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  1. My turn. The yusho will be a 13 win minimum yusho. Dont know who. If Shoudai gets a 13-2 yusho or a 14-1 playoff loss he will be promoted to Ozeki without question. Takakeishou will tire out in the second half. 11 wins maybe. Terunofuji 12-13. Ounoshou 10 max. Mitakeumi 12-13..Asanoyama 11-12. Kotoshouhou Jun yusho



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  2. 3 hours ago, Ichimawashi said:

     Yes, those henkas by Aoiyama are maddening, aren't they.  Nobody ever sees them coming.  Because it never happens! 

    Oh, it happens-check out day 3 against Tokushouryuu. Not too long ago. He used to henka more when he was young, but it's there.

  3. 28 minutes ago, hakutorizakura said:

    Sir may I ask what is going on in the thumbnail pic and which bout is that? :-D

    I have no idea-okuridashi by someone, hitting the gyoji in the process..Maybe someone can identify them/ Goueidou on the right? I haven't the foggiest.

    Edit - The thumbnail has a name- hagikasuga- I can only guess it's Kisenosato (Hagiwara)  and Tamakasuga, or Kasuganishiki.

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  4. Day 5:

    Houshouryuu, 3-2 in the first third of the basho: "The sumo from now on is important. I will gambarize to be able to concentrate and do my own sumo.."

    Kotoshouhou, 4th win : "I was able to get in my first step so that was good. My body is moving well!!"

    Geez, this is getting tiresome.. Same old same old, grinding, grinding grinding.. Booooring.  My sumo yadda yadda, gambarize,  body moving well.. I will concentrate.. Geez..

    Now, back to our regular program:

    Chiyotairyuu 4-1 and dong well: "So far I've been doing all kinds of stuff, but all I'm actually thinking about is hitting hard. Even if I lose all my remaining bouts, I'm going to stick to this.."

    Tobizaru, first loss as a shin- nyumaku: "I was conscious of my winning streak, but I lost, and am actually feeling relieved.. At least I've been doing a lot of forwarding moving sumo. I will gambarize to turn things around!"

    Kiribayama, continuing with his tsuki-oshi style but losing today: "I was thinking of going with the tsuppari but I was all over the place.."

    Tochinoshin, beating another ex-Ozeki Takayasu with a hearty kakenage: "My back was too high and I couldn't grab the mawashi. I lost sumo-wise but won the bout.."

    Hokutofuji, losing to Shoudai for his fourth loss: "I did manage to push him back today so I think that's a plus. I hope the next ten days will be good and I will concentrate and gambarize towards that end."

    Mitakeumi, stopping his losing streak at 2 and winning his third today: " I wanted to win by moving forward, but at least I was able to end my losing streak. I want to win by doing my own brand of sumo.."

    Ounoshou, sole leader with no losses: "I was looking out for a possible henka by Aoiyama. I am able to use my shoulders.. Last basho (0-13 from the start) was the worst in my career. Nothing is worse than that. Whatever I tried didn't work (including changing his mawashi). This basho my attitude is different. I used to lose whenever I attacked straight on at the tachiai. I have changed it this basho - My left leg is a bit extended and that gives me a small advantage. I thought to myself maybe I could shift a bit. It's working well.. I am an sushi oshi man at heart. I just push naturally.."

    Shoudai, back in business today: "I just went forward all guns blazing without thinking of the loss yesterday. " He has been involved in the yusho race twice before but fell back both times. "I think I've learned to deal with the stress that comes with that. I haven't trained as much as I like because of the virus, but I did have a lot of time to face myself.."

    Enhou, finally getting his first win today: "That was good. I finally won. I can't do shameful sumo.. If I run away from that, it's bad. I was able to take a small step forward today. I hope  to gambarize day by day.."


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  5. Update for Aki 2020:

    Ura (Makushita 5W)  is 3-0

    Taihou's grandson Naya (Makushita 4W, third eldest) is 2-1.

    Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is Makushita 55E and is 3-0.

    And his third grandson Houzan (second eldest), is 3-0  at Jonidan 50E. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler.

    Amakaze, former Juryo stalwart with one basho in Makuuchi and seemingly nice guy, was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50. He is gradually working his way back to you babe, 8 straight kks and is now 2-1 at Makushita 26W 

    Joukouryuu, Makushita 1W,  is 0-3.

    Toyohibiki (Makushita 14E) is 1-1

    Masutouou, the 34 year old Hungarian, 15 years in sumo, is ranked Makushita 30E  and is 0-2.

    Masunoyama, ex-Makuuchi, "The big -hearted guy with a small heart" or "The Heavy Breather"  is 1-1 at Sandanme 4E.

    The two headed monster destined for greatness Dewanoryuu the Mongolian, Sandanme 26E, is 1-1. and Nihonyanagi at Sandanme 69E, back from injury and is 3-0. 

    Bolivian Kirameki (Daniel VELEZ GARCIA ) is ranked at Jonidan 48W  and is 1-2. He is regarded as a Japanese citizen from Aichi.

    Shishi, Ukranian in his second basho ( Sergey Sokolovski) is 3-0 at Jonidan 47E. 

    And for the heck of it, at Jonidan 91W   His full name is Shouri Shori. He is 3-0 . Shori about that.

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  6. Day 4:

    Shin-Juryo Nishikifuji, 4 straight wins, beating heavy Mongolian Daishouhou: "It didn't go as planned, but I was patient.. I have been training with Terunofuji and others at the heya and have learned a lot. I have been able to do my kind of sumo so far and I think that's good!"

    Shin nyumaku Tobizaru is 4-0 as well. He beat Kaisei today, keeping him away from his mawashi: "I wasn't overpowered and I think I caused him to rush. The fact that I was able to move forward was good.. The heavier my opponent is (60 kilo difference) the more excited the crowd gets. I will probably start to feel the fatigue soon.  I just want to concentrate as I move on.."

    Terunofuji getting his revenge from Shoudai on last basho's loss: "I lost to him last basho so I decided i will do all I can to make it my kind of sumo. It was just today's bout, nothing to do with revenge.." Tomorrow he faces Daieishou and will have faced all the Sekiwake and above rikishi. "All I can do is give it my all. Starting tomorrow, a bout at a time, I can only do what I can do."

    Kotoshouhou, third win of the basho: "Last basho I seemed to have piled up some losses at some point. I have learned something from that.."

    Kagayaki, beating Tokushouryuu who has owned him in their previous bouts (1-5): "I wasn't particularly thinking about that.. He got his left in and pushed me but I managed to persevere."

    Takayasu, beating Kiribayama in their first encounter: "Because I found my  rhythm , I was able to do well, so that's good.."

    Takarafuji, beating Tochinoshin for his third win: "I couldn't do keiko as usual so I was worried, but my body is moving."

    Yutakayama, first win  - last basho 8 straight losses from day 1: "It did cross my mind, but I went out there believing a win would come at some point."

    Ex-Asashouryuu is relentless, after Asanoyama's win today: "That's the way to do it! You gotta win! You've got the power to win! Have confidence and move forward so I don't get angry!!! (smiley smiley smiley)

    Takanoshou, no  more Sekiwake and upper bouts this basho, 3-1, beating Daieishou: "I was able to watch my opponent calmly and get in before him. All I was thinking of was to try and stop his thrusts. At the end when I pushed him out I was able to stop him and that was good. I didn't think I would have this many wins at this point. I have been doing positive sumo, I believe.." When he loses, his family says his face dies. He hasn't seen them yet this basho. "I'm winning so I hope they are not too worried.."

    Shoudai, first loss today, beaten by Terunofuji: "I was too busy trying to get him away from my mawashi and I backed up.. It's still the beginning stages of the basho so there's nothing to get excited about. "

    Hokutofuji, losing to 0-3 Asanoyama: "My tachi-ai was good, but I pulled.."

    Ounoshou, 4th straight win, beating trickster Enhou: "I just didn't want to hurry things and managed to remain calm. I was prepared to counter anything he could throw at me. I was able to see him well and remain calm. Difference from last basho's 0-13 start? It's all in the state of mind. I'm able to concentrate and do it.."

     50 year old Hanakaze is still at it at Jonidan 84. Today, he faced 38 year old spring chicken Kamiyama. The 19 year old yobidashi called him "Hanafukuiiiiiii". Someone pointed out his error, the yobidashi reentered the ring and called him by his correct shikona. Hanakaze found it entertaining and was not angry with the 31 years younger yobidashi. He lost the bout eventually and is now 1-1, aiming for his first kachikoshi as a 50 year old.

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  7. More day 3:

    The toilet part 2: "Futagoyama Oyakata had a stomach ache so strong he couldn't sit anymore, as much as he tried. So he went to the toilet," said Isegahama Oyakata later. After the day was over he felt worse. "He was extremely pale and perspiring, " added Isegahama.

    Takanoshou, beating Mitakeumi today: "I think I was able to do it calmly. I am able to push and move forward, and the power just follows.. When you face those ranked above you, all you can do is push forward. That's all you think about and act accordingly, without thinking about unnecessary things - that makes it easier.."

    Yutakayama, three losses already but doing attacking sumo: "Yesterday and today I was lagging behind..That leads to tomorrow, it could happen again.."

    Shouhouzan, still on about the remote interviews: "It's easier for me to talk to you guys when you're in the shitakubeya..I really want to return to the old way as soon as possible.."

    Kotoshouhou, losing to rookie Tobizaru: "My upper body was too eager.. Today is today and it's over. I want to concentrate again on tomorrow's bout."

    Ounoshou, three straight wins, winning today after a monoii: "I was nearly utchari'd, but I feel I was able to move the center of gravity to my opponent and hang over him. I am feeling calm."

    Kiribayama, beating Terutsuyoshi who was 2-2 against him so far: "I've lost twice to him, so I watched the bouts that I had lost and fought today while thinking. I am able to see my opponents well."

    Tamawashi, tomorrow faces an Ozeki (Takakeishou) in the last bout of the day: "I have been able to train well. Tomorrow I hope to go about it calmly, not hurry things, and win!"

    Hokutofuji, beating Takakeishou for his first win of the basho: "I used my legs well. I was putting pressure on him, and that caused him to pull.."

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  8. Day 3:

    Houshouryuu, losing to Kyokutaisei today: "I tried for a slap and grab but failed. My opponent read me well. I felt my opponent was strong.. I won't take today's bout to heart and hope to regroup!"

    Ura, second win in Makushita and getting closer to a Juryo return, grabbing his opponent's leg and winning: "I wasn't aiming for that. My body was moving well. I'm happy to have won. It's a good start of the basho but we still have a long way to go. I wonder how the second half will go.. I'm not really thinking of promotion as I am ranked Makushita 5. I'm thinking it's a long way still. I'm going about it thinking it's going to be hard."

    Shoudai, looking impressive and unbeaten, beating Endou: "I knew I couldn't let my opponent get a grip on me. It would have been better if I was in a better position before the grip-switch (makikae), but the switch notwithstanding, I managed to get my feet in and that was good." His Oyakata is being punished for going out and violating the curfew in place. Influence? "I'm not sure, but I'm not thinking about it too much at present. I don't feel anything strange.." 

    Shinpan Futagoyama (ex-Miyabiyama) suddenly got up and left after Mitakeumi's bout, returning just in time for the next bout to start. Toilet emergency.

    Terunofuji, beating Asanoyama and getting his first win of the basho: "I expected him to come with a right hand grip and it became a morozashi (both hands) grip- I was a bit impatient.. I'm not really concerned about my first two losses. Yesterday's sumo is over.. A bout a day- I'd like to do my utmost the best I can."

    Tobizaru has won his first three Makuuchi matches. "I was able to move forward so I think it was good sumo. I'd like to concentrate from here on and pile up those wins. My size? Because I'm so small (171 cm) , every time I win everyone gets excited, I think. I just want to keep on winning!"

    ex- Asashouryuu blasts Asanoyama on Twitter: "What kind of an Ozeki are you? You idiot! It's embarrassing! If this is all you can do, you should retire! Idiot!! Pressure? What pressure? Nobody is putting any pressure on you. Idiot! As a  former Takasago beya rikishi and your senpai I want to know when you will start winning . You have a problem with your state of mind, you idiot! It's  'shallwedance (anybody?)', you idiot. You should be dominating. You are weak!!" Asashouryuu seemed quite agitated and made some mistakes in Japanese and was a bit incoherent so it's difficult to translate exactly, but you get the gist..

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  9. Day 2:

    Takanoshou, beating his first Ozeki in Asanoyama: "I'm really happy. It went better than I imagined. I just went on the attack recklessly, and was able to not to stop my movement. My body is stronger than in January. and is moving forward!"

    Mitakeumi, beating Terunofuji: "I think my body was moving well. I still can't get over my loss to him last basho on senshuraku. We're just starting. All I want to do is seriously do my own sumo!"

    Shoudai, two straight wins, beating Tamawashi who was 9-4 against him: "He didn't do his usual tachi-ai. He used his hand faster and I was a bit bewildered.." He worked a lot on his lower body power lately and put on five kilos. "Even if I did get heavier, I feel it has not hampered my movement.." he summed. 


    More soon.

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  10. On 13/09/2020 at 22:36, Hakuryuho said:

    I don't get the part with second straight basho as Komusubi because Endo was at M1 last basho, am I missing something?

    Meaning- Aiming for my second straight as Komusubi? Irrelevant.. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

  11. 40 minutes ago, Yubinhaad said:

    Should have been "potential poor health" - Konosuke's wife was alerted by a contact tracing app about possible contact with someone infected with COVID, so he was kyujo as a precaution. Both have been tested and are negative, so Konosuke will join the basho from Day 3.


  12. 4 minutes ago, Eikokurai said:

    That or they’re just not doing the water break now because of the coronavirus. It’s not part of the pre-bout rituals after all.

    Just translating what the reporter wrote. It seems to be the rule. 

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  13. Early in the morning, nearly nobody there in the dark Kokugikan. Jonidan 106E Daishoujou faces Jonidan 105W Kyounosato. Kyounosato goes for the left shitate, Daishoujou, for the right uwate. And that's it. All that could be seen or heard was gyoji Shikimori Koumei's incessant "nokotta, nokotta" reverberating in the empty hall. The rikishi did not budge. "Nokotta, nokotta", he called  in his high-pitched, probably 16 year old voice. For 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Nothing moved. Finally, Tatsutagawa Oyakata the shinpan raised his right hand. "Torinaoshi!" he declared, and the bout was stopped and restarted. They reappeared two bouts later for their do- over. . The same thing ensued-deadlock holiday.  Tomozuna, who was also a shinpan, couldn't hide his smile. After a minute and 23 seconds, Kyounosato got an uwate and won by yorikiri. And thus ends our story for today. 

    I learned from this that in Juryo and upwards, the bout is stopped  for a mizu - iri (water entrance) at around the 4 minute mark, and is restarted from the same position. In Makushita and lower, it's a torinaoshi.<bow>

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