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  1. IzumoTaisha

    Asashoryu may wrestle in IGF

    That is correct. But the fact that the two men going into the ring know the outcome hardly matters to us. Their job is to go out there, with a time limit and a finish, and tell us a story during that time they have out in the spotlight. Their job is to present a great and thrilling event to us, using every skill and ability they have as athletes in combination. It's their job and their passion to have us on the edge of our seats, glued to the action back and forth, gladiatorial combats which will keep us guessing and entertained. A true classic wrestling match will have your eyes focused on the action the entire time as the two artists paint a story on the canvas of the ring-mat, every punch, slam, chop and flip perfectly executed in combination with a thousand other manouvres as skillfully executed. The very best elite pro wrestlers can go out there with just a time limit and a finish, and ad-lib the entire match. I've seen guys wrestle an hour and been completely transfixed from minute one. It isn't about the result as it is the journey, the story that the two guys tell through their actions for the sake of us and us alone who watch them. We who watch know that the outcome is predetermined. But we watch to see the story unfold, and we don't know how it will end, which makes the anticipation of the finish that much more exciting.
  2. IzumoTaisha

    Asashoryu may wrestle in IGF

    I think you'll find that puroresu in Japan is a much more serious competitive atmosphere than in the USA. Japanese puroresu style is some of the best athletic display in the world, excellent bouts that really represent "competition" and the serious nature of those who participate adds to its strong style. You can like it or not like it, but you can not deny these men are supreme athletes. http://youtu.be/fsacpkBVPWs - Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi, two of the all time greats go to battle. They are worthy of our respect. In addition, the line between sumo and puroresu is closer than you think. Many sumo have made the transition across into puroresu, including (and beginning with the father of Japanese puroresu) Rikidozan, Tenryu, Takuetsuyama, Futahaguro, Kototenzan, Akebono, Yamamotoyama to name a few that I can think of from the top of my head.
  3. As far as that is concerned the 1947 constitution was pretty much a re-write of the 1889 one anyway.
  4. IzumoTaisha

    Asashoryu may wrestle in IGF

    It was totally inevitable - in fact I think Asashoryu could make a LOT of money from puroresu, and lets face it he'd probably be the biggest crossover star ever to hit the world of puroresu (possibly even bigger than Akebono, mostly because Asa isn't a busted up old man, he could have some sensational matches if he properly trains under someone like Inoki, or even better goes to NJPW and learn from Chono.) I would love to see Asashoryu make the move into puroresu, I thought he'd even be a possible candidate to move into MMA, as he's not overly heavy and quick on his feet with his strength he could at least give it a red hot go.
  5. IzumoTaisha

    January GTB Invitation-Scamstyle-and RESULTS!

    If I'm totally new to the forum and really following sumo in any sort of depth, can I still participate in the games?
  6. It will definitely happen, when it needs to happen. They were all set to change the law when Hisahito was born and the matter was dropped. It's a relatively modern law in any case, only became as such in 1889. Prior to that there were examples of Empresses ruling in their own right and, perhaps equally as important, nobody cared about the Imperial household. By the time of the Meiji Restoration, many people in Japan weren't even aware there still WAS an Emperor, such had their status fallen since the 12th century.
  7. IzumoTaisha

    Favorite Japanese foods

    For me it is Sukiya or nothing. Grand memories of getting a hunger at 4am and cycling across the city to a 24-Open Sukiya for a large bowl.
  8. IzumoTaisha

    What do you like about Japan?

    Christianity came and Christianity was forced to leave. More Christians in Japan in 1600 than there are today. Religiousity is not a part of Japanese conscious. The surroundings of spirituality are, everyone understands the connection between life and the spiritual, even if they don't actively practice. it's refreshing to me. I learned a lot in the countryside about the nature of spiritual world that is just "there" whether we actively pursue it or not.
  9. IzumoTaisha

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    The likelihood of Harumafuji being forced to retire surely can't be that high? The guy just went 15-0 consecutively only two tournaments ago. Isn't the sport in dire enough straits with the general public? Surely humiliating an extremely talented and entertaining wrestler would provoke such a backlash, and reflect very badly on the people responsible for the promotion.
  10. IzumoTaisha

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    If Jokoryu fights as bravely as he's been doing the last few days, do you think he can ride the edge all the way to 8-7 safety? Playing for the kachikoshi possibility every single day must be mentally tiring, but if he falls short and finishes 7-8 will that be enough to keep him in the division? Ikioi fell back to Juryo for that score, but I would rate Jokoryu's performances as being worthy of being at this level.
  11. IzumoTaisha

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    I can smell a playoff coming our way. Wouldn't it be great if both Yokozuna tripped up again and Chiyotairyu coasted through to win the whole thing!
  12. IzumoTaisha

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Was not at any moment expecting to see both Yokozuna lose on the same day. Harumafuji must be kicking himself at missing the opportunity to close the gap. He'll have to do it for himself on day 15 for a hope now I'd guess.
  13. IzumoTaisha

    Day 7 lower division results

    In a way, I enjoy the Makushita bouts more than the higher levels. I love a good hard fought back and forth battle and the lower ranked and up and comers really deliver that in spades.
  14. IzumoTaisha

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    It's great to see Ikioi finally start to look comfortable at this level. Also, is this where Goeido finally starts to live up to the hype?