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    "I'm really happy.These four months with almost no salary (150,000 yen=$1250) were very difficult. In the paid ranks, I used to make 1,000,000 yen($8400). I do have some savings, but having a wife and a child to support, it was very difficult", said Chiyotenzan, after being informed of his return to Sekitori territory. He also said he owes his family a lot for their support. He dropped from 145 kilos to 135. "I am now on a balanced diet- never eat after 9 pm", he said. He hopes to make a new start, and show that his family's support was justified. Nothing on what the real reason (medical? mental?) reason for his bad performances of late, that dropped him from Komusubi to Makushita in a couple of years.
  2. Kintamayama

    Kosho status to be abolished

    Rijicho says the main reasons for the proposal now are these: 1.The Musouyama example: He was NOT granted Kosho after "injuring" his left shoulder, thus not being able to lounge around doing nothing, came back, and went KK, which proves, in the Kyokai's eyes at least, that the kosho status in this case is not needed. Rijicho has added that they are looking into a number of possibilities- in any case, he would like to get consent from the rikishi themselves to any changes made. 2.The record-breaking number of Kosho rikishi lately. this seems to suggest something may be fishy in the Sumo waters. The NSK is also looking into changing the Oozeki demotion rule. They want to make it three (3)consecutive makekoshis, and the need to win 11 in the basho after to regain the rank, as opposed to 2 consecutive makekoshis and the need to win 10 to regain the ranks, as it is now.
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    after-Basho news

    Oh, no one is writing Taikai off. It's just Moti living his moment and making the best of it, because he knows that soon some mongolian ass is going to be kicked. (Baby sucking a pacifier...) (Chased by the fans...) (Releasing bad air...) True, true..I wish it were MY moment for a change, and not some obscure Mongolian's.. Seriously(??) though-Taikai is going to have to summon up a lot of willpower (again) to get over the disappointment of failure. He's not getting younger, and I think the coming Basho is his test. I foresee a 9-6, an unstable time for him, then another run for the money. Don't forget, he was a street gang leader with yellow hair, he's no frier.
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    after-Basho news

    1. Kitanoumi Rijichou has decided to review the whole Kosho status balagan. (balagan="mess" in Hebrew) He says that Musouyama's participation and success in Natsu proves that you don't have to sit out 5 months with a dislocated shoulder. He also aims to revise the whole payment/retirement monetary system as well. 2. Chiyotaikai expressed deep disappointment, as expected. "I was thinking too much about winning this and losing that. It's not every day that you get this kind of opportunity. now, I'm starting over again with a clean slate. I have to get over the bad feeling and go on.", he said, drinking mineral water. 3. Mongolians make peace. Kyokushuuzan and Kyokutenhou came intom the dressing room after Asashouryuu's yuushou and publicly shook hands, ending the week-long rift between them following the "scandal". The fact that the three of them came away with personal prizes(Asa the yushou, the Kyokus with sanshos) found all of them in high spirits, so the reconciliation was easy. Lots of light-hearted handshaking and mutual congratulating. After their altercation on day 9, Asa and Shuuzan ignored each other. "We met each other every day after the altercation, and the atmosphere was really scary", joked Kyokushuuzan. The fact that 10-hoe will be promoted to Sekiwake, prompted the "I'll do my best " mantra from him as well. 4. Kitanoumi rijicho, who warned Asashouryuu to act like a Yokozuna after that day 9 situation,expressed his content at the yokozuna's yusho. "Now, I would like to see a ZENSHO Yusho next time", he said. "Sure thing", answered the Yokozuna, when asked about it by reporters. 5.At a press conference this morning at Takasago, the Yokozuna admitted that he had doubts if he could ever get a yusho as Yokozuna. Asked about his un-Yokozuna-like behaviour, he said that he was learning every day, and that he hopes to better himself as time goes by. "I am aiming for Zensho", he reiterated.
  5. Kintamayama

    New Juuryou promotions

    5 new promotions to Juuryou, all of them returnees, three of them after quite a while: East 1 Kitazakura-5-2, after one Basho (ex-Makuuchi) West 1 Masutsuyoshi- 4-3, first time since November 2001 East 2 Kotoiwakuni-4-3, first time since July 2000 West 2 Chiyotenzan-5-2, after 2 bashos (ex-Makuuchi) East 4 Tamanokuni- 7-0, first time since May 2001
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    Happy Birthday Kintamayama

    (Heart) :-D :-D (Enjoying a beer...) (Sign of approval) (Holiday feeling...) :-D Thanks for the kind words!!
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    after-Basho news

    Yes indeed. Better than hopeless, though. See Chiyotaikai.. :-D
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    after-Basho news

    No, just the kensho-kin thing was mentioned, and monetary changes..
  9. Kintamayama

    after-Basho news

    Yes, as were many other "Hebrew" words, like bardak. I actually didn't know this came from Russian, although both words have the same connotation.. I sincerely hope come July 24th that you will eat your words.. :-D
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    Day 15 comments

    Correction: ALL three sansho prizes in Roto. HYUKYUKYUKYUK!!
  11. Kintamayama

    Day 15 comments

    Well, QTTP and Makoto, the dogs bark and the convoy passes. Chiyotaikai is a small time punk loser, who got a fluke 12-3 yusho, when everyone was injured ,gone or became Yokozuna. He will NEVER get higher than his Oozeki rank. NEVER. Because he ain't good enough-lightning doesn't strike twice in one place.I would start worrying about him LOSING his rank, after that big confidence blow..Yokozuna indeed.. This of course goes for the other loser, KaioU., who sacrificed a chance for a playoff berth to help Musouyama remain a mediocre and less Oozeki. The champ rides into the sunset, as the losers sulk..
  12. Kintamayama

    Invitation to play Sekitori-Toto & Sekitori-Oracle

    Try this:
  13. Kintamayama

    Invitaion for GTB game

    Hi! A Sumo maniac's work is never done..This is an invitation to all gamers and non-gamers to play the famous between Basho's "Guess the Banzuke" (GTB) game. The nifty entry form is online as you read. NEW!!! Rules in 9 languages!! English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian and Polish!. I'd like to thank Zenjimoto, Hoshifransu, Hoshifransu, Kaikitsune, Leonishiki, Heiyu, Bandey and Kojamuri (in order of above languages..) for their translations, time and goodwill. For rules,standings and stuff, go to: For the nifty entry form; This time the bonus rikishi will be Tosanoumi. DEADLINE- Sunday, June 22nd , 2003 at 12:00 midday EST USA,or, in Europe, 17:00 GMT. And please-check the form for mistakes. They are definitely just need to find them..
  14. Kintamayama

    Day 15 comments

    Now, repeat after me: KaioU- 11-4.Asashouryuu-Yuushou, KaioU 11-4 Asashouryuu Yuushou- "The money is counted on the stairs", we say in Hebrew. "Don't count your chicken until they are hatched', we say in English. 'Kaiou no Sumou wa hotondo yowai desu-" we say in Japanese. "Anteeksi! En ymarra- Missa on WC?", we say in Finnish. In any language- Asashouryuu is the champ-KaioU's the chump!! Thank you.
  15. Kintamayama

    Day 14 comments

    Of course I object!! No way U can beat Asa fair and square!! OK.. he did win...But ultimately, lost to Musouyama on day last..hehehe.. I have read that Musouyama's shoulder popped back in on day 11.
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    Yup. 36 and two months, born on March 16th, 1967. All on my old geezers' site, which is never , ever visited. (Ranting...) :-( :-( :-D Rijicho, why is there no crying emoticon part two?
  17. Kintamayama

    Day 14 lower division results

    I would say that he would be MUCH safer starting out in lower Makushita than around Mak20 or so..A 6-1 will propel him to around the top ten in Sandanme. Another 6-1 will propel him into Makushita 35 or so. If he would have won this one, he would have entered at around Makushita 50. Higher Sandanme and lower Makushita are usually more or less the same level. Around Makushita 40 is wjere the heat gets turned up.. the same level.
  18. Kintamayama


    Yes it does.
  19. Kintamayama

    Chaingang winner

    Hi! We have a winner after day 14- Hasurami!! Congratulations, and thank you all for playing!!
  20. Kintamayama

    The Fable of the foxes

    Once upon a time, there were three foxes, who decided to leave their homeland and find their fortune in the fat animals' forest. They were the only foxes there, amongst the many other locals. At first, they had a difficult time, and two of the foxes even ran away at night back to their old habitat, only to be coaxed back by their thin, wise elder. They toiled and sweated, sweated and toiled, and finally, the two that ran away made it to the "higher grounds" where the successful locals dwelled in wealth and fame. They made it to the "higher grounds", but never REALLY made it, although they did impress the locals with their various skills which were honed in their homeland. One of them was even told to stop using some of those skills so much, because he was causing locals to be hurt here and there. Anyhow, eight years or so later, a new batch of foxes began arriving in the forest, to follow the footsteps of the forefathers. One of them nonchalantly cruised his way up to the higher grounds and in 2 years was actually making some waves, till he finally pushed all the locals(and his elders) aside, without any respect. He especially dominated the two elderly foxes, and was always better than them, which must have irked them to no end. For they were the barrier-breakers, it was they who toiled and sweated, and now this young upstart was stealing their limelite!! Never mind the fact that since his arrival at the "higher grounds", one of the elders(the mediocre one..) was suddenly becoming very good and stable, at the high end of the "grounds", while the wily and erratic one was heard boasting that he would one day be top of the pack, and actually getting better .. Then, the elders surprised the young upstart . They beat him. The mediocre one beat him in a cleverly executed fashion. The erratic one used his famous sly arsenal of tricks. But after the win, he couldn't resist, and venting all his frustrations, lashed out at the cheeky youngster, who was not a calm man himself, being young and brazen, and at the very top of the "higher grounds".. "I was the destined one!!I should have been at the top", he mumbled to himself. "now, I've finally beaten you, you impudent , disrespectful fox! Here's a small token of my appreciation". Whack. The upstart, already furious at his loss, lashed back with anger, and also looked very crossly at a local hero, for reasons ranging from "I should have won" to "Hey, the erratic one hit me after the bell-are you going to do something about it, Yaocho king?" Later, the foxy elders bonded and spoke of how the youngster "tainted the good name of the foxes". The local elders shook their heads and mumbled words of discontent. And only the man with the golden testicles couldn't help wondering if this was all a tale of jealousy that finally surfaced.
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    He's allergic to Asashouryuu.
  22. Kintamayama

    Kyujo Watch

    Tochisakae is back for day 13. Like I thought..
  23. Kintamayama

    Joined ISP very late

    Yes, it is. You can join Sekitori-toto at any time as well, but I wouldn't advise on entering on day 12.. Well, you've entered now, so your score will count, of course, but I wouldn't advise entering on day 12.. No they don't, since your record won't really endanger anyone. No, other people have asked me these questions in the past, and maybe received different answers..Who can remember.. Anyhow, welcome aboard!!
  24. Kintamayama

    Mongolian Scandal

    Another picture from the front.. And another: Mongolian newspapers did not report a thing about the scandal. In Mongolian wrestling, showing of emotions is common, so maybe the Mongolian journalists saw nothing wrong with what transpired.
  25. Kintamayama

    Mongolian Scandal

    Another picture from the front.. Mongolian newspapers did not report a thing about the scandal. In Mongolian wrestling, showing of emotions is common, so maybe the Mongolian journalists saw nothing wrong with what transpired.