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  1. Hi Players!!

    Almost 4 weeks into the new entry form, and not one, but two mistakes were pointed out to me by the cunning Zenjimoto. Miyabiyama was actually 1-3-11, and not 2-2-11 as stated in the form, and Takanotsuru was 9-6 and not 10-5.

    So if anyone was misled by my senility, I apologize.

    Good news is, you still have about 4 and a half days to fix it.

  2. Wow, you got to attend practice!  That's awesome.  (Exclamation)

    How long was it?  Was it very intense?  Or were they more cautious and focused on teaching rather than winning?

    It was a week before Aki 98,  and yes, it was intense, though Taka ,Waka, Akinoshima(injured) and Takatouriki were taking it easy doing mostly small barbell lifting and such, while the lower ranked were very busy and intense. Nami wasn't even there..

  3. As you can see (hopefully) there is no Tokoyama from Nishikido-beya, so they have to rely on Tokoyama from friendly heya as you said.

    Well, the fact they don't have an in-house tokoyama is no hair off Nishikido's head, as they say in Detroit.

    Anyhow, I gather the Oyakata at least has no need for one.

    And yes,I am bald. So?

    Blue rice

  4. Clearly I must be quiet and keep out of everyone's way, but is there anything else?

    Don't use a flash, like I did, TWICE, at Futagoyama..

    No talking, eating,lying down, stretching your legs forward.

    It is really hard physically- the floor is usually wood, with no cushions, and it's a real ass-kicker..

    But it shouldn't be a problem if you re a real fan and not a curious tourist wanting to see some "fat butts"..the whole experience is so exciting you forget eveything else.

  5. Hi!

    Just two weeks left for your GTB entries. 35 entries so far. The deadline is February 23rd, a Sunday in most parts of the world.

    The bonus points (3) will be for guessing Miyabiyama's exact rank.

    If you already sent in an entry , please check to see if you

    are listed on the site. If not, please send it again, or let me know.

    Good luck!!

    The URL:

    For direct access to the still-nifty entry form, go to:

  6. It's for a big part, a question of weight. Akebono and  Musashimaru both reached 240 kilos meanwhile Konishiki reached 285 kilos. You know other Hawaiians or Japanese who reached that weight and who failed to reach the Makuuchi ?

    Gimme one !  (Having a cigarette...)

    Don't smoke, it's bad for your health..

    Well, Susanoumi, for one. He is actually 210 today, but was 233 in the past when he was a regular Juuryou fixture. Juuryou 2 was his highest rank, and he is now in Sandanme, and will be back up in Makushita in March.and there's retired Toyonoumi who was around 220. He was in makuuchi for a very short while, and spent most of his career in Juuryou.I actually don't remember many more of these mammoths lately, other than Towanoyama, who never actually fought in Makuuchi (one fusenpai)

    I don't know this for a fact, but I doubt there were THAT many rikishi in all of Sumo history that were well over 200...

    And let's all take it easy..

  7. I had the time(no I didn't..) so I made an injury graph of the last 20 years, going back to 1980.

    Here are the total injuries per year:


    Here is a 2-category breakdown of injuries:

    How many were kyujo from the start?


    How many dropped out after starting?


    Also, the number of Yokozuna/Oozeki is staggering-I'd say in the neighborhood of 75%.

    Next time that I don't have the time, I'll do that graph as well..

  8. Abe-san points out all foreigners, regardless of shusshin. BUT, he differenciates: in the fourth column, if it's an f (not an F) he is a foreigner whose shusshin is Japanese, like Kinkaiyama. You will see there about 6-7 rikishi, two of whom I have mentioned earlier..

    And the guy Yubi was referring to is Azumaou from Sandanme.

  9. Outstanding news I've just learned today, thanks to Tony-zeki, Kinkaiyama is in fact Korean too !

    We'll have to write to Mike too and to Moti, except if he read this (for their web sites).

    Really really amazing news ...  (Hehe...)  (Exclamation)

    Nonsense.Kinkaiyama is listed as Nagasaki shusshin (origin). He is Korean, but that has no bearing, since the serious sites list the gaijin by shusshin, or the Kyokai's version. Hence, he is not listed as a foreigner. Of course we knew this..elementary. Read any publication and news stories-there are 52 foreigners, just like my site says. Kinkaiyama is not one of them.

    Now, I'll let you in on another secret..

    There are two more full-fledged foreigners listed as Japanese: Jonidan 84 Wakatenyuu who is Korean/Chinese, and Jonidan 70 Brazilian Araki.

  10. Ok. White taxi. Under the belt there, for it is essential to know a bit of Japanese.

    When you watch the feed, try to listen to the announcer when he talks about this rikishi. After the yobidashi calls them out in his sing-song fashion, and the gyooji echoes in his own style, there is an announcer who says the name and the origin of the rikishi in a normal, announcer's voice.

    "Aomoriken , Shirotaku-shi shusshin"

    Shirotakushi can be misheard as a "white taxi-shiro=white, takushee=taxi.

    Wakanosato is from there.

    Me, it drives me off the wall and I ROTFLMAO everytime I hear it- almost as funny as the final day- Show-joe-joe thing, which is a completely different story..

    OK, lame-o, but funny if and when you get it..

  11. Then I have to add... (Nodding yes...)

    Inactive life is dangerous to human body too. It isn't meant for sitting and not using all muscles. Modern day society isn't good for joints/muscles or BACK. Cartilage needs work out, otherwise it degenerates...intervertabrae discs need pressure so they get nutrision by diffusion (comfortable chairs are not very ergonomical as they tend to make the sitter too comfortable and IV-discs cry for nutrition)...muscles need work so that they maintain good muscle tone, reactions and their supporting task. Weak neck muscles exposes one to more risk at accidents involving the head..etc.

    Nonsense.Working out is very bad for you.