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    News- June 28th

    Tochiazuma is in good form as well. He went to Kasugano for degeiko against Tochinohana and others -26 bouts, results unknown." I had a lot of bouts today. The more I do, the better I'll be prepared", he reasoned. Last Basho when he was kadoban, he was very reserved and worried before the Basho. This time he is optimistic and looking to the future. He received a new keshomawashi from baseball league-leading Hanshin Tigers'(of whom he is a great fan) manager Hoshino. He hopes to shine like his favorite Tigers at the moment. "I haven't decided if I will wear it from day 1, but I do intend to wear it and do my best", he said. (Nikkan)
  2. Kintamayama

    News- June 28th

    Oozeki Chiyotaikai went to degeiko at Tomozuna like I promised yesterday. There to greet him was none other than his fellow Oozeki KaioU who then proceeded to go 13-8 against him. "The three most likely rikishi I can lose to are the two Yokozunas and KaioU", he said. Chiyotaikai ws reportedly not looking good, having lost 14 kilos since last basho. Still, he is out to overcome his current problems and go for the Tsuna again. (Sanspo) New singer and ex-Sumotori/Oyakata Daishi had his debut live gig yesterday at the "Livehouse" in Saitama. The venue was sold out (100 people..). he opened with some Sumo Jinku, tried some Enka, and sang some pop songs, 11 songs altogether. "I was thrilled that so many people came out to see me on my first-ever live gig", he said, thrilled. "From here on, I will do my best (Ganbarimasu) in the entertainment world", he said, easily substituting the word "Sumo" for "entertainment". (Sanspo)
  3. Kintamayama

    News-Hune 27th

    Tokitsukaze Ichimon took a bus to degeiko. Great opening sentence.They took a bus to sekitori-less heya like Minato and Shikihide bringing with them Tosanoumi and Juumonji for degeiko. Isenoumi Oyakata had the idea of strengthening the ties with the smaller heyas, and after Nagoya, there are plans for further strengthening. "If the sekitori come for degeiko, there will be more general interest around the smaller stables, generating more Heya activities, and maybe bringing in new rikishi. We are still in the planning stage, and after this Basho, we plan to make it an yearly event", he said. (Nikkan) Asashouryuu has a fan club in Nagoya. 50 people so far, headed by Diet member Enzaburou Wakao. He is a close friend of Meitoku Junior High's (Asashouryuu's alma mater) Principal. After asageiko, Asashouryuu visited three primary schools and an old people's home. He donated books at the schools. "It's very warm in Nagoya, but I ask everyone to contribute as warmly as they can to the Nagoya people", he said. No butts were kicked in the making of this post.
  4. Kintamayama

    Musa, Shoes-on, Shouryuu

    And, after getting bumped, Asashouryuu pulled out his sagari very violently and menacingly. I agree with QTTP that it was totally blown out of proportion. You can see it here if you have Realaudio: (long version) (short virgin)
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    Chaingang game invites you to join!

    Hi Gamers!! (deepest apologies again to non-gamers..) This one is the CHAIN GANG. What is the "Chain Gang"? It's a Sumo-related game, based on a day by day entry. This means you have to follow the ongoing tournament. The good news is that all you have to do is guess one (1) winner of your choice from all the bouts on a given day, Juryo and Makuuchi. Only one, any one. You got it right? You advance to day 2 and pick again. It could be the same rikishi, or anyone else. You got it wrong? Well, that was the shortest game you ever played, because yer OUT!! No three strikes, no yellow card, no "one more chance".. It's the end of the road. Last human being standing wins. This means the game could theoretically end on day 6. So what? The prize? A key-chain, of course... IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!! You will need to pick TWO default guys before the basho starts for the days you don't/can't play, who cannot be changed. ((((((RULE CHANGE!!!))))))The defaults DO NOT include any Yokozunas or Oozekis!! There is a 5-TIME USE LIMIT PER BASHO for using a default, and you can use him for three straight days only, though we don't think you'll get very far using a default in this particular game. The reason for two defaults is this: KYUJO - When your default pick goes Kyujo, your second default pick kicks in.. IMPORTANT!! You cannot win OR lose by fusen. If your picked rikishi is involved in a fusen match, the default kicks in automatically. This is so no player will have any advantage/disadvantage due to time zone differences, as we have happening in other games. In the highly unlikely event that your default is also involved in the fusen match, you're toast..The best thing to do is keep an eye out for possible kyujos, and stay away from that rikishi!! IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!! (take two) IMPORTANT!! When your default kicks in for a kyujo rikishi, he doesn't count as one of the 5-per-basho you are allowed. The tie-breaker- the player who used the lowest ranked rikishi on average wins. There will be no mail sent out during the Basho - you'll have to visit us to see who's still standing. Good luck!! Thanks!! Kintamayama and Kofuji IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!!(take three)
  6. Kintamayama

    July Makuuchi Banzuke

    RANK EAST WEST Y Asashoryu (Y, 13-2) Musashimaru (Y, 0-0-15) O Kaio (O, 11-4) Chiyotaikai (O, 10-5) O Musoyama (O, 8-7) Tochiazuma (O, 8-7) S Wakanosato (S, 9-6) Kyokutenho (K, 10-5) K Dejima (S, 7-8) Tochinonada (M1, 8-7) M1 Miyabiyama (M5, 10-5) Aminishiki (M7, 11-4) M2 Kyokushuzan (M3, 8-7) Kotonowaka (M4, 8-7) M3 Takanonami (M2, 7-8) Takamisakari (M1, 6-9) M4 Tamanoshima (M3, 7-8) Toki (M11, 10-5) M5 Tosanoumi (K, 4-11) Kotoryu (M10, 9-6) M6 Jumonji (M9, 8-7) Buyuzan (M12, 9-6) M7 Tokitsuumi (M7, 0-0-15) Hokutoriki (M5, 6-9) M8 Kaiho (M4, 5-10) Tamarikido (M8, 7-8) M9 Gojoro (M8, 7-8) Asasekiryu (M13, 8-7) M10 Iwakiyama (M9, 7-8) Otsukasa (M14, 8-7) M11 Asanowaka (M15, 8-7) Tochisakae (J3, 10-4-1) M12 Kasuganishiki (J1, 9-6) Kasugao (M6, 4-11) M13 Kotomitsuki (M2, 0-5-10) Wakanoyama (M10, 6-9) M14 Ushiomaru (J2, 9-6) Aogiyama (M12, 7-8) M15 Tamakasuga (J7, 12-3) Kinkaiyama (J2, 8-7) Rijicho: I added the PRE tags to make the table align.
  7. Kintamayama

    Musashimaru- Hmmm..

    Musashimaru's hopes of returning in Nagoya are getting dimmer by the minute. Although he has resumed training these last three days with Miyabiyama and Buyuuzan among others, he has hardly been able to use his left hand at all. Oyakata: " Condition? Not even 50% yet. We haven't decided if he will participate in Nagoya", he said, hinting towards kyujo possibility. Musa: "We'll go to Nagoya and see," he said humbly.
  8. Kintamayama

    Kyokutenhou press conference

    New Sekiwake Kyokutenhou held a press conference today at the Ooshima beya camp in Nagoya, in lieu of said achievement. "Now that I've reached this plateau, I feel it is but a station on my way up", he colorfully opted. "My aim is to increase my Kinboshi numbers and do as well as last time". Oooshima Oyakata said much the same. It took him 33 Bashos to reach this plateau, since becoming shin-nyuumaku. It is the fifth slowest ascension to Sekiwake in modern history. "I thought he would do it earlier, but till lately, he didn't have the urge to do it, it seems. If he keeps up his aggressive Sumo of last Basho, the future looks bright", explained Oyakata.
  9. Kintamayama

    Site updated

    Hi All! My site (foreigners, old-timers, Makushita in English, ex- Makuuchi, audio-Banzuke)is updated as of now to reflect the new Banzuke. Thank you! All foreigners in all divisions: Never visited oldest rikishi site: Makushita in English: Ex-Makuuchi :
  10. Kintamayama

    GTB Results

    Hi Gamers! We had 94 participants - three less than last time.. Haven't slept yet, since I'm doing all this by hand.. Thank you all for playing. Main problems: Dejima, where? New promotees-where? Kotomitsuki-where? And a big tumble by Kasugaou that caught most of us by surprise. High average scoring, though. The winner is Mariohana. Two of the top three are newbies. Congrats to everyone!! Now, to update my other pages..well, maybe I'll do it tomorrow.. See you again next time, and on with the Bash-ow!! results: winner's guess:
  11. The Rikishi-kai (council) will meet on the 24th to discuss the kosho abolishment thingy. The rikishi's concerns are deep, due to the impact a total abolishment of the kosho status might have on their careers. There are voices saying that if the new rule is implemented, there won't be any new Oozekis or Yokozunas in the near future. Others are saying that due to the structured society of Sumo, the Kyokai can decide anything, and the rikishi really don't have much say, so there really is no use arguing. Yet others are aiming for a joint Rikishi-Oyakata meeting to sort things out. Musashimaru was 9-1 against Sekitori (Wakanoyama, Buyuuzan, Miyabiyama again) today. "The situation is the same as before. We can't hurry these things", said Oyakata. Left hand usage was again limited. They intend to up the intensity of training in the coming days. "But everything is still a big question mark", said Maru.
  12. Kintamayama

    GTB Reminder

    זאת היתה הכוונה, כן..
  13. Kintamayama

    GTB Reminder

    Hi! Just two weeks left for your GTB entries. 27 entries so far. The deadline is June 22nd, a Sunday in most parts of the world. The bonus points (3) will be for guessing Tosanoumi's rank. If you already sent in an entry , please check to see if you are listed on the site. If not, please send it again, or let me know. Good luck!! The URL: For direct access to the still-nifty entry form, go to:
  14. Kintamayama

    GTB Reminder

    Hi! 48 hours to go-Deadline- Sunday the 22nd, at various times..16:00 GMT, for example..or 12:00 midday US EST..PLEASE NOTE TIME OF DEADLINE FOR IT IS CLOSER THAN IT APPEARS!!! We have 68 participants so far. Thank you very much for playing- I know how long it takes, but still, if you've never tried it, or haven't played for a while, this is the time!! The URL: For direct access to the still-nifty entry form, go to:
  15. Hayateumi (ex- Makuuchi hopeful, then forever injured, and currently Juryo something) has been engaged to his girlfriend (Akosan) after 3 (or 9, depending on which paper you read..) years of courtship. Seems his injuries and stuff postponed the engagement. She is 36, (again, older..) and has been married before. Oh yes, she has 4 kids, so Hayateumi is now a proud father of four. They registered back in January. "I'm very happy. She is very supportive, and helping me through my injury-riddled times. I'm sure, now that we're engaged, that I'll be heading upwards again, first to Makuuchi, and then Sanyaku!!", he vowed. A picture of Takamisakari and the red cross blood donation campaign: His posters will grace the walls of Japan starting July 1st. Cellphone voice message update: Seems Sadogatake and Takasago Oyakatas have recorded their voices in the past and are extremely popular as well. 6 more Oyakatas (including Takanohana) 10 Yobidashis (cool.. Denwa, Kintamayama, Kintamayaaaaama..) and 2 Gyoojis (!!) have lent their voices as well. Takanohana also recorded an alarm message- "Hey!! YOU"RE LATE!!". The Oozumo i-mode site was established in January, and had 3300 paying patrons by the end of May. If you live in Japan and wish to acquire this service , here are the information center phone numbers: Kyokai public relations:03・5608・3012 NTT Public relations: 03・5224・5500 I'm pretty sure a command of the Japanese language is needed.
  16. Kintamayama

    More news-Daishi Oyakata

    Daishi Oyakata, otherwise known as "The Man with the Golden Voice", has retired from the Kyokai, and started a professional singing career. Although he did receive a jun- toshiyori (that is one subject I will NEVER get the hang of..), he couldn't forget his dream of becoming a singer. Now, he's going after it. Took him a year and three months to decide. He actually had a two year period in which to decide, and this is regarded as a "Speed Retirement" by the press. "I'm starting the third phase of my life (Rikishi,Oyakata,singer). I've decided to pursue my dream", he said. He was actually given some uncharacteristic leeway by the Kyokai, and allowed to record stuff (a jinku CD) and sing at danpatsu-shikis. Oyakatas doing anything extra-curricular is, as we know, deeply frowned upon usually. In between training rikishi, he took voice lessons, and sang stuff ranging from jinku, to Western music, to opera. Problem was, the Kyokai allowed him to record Jinku only. "I'd like to test my full potential", he added sheepishly, probably. "I don't know how far I'll go with this, but I'll be doing my best." He probably should widen his Rikishi- repertoire of retorts, though, if he wants to become a celeb.. In these trying times of recession, he's taking a chance by throwing away a cushy job to pursue his dreams. Nice. This autumn - his planned debut concert. Picture: Wakanohana is managing a chanko restaurant in Roppongi. Anyone know anything about THAT??
  17. Kintamayama

    More news-Daishi Oyakata

    Daishi Oyakata resigns from Kyokai and aims to be a profesional singer-part 2. His first show will be on June 27th. His first major performance will be on September 30th at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, in what is being described as a "dinner show". Sankei Sports colorfully writes- "He hopes to become a sekitori in the ranks of the entertainment world". He told Nikkan that his dream was to become an Opera singer, and he would like to try musicals as well. He wishes to visit Italy, home of the Opera. His boss, Oshiogawa Oyakata, was all smiles and wished him the best of luck with his new life. He has recorded a song for a kids' TV show "Dosukoiman" as well. There is even a koenkai in the works in his hometown, Ibaraki. "I have no regrets giving up on being an Oyakata", he added. Daishi pic
  18. Kintamayama

    Can Kyokutenho become Ozeki?

    I voted "in and out", since in and out is OK by me in any context...(crash/bang/cymbals):-P But seriously folks, I think he's on a roll at the moment, sparked by the current"Mongolian fever", which is influencing Shoes-on as well. But I think it will die down, and with it, both Kyokus will return to their normal size. MK this Basho for both.(Applauding...) You have been warned.. (Blowing horn...)
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    News- Musashimaru, Kyokutenhou

    Kyokutenhou received a Mongolian "Honorary Citizen" award. I do not know if he received a watch to go with it. On day 4 of Natsu basho, he lost to Asashouryuu. After he stepped out, he was given an extra push, which angered him to no end. I actually noticed it on the feed, but since it wasn't mentioned, I figured I didn't see correctly. Now, it appears he turned around to Shouryuu and said, "Act like a Yokozuna!!" He added that Asa apologized later, and in any case, he calmed down the next day. He also said, " I hate losing to a fellow countryman. I would like to return the debt on the dohyo", vowing to avenge his loss. Musashimaru is keikoing his butt off, it seems. He went against Miyabiyama yesterday - 12 bouts, 9-3. (9-3??? Against Miyabiyama?) He is still having problems following his opponents' movements, and even got okuri-dashied by Wakanoyama. He is still favoring his injured left, but seems to be regaining his strength. "My wish is to get out there 100% fit," he said. Oyakata is again using the "slowly but Shirley" routine .
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    News- Musashimaru, Kyokutenhou

    Newsflash- Musashimaru hasn't done keiko with Sekitori for the last two days, which is pretttty fishy if you ask me, at this juncture of preparations. "Will I be entering? Can't say yet. I'll have to assess the situation", he said. "Oh, please... Yesterday and today he took the days off!! He'll gradually pick up the pace, I think.. If he doesn't, he will never be ready", says ever-optimistic Oyakata. Well..
  21. Kintamayama


    Chiyotaikai just finished a week of degeiko at Tomozuna-beya. He has lost 9 kilos, and is now 147. (Love?) He had 20 bouts with KaioU yesterday. "I was too heavy last time. I'm eating less, losing weight and doing more keiko", he said. He's going for keiko to Hakkaku-beya today. When he gets to Nagoya on the 22nd, he plans to do degeiko at Isenoumi-beya.
  22. Takamisakari has been chosen by the Kyokai to promote a blood donations campaign, sponsored by the Japan Red Cross. The RC guys said his "courageous, animated style" and immense popularity suits their needs perfectly, since the main problem they need to overcome is people afraid of needles. Takanohana has lent his voice to the answering machines on cellphones using I-mode. The Kyokai has a site you can access by cellphone, which has torikumis, banzuke, etc. You can also use Takanohana's voice saying " Hey! You have a phone call!", "This is Takanohana! Come quick!!". He also announces arrival of e-mails- " Hey! Mail has arrived!!". These are the actual things he says, I am not making this up.. After Nagoya, Asashouryuu and others are slated to add their voices as well.
  23. Kintamayama

    News- Musashimaru, Kyokutenhou

    I disagree with everybody. I think he will have a very mediocre basho. Oyakata is the only one saying he'll be fine. Reading between the lines, he says the pain is still there. Musashigawa is motivated by hope. I think reality is a bit different. I think he's still injured to an extent that he won't be able to go all out. I don't believe he wil be even 80% fit. WE SHALL SEE!!!
  24. Kintamayama

    Kotomitsuki resumes training

    Kotomitsuki has resumed training for the fist time since undergoing surgery on his right elbow on May 19th. He did some light training yesterday with young rikishi from lower ranks. He has already announced he will miss Nagoya. "I'm taking it slowly. No use hurrying and getting injured again", he said. The pain is rumored to still be there.
  25. Kotomitsuki has announced he will be kyujo in Nagoya. This means he will be in Juuryou in Aki, since he has no Kosho status, as his injury was considered an "old" one. He had surgery on January 29th on his left elbow, then on May 19th on his right elbow and had some cartilage removed. (I have no idea what this means, but someone will surely elaborate extensively..). He has now started rehabilitation on both elbows. At first, Sadogatake Oyakata wanted Kotomitsuki to enter Nagoya, but now, at the advice of doctors, it has been decided he will skip it, and suffer the Juuryou demotion consequence.