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    Chain Gang Game

    Hi Gamers!! (deepest apologies again to non-gamers..) This one is the CHAIN GANG. After the successful inaugural/trial first basho, we are going for another one. This time, though, the rules will be a wee bit different, as we encountered a few problems which needed solutions. What is the "Chain Gang"? It's a Sumo-related game, based on a day by day entry. This means you have to follow the ongoing tournament. The good news is that all you have to do is guess one (1) winner of your choice from all the bouts on a given day, Juryo and Makuuchi. Only one, any one. You got it right? You advance to day 2 and pick again. It could be the same rikishi, or anyone else. You got it wrong? Well, that was the shortest game you ever played, because yer OUT!! No three strikes,no yellow card, no "one more chance".. It's the end of the road. Last human being standing wins. This means the game could theoretically end on day 6. So what? The prize? A key-chain, of course... IMPORTANT!! You will need to pick TWO default guys before the basho starts for the days you don't/can't play, who cannot be changed. There is a 5-time use limit per basho for using a default, and you can use him for three straight days only, though we don't think you'll get very far using a default in this particular game. The reason for two defaults is this: KYUJO - When your default pick goes Kyujo, your second default pick kicks in.. IMPORTANT!! You cannot win OR lose by fusen. If your picked rikishi is involved in a fusen match, the default kicks in automatically. This is so no player will have any advantage/disadvantage due to time zone differences, as we had happen last basho. In the highly unlikely event that your default is also involved in the fusen match, you're toast..The best thing to do is keep an eye out for possible kyujos, and stay away from that rikishi!! IMPORTANT!! When your default kicks in for a kyujo rikishi, he doesn't count as one of the 5-per-basho you are allowed. The tie-breaker- the player who used the lowest ranked rikishi on average wins. IMPORTANT!! You have to register to play, even if you played last time. There will be no mail sent out during the Basho - you'll have to visit us to see who's still standing. Good luck!! Thanks!! Kintamayama and Kofuji
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    Chain Gang Game

    You're welcome..If I'm not mistaken, you fell because of the old rules in the inaugural basho..
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    Desert Island poll result

    Well.. The not-too-surprising-to-an-extent results of the last poll can be seen at: Only one rikishi was not chosen by anyone for the desert island voyage. The close 2nd place was a pleasant surprise, though. Third place was a bit surprising as well.. Thanks for voting.
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    Euleka! Rast one in sixth low-TAMAKASUGA!! Crying Lightbulbs-take 2
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    Last in the sixth row- Arnold Schwartzeneger. (when he was young and Japanese, before the steroids)
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    and of course, the right guy in the fourth row is Touki.
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    left one in the fourth row- Musouyama.
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    The fourth one in the first row is Musouyama.
  9. Kintamayama

    Ichinoya watch

    Hi! Ichinoya, the world's oldest active rikishi, is 42 today. If you are inclined, please drop him a line at:
  10. Kintamayama

    Audio Banzuke update- and poll reminder

    Hi! My Audio-Banzuke is now updated with the new promotees. I have added some more clickable words as well. If you have the inclination, you may as well go here.. Also, we have an ongoing poll, with the mindboggling question: Which rikishi would you take to a desert island? I have been told this is an extremely stupid, useles poll, to which I replied-"Aren't they all?" Of the 19 rikishi up for grabs, only one was not picked by ANYONE. Can you guess who it is? The poll is at : in the right frame. Crying Lightbulb
  11. Kintamayama

    Merry Christmas!

    Does your mother do take-aways to the Middle East? Merry Christmas to one and all, and a Happy New Year!! Screaming trees.
  12. Kintamayama

    Rikishi Status?

    I've learned lately from our learned friends that if you have the "status" (kosho..) you always stay out next basho. Hence, I do believe Kaio and Chiyotaikai will be out for sure as well. same goes for Ushiomaru..
  13. Kintamayama

    New Poll

    Sorry, didn't see that..Plus, there's the green bus, so that makes three points for Rijicho actually..
  14. Kintamayama

    New Poll

    Hello! Since absolutely nothing is going on now,and it IS raining outside, maybe it's time for a poll. This time: Which rikishi would you take to a desert island? Now, this isn't one of those "Who is your favorite rikishi" things. A desert island offer is not one to be taken lightly..What will we talk about? How good could he be with getting along on an island? Will he eat all my food? Will he be able to provide sufficient shadow from the sweltering heat? Can he cook? Does he snore? Of course, we don't have all that info, but we are all more or less blessed with gut instincts, so.. And, if you are of the female species, you may have a totally different point of view.. Anyway, as usual, please don't take it too seriously, although it would be nice if you took a week or two to contemplate.. Please vote at: Kintamayama the Shallow End Purple Sand
  15. Kintamayama

    New Poll

    Well done Yubi!!You astounded me.. Yubi-1 Doitsuyama-1 Rijicho-1 and the race is on..
  16. Kintamayama

    New Poll

    Just checking to see if everyone is awake.. Elephant Fish
  17. Kintamayama

    New Poll

    Tha gives Doitsuyama one point, tying him with Rijicho's one point (for the green bicycle). Stay tuned for more..
  18. Kintamayama

    A disappointing Miyabiyama

    I would like to draw your attention to a certain Chiyotenzan. He has got to be the laziest rikishi to grace the strawed circle lately. He also shot up like a meteor (I refer you to one of my early polls, where he was voted "most likely to succeed" by an overwhelming majority of experts..) and burned out like a meteor. His 3-12 in Juuryou last Basho was nothing short of pathetic. 9 losses this time, and he's in deep Maku(shit)a. AND, he likes to beat up young kids. I wrest my cheese.
  19. Kintamayama

    Happy birthday to Kofuji-zeki!

    Who is this Kofuji person? I've never seen him post. Oh, prolly a lurker. Well, then Happy Birthday to you, wherever and whoever you may be.. Lawrence of Arabia II
  20. Kintamayama

    GTB Reminder

    Hi! Just 12 days left for your entries. 38 entries so far. The deadline is December 23rd, a Monday in choice parts of the world. I forgot to mention the bonus points - they will be for guessing a ranking - Maegashira East 9. Guess it- 3 extra points are yours. If you sent in an entry , please check to see if you are listed on the site. If not, please send it again, or let me know. Good luck!! The URL: For direct access to the still-nifty entry form, go to: Pink Bicycle.
  21. Kintamayama

    Talkin' bout re-live on Eurosport

    I think we're missing a very important aspect of the shimpan's decision-the aspect of " a dead body". This has nothing to do with who fell first. This has a lot to do with the question, if Asashouryuu touched first because he was trying to defend himself from injury, after having the bout in hand. This is very subjective, of course, but I refer you to Aki 2002, to the Asashouryuu-Takanonami match. All replays distinctly showed Nami stepping out hours before Shouryuu, and yet Nami got the win. I was really angry about this, because even on the blurry Kyookai feed, it was more than obvious. But my learned shiko-master Kaikitsune explained this to me, and I have to grudgingly agree with him. In every sport, video or not, there will always be place for controversy, because we, as human beings, consciously or sub-consciously color what we see with what we WANT to see. Otherwise, we wouldn't be fans - we'd just be spectators.
  22. Kintamayama

    Isp summary

    Hi! With all the game results coming in, the ISP, one of everyone's alltime favorites, has been a bit forgotten.. This time around, Guessbusters Inc., with a little help from Asashouryuu's future brother in-law, managed to hand the players a sound beating.. Only 40, yes, only 40 managed KKs, out of 123 players!!!!!This , of course, is unheard of.. Now, we didn't choose difficult bouts - this time, the "herd" factor backfired- we had many days where the minority picks won. More often than not, we managed to pick the games with "surprising" outcomes.. Every time this happened, we would yell with glee..even AFBilaF (Asashouryuu's Future Brother-in-law and Forefather) expressed his concern over this, and gave everyone a generous present on Senshuuraku. Were it not for that, we would be looking at no more than 30 KKs.. Anyhow, the Champion, with an 11-4 record, was Leonishiki, the Lion of Spain!! Wakanoshuzan, with the same score, failed to name a tie-breaker, causing him to lose automatically. Thank you so much for playing one of the oldest, if not THE oldest Sumo-game on the net. We'll see you all again in January, where we hope to give y'all a run for your money..for your mon
  23. Kintamayama

    Chain gang game

    Hi! The inaugural CGG ( ) was a great success..89 players started the game.The excitement lasted till day 15, which is quite unbelievable!! Only one was left standing after Day 15. A perfect ending!! The winner? Well..cough..cough... Me.. Sorry about this..I can only swear by anything that there was no shady stuff, as Kofuji was supervising the automation, so no way anyone could cheat there.. The prize goes to me. YES!! Next time, we will have some rule changes, after we saw a few problems here and there.. It will be even more exciting..
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    Higonoumi has retired two days ago.
  25. Kintamayama


    Well, you must now visit my never-visited oldest rikishi in all of sumo page, at: there you will learn abouth the ML's favorite son Ichinoya, the oldest man in Sumo