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  1. Jonosuke

    Sad, sad news

    I always cherish the memory of the time so long ago when we shared some sushi and beer and lots of sumo talk.
  2. Jonosuke

    Tate-Gyoji news

    Actually there is no requirement to have a Tate-gyoji though traditionally when there is a sitting yokozuna (like now) we will have at least one. The Kyokai can decide on its own based on historical precedence, promote or not to promote a Sanyaku level gyoji to a tate-gyoji position but unless one commits some mishaps, it's always seniority and service that count. Perhaps they are of an opinion that the next one they have in mind will need further seasoning before he can be promoted.
  3. Jonosuke

    Ex-Asashouryuu update

    It will be a great injustice to let this day go without wishing a happy birthday to one of the fiercest competitors Ozumo has ever witnessed. Arguably Asashoryu was one of the most controversial yokozuna but no one can deny his dominance and influence during his peak years. While he may have been a part of Ozumo's decline but one must not forget he did singlehandedly carry Ozumo for many basho as the lone yokozuna.
  4. Jonosuke

    My pics from the Aki Basho 2011

    Thanks, Fay, but all you did have along with Kinta's irreplaceable video made this basho one of the most memorable ones I ever had.
  5. The Senshuraku Aki Basho September 25, 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho downed Harumafuji with uwate-nage and kept his two loss record intact and won the 20th yusho after losing the yusho last basho. With the yusho he has joined a select group of yokozuna who won 20 or more yusho in their career. Kotoshogiku lost to Baruto and could not force Yusho Kettei-sen against Hakuho. His record up to Day 14 was considered to have met the standard ozeki promotion requirement. He will be officially promoted to ozeki after the basho. Harumafuji suffred his seventh loss while his ozeki mate Baruto won his 10th, Kisenosato won his 12th and will challenge for his ozeki promotion next basho. Komusubi Toyonoshima got his kachikoshi today. Takamisakari (Juryo West 7, 6-9) losing to Hitenryu by yorikiri --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Just demoted to Juryo and already suffering makekoshi even in Juryo.) "Please tell me again I will be still in Juryo next basho. I will be doing all my best for sure." Tenkaiho (Juryo West 3, 8-7) over Kimurayama by oshidashi, 10.5 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Juryo West 3 and getting kachikoshi and likely to be promoted to Makuuchi with Tsurigitake.) "I feel really great now. I was so worried if I could get kachikoshi or not." Kimurayama (7-8) losing to Tenkaiho ------------------------------------------------------- (With ranked at Maegashira West 16 and getting makekoshi on the senshuraku three straight basho and a possibility of demotion looms. In the previous two basho despite makekoshi at the Makuuchi bottom ranking he somehow escaped demotion due to additional openings after yaocho incidents. Even tried yogurt drink after Day 14 but it obviously did not change his fortune around.) "I guess this time for sure I am doomed." Tsurugidake (Juryo West 2, 8-7) over Takanoyama by oshitaoshi, 1.7 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting kachikoshi at Juryo West 2 and likelihood of Makuuchi promotion.) "I was so uptight last night I could not get any sleep but I feel so relieved now." (Making his dohyo debut at the 2001 Haru Basho, taking 63 basho to reach Makuuchi, breaking a record set by Bushuyama's 59 for a former college rikshi to reach Makuuchi.) "I have no knowledge of Makuuchi promotion so I won't think about it." Takanoyama (5-10) losing to Tsurigidake ------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing his 10th in his Makuuchi debut basho, certain demotion to Juryo.) "I am still weak. I lack in too many areas I cannot even begin to count." Gagamaru (11-4) over Tochiozan by oshidashi, 2.6 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his first Kanto-sho.) "I wanted to win it so bad. I feel unbelievably great. I will send it (the winning money) to my mother (in Georgia)." "I was able to focus on each and every bout this basho. But I now realize I would need to strengthen myself much more." Tochiozan (7-8) losing to Gagamaru ------------------------------------------------------ (From 7 win and 4 loss mark, losing four straight.) "I couldn't do anything this basho. It just shows you I am still weak. I feel so pathetic." Okinoumi (8-7) over Asasekiryu by hikiotoshi, 1.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Got kachikoshi ranked at Maegashira West 1 but appears not blessed with banzuke luck and not likely to be promoted to Sanyaku.) "Why not them giving us three sekiwake? Can't you guys do anything about me???" Homasho (10-5) over Tochinowaka by yorikiri, 14.0 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning 10th ranked at Maegashira East 1) "This basho was a real confidence builder for me. Both Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato are really motivating me to try harder. I want to do my best not to left getting behind them by keep winning the next basho too." Toyonoshima (8-7) over Kitataiki by yoritaoshi, 2.1 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Escaping from the cliff and winning seven straight to get kachikoshi as a return komusubi. Being inspired by Kotoshogiku, his long time rival from boyhood.) "Prior to the bout today I was so tense and anxious in the dressing room, I was starting to get sick." "I will try as hard as I can to get a double digit record as a Sanyaku." (On having his wedding reception planned in October and was worried he might get injured this basho and attend the party with a walking stick.) "I guess when you consider one time I had a one win and 7 loss record, I should have a good reception." Kakuryu (9-6) over Miyabiyama by oshidashi, 2.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I don't believe I was feeling the pressure at all. But I started thinking so hard I had to display good quality sumo somewhere, I think I just imploded." Goeido (10-5) losing to Kisenosato by oshitaoshi, 2.0 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Stopped decisively by Kisenosato and couldn't get more than 10 wins.) "I saw Toyonoshima getting his win and knew I couldn't get promoted to Sanyaku. So somehow I couldn't get myself psyched up at all. But more than all that, his Ottsuke from left was amazingly effective." Kisenosato (12-3) over Goeido ---------------------------------------------- (Downing Goeido and getting his 12th win, even had a mathematical chance of winning the yusho on the Senshuraku but dissipated when Hakho won.) "I've been feeling a good amount of tension." "When I look back, I had some success but I still have a lot of work ahead of me as against the top rank rikishi, I was unsuccessful. So there is no time to rest." (Needed the perfect sumo but missed by three bouts.) "I learned how important each and every single bout was. Each bout can affect the entire basho and your career." (Won 10 at Sekiwake last basho and won 12 this basho, will be aiming for ozeki promotion in the Kyushu Basho). "Definitely I need to do something next basho." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman -------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato's ozeki promotion possibility.) "If he display sumo like he has done this basho, there is no question he should have a chance in very near future." Baruto (10-5) over Kotoshogiku by uwatenage, 17.6 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing he is an ozeki and Kotoshogiku is still to-be.) "I remained calm throughout but my opponent looked all tightened up." Kotoshogiku (12-3) losing to Baruto ------------------------------------------------------ (Losing to Baruto and unable to place the pressure on Hakuho.) "There is nothing you can do about it now. I have done all I could this basho. In a way I may even have exceeded my own expectation." "I believe I really grew mentally this basho, avoiding an up-and-downs, not getting too concerned about winning and losing. I realize I would need to strengthen myself mentally to win my first yusho. The Kyushu Basho is my local basho so I will be doing all I can to make it a really exciting basho." Sadogatake oyakata, former Sekiwake Kotonowaka, Kotoshogiku's shisho --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kotoshogiku) "From now on the table will be turned. He will be the one to be challenged. There will be more pressure to win. He will need to work harder and strengthen himself both physically and mentally." "The journey has not ended here obviously. There is one more higher. He will need to strive aiming for it." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kotoshogiku) "His strength is his horse power. Just as he has done this basho, we hope he can really bring the energy and vitality to the next basho." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman --------------------------------------------------------- "Kotoshogiku has done everything we could have hoped for and then some. We hope he would do all his best again next basho not taking anything for granted." (At a health care facility near his home in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, around 250 gathered around to watch his bout and give him cheers today.) Suiko Kikutsugi, 78, Kotoshogiku's grandmother ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Despite losing today's bout he still ensured ozeki promotion.) "My late husband (Kazuo, passed away three years ago) looked so forward for this day, for our grandson to become an ozeki. I am sure my late husband is so pleased." Ryoko Koga, 53, Kotoshogiku's aunt ------------------------------------------------------ "His nickname is 'Ka-tsu Kun' but I guess now we have to start calling him Ozeki." Kazurnori Kikutsugi, 56, Kotoshogiku's father ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (On his son missing the yusho.) "Well in a way it may turn out to be better as now he can refresh his mind altogether and he can make a new resolve to win his first yusho." Mieko Kikutsugi, 56, Kotoshogiku's mother ------------------------------------------------------------- "I want him to keep working hard from now on." Koichi Kikutsugi, 29, Kotoshogiku's older brother ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "We will have the next basho right here so we are hoping he will be involved in the yusho race." Kenji Kaneko, 63, Mayor of Yanagawa City --------------------------------------------------------------- "Under intense pressure he persevered and did his best for the whole 15 days. We hope he can aim for the highest rank." (They are planning to award Honorary Citizen award as well a parade on the river which is a well known tourist attraction in Yanagawa.) "We will be having a party for him and even planning to present him with a new Kesho mawashi too." * Kotoshogiku took 40 basho from his dohyo debut to ozeki promotion, which is the seventh slowest tying Musoyama. Being promoted at 27 years and 7 month is the tenth oldest since 1958 when the six basho per year system was enacted. Other rikishi taking 16 basho (6 as komusubi, 10 as sekiwake) in Sanyaku to reach ozeki were Mitsuneyama and Asashio (later Yokozuna Asashio) and seventh longest in sumo history. * The Kokugikan Service which prepares all foods at the Kokugikan is planning to sell Kotoshogiku Bento Box from Day 1 at the next Hatsu Basho. Currently they are "researching" his favorite food (Kotoshgoku is known as a BBQ meat lover.) Harumafuji (8-7) losing to Hakuho by uwatenage, 11.9 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Supposed to be his yokozuna promotion challenge basho but managed to get only 8 win and 7 loss record.) "It's been a good learning experience and good experience. I believe I can really do better the next time when I get the chance again." Hakuho (13-2) over Harumafuji -------------------------------------------- "Today I came out prepare to go for two or three bouts. I was able to stay calm and I believe that helped me today." "I felt the wall of 20 yusho to be huge. I was kind of wondering what would happen to me when I lost two consecutive bouts but someone trying to remember the first half of my sumo, I was able to do my best in the last two days." "If I kept working hard and doing my best, I will get the result sooner or later. Ahead of me (with more yusho) are all yokozuna I have been admiring for so long." "Now that I reached this significant milestone, I guess you can add an additional word and call me 'Dai-Yokozuna' from now on." "But I know in the end, it's not what I say that matters. It's really meaningless unless I get recognized by everyone else." "A yokozuna is a human too so you go through bad times as well as good." Takuhiko Tsuruoka, YDC Chairman ------------------------------------------------------ (All yokozuna with 20 or more yusho excepting Asashoryu has been awarded one generation toshiyori designation.) "He has been serving as yokozuna with distinction all alone for so long now, I am in favor of awarding him with the one generation toshiyori. He has been exemplary in and out of the dohyo." (At the moment Hakuho does not possess Japanese citizenship, which is the requirement to remain with the Kyokai after active career however he is soon submitting the formal application according to several sources.) Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ---------------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho's 20th yusho) "This is only a pointin transit. He will win more yusho. Hakuho has been the wall for some time now for others but we are starting to see other rikishi chipping in." Sayoko, Hakuho's wife --------------------------------------- (Reflecting heavy pressure Hakuho has been under. On the night of Day 13 when he lost two straight.) "He was so tense that he kept all to himself. It was the first time in our marriage that he has not even uttered one word even I tried to talk to him." Takanohana oyakata with 22 yusho --------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho) "I believe in the end the yusho flag went to the rightful owner. He should still have more yusho coming to him." (On his own 20th yusho) "Oh by that time I was truly exhausted. My wife was doing almost everything for me by then." Kokonoe oyakata/Chiyonofuji, former yokozuna with 31 yusho ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho) "He has his set form he can rely on anytime. He is still young enough that he can still accomplish a lot more." Unnamed oyakata ----------------------- "It's plain simple. Quantity and Quality, his training level is insufficient. Perhaps he believes he still could have won anyway but sooner or later it starts to catching up to him." (Yoshikiko Noda, presented the Prime Minister's Cup for the first time since he became the prime minister on September 2. Well known Ozumo fan, Noda, carried 40 kg cup and handed the cup safely to Hakuho.) Hakuho Sho ------------------ Real name: M
  6. Jonosuke

    Kotoshogiku looking good

    Yes yes this is all true. After suffering his first loss to Kotoshogiku three years ago at the 2008 Nagoya Basho, then Ama decided that he had to make a pact with Shogiku if he were to make a serious run for ozeki. So he told Giku, if he ever needed one for ozeki promotion he would be there for him one day. So Shogiku went on to lose to Ama the next Aki and Kyushu and as they say the rest is history as Ama became ozeki and Harumafuji after the 2008 Kyushu. For Shogiku that one day came on Day 14 2011 Aki. Medetashi, medetashi.
  7. Jonosuke

    My pics from the Aki Basho 2011

    Thanks, Fay. You got some amazing shots especially I love those with Hakuho, Baruto and Shonosuke Kimura. I am not sure if anyone will be at the Kokugikan on the Senshuraku but if you are, please take some photo of the 35th Shonsuke Kimura as today is his last day performing the gyoji duty. He has been always a low key figure but during his tenure he never made any questionable or controversial calls. He has had a pristine reputation and rock solid integrity. He has been one of the most solid Shonosuke.
  8. Day 14 Aki Basho September 24, 2011 ---------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho downed Baruto in a heated battle and Kotoshogiku shoved out Harumafuji easily to keep two loss record and stay atop the yusho race. Hakuho will be going for his 20th yusho while Kotoshogiku challenges for his first. Should both loses their bout tomorrow, there will be a chance for Kisenosato who kept his three loss record. Kotoshogiku won his 12th bout and reached what is considered to be an ozeki promotion standard of 33 win in three consecutive basho and almost certain of his promotion after the basho. Sekiwake Kakuryu won his kachikoshi. Myogiryu won his second consectuive Juryo Yusho. Ikioi (Makushita East 3, 5-2) over Chiyozakura (Juryo East 11) by hatakikomi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Winning his fifth and ensuring his Juryo promotion to be certain. Making his dohyo debut at the 2005 Haru Basho and made Makushita when he was only 19 years old but since then his progress has stalled while always being considered to be a top prospect with his well toned 191 cm, 131 kg frame. His shisho, Isenoumi oyakata, retiring after this basho.) "I am so happy that I was able to do this while the shisho was still with us." "I have been in this situation, you know, the most important bout in you career thing so many times that I actually got used to it by now and I was able to go calmly." Isenoumi oyakata, Ikioi's shisho ---------------------------------------------- (On Ikioi's promotion) "He sure let us wait around for so long, we all run out of our patience long ago (laughs). I should have told him he didn't need to wait to time it with my retirement." Takamisakari (6-8) losing to Bushuyama by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering makekoshi in Juryo, losing to Bushuyama, born in the same month, May and in the same year, 1976 and in the same place, Aomori Prefecture) "I went out only with my upper half. He started coming out with Tsuppari. I was trying not to think he was the same age, 35, as I was." "I will try to keep myself motivated until the basho is over." Myogiryu (12-2) over Chiyoarashi by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Winning his two straight Juryo yusho since Shotenro did it.) "I am happy about everything. There were some moments in there that I could have been lost but I was able to endure them in the flow. I never imagined I could win the yusho but I was able to stay calm throughout this basho." "Once you are up on the dohyo, all you need to do is to down an opponent in front of you. I will do my best with my style of oshi-zumo in Makuuchi as well." (Joined Ozumo after sensational amateur careers at Saitama Sakae High School and Nihon Taiiku University but suffered devastating left knee injury at the Hatsu Basho last year.) "I will need to sincerely thank all the people who have helped me as I could not have come back to this point and done all this without their support." Kimurayama (7-7) over Tamawashi by okuridashi, 2.3 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Facing the Senshuraku with 7-7 record for three basho in a row) "I've lost two basho straight so for the third time for sure I want to get the win and stay in Makuuchi." Takanoyama (5-9) losing to Fujiazuma by oshidashi, 5.2 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (With losing his ninth and a strong possibility of falling down to Juryo.) "I don't know what my banzuke ranking will be in the next basho but I will train as hard as I can." Kaisei (3-11) losing to Wakanosato by yorikiri, 4.5 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Even trying a henka but it too fails and loses his ninth.) "I have not been moving well so there was nothing left. All failed, none worked. The end of the story." Takayasu (5-9) over Hochiyama by shitate-dashignae, 12.6 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Stopping his losing skid at four in his second Makuuchi basho.) "I believe I am moving well. (Already losing nine bouts) Anyway there is no point in being thinking negative." Goeido (10-4) over Kitataiki by hatakikiomi, 15.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Winning his 10th at Maegashira West 5) "At the rank I am at, I should get a double digit win record every time. Unless I get my execution sharper, I won't be able to higher though." Okinoumi (7-7) over Takekaze by oshidashi, 4.7 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating Takekaze to bring his record to 7 win and 7 loss. Ranked at Maegashira West 1, even with a kachikoshi Sanyaku promotion may not be possible.) "Obviously I have regret over a few bouts. But we have one bout left, win or lose tomorrow I want to come up with a good quality sumo that can lead to the next basho." Toyonoshima (7-7) over Wakakoyu by oshidashi, 7.1 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his sixth straight and setting his record to even.) "It's not as if I am aiming for some reward or something but just a fact that I am standing on a cliff for this long and doing my best should be worth something, don't you think so?" Kakuryu (8-6) over Tochinoshin by yoritaoshi, 3.4 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning kachikoshi and preserving his sekiwake rank. Reflecting back this ozeki promotion challenge basho, on losing four bouts in the first half.) "I don't believe I had that much pressure but I was very conscious of what was at stake." (After losing his fifth bout this basho on Day 9, started a new tachiai form.) "I started going with a new tachiai form and since then everything turned for better. I stopped moving unnecessarily and I have been able to hit low." "Right now I am happy about getting the kachikoshi. It's been really a great learning experience." Kisenosato (11-3) over Tochiozan by oshidashi, 9.4 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Not stopping or pausing but kept pushing away at Tochiozan.) "For a second I let him turned into his form but I kept working hard except I don't remember anything else. I have not lost fire within me, after all we still have one more." Harumafuji (8-6) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 4.6 sec ----------=------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Unable to become the wall to Kotosohgiku's ozeki promotion challenge.) "The best thing was that I was so looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I couldn't display my sumo." Kotoshogiku (12-2) over Harumafuji ------------------------------------------------------ (Securing the 33rd win in the last three basho, clearing the so-called ozeki promotion standard, becoming the first Japanese born ozeki since Kotomitsuki at the 2007 Nagoya Basho.) "Yes, I am really happy. But it has not been really getting to me yet at all." "I was kind of thinking whether he (Harumafuji) would come out with Tsuki or Hari-sashi but I was so determined to get the left mawashi in and go with my own sumo. I believed in myself. It would be a lie if I say I was not conscious of what was at stake. But I felt I had the weight advantage." "Last Basho I kept thinking about the promotion and failed the quest. This basho I tried not to get too conscious of my opponent but go with good quality sumo all the time. I kept thinking, there is only one thing, I need to do well, better than anyone else, that is tachiai, Focusing only on tachiai was the key." "Tomorrow I want to display the best sumo I am capable of." "People have been saying a group of us as 'young" but I am already 27 years old so I am already a seasoned mid-level veteran as far as sumo experience is concerned. I will try to be aware of who I am and would like to repay for all the things sumo has given me." Toshiyurki Hamamura, his sumo coach at Meitoku Gijuku School ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (On Kotoshogiku) "He has been called an ozeki candidate for well over a year now so I was hoping he would be able to keep the initial desire, motivation and will for all these months. He has matured mentally so much now." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman ------------------------------------------------------------ (On Kotoshogiku bout) "He went in low and hit hard. It was an excellent display of sumo." (On Kotoshogiku promotion) "We definitely have far more likelihood of it and it's moving that way. He has been passed over the last basho and I am sure he has gone through hard mental anguishes but this means he cleared those hurdles." Nakamura oyakata, Deputy Director of Judging (former Sekiwake Fujizakura) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kotoshogiku promotion) "I doubt there will be naysayers when you have seen him do this much. He has beaten higher ranked rikishi including the yokozuna. He has achieved a record deserving of the promotion. I personally feel he has made sufficient accomplishments this basho." (On Kisenosato promotion) "There is no talk within the group yet but there is a possibility that the subject may come up." Baruto (9-5) losing to Hakuho by uwate-dashinage, 1.29.8 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Got into a firm yotsu but thrown away in the end) "I need to go on offensive much quicker. As far as I am concerned, it makes no difference even if you showed good sumo and you end up losing the bout." Hakuho (12-2) over Baruto ---------------------------------------- (Preserving his two loss record after hard struggles spanning one minute and 30 seconds.) "I was basically waiting for a good opening after grabbing his mawashi with both hands." "But I am really exhausted now." (Asked about a possibility of Yusho Kettei-sen against Kotoshogiku, but only able to express a few words in a uncharacteristically subdued mood.) "You asking me I look forward to it? I let your imagination speak for that." "Anyway I can't tell you, I really don't know." Yusho Race Board -------------------------------- Makuuchi: 2 losses - Hakuho, Kotoshogiku 3 losses - Kisenosato Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro ---------------------------------- Real name: Kazuhiro Kikutsugi, From Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. 27 years old. Started sumo when he was in Grade 4, encouraged by his grandfather. Enrolled in Meitoku Gijuku Junior/High School to join its sumo club. Became the Junior High Yokozuna, and during his high school years, won seven national sumo titles. Joined Sadogatake Beya and made his dohyo debut at the 2002 Hatsu Basho. Juryo debut: 2004 Nagoya Basho. Makuuchi debut: 2005 Hatsu Basho. Won Gino-sho award at the 2006 Kyushu Basho winning 10 bouts. Became Sanyaku at the 2007 Haru Basho. Beat Asashoryu at the 2008 Haru Basho and awarded Shukun-sho. Ranked at sekiwake four straight basho starting this Hatsu Basho. Kazunori Kikutsugi, 56, Kotoshogiku's father --------------------------------------------------------------------- (With around 100 people gathered at a facility near their home in Yanagawa City, cheering for Kotoshogiku, wiping away his tears after the bout.) "I am so happy he won the bout. He went with his sumo style all the way. I hope he can become an ozeki who can give encouragement to everyone." (Kotoshogiku's mother Mieko, 56, held a photo of Kotoshogiku's deceased grandfather Kazuo who initially encouraged Kotoshogiku to start sumo.) "This is all like a dream. I want to tell my son he did all his best today." (Kotoshogiku Supporters Club President Hiroshige Tachibana, 71, expressed his hope for the first yusho.) "Now we can even see the yusho in horizon, that's something we never expected. I want to scream a Banzai now." Juryo Yusho ------------------ Myogiryu Juryo East 3 ----------------------------------- Real name: Yasunari Miyamoto, from Hyogo Prefecture, Sakaigawa Beya. Dohyo debut: 2009 Natsu Basho Makushita Tsukedashi 15. Juryo debut: 2010 Hatsu, 187 cm, 140 kg. Favorite: Oshi. The 35th Shonosuke Kimura (real name: Junichi Uchida, Tatsunami Beya), 64, held a press conference at the Kokugikan as he will be retiring after this basho. He joined Ozumo in 1962 and became the first gyoji born after the end of World War II to be promoted to Tate Gyoji, Inosuke Shikimori. He was named Shonosuke Kimura in May,2008. Reflecting back on his fifty years in Ozumo, Shonosuke said, "Actually I never ever imagined I would become a gyoji before I entered this world. I have been able to come this far this long without any major mishaps thanks to all advice provided to me by many oyakata." His most memorable event was the bout Hakuho was stopped of his consecutive bout winning record at 63 at the last Kyushu Basho. "I was really focused not to have any error or mental lapse. I was certain that he would win it so I was really surprised at the outcome. I thought he would go on to win 69 like Futabayama did," Shonosuke said. "As from now on, I am not sure what I want to do actually. Well for one thing, I would like to avoid any crowded areas for now and rest." Q&A of the day ------------------------- Q: What is the yumitori ceremony that is performed at the conclusion of basho day? A: It is a ceremony conducted by an assigned rikishi who will twirl around a bow on behalf of the winning rikishi after the Musubi No Ichiban bout. The bow is 220 cm long. The ceremony was started as a part of service to the fans at the 1952 Hatsu Basho. There are many stories of the origin but one recorded ceremony goes back to 1791 when a Shogun presented a bow to Ozeki Tanikaze, then the highest ranked rikishi who won his bout at the special tournament held at the Edo Castle and Tanikaze swung it around in all directions. Q: Is it true that the bow could not be picked by a hand if dropped during the ceremony? A: In sumo bout, if one touches the ground, it's a loss. The Kyokai's handbook refers to a manner of picking up the bow when dropped to using a toe to whip it up and then pick it up by a hand.
  9. Day 13 Aki Basho September 23, 2011 --------------------------------------------------------- Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku displayed a perfect yori move and downed Hakuho. Hakuho suffered consecutive losses and now tied with Kotoshogiku with two losses. Kisenosato kept his three loss record by setting aside Gagamaru. Maegashira Gagamaru and Kitataiki fell down to three losses. Baruto beat Harumafuji by yorikiti in the battle of ozeki to get his ninth win. The holiday Friday had the third Maiin-Onray, sell out, this basho. Asahisho (Makushita West 12) over Bungonishiki by oshidashi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his seventh and with no loss, ensured his promotion to Juryo at the Kyushu basho. Won All Japan Wrestling Tournament during his Junior High School years but felt it was almost impossible to be selected for the Olympics and turned to Ozumo after he graduated from university. At the time he only weighed 75 kg and passed the secondary exam.) "I was so nervous last night that I almost couldn't sleep. But I am so happy. This is really like a dream. Right now I feel like I am the happiest man in the world." (Made his dohyo debut at the 2005 Haru Basho, 22 year old feeling so envious of his junior mate Kyokushuho making Juryo ahead of him.) "Obviously I was so upset at myself. But right now I want to become a sekitori loved by everyone." Myogiryu (Juryo East 3, 11-2) over Matsutani by hatakikomi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Though certain of his Makuuchi promotion) "The two remaining bouts are the most important ones for me this basho. I will be keeping focus solely on my sumo." Takamisakari (Juryo West 7) over Tochinonada by yorikiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Somehow managing to get a win and avoiding makekoshi today.) "I was able to get into a yotsu well after hitting him hard. I had some bouts I have not done well this basho but this one was the best I had this basho." (On facing a prospect of makekoshi) "Honestly I have been so scared by it(jokingly said)." "There is no point in worrying about what's ahead. Right now all I can do is what I can do now. If I can display good sumo, that will give me more motivation." Yoshiazuma (5-8) losing to Tosayutaka by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering makekoshi in his Makuuchi debut basho) "I have not been able to win because I have been becoming too conscious of trying to win and not being able to go on offensive. I guess there is no other way than simply learning from all my errors and start all over again." Sagatsukasa (5-8) losing to Tamaasuka by yorikiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing his third straight and suffering makekoshi.) "I am not responding well. I am behind my opponent by a millisecond. It's a lack of my ability." "I have been displaying the worst sumo for the last three days. I am more upset about the quality of my sumo than the fact I lost them. I want to stay focus on my sumo for the next two days by building the image clearly and go with offensive minded sumo." Kyokutenho (9-4) losingto Kokkai by yorikiri ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Seeing his tsukebito Asahisho winning the Makushita Yusho and certain of Juryo promotion.) "Actually today I was more concerned of his sumo than mine." "He was being interviewed by NHK and I had to ask someone else to help me with my mawashi. I couldn't focus on my bout because of all that happenings." Takanoyama (5-8) over Kaisei by Uchigake -------------------------------------------------------------- (Went to straight on to big Kaisei and displayed a brilliant leg hook.) "It's not my favorite move when I was doing Judo but it worked well for me today. I basically wanted to go after him quickly as once I slow down I will start feeling his weight on me. " Shotenro (8-5) over Takayasu by oshidashi --------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his first kachikoshi after getting married.) "I want to see my wife as soon as possible and tell her the news. I can tell her the good news." Homasho (8-5) over Kitataiki by oshitaoshi --------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting kachikoshi against very healthy Kitataiki) "I was able to go on offensive in my own form." (The first kachikoshi at Maegashira East 4.) "I have not been able to win at the East side up to now and others were pointing out that to me as well so I really wanted to blow that argument away." (Got married this spring and it is making a difference.) "Obviously once I get home, I can really be myself and being taken good care of. I can report back the good news." (Certain to be Sanyaku next basho) "I am happy knowing everyone who supported me throughout will be happy too." Kitataiki (10-3) losing to Homasho ------------------------------------------------- (Unable to keep his two loss record) "I couldn't keep going after him. Not much I can do now. It's all my fault." Gagamaru (10-3) losing to Kisenosato by yorikiri --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Coould have easily beaten Kisenosato) "Ah...I really wanted to win this one. I just needed one more step. But you know what. What makes me the happiest is that I can compete against strong opponents now." Kisenosato (10-3) over Gagamaru ---------------------------------------------- (Showing he is why where he is ranked at.) "I could not take anything for granted. I felt the full weight of him at the dohyo edge, that I have not experienced with any other rikishi." "I believed in my Oshi-zumo, I was able to gain confidence in my ability to go through with Oshi." (The next two days.) "To lead into the next basho I really want to finish strong." Toyonoshima (6-7) over Takekaze by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (From the point of his back behind the cliff edge with seven losses, winning five straight and try to be still a komusubi.) "One day at a time, one bout at a time. Definitely I have a strong resolve to get the kachikoshi. I guess being in Sanyaku and really wanting to stay in the post." Baruto (9-4) over Harumafuji by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------- (Beating his fellow ozeki Harumafuji) "Since I only have one encounter (against an ozeki) I sure wanted to win this one." Kotoshogiku (11-2) over Hakuho by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------- (Tightening his mawasho so tight that Harumafuji once commented that even a nail wouldn't be able to hook into it and obviously intent on not letting Hakuho to grab into him.) "I focused only on the tachiai today and psyched myself up more than anything else. If I could do the perfect tachiai then I believed everything else would take care of itself. I felt I was moving so naturally but I really can't remember anything else." "To learn from successful athletes I am reading books by Ichiro and Kaio so that may be helping me mentally as well." (Still needs to keep his focus as he beat Hakuho last basho only to lose two straight and lose his ozeki promtion chance.) "From here on, I am on a battle to take the lesson from the last basho." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------------------ (On Kotoshogiku) "This one was huge. If he can keep the form till the Senshuraku, obviously there will be the call (of the promotion)." Hakuho (11-2) losing to Kotoshogiku ------------------------------------------------------ (Easily pushed out by Kotoshogiku and losing to the same opponent two basho in a row. Asked if Kotoshogiku is deserving of ozeki promotion.) "You can see it yourself. He showed it." (Losing two straight now) "Well I did lose to two sekiwake in pretty condition this basho, so I can figure, well it's OK then." (Tied with Kotoshogiku on the yusho race) "All I can do is to follow him." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ------------------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho) "It's as if he turned into a receiving end." Yusho Race Board ----------------------------- Makuuchi: 2 losses: Hakuho, Kotoshogiku 3 losses: Kisenosato, Kitataiki, Gagamaru Juryo: 2 losses: Myogiryu Makushita West 12 Asahisho (from Chiba Prefecture, Oshima Beya) won his his seventh bout with no loss and ensured his promotion to Juryo at the Kyushu Basho. At Sandanme Karatsuumi (from Saga, Tamanoi) and at Jonokuchi, Wakayama (from Chima, Onomatsu) also won their division yusho on Day 13. There will be a Jonidan Yusho Kettei-sen on the Senshuraku, Makushita: Asahisho (7-0) West 12, Real name: Hirota Matsushima from Chiba Prefecture, Oshima Beya. 22 years old. Dohyo debut: 2005 Haru Bassho. 172 cm, 135 kg. Favorite: Oshi Sandanme: Karatsuumi (7-0) West 11, Real name: Seiji Sasaki from, Saga Prefecture. Tamanoi Beya. 23 years old. Dohyo debut: 2004 Hatsu Basho. 182 cm, 183 kg. Favorite: Migi-yotsu, Yori. Jonokuchi: Wakayama (7-0) East 16. Real name: Satoshi Wakayama. from Chiba Prefecture, Onomatsu Beya. 19 years old. Dohyo debut: 2011 Nagoya basho. 173 cm, 144 kg. Favorite: Tsuki,oshi. Wakayama quit Daitodai University in his first year and joined Ozumo last basho. Jonidan Yusho will be fought between former College Yokozuna at Nihon University Sakumayama of Kitanoumi Beya and Meiji University grad Watanabe from Takanohana Beya on the senshuraku. The Kyokai's so called Mark Sheet, the fan evaluation of rikishi and voting for the rikishi of the day is becoming a fixture at the Kokugikan this basho. The Kyokai is distributing 1,000 sheets per day and fans coming later often asking for the sheet after they handed out all of them. The survey asks the spectators to rate each rikishi based on their performance and the Kyokai is announcing the top three vote getters in Makuuchi and Juryo each day. Up to today 98 kg Takanoyama has been awarded the top spot four times. "I am happy to know if the fans judged I have been displaying good sumo," Takanoyama said. Another small rikishi, Toyonoshima got third place on Day 1 even though he lost to Hakuho. "Even I lost the bout, they felt I have done well and deserving of recognition. I want to display a sumo they find worth watching regardless of I lose or win," Toyonoshima commented. Retiring Isenoumi oyakata (fomer Sekiwake Fujinogawa) came up with the idea of fan survey. "I note that those rikishi who never gave up till the end placed top spots as well. I wanted to have those rikishi showing fighting spirit to be recognized so it is working as I envisioned it," the oyakata said. "Obviously we just started it and there are areas we can still improve upon." "In future we are hoping to include TV viewers as well," the oyakata added.
  10. Day 12 Aki Basho September 22, 2011 -------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho showing little resistance to Kisenosato and lost his first bout this basho. Kisenosato avoided fourth straight loss and earned his ninth win this basho. Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku overwhelmed Gagamaru in their first encounter to get his 10th win.Harumafuji beat Tochiozan with oshi-dashi and got kachikoshi but Baruto was fooled by Kakuryu's henka and suffered his fourth loss. Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki and Gagamaru are chasing Hakuho with one loss. Takanoyama (4-8) losing to Kyokutenho by yoritaoshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to move after firmly grabbed in a yotsu by Kyokutenho.) "I needed to go on offensive from the start. I still lack overall strength." (Stayed in hard against 60 kg heavier Kyokutenho.) "Rather than that I want to go on offensive. I still have three more days so I will do my best." (Despite losses, cheers and applauses are getting louder every day and 98 kg Takanoyama is becoming one of the most popular rikishi in Makuuchi.) "I want to go with a sumo that can lead to the next basho. I will be training so much harder so that I can display powerful sumo in the Kyushu." Kyokutenho (9-3) over Takanoyama ---------------------------------------------------- (On facing one of the lightest opponent he ever faced in Makuuchi) "I never took him lightly. He has good leg moves you know so I tried to go rather deliberately." Tochinowaka (8-4) over Kokkai by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------ (Getting kachikoshi at the highest rank in his career.) "You won't believe how absolutely happy I am now! So much so that I am almost ready to cry all over here. Now all the load came off my shoulders." Kitataiki (10-2) over Wakakoyu by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------- (Achieving his second double digit win record.) "I am happy but at the same time I really need to keep myself focused." "Oh, a boring comment? You mean that's what everyone says?" Gagamaru (10-2) losingto Kotoshogiku by yorikiri --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to extend his winning streak.) "The power he lashed out was incredible. (Top rank rikishi) are really different. I really need to get myself accustomed to their power, skills." Kotoshogiku (10-2) over Gagamaru ---------------------------------------------------- (Even though back stepped a couple after getting hit by 199 kg giant, quickly came back to step in even harder and got into his Gaburi to put Gaga out.) "I tried not to get too conscious about how successful he has been doing this basho but I couldn't erase it totally out of mind. But I feel great as I was able to display a good sumo." (Actually he became so tense that he almost forgot how to do shiko move on the dohyo today.) "My mind went totally blank. I just told myself to calm down, calm down. Then I saw the emergency sign at the back of corridor and I got back to normal." (Saying on the day Typhoon hit Tokyo, getting involved in serious traffic congestion and that additional time in the car (over three and half hours) provided him the time to think through his sumo.) "Yeah, it gave enough time to look deeply into myself again.. and as well we dropped by to the Yoshino-ya restaurant and I had two extra large bowls of Gyu-Don (Shredded beef over rice)." (There are only three sekiwake who recorded double digit win record four straight basho in sumo history - Kimigahama, Konishiki and Asahifuji. All three eventually became ozeki.) Harumafuji (8-4) over Tochiozan by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Finally getting kachikoshi in a basho he was supposed to go for yokozuna promotion.) "This is a result of myself working so hard. I want to keep going and displayh sumo that can lead into the next basho." Kisenosato (9-3) over Hakuho by kotenage --------------------------------------------------------------- (Never letting Hakuho to start any move, won decisively, back in the dressing room, more talkative than usual.) "I had a good tachiai. I was able to go with quality sumo in some while. I tried not to let him get the right in. I was only thinking about going on offensive. It turned out best defense was offense after all " (Was on a three bout losing streak.) "It was like I was running on empty, getting no traction at all but getting emotionally hyper. I kept thinking why I couldn't get it altogether and remembered what I was doing back on Day 1. Basically what I have been missing most was Tsuki-oshi. Today I kept telling myself, stay calm, stay calm." (Since stopping Hakuho's historical consecutive win record at 63 at the Kyushu Basho last year, his record against Hakuho is 3 win and 2 loss.) "All I can do is go with everything I have from now on, with the confidence I was able to gain today and never quitting till the end." Hakuho (11-1) losing to Kisenosato ---------------------------------------------------- (Once again losing to Kisenosato and unable to hide the shock.) "On the dohyo I felt just like always, nothing different......" "He had strong otsukke, My right elbow? No problem, I am OK." "Nothing has changed. I will just need to keep going, that's all." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ------------------------------------------------------------ (On Hakuho) "It's quite apparent he (Kisenosato) is an opponent Hakuho finds so much difficulty with. If Hakuho is facing any another opponent, he can even try to grab the mawashi from left but with Kisenosato, he gets real finicky and insists on grabbing with right only. Go figure." Naruto oyakata, Kisenosato's shisho ----------------------------------------------------- (Reprimanded his recruit, Kisenosato, the night before, so furious that others took cover and stayed away, in turn likely waking up Kisenosato from a stupor he was in.) "If he (Kisenosato) could have even showed the half of what he did today yesterday.....consistency is what gets you to the top you know." Miyagino oyakata, former Makuuchi Chikubayama, Hakuho's shisho ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (On Hakuho) "He is not hitting hard at all at tachiai, nothing after was effective either. At this point I am not even sure about Kotoshogiku bout." Hakkaku oyakata, former Yokozuna Hokutoumi, Kyokai PR Director ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (On Kisenosato) "It was quite an impressive display. If I could, I would have given him two Shukun-sho award. It was definitely worth that much." "Mark Sheet", Kyokai's Fan survey - Makuuchi Top Vote Getter: Kisenosato ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yusho Race Board ------------------ Makuuchi: One loss - Hakuho Two losses - Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki, Gagamaru Juryo: One loss - Myogiryu, Matsutani The list of rikishi who have no loss record in Makushita and below as of Day 12: Makushita: Asahisho (from Chiba, Oshima Beya) Bungonishiki (from Oita, Dewanoumi Beya) Sandanme: Karatsuumi (from Saga, Tamanoi) Shoho (from Osaka, Kasugayama) - Yumitori rikishi Hanasegawa (from China, Asahiyama) Jonidan: Sakumayama (from Tokyo, Kitanoumi) Watanabe (from Yamanashi, Takanohana) Tochidaiho (from Tochigi, Kasugano) Jonokuchi: Wakayama (from Chiba, Onomatsu) The Tate Gyoji, the 35th Shonosuke Kimura, 64, will receive Honorary Prefecture award from his birth place, Miyazaki Prefecture. He made his dohyo debut in 1962 and has been promoted to the highest rank in 2007, the first gyoji from Miyazaki Prefecture to do so. This basho will be his last basho as he reaches the Kyokai's mandatory retirement age after the basho. "I feel very honored. I also feel that what I have been persevering to maintain my optimum health for all these 50 years has been rewarded," commented Shonosuke Kimura. (Some may recall before his promotion to Shonosuke Kimura, he was JONOSUKE Kimura.) This date in history: September 23, 2001 --------------------------------------------------------------- Maegashira East 2 Kotomitsuki downed Maegashira Kaiho with a shitatenga and recorded his 13th win on this Day 14 of Aki Basho to earn his first yusho. A hiramaku yusho was the first since the Haru Basho in the previous year by Takatoriki. Since 1909 Natsu Basho, Kotomitsuki became 25th rikishi to win the yusho as Hiramaku (26th Hiramaku yusho recorded sicne 1909). He became the third quickest rikishi to win the Makuuchi yusho (in 9 basho) since his dohyo debut since 1958 when the current six basho a year format was adopted. Typhoon 15/Roke Effect: --------------------------------- Tamawashi, East M10: I got drenched just trying to get into a taxi. Once in the car, I noticed that the floor was flooded. Tochnoshin, East M4: My umbrella broke, I couldn't walk with our footwear as they kept slipping so I walked back to the heya in barefoot. Takekaze, East M3: I waited over an hour for a cab but none came and no prospect for one coming so I decided to walk back to the heya (Oguruma Beya) - I guess the last time I did that was about nine years ago. Attendance: 6,300
  11. Day 11 Aki Basho September 21, 2011 --------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho managed somehow to come up with a sukuinage to stop ever pressing Kakuryu to get his 11th straight win. In his first ozeki challenge, Gagamaru sent Baruto out of the dohyo to preserve his one loss record but ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku losing his second bout to recede into the background, beaten by Tochiozian. It was third loss for Baruto. Harumafuji downed Kisenosato to get his seventh win. Kisenosato lost three straight bout now. Tokushoryu (Makushita East 1, 4-2) over Homarefuji by tottari ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his kachikoshi at Makushita East 1, securing his Juryo promotion.) "I don't feel like I will be a sekitori yet but I do feel it will be the start of something new from now on. I will keep going out not forgetting the beginning." (Graduated from Kinki University and won Sandanme Yusho but spent some time in Makushita, getting behind his former Kinki University team mate Takarafuji and new Juryo this basho, Kimikaze who entered at the same time.) "I feel I should have gotten to Juryo little quicker but I told myself I am me and I worked hard, not getting myself down." Hokutokuni (Juryo West 13, 8-3) over Myogiryu by kaina-hineri --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting his kachikoshi after downing Myogiryu by kaina-hineri, after returning all the way from Banzuke-gai to Juryo, the first rikishi to do so in sumo history.) "I am finally getting the feeling that I have come back. This time last year I was in Banzuke-gai. This is all thanks to the people who have supported me throughout. Without them, there is no me today. It means if you keep going never giving up then you will be eventually rewarded. I would like to do my best for other junior rikishi too." (His career has been a series of battles with injuries. He made his dohyo debut at the 2001 Haru Basho and in the following Natsu Basho in a bout against Hakuho he broke a couple of fingers in his right hand as well as dislocated his shoulder and went on kyujo. He broke his right wrist in 2005 and had a surgery. While still not fully recovered he made his Juryo debut at the 2008 Haru Basho but the right wrist injury got worsen and had another surgery. It did not make him any better as he was forced to go on kyujo from 2009 Natsu Basho for six straight basho. By this time he was ready to quit when his shisho Hakkaku oyakata invited him to a dinner and told him to go for another surgery. He had the surgery January last year and started his comeback from Mae-zumo subsequently and made a comeback to Juryo.) Hideaki Hokutokuni ------------------------------ Real name: Hideaki Hayashi. Born: June 7, 1985 in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. 26 years old. In Grade 2 was inspired by Chiyonofuji and started going to a local sumo clinic. After graduating from Tsuruoka No. 4 Junior High, joined Hakkaku Beya. Dohyo debut: 2001 Haru. Sandanme Yusho: 1, Jonokuchi Yusho: 1. 178 cm, 151 kg. Favorite: Migi-yotsu, yori. Takamisakari (Juryo West 7, 5-6) over Hishofuji by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Stopping his losing skid at 3 and his fifth win this basho and likely not getting demoted even he loses all remaining bouts.) "I couldn't hit him well but I was able to get into a yotsu. I am so happy I was able to get the win." "I feel a little better now. I was really thinking about what if..." "I think I was lucky today though. It's not my ability." Kokkai (8-3) over Tamawashi by hikiotoshi ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting kachikoshi in his Makuuchi return basho.) "It's been a year since I am in Makuuchi so I am definitely happy." (Now even seeing a double digit win record.) "I still have four days so if I can go for it," Takanoyama (4-7) losingto Daido by sukuinage ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Even with seven losses, trying to stay positive.) "What it means is that I just win all my remaining bouts. There is no point in being pessimistic." Kitataiki (9-2) over Tochinowaka by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his ninth) "Totally unexpected. I am not trying to be greedy." Kyokutenho (8-3) over Goeido by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------ (Despite pressed to the dohyo edge several times but endured well and did not miss a brief opening to beat Goeido.) "Everything just clicked today. I lifted him while I was trying to stay in and used his power to beat him." (Even though his bout was in the first half of Makuuchi bouts, selected as the top vote getter in the Kyokai's Mark Sheet.) "I got pretty exhausted but it was well worth it. I felt it was a good sumo." Kaisei (3-8) losing to Miyabiyama by hikiotoshi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting makekoshi for two consecutive basho.) "I am still mentally sharp but my body isn't." Tochiozan (7-4) over Kotoshogiku by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Ignored Kotoshogiku's trick to get him into a yotsu as happened to Kisenosato the day before.) "I figured he was intentionally leaving open his arm to get me into a yotsu so instead of going for mawashi, I went with Hazu. As I have been losing badly, I wanted not to get beaten easily." Kotoshogiku (9-2) losing to Tochiozan ------------------------------------------------------- (Rather one side loss, pushed out by Tochiozan offering little resistance.) "Ah....S*?! He really got me well. I know exactly what I did wrong. I had to step in harder." (Now needing to win three of his remaining four bouts to meet the ozeki promotion stanadard of 33 wins in the three consecutive basho.) "I will really need to come back with a firm resolve. I can't afford to take anything for granted." Sadogatake oyakata, Kotoshogiku's shisho ------------------------------------------------------------------- "He looked a bit tense. His back was too high. He needed to go with an Ottuke from below." Nakamura oyakata, Deputy Director of Judging ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "We must realize his opponent was a Hiramaku. He cannot permit a complete loss like today. This is the most important time and he is making a detour." Okinoumi (4-7) losing to Homasho by makiotoshi ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing ugly) "I wasn't fully alert. My winning form has now totally collapsed. I am losing too easily." Gagamaru (10-1) over Baruto by okuridashi ----------------------------------------------------------- (Unstoppable running train even pushing out an ozeki to notch his ninth straight win.) "It was my dream to face an ozeki. I wanted to display a good sumo even if I lost the bout but really really I am happy. I just can't believe it. When I won it, I felt like dancing a Lady Gaga dance at the dohyo." (On the yusho race) "I am not even thinking about it for now." (Losing his father when he was one year old and raised solely by his monther. She is suffering from serious diabetes and needs to be treated at a hospital three or four times a week. Gagamaru is sending about 500,000 yen every month to his mother for treatment.) "She once got so excited watching my bout on TV and lost consciousness so right now my older brother is letting her know the result after checking the Internet. I want to dedicate this victory to her." (Also not forgetting his first shisho Kise oyakata who lost his heya after his relation with an organized crime member was reported.) "He called me 10 times last night. He told me to keep going offensive. To tell you the truth, it's a bit of pressure but obviously I could not tell him that. But I sure want to meet him now to tell him the good news myself." (Will be facing Sekiwake Kotoshogikur tomorrow.) "Again I will think tomorrow as Day 1 and will do my best. I won't really think about him but I will focus on my sumo." Kitanoumi oyakata, Gagamaru's shisho ---------------------------------------------------------- "The factor that's making him so successful this basho is, regardless of what it is, he just keeps moving forward, pushing out, pushing down, pressing his opponents any way possible." Baruto (8-3) losing to Gagamaru ---------------------------------------------- (Tried to get the mawashi but bounced off by his opponent's tsuppari.) "He was coming at me from a distance, I wasn't sure how I should have responded to him. I never faced him before so I really didn't know him. I guess he is in a good condition. But I sure like to do it all over again." Kisenosato (8-3) losing to Harumafuji by uwate-dashinage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Failed to execute a good tachiai and never recovered from it and shaken around by Harumafuji.) "It was all tachiai as I lost it. I was more or less floating after." (Won nine straight from Day 1 and then losing three straight against ozeki and sekiwake, will be facing Hakuho on Day 12.) "Ah...the flow is all bad." Harumafuji (7-4) over Kisenosato ------------------------------------------------ "I knew there were a lot of people who were really looking forward to this bout. He is a good rival and obviously I never wanted to lose to him. I always want to display a good sumo against him as both of us know each other's sumo so well." Kakuryu (5-6) losing to Hakuho by sukuinage --------------------------------------------------------------- (Despite getting into Migi-yotsu and pushed Hakuho to the edge but let him get to a sukuinage.) "I should have never let the hidari mawashi go at the end. That was it, There was nothing else left, I could have really beaten him right there." (While losing all his nineteen bouts against Hakuho, displaying consistently quality sumo.) "At least I was pleased to hear the crowd really get into the bout." Izutsu oyakata, Kakuryu;s shisho --------------------------------------------------- (On Kakuryu losing to Hakuho for 19th time.) "I said it before but before he can go for ozeki promotion, he will need to beat the yokozuna first." Hakuho (11-0) over Kakuryu ---------------------------------------- (Almost getting pushed out by Kakuryu.) "I was thinking of just watching his move a little and then...I was able to stay in and had a good timing when I executed the throw. I am a bit relieved." (And now there is only one rikishi left chasing him with one loss.) "I get an impression he got stronger. Anyway we still got some time left in the basho so I will need to stay focused." Yusho Race Board ---------------------------- Makuuchi: No loss - Hakuho 1 loss - Gagamaru 2 losses - Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki Juryo: 2 losses: Myogiryu, Matsutani With a major typhoon descending straight to Tokyo, the Kyokai went to a full preparation mode to do their best to reduce danger to the fans coming to the basho today. They have pull down all their flags as well as putting sand bags in areas where there was danger of flooding. They were prepared to keep the customers in the arena if all trains stopped running after 6 pm. While JR line stopped their train, Oedo subway line fortunately kept their service though at a minimum level and they were able to guide the fans out of the building smoothly and there was no major disturbances or complaints from the spectators. The Kyokai announced that they would hold another study session on October 5. It is a series of session initially held to prevent recurrence of yaocho sumo. The next session theme is for meals to make you healthy and stronger.
  12. Jonosuke

    The Joint is Empty! - Aki Basho

    With a major Typhoon making a direct hit on Tokyo, why anyone would want to come over to the Kokugikan on a day like today is beyond me. Most of Tokyo area train even stopped running in the evening, not sure how everyone got home tongiht. Basically I find no good reason to be there unless there is a flood warning for Sumida-gawa and you need to evacuate on the second floor. Sometimes there are good reasons for attendance fluctuations. For TV ratings, Japan went crazy on the Nadeshiko Japan winning the world cup and the people were really keen on their Olympic qualifiers, which were more or less a series of one time special events. A regular baseball (not the High School ones at the Koshien) or J-League broadcast ratings may be more of frame of reference.
  13. Day 10 Aki Basho September 20 2011 -------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho all alone atop the Yusho Race Board defeated Tokitenku with yorikiri to remain with no loss, winning 10 consecutive bouts. The battle of two one loss sekitori was won by ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku pushing his rival Kisenosato out with yorikiri. Maegashira Gagamaru preserved his one loss record by downing Goeido. Baruto beat Tochiozan to get kachikoshi. Harumafuji got his sixth win by setting aside Tochinoshin. Komusubi Aran suffered makekoshi. Tamanoshima (Juryo East 7, 3-7) over Sadanofuji by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting hit on his face by Sadanofuji's head at tachiai and suffered severe nosebleed so much so that the bout was stopped by dohyo judge with a gyoji "matta" so he could be treated before continuing. Somehow overcoming the loss of blood and won the bout. Winning also "Mark Sheet" survey for getting 561 points, the top in Juryo, followed by his opponent Sadanofuji with 414 points.) "I am happy to hear I was the top rikishi in Juryo today. Hopefully I was able to give them some sort of encouragement." "Not only I had things stuffed in my nose to stop bleeding, the blood was coming into my mouth too and I could have hardly breathed at all." (His record so far has been rather miserable.) "At the time surprisingly I was pretty calm. After seeing my own blood though, I was starting to get really psyched up." Takanoyama (4-6) over Tamawashi by hikkake -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Gaining his fourth win after exchanging tsuppari with Tamawashi but was mostly on the receiving end.) "I had a bad flow. I could not really finish off my opponent after I went after him with tsuppari." Kitataiki (8-2) over Kimurayama by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------- (His first kachikoshi since the Hatsu Basho.) "I am happy about it but we are still far from over." Gagamaru (9-1) over Goeido by kotenage ----------------------------------------------------------- "I am not sure what I did today but I am pleased about the win. I was ready to do anything to go against him today. Actually I am most pleased about the bout today as he is really a formidable opponent and I was able to beat him." (Preserving one loss record and selected to face an ozeki tomorrow.) "This is the first time I will face a top rank rikishi so I am really looking forward to it. But I can't tell you about how it will go. But then I have nothing to lose as far as I am concerned." (On the yusho) "I'd rather not think about it at all as I will get really nervous if I start thinking about it." Wakanosato (2-8) losing to Takekaze by hatakikomi --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering makekoshi on his Makuuchi 1,000th bout.) "If I won 1,000 bouts then I can say it's a magnificent feat and want to celebrate but all I have been doing for this appearance record is just showing up here." Homasho (6-4) losing to Kakuryu by katasukashi ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Even though going hard against Kakuryu but tripped over by katasukashi. Got the gyoji decision but lost on mono-ii.) "I just didn't complete the move cleanly and fully at the end." (Two more win to kachikoshi.) "Today I was able to move forward. I will take good care of each of my remaining bouts." Toyonoshima (3-7) over Aran by oshidashi ---------------------------------------------------------- (Prevailing over the battle of seven loss Komusubi.) "I was able to utilize my opponent's power well. I remained calm even when he was trying to come at me hard." Aran (2-8) losing to Toyonoshima ------------------------------------------------ (Suffering Makekoshi as Komusubi and a farewell to Sanyaku.) "The is the end. I reached the limit." (Asked if he was thinking of going with a henka for third straight day.) "Never, absolutely No." Kisonosato (8-2) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Now suffering second loss and no longer a possibility of 14 win which was a borderline mark for his ozeki promotion.) "Ah...." Kotoshogiku (9-1) over Kisenosato ------------------------------------------------- (Rapidly bulldozing out his opponent, mentioning the key was to empty all extra thought out of his mind.) "I did what I had to do. That's all. There is no point in thinking about things you cannot do." "With Kise, there is something more than simply winning or losing at stake. I am happy I was able to display good sumo today. I shouldn't get too conscious of him but today I was able to get the good result." (On seen listering to iPod prior to his bout.) "Oh I am listening to "ff" (fortesimo) by Hound Dog. It just gets me really up mentally but calm me down at the same time." Sadogatake oyakata, former Sekiwake Kotonowaka, Kotoshogiku's shisho ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The best thing to do is to forget all that distraction out of your mind," Naruto oyakata, former Yokozuna Takanosato, Kisenosato's shisho --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "To go out as hard as you can with everything you have with a determination that you will even risk broken elbows or neck. That's the state of mind you need." Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------------------ "Kotoshogiku was perfect from the tachiai. He stayed low, far and heavy." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Basically Kisenosato's sumo is predicated by getting the mawashi while Kotoshogiku won't need to get to the mawashi so he could step forward and quickly turn to his offensive." (On Kotoshogiku's Ozeki magic number is now 3.) "I am sure as we get close, more and more promotion mood will be generated." Baruto (8-2) over Tochiozan by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------- (To be facing Maegashira 11 Gagamaru on Day 11.) "I guess there will be a different level of tension but I am looking forward to the bout." Hakuho (10-0) over Tokitenku ------------------------------------------- (Not worrying about Tokitenku's foot/leg tricks.) "I really had a great feeling the moment I jumped out of tachiai. Actually you always need to be a bit vigilant as you never know what he would do. You will need to really watch him carefully." (On getting a double digit win record.) "For a yokozuna, winning 10 is equivalent to kachikoshi. For him a double digit win record is 12." (On a possibility of winning 20th yusho.) "You never know until it's over." Yusho Race Board ------------------- Makuuchi: No loss - Hakuho One loss - Kotoshogiku, Gagamaru Juryo: One loss - Myogiryu Juryo West 9 Kaonishiki, 33, of Azumazeki Beya has withdrawn from the Aki Basho as of Day on September 20. Kaonishiki injured his right knee on Day 6 and went on kyujo for two days but re-entered on Day 8. He has further aggravated his injury in his Day 9 bout. His opponent on Day 10 Masuraumi will get a fusen win. Rookie oyakata,former Ozeki Kaio now Asakayama oyakata, 39, has made his oyakata debut this basho by working as one of the security staff who guards at the entrance of the corridor leading up to the dressing room from Hanamichi. "I have been a rikishi for 23 years but as an oyakata, everything is new to me," said Asakayama oyakata. "I wan to learn the trade as much as I can as quickly as I can" said former Kaio adding he is being helped by his shisho Tomozuna oyakata. He says he is reducing food intake but as he no longer trains as before he is unable to lose any significant weight. "I know I should reduce my weight but..." His dream is to go independent and found his heya but with the Kyokai still working through a variety of reform measures, he admits he feel some anxiety over Ozumo's future. "But I still believe we will still be growing and developing recruits as a Shisho working as a surrogate parent. I am not sure how long it will take but right now I will keep building what I can do now a little by little."
  14. Day 9 Aki Basho September 19, 2011 --------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho stands alone at the top after setting aside Tochinoshin without any difficulty. Kisenosato lost his advantage at the end and was thrown out by Baruto. Baruto won his seventh bout. Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku defeated his nemesis Tokitenku by kimedashi and got his kachikoshi. Maegashira Gagamaru preserved his one loss record. Harumafuji downed Kakuryu to finally have more wins than losses. Tatsu (Makushita East 53, 4-1) over Tokachiumi by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Promoted to Makushita, 193 cm tall, 144 kg 17 year and 3 month old Tatsu of Takadagawa Beya won his kachikoshi and may become the fourth youngest in sumo history to be promoted to Juryo after Takanohana, Kisenosato and Kitanoumi.) "I didn't believe I would be able to get Kachikoshi this early. But I set my mind to get it today prior to the bout." "If I start thinking about how many I need to win etc I would get really tense and my sumo will reflect it. Instead of thinking about becoming a sekitori at what age, I will just focus on my sumo and do the best I can." (Becoming a Tsukebito to veteran Wakanosato this basho and learning how to prepare for bouts.) "I am learning so much from him, like how to concentrate before the bout. I can learn so much." "Right now all I want to do is to put everything I have on the next two bouts." Takadagawa oyakata (former Sekiwake Akinoshima), Tatsu's shisho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Tatsu) "The point is not simply getting kachikoshi but whether he can get the fifth and sixth win. Because that will lead him into the future." Ryoya Tatsu ------------------ Born: June 1, 1994. From Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture. 17 years old. Joined Nanao Sumo Sports Boys Club when he was in Grade 1 at Ishizaki Elementary School. He placed third in All Japan in his sixth grade. Representing Nishi Nanbu Junior High School, he won the individual yusho and helped the school to win the group yusho at the All Japan Junior High School Sumo Tournament in 2009. After graduating from the junior high, he joined Takadagawa Beya, making his dohyo debut at the 2010 Natsu Basho. 193 cm, 144 kg. His family consists of father, older sister and brother. Takanoyama (3-6) losing to Gagamaru by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Came flying out with a henka but been observed well by 100 kg heavier Gagamaru and easily pushed out.) "I had to do something like Inashi and grab his mawashi and then follow it through with another move. After the tachiai I couldn't do anything consistent. I could not go with one move. My weakness has became just too apparent." "I did not attack quickly. It's not so much about him being heavier but it's about me too light. I really want to gain more weight. If I can get up to 130 kg, I don't need to keep running around." Gagamaru (8-1) over Takanoyama ---------------------------------------------------- (On his bout against Takanoyama.) "He came out really quick and moved well but I was able to stay calm. For one thing I was confident that he could not take me out." "When you actually look at him, you realize how tiny he is." (On seeing a photo of his face placed over the face of Lady Gaga and been called "Lady Gaga Maru".) "Let me tell you I was called Gaga since the time I was born. The real Gaga is me." Sagatsukasa (4-5) over Yoshiazuma by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating 31 cm taller Yoshiazuma) "Bigger guys can come out with such power, king of scary but I love all that cheers the fans are giving me." Fujiazuma (1-8) losing to Tamawashi by penalty ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Suffering Makekoshi, losing the bout after judged to have grabbed his opponent's mage.) "I desperately wanted to pull my fingers out but got stuck in there. I knew immediately I have done it..." Goeido (7-2) over Tochinowaka by sukuinage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing never die spirit in their first encounter. After two years younger Tochinowaka got into his favorite Hidari-yotsu and pushed him to the edge several times but persevered and unleashing a sukuinage at the dohyo edge to beat the opponent.) "I wanted to win with a perfect sumo. I stayed in not ever wanting to give up." (On facing another standout rikishi in high school days like himself.) "Once you turned pro, what you have done during your amateur days have no bearing." "Today I was doing everything I can to stay in so I have no feeling left in my arms now." (Seeing Kisenosato, the same age as him, doing so well this basho.) "Right now I am not at a rank where I can face him. I want to climb up on the bazuke quickly so I can face him." Tochinowaka (6-3) losing to Goeido ---------------------------------------------------- (Facing former high school star Goeido) "Back when I was in high school, he was talked with so much in awe but now as we are both in pro, we need to do all we can to get a win." Aran (2-7) over Wakanosato by hatakikomi -------------------------------------------------------------- (For the second straight day, winning by a henka. Gesturing a Pushing Away move..) "Really I wanted to go this way. I feel badly to the people who came to see us today." Kotoshogiku (8-1) over Tokitenku by kimedashi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (With his record against Tokitenku, 3 win and 16 loss prior to this basho, definitely not an easy opponent to deal with but at the end even able to get into his favorite Gaburi.) "I am not sure why I lost so many to him. But anyway I wasn't really concerned about the past history." "After losing yesterday, I went out for a meal with Tsukebito. I had a lot of fun. I guess it worked to turn my fortune around today." (Since he was involved in a traffic congestion on Day 7 and started riding on train.) "Well at least I know what time I can get here you know." "I basically went out without any strategy today as I figured there was no point in thinking about it too much. Anyway I was able to get a good sumo in today." (On facing Kisenosato, also with one loss, tomorrow.) "I won't think about it today. I will leave that till tomorrow." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ---------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato-Kotoshogiku bout tomorrow) "I just hope they can display good competitive sumo." Baruto (7-2) over Kisenosato by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Rather than stepping hard with his left leg with a supporter wrapped around) "I guess I was able to stay in because I stepped in with my left leg." (Despite placing the second in the Kyokai's Fan Survey today...) "You know all the cheering were for Kisenosato only..." Kisenosato (8-1) losing to Baruto -------------------------------------------------- (Going against an ozeki he has 3 win 15 loss record against and got bounced back against the thick wall of ozeki despite taking him to the edge, with firmly in yotsu.) (Asked about his tachiai strategy as he jumped out high.) "Well not sure how it should have been. But we still have more to go." Naruto oyakata (former Yokozuna Takanosato), Kisenosato's shisho ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato's bout today as he got himself firmly in yotsu against Baruto with monstrous power.) "I know he finds hard to go against him (Baruto) so he needs to be more creative. The key to his sumo is Tsuki-Oshi. It's his life line. If he can do that well, even if he gets into a yotsu later, he still can win but..." Mihogaseki oyakata, former Ozeki Masuiyama, Chief Dohyo Judge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "He was able to get his opponent where he wanted but you know Baruto, he can really swallow you in. But it was a good sumo." Kakuryu (4-5) losing to Harumafuji by sotogake ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Now losing his fifth and still has a mathematical chance of having a double digit win record but just that.) "I lack strength. I want to remember how much regret I feel now and keep working hard." Hakuho (9-0) over Tochinoshin by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------- (Both going with their favorite Migi-yotsu, but Tochinoshin didn't get any further.) "I was able to move forward because we were both in Migi-yotsu." (Winning his ninth straight, and up to today, joking he was following Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato but now he is left all alone at the top.) "I guess now I am in a position to lead others." Yusho Race Board --------------------------------- Makuuchi: 0 loss - Hakuho 1 loss - Kotoshogiku, Kisenosato, Gagamaru Juryo: 1 loss - Myogiryu In celebration of centennial of Futabayama's birth, his birth place, Usa-city, Oita Prefecture will be erecting a special monument commemorating his 69 consecutive winning record, the most ever in Ozumo history. The monument will also etch the name of Tanikaze and Hakuho who won sixty or more consecutive bouts. The monument will be unveiled at a special ceremony attended by relatives of Futabayama and Hakuho on December 3 this year. Hakuho will be performing a yokozuna dohyo-iri ceremony at the Usa Shrine on the following day for the first time in 73 years since Futabayama himself performed it. Futabayama was born in February 1912. "Mark Sheet" Kyokai's Rikishi Survey by the Fans at the Kokugikan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Makuuchi: Top Vote Getter ; Goeido Attendance: 6,550
  15. Jonosuke

    The Joint is Empty! - Aki Basho

    I believe one reason for this rule to prevent so-called organized crime members from sitting at a Sunakaburi seat for all to see on TV land. Since they do have all video surveillance as well as some police officers with organized crime unit placed around the venue now, this rule is really an overkill. There are as many fans travelling afar to see their local boys do good climbing up the ranks, the rule does not really contribute to Ozumo's well being really. Since you can't eat or drink at a Sunakaburi section at all and you can't sit there all day, most folks who have the ticket won't show up before Makushtia bouts so why not let all the others take advantage of cheering young kids up close and personal. I don't really see any harm in letting others sit there until the legitimate occupant shows up. With now NHK not showing the bouts starting from 1 PM, I would say let the place open till the Juryo dohyo-iri.