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    Aki talkie

    Day 2: Takanoshou, beating his first Ozeki in Asanoyama: "I'm really happy. It went better than I imagined. I just went on the attack recklessly, and was able to not to stop my movement. My body is stronger than in January. and is moving forward!" Mitakeumi, beating Terunofuji: "I think my body was moving well. I still can't get over my loss to him last basho on senshuraku. We're just starting. All I want to do is seriously do my own sumo!" Shoudai, two straight wins, beating Tamawashi who was 9-4 against him: "He didn't do his usual tachi-ai. He used his hand faster and I was a bit bewildered.." He worked a lot on his lower body power lately and put on five kilos. "Even if I did get heavier, I feel it has not hampered my movement.." he summed. More soon.
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    Aki talkie

    Meaning- Aiming for my second straight as Komusubi? Irrelevant.. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
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    Rikishi Status - 2020 Aki Basho

  4. Kintamayama

    Rare occurence in Jonidan

    Just translating what the reporter wrote. It seems to be the rule.
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    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Day 2:
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    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    This is very good. Thanks and keep it up!!
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    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Yes, there is.
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    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Actually, yes..
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    Lower division celebs results

    Day 1: Chiyonokuni- Daishouhou
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    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Found a cool channel-full bouts including Makushita!!
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    Lower division celebs results

    Mudouhou today:
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    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Day 1:
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    Favorite TV Series

    OK, I'm delving into murky territory here.. I don't remember if we ever did this, but favorite TV shows (NOT CINEMA!!)? I am a TV junkie, i watch around 50 shows regularly- (not all at once of course, they each have their seasons.) When i say junkie, I mean it. I have no life between them and sumo (and the occasional gig) and that has been like that way before Mmmmmy Corona. I like them American, British, Spanish - drama, comedy (I prefer) - whatever. The point of this thread is maybe I've missed something good.. I won't go into the long list, but my favorite by far is Curb (US) and "Luther" (when it's on..) , UK. .
  14. Kintamayama

    Favorite TV Series

    Now that was a great, groundbreaking show, where anyone could die, including leading cast members, which was a first.
  15. Yokozuna Kakuryuu answered some media questions today. He has resumed training but only the fundamentals. "I have been able to finally be able to use my injured right elbow a bit. I have a personal trainer, so I've been able to relax it a bit and am doing my best not to put too much pressure on it and not move it unnecessarily. It was very frustrating to go kyujo on day 2 last basho, but if that frustration isn't there, you can't face the future," he said. He had injured the elbow in the past but re-injured it a week prior to last basho and could not train properly. He lost on day one by susoharai to Endou. "My body not only did not respond well but my attack was weak and that was not good. I also lost my grip, which I had difficulties getting in the first place.. 35 years old? Well, it feels like that. When I was 20, I thought I could probably make it to 34-35, so I'm quite amazed I'm still here. There is a feeling of the changing of the guards. The younger guys are coming up strongly and this will lead to the future. The feeling is "NEXT!!". They have to persevere," he added. Regarding Terunofuji, who he has faced in training at Tokitsukaze beya: "I saw he was gambarizing well and think that is good. He has said it himself, but I think he has matured and become an adult.."
  16. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- Aki 2020

    "So now that we Ozekis are the top active rikishi, we have to do our utmost every single bout and show those results!!" said Takakeishou today. He faces Terunofuji on day 1. They have faced each other once before back in Nagoya 2017, when Takakeishou was M1 and Terunofuji was Ozeki. Takakeishou won by oshidashi. "I want to do the sumo that I'm aiming to do. I was bound to face him anyway during the coming 15 days so if it makes no difference if it's day 1 or any other day. It's just a question if we meet early or later.." he summed. He just got married a while ago. "Well, when I was alone I always gave it my all so nothing has really changed, but I do wish to achieve a good result," he summed even more.
  17. Kintamayama

    ISP and Chaingang and all games

    A few hours to enter the dailies and before bashos games. All links in the post above. Be a winner!! BTW, if you haven't entered Bench yet, you're too late. I think you can still ask for Kosher though..
  18. ISP and Chaingang are now open for registration. Both are daily games, to be played daily, obviously. Deadline-Sunday September 13th, 2 PM Japan time. ISP- Chaingang - Rules etc. on the pages. All other based games are open for registration as well- TTT, Bench, Sekitoto, Hoshitori, Quadrumvirate, Salary Cap, ODD, Oracle. and Rotosumo. Thank you.
  19. Kintamayama

    Rikishi Status - 2020 Aki Basho

    There goes my basho. Who is going to remind me to get my hands down?
  20. Kintamayama

    Matsugane Covid-19 Suspension

    Shoud read- "he does not have a heya".
  21. Kintamayama

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    "He kind of set his own guidelines, i think. After the last basho he was out and about. Movies? It's OK.. A little golf? OK.. Dinner with a friend? Fine. Those are obviously all violations of the anti-Corona guidelines.." said an unknown member of the judging department. "We don't have to specifically say 'you can't go out'. He's a stable-master in charge of many rikishi and he has to be the first to totally enforce the rules. That someone in this position acted the way he did, well, this is what happens.." added Shibatayama PR man. Tokitsukaze will be kyujo from Aki basho.
  22. Terunofuji has started training. No sumo, just suriashi, shiko and weight-lifting. "I'm going to prepare well for Aki, is the feeling I'm going with at the moment. As for Nishikifuji (his heyamate who will be in Juryo for the first time in Aki) he should aspire upwards, aspire upwards all the time. That will change his life. Anyhow, I'll be doing what I can at this time. If a good record will follow, well.." he said.
  23. Kintamayama

    Corona and sumo

    All Tamanoi rikishi. Shikona Heya Shusshin Birth Date Highest Rank Hatsu Dohyo Intai Last Shikona Azumahikari Tamanoi Tokyo May 27, 1993 Jonidan 53 2009.09 Azumahikari Azumaiwa Tamanoi Miyazaki August 24, 1999 Jonidan 50 2018.01 Azumaiwa Azumanami Tamanoi Fukushima November 29, 1984 Sandanme 55 2007.09 Azumanami Azumaryu Tamanoi Mongolia May 12, 1987 Maegashira 14 2008.11 Azumaryu Azumasato Tamanoi Tokyo May 22, 1992 Makushita 35 2008.03 Azumasato Azumasho Tamanoi Fukushima November 19, 1991 Sandanme 6 2010.03 Azumasho Azumayama Tamanoi Fukushima June 10, 1994 Jonidan 60 2010.05 Azumayama Fujiazuma Tamanoi Tokyo April 19, 1987 Maegashira 4 2003.03 Fujiazuma Fukuazuma Tamanoi Fukushima November 24, 1999 Jonidan 28 2015.05 Fukuazuma Hashimoto Tamanoi Miyagi January 15, 2004 Jonidan 52 2019.03 Hashimoto Hokutoryu Tamanoi Hokkaido September 19, 2000 Sandanme 100 2016.03 Hokutoryu Horyuyama Tamanoi Ishikawa August 24, 1986 Makushita 1 2009.03 Horyuyama Ichiki Tamanoi Saga November 13, 1993 Makushita 6 2016.01 Ichiki Iko Tamanoi Tokyo February 27, 1998 Sandanme 58 2014.11 Iko Ishiazuma Tamanoi Miyagi November 8, 1998 Sandanme 86 2014.03 Ishiazuma Iwamoto Tamanoi Hyogo June 29, 2002 Jonidan 74 2018.03 Iwamoto Karatsuumi Tamanoi Saga August 3, 1988 Makushita 12 2004.03 Karatsuumi Kiyonoumi Tamanoi Nagano August 21, 1996 Makushita 52 2014.11 Kiyonoumi Mihamaumi Tamanoi Chiba November 29, 1996 Sandanme 48 2012.05 Mihamaumi Mori Tamanoi Fukushima July 2, 1992 Sandanme 86 2011.01 Mori Motokiyama Tamanoi Nagano December 15, 1991 Sandanme 74 2008.03 Motokiyama Oazuma Tamanoi Fukushima May 10, 1990 Makushita 30 2006.05 Oazuma Shiraishi Tamanoi Tokyo April 17, 1996 Makushita 2 2019.05 Shiraishi Takeazuma Tamanoi Saitama February 23, 2001 Jonidan 51 2017.03 Takeazuma Tokiryu Tamanoi Aichi June 25, 1998 Sandanme 25 2014.03 Tokiryu Toshoyama Tamanoi Chiba January 7, 1998 Sandanme 3 2013.03 Toshoyama Tsugaruumi Tamanoi Chiba April 6, 1996 Sandanme 4 2012.03 Tsugaruumi Yoshiazuma Tamanoi Kumamoto May 26, 1977 Maegashira 12 1996.01 Yoshiazuma
  24. Kintamayama

    Does anybody know where they are?

    Does anyone know what's with : Zentoryu Hoshifuransu Kotoseiya Yoavoshimaru Yubiquitoyama Madorosumaru Peterao Itachiyama Sasanishiki Zeokage Vikanohara Kaiguma Gusoyama Harry and probably others.. All high profile posters who have faded out with the years..
  25. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- Aki 2020

    Maegashira 9 Enhou has regained the weight he lost lately. He dropped 4 kilos to 92 at the check ups a few weeks ago. "It goes without saying that I thought that was awful. Beyond the numbers, I felt physically that I was very light. But now I'm back. I think I'm around 96-97." He has been eating a lot of carbs. "It's especially important during the basho, I will be seriously monitoring my weight during the basho and hope to go about it without losing any weight. I was getting sick of ordering out, so I said to myself 'make your own food' and started to cook for myself. I'm enjoying immersing myself in my cooking," he said. He mostly cooks spicy curry, the dish he loves. Keiko? "I'm going back to my roots and working on my oshi. My oyakata and the Yokozuna are forever shouting at me to move forward. That is something I must never. ever forget. These last two bashos I have been pushed around by my opponents and I feel that my lightness could be seen all too clearly. I want to show some heaviness this time in my own way," he summed.