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    Day 11 stuffings

    I never said it was fake-I said it was an excuse. I'm pretty sure that under different circumstances he would have fought on.. Also, look for Shoes-on's second win of the tourney tomorrow, after he got a BIG load off his chest with that peace-maker phone call to Asashouryuu.
  2. Kintamayama

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Hair pull. Saw it, didn't look like it, but the feed isn't exactly crystal clear, so..
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    Yes, yes..too much Asashouryuu can drive you bananas.
  4. Kintamayama

    Shoes on Kinboshi ruling

    Kitanoumi Rijicho and Futagoyama Oyakata (the Shimpan-bucho,head of referees) conferred today and decided not to award Shoes-on a kinboshi. Since there never was a Yokozuna hansoku, they decided to rule that all five non-kimarites do not merit a kinboshi as a general rule. --
  5. Kintamayama

    News-July 4th

    Asashouryuu was on a TV show on the third. He said he hadn't spoken to Musashimaru since the latter announced he was participating. "Senshuuraku match? Oh, yes, there is one..", he said nonchalantly. Last year in Nagoya, he was still a Sekiwake, and he clinched his Oozeki promotion by beating Musashimaru on day 14 by Oshidashi. It's a year later, and his return to Nagoya has him ranked alongside Musa. "I am not consciously thinking about it(their match)", he said. The reporters don't buy it. They think that's all he's been thinking about ever since he was promoted- he is well aware of the talk that his promotion was made possible becuase of Musa's injury, and he surely would like to prove otherwise..(Nikkan) Last Basho's Jonokuchi Yusho winner Kagaya says he will not stop till he reaches Makushita. He is 1.67 cm, 22 years old, weighs 90 kilos, and he's from Kasugano. He is looking for a speedy promotion. He didn't meet the minimum requirements (1.73, 75 kilos) of the Kyookai for entering, but they have been lenient on that lately, so he's in. (where are the days of the silicone head transplants..) Picture of Kyokushuuzan looking down at him, asking "what's your height anyway??" Kotomitsuki will not drink sake during the whole of the Basho."Whatever happens, I don't want to drop to Juuryou. I haven't had a drink since comimg to Nagoya, and that's the way it's going to stay." Compared to last basho, he has been invited a lot more this time by various support groups to dinner and stuff, but he has abstained all through. "I'm taking good care of my physical condition. I'm asleep by 11:30 every night", he says. His "lifeline" is his right arm, (described here as "carrying a bomb"), and he will be doing his best, his elbows notwithstanding.
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    Are there any bathroom-brawl pics as well? Probably not..
  7. Kintamayama

    Bathroom collision Shoryu Shoes on

    This is turning into a soap opera. Today, after the bouts, Asashouryuu went to the bath situated inside the stadium with KaioU. Asashouryuu is now being called "Hansoku Yokozuna" in the press. Asashouryuu was probably not in the best of moods, seeing as he was beaten by a robot in front of this basho's first full house. The robot is also overshadowing the Yokozuna in popularity. Zabutons were filling the air, and I mean filling the air.. As the pair (KaioU and Asa) were entering the bath, Shoes-on came out. "Hi", he called out to KaioU. Then he crossed paths with Asa. No words were spoken, but their right elbows (again, the elbows..) collided, pretty strongly, I gather."You idiot! Act like a normal human being! Is this the way you respect your elder (ani deshi)?", he said in Mongolian. (I wonder who translated this to the reporter). Asa turned, and it looked like all hell was about to break loose. Kaiou saved the day, though, by yelling at them both, "Shuu, stop it! What do you guys think you're doing here??" as he stood between them. He then proceeded to oshidashi Shoes-on from the bath-room. Takamisakari, who was late getting to the bath because of the interviews he was giving out after his sensational victory, arrived, and was about to enter the bath, but seeing the "scary" atmosphere, was herded by his tsukebitos to another bath. Asa tried to keep a lid on this story, but a very angry Shoes-on immediately told anyone who was interested in full detail about what had transpired. "I am really peeved. It's not enough that he broke my car's side mirror and has yet to apologise, now this. I tell you, if KaioU hadn't intervened, it would have turned out really ugly", he said, hinting he would have beaten the living daylights out of Asa. The Yokozuna Deliberation Council will have it's hands full come next Monday, for sure. Side note: If Shoes-on would have beaten Tochiazuma, and Kaiou would have lost, Shoes would have been the one to give Asa the chikaramizu today, which could have been interesting to watch.. Apparently,beforehand, Shoes- on sent his tsukebito to ask Tochiazuma to switch the bath sides so as not to see Asa, but was refused. "I'd like to see all this settled. It's about time both Asa and Shuu grew up", sighed guest gyoji of the day KaioU. Reporter adds that if strongman KaioU wouldn't have been there, he doesn't see how the inevitable fight could have been stopped.. Picture of both guys coming out of the bath:
  8. Kintamayama

    What ever happened to Waka?

    He writes for Mainichi Shimbun and has a restaurant in Roppongi.
  9. Ok, I have only five. Please add funnier ones. 10.-"Objects in mirror may be angrier than they appear" written on Shoes-on's side mirror. 9. Kyokushuuzan's favorite musical? Hair. 8. Asashouryuu came up with a new slogan for golden Pages: "Let your fingers do the pullling!!" 7. Asashouryuu is a topnotch wrestler. 6. The kimarite was"Mage-nage".
  10. Kintamayama

    Chaingang winner!

    Well, as we are having a really weird Basho, it is no surprise that the Chaingang game already has a winner. It is Fukurou!! Congratulations, and see you all next time!!
  11. Kintamayama

    All games are go!

    The sites are all back. The games are on.
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    That is what will happen. If a miracle doesn't happen in the next hour, we go with the free wins.
  13. Takasago Oyakata (Asashouryuu's) and Ooshima Oyakata(Shoes-on's) met yesterday concerning the side-view mirror allegedly broken by Asa. Asa's camp has agreed to fully reimburse the car owner for all damages. Yokozuna Deliberation Council member said today that Asashouryuu's hansoku will have to be dealt with at the next council meeting. There is a possibility that at this meeting , slated to take place a day after Senshuuraku, some measures may be taken against him. Last meeting, Asashouryuu promised to be good, but was warned by Mr. Ishibashi of the council, that if it happens again, he will be sternly dealt with. It did happen again, so I guess he will be sternly dealt with. Different angle: Could the source of this rivalry be rooted in internal Mongolian politics? There are two factions in Mongolia at the moment- Asashouryuu's family, a long line of Mongolian wrestlers and Kyokushuuzan's family, who are from the business world. There are close to 100 young wrestlers eyeing Sumo in Mongolia. Both factions are trying to lure the wrestlers ot their "camps", sort of like a heya. It is more a battle for respect. When Asa first entered Sumo, he was seen around Shoes-on quite a lot, getting guidance and advice from who was then the top Mongolian wrestler.. As he scaled the ranks, he became more and more egotisitic and all that. Shoes-on, being the older one, wanted respect, regardless of ranking. Asa is a Yokozuna. So, the only place Shoes -on can win some sort of respect back is during their one on one matches. Although the blame is mostly laid at Asa's doorstep, Shuuzan's annoying tactics are pretty obvious to even a casual observer. He knows the only way he can beat Asa is to get him angry and make him lose his composure, and it seems Shoes-on has perfected this lately.. Reporters lay the blame equally on both Mongolian's shoulders. "When Shoes-on was 22 years old, he was an untouchable roughneck. He calmed down considerably as the years went by. Asashouryuu is at that rough stage right now. Give him time, he'll grow out of it", says Ooshima Oyakata, Shoes-on's boss. "If you take away a Yokozuna's fighting spirit and ambition, there is nothing left. OTOH, I have to make clear to him what he cannot do under any circumstances", said Takasago Oyakata, Asa's boss.
  14. Kintamayama

    Interesting but long news..

    I know I promised I would rest a bit, but today's happenings were too intensive.. Asashouryuu's hansoku(default) loss was the first time in history that a Yokozuna lost by hansoku. Since the rule was established in 1955, it has been used 5 times.There are 8 different types of no-nos that can result in a hansoku. Hitting an opponent with a closed fist, pulling of the hair, poking of vital organs (eyes and such), hitting both ears simultaneously, choking, kicking the stomach or chest, unravelling of the mawashi, saying bad things about football, etc. The Oyakata who called the monoii was Mihogaseki Oyakata (or Irumagawa, depending on which paper you read..). "It was definitely a hair-pull, no doubt about it, and it was a major factor that brought about the win", said Mihogaseki Oyakata.."It doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. It's illegal, period", he added. Picture.. "My finger got caught in his hair, I guess", said Asashouryuu backstage, immediately after. Later, though, he said. "My feeling is that I did not touch his mage (hair, topknot)". Asked if all this is a continuation of last basho's flare-up, he answered, "I'm a Yokozuna. It was not a situation stemming from anger." But, he was seen ramming his elbow into the door mirror of the Merc that Kyokushuuzan rides,breaking it ( here is a picture..) Shoes-on's driver said he saw Asa walk up to the car and break the mirror. He seemed not to be able to control his anger. Again. This may bring about dire consequences, if proven to be true. "Concerning the hair-pulling, it is illegal, therefore Asashoryuu lost, and that is that. Regarding the mirror, Asashouryuu denies it, so at this point we don't know if it's true or not. If Kyokushuuzan lodges a formal complaint, we will have to think about it. They should settle this between themselves," said Kitanoumi Rijicho. The Yokozuna is piling up a lot of dishonour, says reporter-man. OTOH, Shoes-on , when he returned to his side after he was pulled down, looked down at the shimpan tentively, seeking a monoii, which he indeed got. Then, he stood and played around with his unfurled mage very theatrically. "As I was falling, I knew I was being pulled by my hair. I hoped someone would notice, someone did, and I'm very happy", he said, happily. Musashimaru- no talk whatsoever of intai - Musashigawa Oyakata, Kitanoumi Rijichou, and Musa himself - all speak of rehabilitation. "He tried. He had the will, but his body wouldn't go where his mind wanted it to. I think he now sees that there is a difference between the keiko-ba and Hon-Basho, tensions and all. Only he can decide for himself if he can continue in this basho or not", said Rijichou. Today was the first time Hamanishiki missed a match in his career, leaving only 9 current sekitori who have never missed a match: Senshuuyama- 564 matches (He is injured, but braving it. Calf injury- I know this for a fact..) Kokkai - 97 (Big deal..) Futenoh- 34 (Even a bigger deal..) Asashouryuu- 323 Aminishiki- 439 (I wonder how long he can go on.) Tamanoshima- 405 Asasekiryuu- 193 Kasugaou - 242 Asanowaka - 985 (!!!!)
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    News-July 4th

    The height -challenged Kagaya is already being called "Mainoumi 2" by the press. He executed a "Tsutaezori" yesterday in Jonidan. It is one of the new kimarites introduced in 2001. It has been done 4 times-twice in Makushita, once in Makuuchi (Asashouryuu against Takanonami on day 3 of Aki 2002-here is the bout and yesterday was the fourth. Last basho he executed an equally rare Izori. It looks like this: Kagaya is on the right, just in case ..
  16. Kintamayama

    Chiyotaikai vs. Kyokutenho

    Yes, it happens at least once a day. they give a kimarite, then they say"The kimarite for the last bout was given as X, but it is now changed to Y". Not uncommon. there's a kimarite gyoji sitting in one of the first rows with a mike. Sometimes he gets overruled.
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    If Aminishiki indeed will drop out of the tournament: Asashouryuu caused the kyujo of two opponents in 4 days. Musouyama will pick up his second fusensho in 5 days.
  18. Kintamayama

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Don't forget he's from Takasago. That could be a real factor in the equation.
  19. Kintamayama

    stupid question

    Sorry to nitpick, but he was from then Wakamatsu (now Takasago) beya. I know. I was there.. He has since then retired.
  20. Kintamayama


    Yeah football sucks, it's the most boring sport there is and I don't like boring sports. That's why I like sumo! Uh are entering dangerous territory here..There are quite a few football fans in here, Rijicho is one of them.. Uh oh.. (Clapping wildly...) :-O
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    It was a blatant test to see if Asashouryuu had 'learned his lesson". It makes me puke. He deserved at least a mono-ii, no way around that. BOOOOOOOO! I"m quitting.
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    Not really. A good henka that lasts a split second is being compared to a bunker that lasts 90 minutes? A good henka (yes, Chiyotaikai has some really good ones, seriously) is far more exciting. No comparison.
  23. Kintamayama


    So do I, and quite a few others of the silent majority, who don't wish to open this age old argument again. Henka is a legitimate move. If it weren't, it wasn't. Contrary to what you are led to believe by certain anarchist elements on this forum, Henka kings such as Asanowaka and Akinoshima are well liked by the fans. Usually, the people who are so vehementally against it have had their favorite rikishi fall on his face out of his own stupidity, and lose to some"skinny guy", and that pisses them off to no end.. Most people who are against it think it's "dishonorable" when done by a Sanyaku and higher rikishi, and they may have a tiny point there, considering. Most of those that don't like it think they are being gypped because the "match is too short"..Well, boo hoo hoo. It's legal, it's crafty, and when well executed , a work of art. So there!!
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    Games back on!

    Hi Gamers! Kofuji has managed to fix the bug that killed at least 5 games today, so get yer entries in!!(Sekitoto, Chaingang, ISP)
  25. Kintamayama

    Whats up with all the sumo games?

    I can't run it manually , since there are quite a few players who do not belong to either the ML or this forum, and there would be no way of notifying everyone what to do etc. If this doesn't work out in the next few hours, everyone will get a free pass in Chaingang and a win in ISP, It has happened before, BTW..