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    Kosho abolishment and new suggestion+stuff

    Well, there used to be 58 in Makuuchi, so take away 2-3 Yokozunas you'll get about 27 who have done it at once in the past..
  2. Kintamayama

    Kosho abolishment and new suggestion+stuff

    The suggestion now is 44 Makuuchi and 28 Juryo, and three straight MK bashos drop an Ozeki, who will need 11 wins to return. Suggestions only of course, at this stage.
  3. Ms. Uchidate from the YDC came to Musashigawa-beya to watch keiko, checking out Musashimaru's situation. He had 15 bouts with Miyabiyama, Kakizoe and Iwakiyama (13-2), using his right hand mostly. When he did use his left to grab a mawashi, he immediately let go. He was oshidashied by Kakizoe,and beaten by Miyabiyama as well, and this brought about some stern comments from Oyakata."I was worried about the Yokozuna so I came to see for myself. He is not like he was before the injury", said Ms. Uchidate, stating the obvious. "He is doing his utmost, but it isn't looking good", said Oyakata. After keiko today (which should be right about now..), Oyakata and Musa will meet to decide what to do. Notice the complete lack of reference to Dejima in all these reports, which is not a good sign.. Ooshima Oyakata, who had proposed a "peace" meal between Asashouryuu and Kyokushuuzan, has announced its postponement. "It would be an unnecessary burden on both of them at the moment", said people close to the people close to the people. Since there is almost no chance of a meeting on the dohyo between them this coming Basho, it seems there is no urgency at this time for such a reconciliation.
  4. 60th Yokozuna Futahaguro (Kitao), who was forced to retire from Sumo while an ACTIVE Yokozuna after a much publicized attack on his Oyakata's wife (other versions are out there as well..), has returned to the Sumo world after a reconciliation with Tatsunami Oyakata. This is the Oyakata who was evicted from his premises by the former Tatsunami,( whose wife was pushed by said Futahaguro, resulting in his banishment from the Sumo world.), which made him find a new place for his heya, which was consecrated two days ago by that all Mongolian dohyo iri. Things move in circles.. Anyhow, if you are still awake and following, they met secretly at a Tokyo hotel today, ending a sixteen year ban. They decided to forget the past, and Kitao will be visiting the newly built heya as early as this Friday. This is a surprise move, but maybe not. With all the bad blood between former Tatsunami and current Tatsunami, this new relationship is sure to drive the old Tatsunami, who was the ex-Yokozuna's Oyakata at that time, up the wall.. Since the newly relocated heya is actually starting from scratch, Tatsunami needs all the help he can get. OTOH,for 16 years, Kitao has wanted to return somehow and be part of the Sumo world, but no one was really waiting for him anywhere, till today. He turned to Pro-wrestling, and then to PRIDE 1 after leaving Sumo in disgrace. He retired from sports in 1998 and became a businessman. He is also a commentator for a magazine, if I'm translating correctly.. " I'm not sure if this is a good opportunity. I do have my job, but if Tatsunami Oyakata so wishes, I am more than willing to try to help bring back the heya's glory days. This thought overshadows everything else", said Kitao. He weighs 147 kilos today. "I can still 'lend my chest' to the young guys. I can raise some Yokozunas or Oozekis!!", he said. "I'm experienced by now. I've decided to do what I think should be done and enforce my will. Having an ex-Yokozuna help me out is more than I could ever hope for", said Tatsunami Oyakata, ex Asahiyutaka the good looking one. Kyokai: "He is retired,and not expelled so it's not our problem. This is the heya's problem". If he does find a place within Tatsunami-beya, this may be the first step in restoring his honor in the Sumo world. Picture of Kitao (right) and Tatsunami Oyakata: Futahaguro story published back then: And of course Chijanofuji posted links to the whole story on the ML as it was printed in Sumo World back then , but I lost them.. Anyone?
  5. Kintamayama

    ISP invitation

    Hi! This is to announce the existence of the extremely popular and veteran game, the ISP, the Internet Sumo Pool. You can find the rules/login/sign up at: YOU HAVE TO REGISTER!! When you do, don't forget to use the tie-breaker thingy on the entrance page. People have lost yushos because they didn't pick a tie-breaker!! ALL players must register for the Basho so they can enter their daily guesses. Unregisterd players will not be ranked, even if they used to play!! In a nutshell- a single bout will be chosen from the following day's bouts- you have to guess who's the winner. You will find all the relevant statistics (past meetings, etc..)when you enter your daily guess. Guess right -it's a win -guess wrong-it's a loss. The player with the best score after 15 days gets the Yusho. There is a formula page, where you can chose any or all of the 9 different formulas for when you will be absent from certain days (or just forget to send a pick..) The heavier rikishi to win, the older, the hairier, etc.. DEFAULTS-may be used five times during a basho, and on not more than three consecutive days. During the basho, you can see the various picks for that day, and see who the favorite one is. As for the game Banzuke, it has been posted on the site. Check out the game-it's great!! And remember, you are only what you is.. Good luck!! -- Kintamayama and Kofuji Guessbusters Inc.
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    Breaking news- Futahaguro back?

    Here is the whole story, taken from Sumo world. Worth the read, if you haven't done so yet. Former Tatsunami is ex-Sekiwake Haguroyama.
  7. Kintamayama

    Takamisakari- punching bag?

    After the week of keiko and humiliation Sakari went through, and all of this all over the media in great detail, it seems everyone is having a go at him. At Soken, Rijicho shouted at him, " Hey you!! Get serious and put in some more effort!!". It is extremely rare for someone to shout at a certain rikishi from the stands during soken, whoever you are. An Oyakata was heard shouting, "All your strength is going into the faces you are making! What good is that?" Then, it became evident that Sakari was crying. The soken calls for all rikishi from Maegashira 7 and upwards to participate. Some Makushita rikishi are participating as well. Sadogatake Oyakata: "In our days, we were giving it our all, and at the end of the soken we could hardly stand!". But, Sakari of the keiko-ba is very weak. He was even seen being pushed around by Makushita wrestlers. Watanabe-san of the YDC: " This is worrying", he said, holding his head.. OTOH, the Kyokai shouldn't forget that those facial features and expressions are THE direct reason (together with Asa's problems..) for the brisk ticket sales, not seen for quite a while. Everyone is clamoring around Sakari to make use of that face. A brewery has given Sakari a new kesho-mawashi. He will be doing another commercial. He is the Sumo world's undisputed Yokozuna of commercials. But, it seems it's not going to be easy for him. Everyone ,led by Asashouryuu it seems, will be trying harder than ever not to lose to this high profile rikishi. "I will speak only about Sumo", said Sakari, running from the reporters after keiko. In any case, running or not, his pain was obvious. I think the Kyokai is killing its golden-egg laying hen yet again. It was a question of time before some jealous small minded people reared their ugly heads, and the time is now.
  8. Kintamayama

    Breaking news- Futahaguro back?

    Current Tatsunami seems like a cunning guy to me..Very interesting move..smells of revenge, but can really bring some benefits to the newly relocated and somewhat grey heya, which used to be quite famous once.. We shall see..
  9. Kintamayama

    Soken-more details and Musashimaru

    No, there wasn't, but here's a picture:
  10. Yesterday's soken- more details. Asashouryuu was 11-3 against the three Oozekis who were there (KaioU was absent).YDC members were overwhelmed as well. The Nagoya Basho troubles had weakened his spirit and body, but now it seems he's back in top form. Even his facial expressions, which were mostly in the angry and anxious modes, were relaxed. In the bouts against the Oozeki, he managed to stop their attacks, and defend well against their de-ashi. He was seen using some powerful mawashi moves as well. "Nothing out of the ordinary", he said. After the soken, he did some light keiko. Everyone had his eyes on him, YDC members and Oyakatas alike, and everyone was full of admiration because of what they saw. Even "Mr. Bittermouth" YDC member Mr. Watanabe was in awe."The fighting spirit was apparent. He did very well. If he goes on like this, there shouldn't be any Nagoya-like problems!", he said, admiring Asa's calm composure. "Yesterday we had the Tatsunami-beya dohyo iri, so he didn't train. Even so, his physical condition is great", said Takasago Oyakata. Of the shin-gi-tai(spirit,skill body) which is the root of all that is Sumo, the "spirit' part is what usually gives Asa the most trouble. Asa seems to have dispelled all the worries of the elders with his strong showing. Musashimaru's chances-50-50, says Musashigawa Oyakata. 4 days to decide, and it's still a delicate situation. He avoided bouts with Yokozuna/Oozeki at soken yesterday. He did some light stuff against hiramaku wrestlers. 14 bouts, won 13, but all wins were using his right, and not using his injured left hand even once. The YDC, looking at a possible 6th straight kyujo, was not happy. "He should participate. I think his left hand movement is much better now", said Ishibashi-san, head of the YDC, in a passing remark. Kitanoumi rijicho begged to differ- "His front and back movements are OK, but he has no sideways movement at all. Chances of participation not good? Sure looks like it!", he said. Musashimaru: Compared to last Basho, the wrist is better.Participation? I still don't know". Exactly like before last Basho. "I'm afraid to make the same mistake we made last Basho (by participating when not ready). Participation? 50-50. We'll have to monitor the situation closely", added Musashigawa Oyakata. 4 days left, and not looking good.
  11. YDC Chairman Mr. Ishibashi came to Takasago beya to watch Asashouryuu's morning practice today. This is immediately following yesterday's soken. The arrival of a YDC chairman to personally look into someone's keiko is very irregular. He did promise he would do so, after the July troubles. He stayed for two hours, watching among others, Asa going against rikishi from Tomozuna who were there at degeiko.He then gave Asa "words of encouragement", and recommended he read the biography of the great Taihou, who like Asa, became Yokozuna at an early age.
  12. Kintamayama

    kintamayamas challenge cup

    Every TWO days, since the combined results of two days (sort of a home and away thingy) will decide who moves to the next stage.
  13. Kintamayama

    Some more pictures

    The guy on the left is Kuniazuma the Brazilian, king of all injuries. The other guy I don't recognise, but could be Azumaou, the other Brazilian from Tamanoi, like Kuniazuma.. I figure two couples, each from the same country,but Im probably wrong..
  14. Kintamayama

    August 31st

    Takamisakari came yet again to Takasago for de-geiko. Asashouryuu had bouts against tuoki and others. Sakari didn't even try against to resist Asa's fierce attcks, and just crumpled, which of course pissed Asa to no end. " Don't hold the power back! Bring it out!!", he roared. Takasago: He isn't making any effort, so.." He appeared angry as well. Asa was using harite and nodo-was without mercy. Then, when Sakari offered himself for bouts, Asa refused him. "I didn't do full keiko. The Yokozuna? I'm scared stiff. He turns me into minced meat!", said Sakari, meekly.If he doesn't fix his bad habits, it won't look good for him. In these conditions ,it seems the Yokozuna will continue to "iron" Sakari out..
  15. Kintamayama

    August 30th- Chiyo and Musa

    Chiyotaikai has vowed to get the yusho for his girl, Kawamura Hikaru, famous Japanese celeb. She will be 24 on October 18th (I know, she was mine before that little..forget it..)and he wants to give her a yusho with at least 13 wins. "Having a girl-friend is a great MOTIvator. For my girl's sake, I would like Aki to be a starting point for a tsuna run", he said. In Haru, he had a 12 win yusho, to which Kitanoumi Rijicho said the usual "it is not good enough for a tsunatori run" psycho-babble.This time, he wants to make a clear tsuna-run, so he is aiming for a high level Yusho. Today he did keiko with KaioU, who has beaten him 6 straight times in honbasho, and was 8-3 against him. "I wonder if tomorrow's papers' headline will read-'Chiyotaikai shines( hikaru, a play on Hikaru..) in Keiko' ", he suggested in a humorous way. He has been going out with my Hikaru since April, and things are going very well between them. "Last week we went shopping in Roppongi Hills. We also went to the golf practising range together. We are very busy with our own careers, but when we are together, we forget about Sumo and just relax." There are days when they can't meet because of their tight schedules, but they don't forget to give each other "love calls" on their mobiles every day. with his lover's encouragement, Chiyo is embarking on a renewed quest for the tsuna. Musashimaru had 20 bouts in keiko today. 16 wins. He did use his left hand a bit more, but he lost 4 bouts, and his body still isn't stable. "His condition is better now than it was before Nagoya. He will participate in the Soken on September 1st. We'll do whatever it takes from here on," said Musashigawa Oyakata."I'm worried about his sideways movements more than the wrist injury at this point", he added, worried about Musa's slow movements.
  16. Kintamayama


    No. Mikko " KaioU is not written with a U" Mattila.
  17. Kintamayama

    KaioU injured again

    KaioU has now injured his right arm as well. It happened when he was oshi-dashied by Chiyotaikai, during keiko yesterday. His tsukebito gave him a massage, he returned for ten more bouts, but then withdrew because of the pain. He was seen using an icepack on the general area. It's not the same injury that sidelined him last November- it's in a lower part of the arm. "If it would have been like last time, I'd be in trouble. This time, I knew from experience that if I quickly put ice on the place, I'd probably be fine. It sure would be good if there would be no pain tomorrow," he said, but he did look a bit worried. He has a jinx of going kyujo during two tsuna-tori tournaments, so he is now undergoing a spirit-test as well.
  18. Kintamayama


    Well, that's what we are here for, I say, to virtually listen to members' stories.. We all go through this more or less, and we all move on, till one day, things fall into place. Then, a few years later, sometimes, we wish they didn't.. Life is life, as a Finn Philosopher once wrote.
  19. Ms. Uchidate, member of the YDC,(Yokozuna Deliberation Council) came to "inspect" Asashouryuu during keiko yesterday. "Since he went kyujo in the middle of last Basho, I was worried about him, so I came to visit", she said. As we all recall, the YDC has said it would summon Asashouryuu in person if he continues to get into trouble. Ms. Uchidate's words were relatively "soft", but still, it was a surprise inspection visit..("nukiuchi" inspection, literally translated as "to draw a knife and attack in the same stroke", meaning to do something very suddenly..)She witnessed all the commotion and shouting at Sakari, to which she remarked: " Don't get too annoyed!!", to which Asa countered with a "bitter smile". She probably said it in a good, motherly way, I guess. It doesn't say whether the YDC chairman knew or sanctioned her visit-he talked of his own plans to visit Takasago as well a couple of weeks ago.
  20. Kintamayama

    News- Musashimaru

    Musashimaru is back from Hawaii (he attended a relative's funeral), and has started keiko. 19 bouts against Kakizoe, Miyabiyama and others- 16-3. Left wrist still being favored, but seems to be a bit better.He did a lot of sideways moving, and seemed to be slow and heavy generally. Musashigawa Oyakata:"If he could use his left a bit more, he will be participating. We'll be working in that direction. He seems to be better than in Nagoya, though". Musashimaru:" I don't want to hurry things. I guess I hurried things last Basho. It's not enough to feel I'm ready. I have to be able to do my own Sumo, in order to get out there for the fifteen days.The wrist is a bit better, but if I'm not sure I can be a serious factor in the Yusho race, there's no use participating." Decision will be made by September 3rd.
  21. Kintamayama

    Invitation to be chained

    Hi Gamers!! (deepest apologies again to non-gamers..) This one is the CHAIN GANG. What is the "Chain Gang"? It's a Sumo-related game, based on a day by day entry. This means you have to follow the ongoing tournament. The good news is that all you have to do is guess one (1) winner of your choice from all the bouts on a given day, Juryo and Makuuchi. Only one, any one. You got it right? You advance to day 2 and pick again. It could be the same rikishi, or anyone else. You got it wrong? Well, that was the shortest game you ever played, because yer OUT!! No three strikes, no yellow card, no "one more chance".. It's the end of the road. Last human being standing wins. This means the game could theoretically end on day 6. So what? The prize? A key-chain, of course... IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!! You will need to pick TWO default guys before the basho starts for the days you don't/can't play, who cannot be changed. ((((((RULE CHANGE!!!))))))The defaults DO NOT include any Yokozunas or Oozekis!! There is a 5-TIME USE LIMIT PER BASHO for using a default, and you can use him for three straight days only, though we don't think you'll get very far using a default in this particular game. The reason for two defaults is this: KYUJO - When your default pick goes Kyujo, your second default pick kicks in.. IMPORTANT!! You cannot win OR lose by fusen. If your picked rikishi is involved in a fusen match, the default kicks in automatically. This is so no player will have any advantage/disadvantage due to time zone differences, as we have happening in other games. In the highly unlikely event that your default is also involved in the fusen match, you're toast..The best thing to do is keep an eye out for possible kyujos, and stay away from that rikishi!! IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!! (take two) IMPORTANT!! When your default kicks in for a kyujo rikishi, he doesn't count as one of the 5-per-basho you are allowed. The tie-breaker- the player who used the lowest ranked rikishi on average wins. There will be no mail sent out during the Basho - you'll have to visit us to see who's still standing. Good luck!! Deadline-Sunday September 7th, 14:00 JST Thanks!! Kintamayama and Kofuji IMPORTANT!!IMPORTANT!! YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO PLAY, even if you've played before!!(take three)
  22. Kintamayama

    And the fight goes on..

    The same "people" who saw Asashouryuu break Shoes-on's car's side door mirror, of course!!
  23. Kintamayama

    And the fight goes on..

    Is the grudge resurfacing?? That Tatsunami-beys ring-consecration ceremony on the 31st, remember , when Asashouryuu is supposed to do a dohyo-iri, originally with 10-ho and Shoes on as tachimochi and tsuyuharai? Well, Shoes on refused. It was supposed to be a final sign of reconciliation between the two, but that will not happen. Indeed, the road to reconciliation has one more been blocked. Tatsunami Oyakata announced the dohyo-iri officially yesterday, but from his words, it became apparent that a new "incident" has arisen. The plan was as as said above, but Shoes-on cancelled at the last minute. When a new dohyo is constructed, it's customary to have a Yokozuna dohyo iri, to "calm" the dohyo, rid it of evil spirits, protect rikishi from injuries, etc. Tatunami Oyakata chose Asa as Yokozuna, and the two others should be Makuuchi rikishi from the heya. In case there are none (like this case), two rikishi from the same ichimon will do. That is the unwritten rule. And it has been broken this time. So, the choice fell upon 10 and Shoes. Also, if it would have happened, it would have been a big event, and everyone would have enjoyed seeing Shoes and Asa together in this capacity, say the papers. But, according to people close to Tatsunami, Shoes on's people refused. Kyokushuuzan: "It's supposed to be done by rikishi from the same Ichimon, no? A while back, at the Asahiyama-beya consecration, I was at Wakanohana-zeki's side. But this time, I wasn't approached!!" Kyokutenhou: "I don't know the details , but one side seems to dislike the other," he said, bewildered. In a quick decision, Non-Ichimon member's Takasago beya's Asasekiryuu, who is sort of Asa's "little brother", was chosen, thus avoiding a "situation" that could even have resulted in a cancellation of the D-I. Although the problem was solved, this was a very exceptional incident, in a Sumo world where tradition is the core. It looks like the "bad blood" is still flowing. No chance of a meeting between the two on the dohyo in Aki, unless Shoes goes 10-0 or something, but the suspense is in the air. ***NOTE: About two weeks ago, I translated a piece that said that Asasekiryuu was called in instead of Shoes-on, and wondered aloud what gave. It must have surfaced now. Or, it's another case of the press getting imaginative, since the fact that Asasekiryuu is the tachimochi was made public a few weeks ago.
  24. Kintamayama

    News- Musashimaru

    Here is the full report: Takamisakari cried in today's keiko. 15 bouts against Asashouryuu. Sakari returned to Takasago-beya for more punishment today. He crumbled under the pressure today.He had a "big" cry. After the keiko, he stood for five minutes and received a humiliating sermon.It's the first time a Makuuchi rikishi cries in public during keiko. (I seem to remember Akebono saying how Sakari was a regular "crier" during keiko, no?) Can the number one popular rikish turn this into something useful? Sand, sweat and tears. The number one popular rikishis eyes were very red. No matter how many times he hit Asashouryuu's chest, he found himself on the dohyo floor like minced meat. Out of the 15 bouts, he managed only one win.In the seventh bout, he used his right to win by Yorikiri. Asa's "revenge" for tha Nagoya loss goes on. That loss today in keiko brought back the memories. What followed was a series of Tsuriotoshi, Kekaishi, and strong tsuppari and "violent" stuff taken from other martial arts.. Takamisakari, who was turned into a veritable sandbag, had no choice but to cry. When he was wiping the tears with his sandy arm, Asa said unto him: "What are you crying, you idiot!! (bakayarou)!!". He seemed to be angry that this man who beat him last basho was such a weakling. He was trying to get Sakari to show the spirit that helped him win then. "Get serious!! Get angry and start winning!!" The semi-conscious Sakari was beside himself-crying and banging his head on a keiko-ba pillar, making a resounding "dojiiiin" echoing noise. He was so disgusted by his own weakness that he had the urge to hurt himself as well. "When I think of Sumo, I can't even take a nap", says Sakari, showing his commitment and seriousness. The former college Amateur Yokozuna came into the Sumo world with a lot of expectations and a lot of pride. Being hazed by a Yokozuna 5 years his junior was certainly not what he had in mind. Then to add insult to injury, he was lectured for five minutes by Asa : "Your Sumo looks like this because you are not concentrating!!". But, he seems to be learning, in spite of the pain. "My keiko is really bad at the moment. Was I able to study my opponent?? That's not the place for it!", he said, as he pedalled away on his bike.
  25. Kintamayama

    Even more news-August 28th

    KaioU had 34 training bouts against Sentoryuu today. "3-4 days ago I felt a strange sensation in my foot while climbing down some stairs." he said. He had a sponge and a supporter on the foot. "No big deal. I am fully prepared for the Ichimon keiko (from the 28th)", he added. Although he is from Fukuoka, he is a big Hanshin Tigers (baseball) fan. He is aiming for a double- his yusho and the Tigers' yusho. Rijicho's declarations notwithstanding, he, like a fierce tiger (pun..)will be going all-out for another yusho and the possible pot of gold at the end of the ren(zoku)bow.. Asashouryuu was doing "revenge" keiko, showing no mercy whatsoever against Sakari, says Houchi Sports. This, for the kinboshi last Basho. There was a very tense atmosphere at Takasago during the keiko. A lot of wild tsupparis. Asa won all 12 bouts against Sakari. The difference in power between them was obvious to all present. "Hey, you're not one of the young ones anymore!!Get up!!", he said. Covered with sand, Sakari was fluttering about, and was beaten with a bamboo stick on his backside. The celebrity cried out "Ugyaah" ( a call resembling a baby cry in Japanese)and looked quite pathetic, says reporterman. This isn't abuse. It is quite common that a Yokozuna gives a rikishi a "going -over"-it is well inside his authoruty to do so. It is to try to bring out the other rikishi's weaknesses and help them learn from it. Takamisakari: "A match is a match. I still have some strength to return to my heya**". He then flew off on his bicycle. Picture worth more than a thousand words: ***Note the different version from Nikkan from earlier..