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  1. Kaihayaiha


    Having diabetes, I deal with my own blood on a regular basis although not in large (or even significant) quantities. I also donate blood regularly. Nurses have a habit of warning me "this is going to hurt" before they prick my finger to take a sample for iron testing before I donate blood and it always makes me laugh.
  2. Kaihayaiha

    Asashoryu will not loose (Part 2)

    Seeing as how Dejima appears to have been ignoring this thread we might as well do the same, right?
  3. Kaihayaiha

    "Off With the Beard"

    I feel a lot of sympathy towards anyone who has to sacrifice a decent beard for his or her career (Nodding yes...)
  4. Kaihayaiha

    American football = sissy rugby?

    This is especially true if you play quarterback for my alma mater.
  5. Kaihayaiha

    The Kyokushuzan Code

    I'm sure Wakanoyama fits into that train of thought somewhere.
  6. Kaihayaiha

    KONISHIKI in a movie

    I think I disturbed the lady I was seeing it with (and perhaps the entire theatre) by shrieking "Konishiki???? (Dancing of joy...) "
  7. Kaihayaiha

    Asashoryu Road to 100 Yusho update

    Sasanishiki sir, you're bloody mad if you think getting shot is going to stop Asashoryu from winning the yusho. He might go kyujo for a day and lose one match by fusen but I'm sure he'd be right back on the dohyo and back to his winning ways the next day and end up 14-1.
  8. Kaihayaiha

    Quotes from Day 11 - Natsu 2006

    Miyabiyama is having almost as good a basho off the dohyo with the press as he is having on it. (In a state of confusion...)
  9. Kaihayaiha

    Sadogatake coming to Israel!

    Try not to let him get migi-uwate if you can help it :-D
  10. Kaihayaiha

    When did takamisakari become takamisakari?

    Especially against Chiyotaikai if I remember correctly.
  11. Kaihayaiha

    Yaocho Kyujo?

    But if that were the case wouldn't they ineptly fail to execute the scripts when they were supposed to lose too? You'd think Kaio or Tochiazuma would have accidentally lucked into promotion at least once that way! (Whistling...)
  12. Kaihayaiha

    Yaocho Kyujo?

    He beat Tochiazuma, effectively ending any chance Tochiazuma may have had of taking advantage of Asashoryu's absence to win the yusho and be promoted to yokozuna.
  13. Kaihayaiha

    Asashoryu Kyujo

    For your sake (and for Kaiho's) I hope nothing happens to Kaiho in the next couple of days so you can see him.
  14. Kaihayaiha

    The new Elvis?

    Maybe Takamisakari could grow some sideburns out like his oyakata :-)
  15. Kaihayaiha

    Special picture

    ugh. definitely not. Ozeki is one of the more vile nihonshu i've been unfortunate enough to taste. Didn't even finish the pack I bought (that's a rarity!) Must have been thinking of Chiyotaikai when they made it (Blushing...) I've heard that, actually. A few of my non sumo watching friends brought some back tothe dorm when I was in college and drank it. They said it wasn't very good so I told them maybe they should have tried Yokozuna Sake but they stared at me dumbfounded :(