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    Rikishi Talk - Day 1

    In case you are not around SML, here's my Rikishi Talk Day 1: Rikishi Talk - Day 1 Aki Basho ================================ Asashoryu - win ---------------- On the bout (he once did pick Kotomitsuki up and threw him down on the dohyo): "There is no need to be throwing your opponent around. What's more important is to win. Rather than trying to grab the mawashi, I was just trying to quickly attack first and then go after him again very quickly. I felt my lower body is lighter. I think I was floating a bit when I went offensive." On receiving the Kensho envelope with his left hand again: "That's something I need to think and work in the morning." About winning the fifth consecutive Yusho: "Sure I am conscious of it but I just have to go out there naturally every day." Takasago oyakata ---------------- On Asashoryu this basho: "The fact that he is well aware of the lack of training for this basho is a sure sign of his maturity." Kitanoumi oyakata ----------------- On Asashoryu on Day 1: "As far as I am concerned he is still the leader in the Yusho race. The question is if there is anyone who can stay with him." Toyonoshima - loss ------------------ Losing his first Makuuchi bout: "I was nervous. I should have gone for the mawashi more aggresively at the tachi-ai. I rushed too much wanting to win badly." Hakuo - win ------------ Beating former Ozeki Miyabiyama without any problem, and now will meet Ozeki Kaio tomorrow: "I was able to have a training session against him at our Ichimon's Rengo workout. He is enormously powerful." Miyabiyama - loss ----------------- "I myself more or less have a rugged style of sumo but my opponent has a more flexible body and quicker execution." Chiyotaikai - win ------------------ "For the first day it wasn't that bad. Until I see my opponent's foot is outside the dohyo, I intended to keep pushing hard." Takamisakari - win ------------------ "I always have a great fear that I never win a single bout when I lose on the first day, so today I was able to win and am happy." Asked if he ever think he can win all 15 bouts if he wins the first day bout: "You gotta be kidding. I am not that insolent." Toyozakura - win ---------------- About getting a Sansho award for the first time: "If I can go through the same type of sumo as the last basho, I feel perhaps I can be competitive." On the award money: "Oh I spent it on clothes." Kotooshu - win -------------- On his first Makuuchi win: "I was really nervous. I've lost to Otsukasa-zeki when I made my Juryo debut so I desparately wanted to win. I know he is good at doing slap-downs so I thought if I could stop him, I could do something." Musoyama - loss ---------------- Now lost to Kokkai three straight: "I lost all three by power. Being an Ozeki I should be studying more." Kokkai - win ------------ On his win against Ozeki Musoyama: "I am happy. It's giving me more confidence." On facing Asashoryu at the Musubi tomorrow: "I am looking forward to it. I have a few ideas about how to go about doing the tachi-ai." Kaio - win ----------- Totally overwheliming Kyokutenho: "At the tachi-ai I was thinking of attacking from front by going forward." Tochiazuma - win ----------------- On the bout against very heavy Iwakiyama: "I think it went OK. I am moving well." On being called 'Ozeki' again after two bashos: "I am not particularly taking notice. Right now I am solely focusing on the sumo bout. That's all." Roho - win ---------- Won by pull: "I was nervous. My brother (Hakurozan who also won) had a better sumo today."
  2. Jonosuke

    New Recruits Aki Basho

    Thanks. Actually I thought "Shomei" to be a less likely reading of the kanjis but I went with it for one simple reason that I admire greatly of a Japanese artist named Shomei Yoh. He uses blue as his primary color and he depicts birds, sea and other animals. There is his museum in Kamakura you may want to check out in case you are around there. His painting is simply beautiful and gives you a sense of serenity. Sorry for being an off-topic. Now back to the topic at hand. Noguchi of Kitanoumi Beya looks impressive. I'd keep an eye on the result of Mae-Zumo and out of the six who will ge the first Shusse.
  3. Jonosuke

    Ryogoku Area/Hotel Information

    Here's Part I of my Ryogoku restaurants . This one is all focused on Chanko and similar dish. I've been to all of them one time or another in the last ten years and one in particular almost broke my bank account which I never seemed to recover from it since (I let you guess which one it is). I can personnally vouche for the quality of each. They are all well known in Ryogoku and sumo affectionados. If you are not considering serious sit-down chanko stuff I especially recommend Momotaro as it's so close and some dish are pretty cheap and a good place to drink and meet. (Coupons are provided by PIA and please note restrictions.) 1. Rikishi Ryori Kotogaume --------------------------------- Authentic Sumo Beya style Chanko A restaurant by former Kotogaume, Onaruto Oyakata 03-3624-7887 (Tel/Fax) 3-4-4 Kinshi Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0013 JR Sobu Line Kinshicho Station North Exit 3 minute walk Hours: 17:00 - 23:00 (Sundays, holidays closed except during the Tokyo bashos opened all 15 days) Average: 5,000-6,000 Yen (no credit cards) 50 to 60 seats, very popular (note: no smoking section I recall) A very popular between 6 - 9PM. All kinds of chanko, a good selection regional sake, shochu, beers Coupon page : 2. Chanko Terukuni ----------------------- Traditional Chanko using top rated Yamagata beef and chicken. A restaurant by the eldest son of the 38th Yokozuna Terukuni Tel: 03-3631-1356 Terukuni Building First Floor, 1-17-6 Ryogoku Sumidaku Tokyo Jr Ryogoku Station West Exit 1 minute walk (across the street from the station towards the river, behind McDonalds) Hours: 17:00 - 23:00 (weekends, holidays from 16:00), Closed Monday except during the Tokyo bashos, Jan and December. A very popular hangout between 6 to 9 PM. Average: 4,000 - 10,000 Yen (Both Terukuni and Tokusen course include chanko both around 6,000 - 7000 Yen) Asahi beer, original Shochu "Terukuni" - 4,000 yen a bottle. Seats: 66 Coupon page: 3. Izakaya Chanko Momotaro ------------------------------------ Chanko dish and a variety of daily selection. Open till 2 AM. Tel: 03-3631-2877 1-3-12 Yokoami Sumidaku Tokyo JR Ryogoku Station West Exit 1 minute walk Hours: 11:30 - 02:00, 11:30 - 24:00 (Sunday/Holiday) Open every day. Average: 2,000 - 4,000 Yen. Major credit cards. Recommends K-1 Kimchi Chanko for two (2,600 Yen per person). Shochu, Regional sake, Itailian wine, draft (Asahi). Seats: 70 Very popular between 7-9 PM and after 11 PM. Coupon page: One medium bottle of beer for four or more people after 16:00. Expires October 10. One free sashimi dish for two or more people when ordering three or more one dish entree after 16:00. Coupons cannot be combined. ** Recommended. 4. Kappo Kariya ------------------ Authentic Fugu fish and Chanko Cuisine with tatami rooms. Very expensive but the first class restaurant with 60 years of history. Yokozuna tegatas lined the store. A very well known among sumo people and arguably the place in Ryogoku. Especially popular among senior set. Food, decor and ambience (very quiet) is superb make sure you carry enough Yen as they do not take a credit card. Tel: 03-3631-2851 1-2-8 Ryogoku Sumidaku Tokyo JR Ryogoku Station West Exit 7 minute walk. Walk straight towards the Ekoin, cross the road and then turn to the right and then turn left at Ryogoku 1-Chome Light. Hours: 11:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 22:00 (but last order by 20:30) Average: 7,000-25,000 Yen (serive 15% dinner, 5% lunch) No credit card. Require a reservation for lunch. Seats: 75 Coupon page: For a group of four or more, a free medium bottle of beer. Please hand in the coupon at the time of seating. Not applicable for lunch.
  4. Jonosuke

    Sumo Digest

    Though I have not seen the program, I can pretty well guess who you are talking about. His name is Demon Kogure (or wannabe), a lead vocalist of the new defunct group called Seikima II, a Japanease heavymetal group active in 1990s with a devil worshipping theme. Demon is a so called "talento" now and does show up on Japanese TV often as a quiz program panelist etc as well as doing interviews for magazines (Sumo magazine is one of them). His thing is that he loves Ozumo and said in more than a few occasions that one time he wanted to join Ozumo when he was younger. He is friendly to many retired and currently active rikishis as well as some oyakatas. Actually he is very knowledgible. In case you want to check, there is his official web site:
  5. Jonosuke

    Ryogoku Area/Hotel Information

    While at it, I can recommend a Ryogoku restaurant you may want to visit for your diet - High protein, Low Cal and said to be bring you radiant beautiful skin! Not that I think of you in any ill will but of couse I am talking about Blowfish. This place is just off East Exit of JR Ryogoku station, a minute walk. The restaurant is called "Tarafuku Ryogoku". It's a well known Fuku chain (in Western Japan they pronunce Fugu as Fuku as the best fish comes from Shimonoseki area). They have their head store in Ginza and is very very popular. Their Fugu course goes around 5000 yen or so but with a web coupon (see I help you here as well), you can get it for something like 4,000 Yen. But if you can't go for the fish, they have low cal beef dish too. If you are new to eating this stuff, they have a lady manager as well as a bevy of her assistants to teach you how. The coupon is in Japanese just above the map on this web page so print ant take it with you. Enjoy. The page at Tel number is 03-3632-2917. They also have private rooms available as well in case you have some clandestine meeting to attend to. And they do take major credit cards. I don't have any financial interest in this place nor personally know them but just for your info.
  6. Jonosuke

    Really Fat Rikishi

    Here's a bit of write-up on Shikishima in the September issue of Ozumo magazine. At his retirement press conference: "When I had a physical check done at the Kyokai clinic after I felt something unusual, I was told that my heart was enlarged. They said if I continued competing, there was a possibility I could have a sudden death. That pretty much did it for me. It was simply a total failure of managing my own health. I decided then that I'd choose life over sumo. Around myself, I've seen Kenko-zeki and Daishofo-zeki passing away at a young age, I've been thinking for long time that I should not be like them. I became 30 years old last December so from a point of view of Ozumo, I still am young enough to compete effectively. But preventing such a untimely death, I felt I'd be choosing the right path and decided to retire." Futher, Shikishima adds. "Previously when I used to see a large rikishi, I thought he looked great. But recently I've come to see a slim person as looking cool." "The doctors are telling me more I lose, better for me so I lost 30 kg in one month. I now eat one meal a day. I saw an actress proudly talking about losing 20 kg in one month after going to a clinic, hey, look at me, I lost more weight than her. I think I can write a book about diet." "I just want to tell all my active rikishi friends that don't ever overeat nor overdrink. Please learn from my mistakes."
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    Estonian Kitaouji retires!

    I am just reading an article on Baruto in this month's (September) Ozumo magazine and he sounds like an easy going guy so he should be all right. By the way his shikona (not Baruto part which comes from Baltic I believe), Kaito, was named by his shiso hoping that some day he can make a triumphant return to his home country. "Kai" comes from kanji "Gaisen". In the article there are quite a few bits of interesting stuff like: Height/Weight at his new recruite exam: 197 cm, 141 kg. In six months his weight went to 152 kg. His hand strength is 80 kg both left and right、back strenth, 230 kg (I wonder how they measure this, squat?). He also speaks four languages - German, English, Russian, Estonian. He says he also worked as a bodyguard at a night club in Estonia after he quit college. He says hs does miss his mother and calls her half a dozen times a month from a pay phone. His father passed away three years ago and his dream is to one day earn enough money so he can send either money or presents to her mother. He has a younger brother who is going to a university and sister who is in high school back home. Perhaps once the basho is over, I will translate and post it.
  8. "Olympic Ojisan" has been around since the Tokyo Olympics and has just returned from Athens, cheering Japanese athletes. Though not quite updated, there is his webiste which has an Ozumo section with him pictured with a few oyakatas at
  9. Jonosuke

    Really Fat Rikishi

    Since I seem to be in a measurement mode now , so hear is currently (as of several months ago) the heaviest rikishi : Sandanme West 92 Oorora of Kitanoumi Beya is at whopping 240 Kg. Actually no one even comes close at the next heaviest are Sandanme West 14 Kainowaka of Tomozuna Beya and Jonidan West 100 Fujinawa of Isenoumi Beya at 215.5 Kg. Their progress seem to be rather pedestrian.
  10. Jonosuke

    Rikishi Heights

    Yeah judging from the the photo, Ichinoya certainly should complain to the Sumo magazine as their Sumo Directory that comes out annually still lists him at 165.5 cm. They listed the next shortest to be Jonidan East 65 Minemura of Musashigawa Beya who stands at 166 cm.. Though Ichinoya is the oldest born in 1960, (Jonidan West 107 Akiasahi of Oshima Beya is the next olderst born June 11, 1964), Makushita East 7 Kotokanyu of Sadogata Beya still holds the record among the current activie rikishis by making his dohyo debut at the Haru Basho 1981. Next is Makushita East 55 Tokitenko of Kasugano Beya who debut at the Haru Basho 1982. Previous mentioned Akiasahi made his dohyo debut at the Haru Basho 1983. Incidentally Ichinoya made his debut at the 1983 Kyushu. I wonder if these guys will ever quit.
  11. Jonosuke

    Fascist Takamisakari?

    As pointed out that symbol is meant for buddhist temple as you still can see them on some maps in Japan (obviously the angle is different). Regarding the kesho mawshi on the Kyokai page, it's from his alma mater, Hirosaki Vocational High School, Aomori Prefecture run high school specialized in agriculture, commerce, sports science and domestic studies (like home helper and designing). It's one of the mawashis Takamisakari got when he became a sekitori. By the way the logo you see on the front is the school logo as the school likely used to follow some buddist teaching a long ago. BTW He has another from Nihon University where he graduated in economics. Kesho mawashis are donated to a rikishi when they become a sekitori (it's pretty expensive for a Makushita rikishi to make one for himself) so they are donated to rikishi by their supporters, friends, schools, home town civic and merchants, and coporate sponsors. Normally the rikishis don't get to choose the design though Kokkai apparently did for his 15 star mawashi he just got from United World Securities. Personally I like the dragon one Tochiazuma got from a baseball manager Hoshino when he was managing the Chunichi Dragons. Hoshino has been a long friend of the family, especially with his father.
  12. Jonosuke

    Cafeteria at the KKan

    And the Rijicho asked "Why is there no rice?" Since they seem to be into non-rice types I'd like to have them include bagels with cream cheese and grits. Anyway I thought this place was for media types only... Jonosuke Still thinking of food.
  13. Jonosuke

    Asashouryuu keiko and curry talk

    I wonder why the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka visited the heya. As far as I know Sri Lanka has not had any sucess in amateur sumo but perhaps their amateur wrestlers may be interested in joining. Imagine a Sri Lankan sekitori - certainly will get all the curry paste manufacturers going crazy with their kesho mawashi... Jonosuke => thinks Sri Lankan hot curry dishes to the best in the world (to be continued in Off-Topic someday).
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    Ryogoku Area/Hotel Information

    Just a correction. Doreen pointed out that Takekuma Beya is no longer. Sorry the list was from my previous visit to t he heya. I believe Takekuma oyakata is now with Tomozuna Beya. If I recall the heya sort of had a natural death when his son, Haguronada, quit a couple of years ago. Speaking of Haguronada who used to have his own web site was arrested for selling faked luxury goods through internet by Japanese police six months ago or so. Apparently he used his technical expertise to be an e-commerce businessman but perhaps not had an expertise in law. I don't know if he was convicted and spent some time in prison or not but Doreen reports she saw one of his sons (she did not mention which as there are two) bycycling towards Oshima Beya a couple of days ago, now with his hair dyed blond and permed. I read somewhere Haguronada was studying to go into acupuncture.