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  1. Meikenonami


    Hakkaku Beya
  2. Meikenonami

    Pictures: Hakkaku training

    I uploaded some pictures of Hakkaku's keiko. Please find them here:
  3. Meikenonami

    New rules in the Kogugikan

    I talked to sekitori, former sekitori and future sekitori (Nodding yes...) and all where unhappy for us real sumo fans and the guys in the lower division you have to cheer now from the second floor. Also the rikishi Mama's and Papa's have to sit upstairs as well. Even some ochaya-san think that this is really sad. But they do not banned us real fans from the first floor, but it is made to banned the Yakuza. The even have police now at the first floor. And I mean real police, not Kyokai police. I don't think they will change it this basho (eventhough I hope the Kyokay proof me wrong), maybe someday next year, when everybody forgot why this all happen or the cost for these extra employees have to cut down. At nakabi I guess all parants have to make pictures from the second floor. :-O
  4. Meikenonami

    New rules in the Kogugikan

    And I try it again....
  5. Meikenonami

    New rules in the Kogugikan

    Where is my picture gone? Sorry, no matter how small I made the picture I was not able to upload it. But the first floor is now "blocked". You have to show your ticket to get to the first floor. The sign says: "Please show your ticket. Only 1st floor seat tickets holders are available to enter" The check the ticket every time you want to enter. To bad when just wanted to check the party and forgott your ticket downstairs.
  6. Meikenonami

    New rules in the Kogugikan

    You are even not allowed to stand in the hallway anymore.
  7. Meikenonami

    Shishio's danpatsushiki

    Pictures can be found here:
  8. Meikenonami

    Lower Division updates from ILoveTochinoshin

    Thanks for the updates! Sakuma is still young and light. There is still hope. (Clapping wildly...)
  9. Meikenonami

    Kyushu heya adresses

    Can someone provide a list or a link to the actual heya adresses in Kyushu? (Sign of approval...) (Clapping wildly...)
  10. Meikenonami

    Shishio update

    Won today and got his kachikoshi! 4-2 now. (Sign of approval...)
  11. Meikenonami

    Shishio update

    Change of mind. Knee still bad BUT Shishio will participate in Nagoya! (In a state of confusion...)
  12. Meikenonami

    Shishio update

    Shishio will also sit out the Nagoya basho. ;-( Damn knee...
  13. Meikenonami

    New recruits for Nagoya 2009

    You can find two more pictures of Saito here. Pictures were taken in May 2009 at keiko at Tokitsukaze.
  14. Meikenonami

    Pictures Natsu basho 2009 day 15

    Final update. (Next update in September) Day 15: Hakkaku party:
  15. Meikenonami

    Shishio update