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  1. Ohisashiburi-desu Kintamayama-san,

    I added a condition in one question after you submitted.

    Realize or not

    In the Makuniouchi rikishi who have AT LEAST 12 MATCHES IN THIS BASHO, someone who is ranked among M5-8 will have the most number of difference between total number of his wins in this basho and it of previous basho. (*1)

    Sorry to trouble you, but I appreciate your correspondence if you need it.
    Best regards,

    1. Kintamayama


      Thank you sir..

  2. Hi

    Now Chrome blocks/is blocking this page because it is not secure, it does not have the s behind http.

    Do you want  to make the page secure with ssl to https?

    Here is two youtube videos which explain how to do this in a simple way