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  1. asa_love

    rikishi with FACEBOOK

    oh wow i had the same question in mind, lol.
  2. asa_love

    Some more pictures

    the first pic reminds me of the poster of the movie "human centipede" .... > <
  3. asa_love

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations scroll down to see a pic of asa 'gardening'
  4. asa_love

    how do you adopt a rikishi?

    that is interesting! thank you for the explanation. i think i should go adopt a mongolian son.
  5. hi when people talk about their sumo 'adoptees' what does that mean ? thanks.
  6. asa_love

    Foreign-born Rikishi Popularity Ranking

    I wonder who was ranked 29.
  7. asa_love

    Foreign-born Rikishi Popularity Ranking

    am surprised that kyokushuzan made it to top 10 though!!
  8. hmm got one which I always wondered about in sanskrit "anata" (you) which in sanskrit means "no-self"
  9. asa_love

    Rikishi smoking

    When I saw this picture I wondered if he was going to use all those cigarettes as candles on the cake.... (In a state of confusion...) aw are rikishi allowed to smoke?? harumafuji really shouldnt do that its so bad for his skin! i hope one day his skin improves so that in the sumo cartoons they would stop drawing pimples all over his face. :-) he would look quite good with hakuho skin!
  10. asa_love

    Hakuho on Aura no Izumi

    there were quite a few parts to the show but hakuho's part starts around here: Seems that he loves his parents very much (In a state of confusion...) and he slept with them till he was 15
  11. asa_love

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    anyone going to the chelsea flower show then? 
  12. hi going to tokyo soon. has anyone been to asashoryu's restaurant? worth a stopover? (Laughing...)
  13. asashoryu appears in the first part of this new year variety show with kuroki hitomi, just in case some of you missed that.... also happy new year! would also really appreciate if anyone has other vids of asa!
  14. asa_love

    Asahouryuu cries

    the video is gone? does anyone know where I can still watch it? thanks
  15. asa_love

    Chiyotaikai- I will not retire!

    noooo i want taikai back..... and i want his restaurant chez taikai back....