against him, Sakaigawa oyakata withdrew from the race and ever since the Kyokai never raised any hint of reforms on the Toshiyori Myoseki. But controversies surrounding Toshiyori Myoseki transfer never die down. One that is most recent in memory is a story of transfer at Hakuho's Miyagino Beya that occurred last month. The story begun with the death of former Komusubi Hirokawa in 1989. The heya was then carried on by former Maegashira Chikubayama, oyakata associated with the heya. However in 2004, former Juryo Kanechika married to former HIrokawa's second daughter. As the share was still owned by the family of Hirokawa, Kanechika took over the heya and became its shisho. Former Chikubyama arranged to inherit Kumagatani share so that he could stay with the Kyokai and to continue develop Hakuho, his direct recruit, at the heya. But then Kanechika was involved in a less than savory incident and the Kyokai forced the Myoseki change which made Kumagatani became the heya's leading oyakata, Miyagino oyakata. In this case the Myoseki transfer meant more than swapping of Toshiyori name as it also implied the heya transfer with all trimmings like the building as the heya building is owned by the Hirokawa family. Kanechika brought in a lawyer to the Kyokai to ask for an explanation as his relationship with the Hirokawa family entails his right to the building as well as other assets owned by the heya holder, the family of Hirokawa including him. It's clear that the Kyokai will need to follow a path of another similar organization and learn from their experience. For instamce Japan Volleball Association received their new certificate as a non profit organization from the government last December. "Often what is accepted normally in sports world is not so in the general society at large. The reason is that we have not been explaining ourselves fully to all. It is crucial that we should build an organization that can be understood by the general public," said Mitsuo Igarashi, the association chairman. (New non profit organization reform legislation was enacted in December 2008. Any organization which considers at least 50% of their activities to be non-profit purposes will need to acquire the certificate from the Non Profit Certification Committee by November 2013. An organization who does not meet the conditions set forth by the act can opt for profit status without any restrictions but will lose preferential tax treatment.)