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  1. Ack!

    The Wall 2020

    It's arguable, I suppose. His situation is certainly regrettable. I hesitated to even mention Enho with 3 makekochi. The fact that Enho's current rank is higher than Kizakiumi's, and Kizakiumi's is greater than Kotoshoho's makes a neat progression. The bar (perfection) is set pretty high in this club! So I recall reading there is a trick to inserting tables into posts -- one of the reasons I haven't worked on that. Can anyone fill me in on that?
  2. Ack!

    The Wall 2020

    In attempt to resurrect this beloved thread, I offer the following list of never-makekochi rikishi. Sorry, no links or stats, but anyone who wants to build on this is welcome to do so! I find the sheer length of this list to be impressive. Ms13w Shiraishi Ms14e Motobayashi -- notably undefeated through 3 basho Ms17e Roga Ms39w Tokisakae Ms57e Kitanowaka Sd10w Suzuki Sd12e Toma Sd16w Daikisho Sd33e Yoshii Sd41w Ito Sd48e Marusho Sd55w Hokutenkai -- notably only 1 loss through 2 basho Sd67w Kotosusumu Sd68e Tomiyutaka Sd82w Yabugasaki Sd90w Denuma Sd94w Kiyota Sd95w Araoyama Jd4w Mishima Jd16e Ienoshima Jd20e Inaba Honorable mentions: J8w Kotoshoho -- 1 makekochi J3w Kizakiumi -- 2 makekochi M5w Enho -- 3 makekochi
  3. Ack!

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    And the 2020s is a 10-year period, hence a decade. A decade is simply a period of 10 years. 2011-2020 is a decade, but so are 2010-2019 and 2020-2029. It is far more common and convenient to refer to the "decade of the '20s" although it does cause accounting problems in counting backward. Both sides of this discussion are equally valid.
  4. Ack!

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2020

    OK, so underdemotion prevails over overpromotion in Ms, just like I have observed happening in the higher divisions.
  5. Ack!

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2020

    My biggest misses: Tochinoshin, Ryuden and Sadanomi on one side; Kagayaki and Azumaryu on the other. I figured Miyogiryu over Endo at M1 -- puzzled why that isn't case. Juryo was predictable, but I don't think I will ever understand upper Ms picks. Shiba should by all rights be Ms1e and Chiyonokuni got short-changed out of a promotable spot.
  6. Ack!

    The Graph

    Thanks for this great visualization! Noting the bottom part of the graph is relatively sparse in recent years, I was wondering if you would consider adding the "dai-Sekiwakes" Tochiozan and Mitakeumi and perhaps Miyogiryu, Tamawashi and Ichinojo (8 bashos at Sekiwake each)? Just a thought.
  7. After today's makushita joi disaster, Shiba (5-1 at Ms7) may need to be put on the promotion candidate list. Wouldn't a 6-1 Shiba be a more credible promotee than a 4-3 Tsukahara at Ms4? It may be tough to scratch up enough promotees to cover all of the falling sekitori. Terunofuji is an easy pick for the Ms yusho, and it seems Murata would have the edge in Jd. Ura will pick up the Jd yusho at Hatsu. Early banzuke predictions: Asanoyama S Takayasu Abi K Mitakeumi Daiesho M1 Endo Although if Mita doesn't improve, Daiesho will get the promotion with Mita ending outside of sanyaku for the first time since when??? Tochinoshin will benefit from banzuke luck and could possibly end up as high as M3
  8. It looks as if a quarter of juryo could get promoted and another quarter demoted right now. This gets a little more interesting because the top half of juryo is stacked full of former maegashira, while the bottom half has lots of up-and-coming rikishi. Lots of elevator rikishi on both ends?
  9. Ack!

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    If Aoiyama is nursing an injury, does that him Owie-yama? Not so bold prediction: Okinoumi will NOT take the yusho.
  10. Ack!

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    I miss Baruto. He won the first basho I attended. Also the powerful Terunofuji.
  11. Ack!

    Crowdsourced injury report

    Yep -- the list can be very lengthy. Most, if not all of these injuries were pre-basho. However, Hakuho, Kakuryu and Enho have a combined 9-0 record, so it doesn't seem to be affecting them much, at least not yet. On the flip side winless Tochinoshin appears to be headed for kyujo/kadoban. I'm not a good enough judge of sumo technique to break it down further. Ichinojo's back is chronic and is likely the reason when his "strategy" seems to simply become the immovable object
  12. Since there is no such thing as an injury report in sumo, I thought we might crowdsource one here and discuss how a perceived injury may or may not be affecting a rikishi. Anyone game? I'll start with day 3. List a rikishi and the the injury you saw and then others can add comments below the name/injury. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Kaisei - right (?) elbow Takayasu - back
  13. Ack!

    PR for Nagoya 2019

    I haven't seen a picture banzuke for some time. Has anyone else found one?
  14. Ack!

    Promotion Discussion thread - Natsu 2019

    It looks like the banzuke-makers have scheduled several sanyaku playoff bouts for senshuraku. Winner of Asanoyama vs Mitakeumi would likely take a sekiwake spot, as would the winner of Abi vs Tamwashi. Ryuden vs Aoyama for the west komusubi spot if Abi loses.