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  1. Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Not even them...
  2. Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I prefer "niyaku" but no one else does.
  3. Wakaichiro from Texas

    Happy Texas Independence Day, Wakaichiro!
  4. I've had similar thoughts. It makes so much sense that it's guaranteed that the Kyokai will never adopt it!
  5. There are any number of pro athletes in team sports with guaranteed salaries these days
  6. A simple black and white proposal: if a rikishi undergoes any surgical procedure to repair an injury, he gets a one-basho pass.
  7. This sounds like a good joke. How many rikishi does it take to change a lightbulb?
  8. Akiseyama could get promoted this basho, in fact. I was thinking about after this basho though, with the Ms2 criteria specifically for Asabenkei. I agree -- Takaryu is proof that youth isn't everything.
  9. Regarding the former sekitori, I can't see anyone who is currently ranked below Ms2 and over the age of 25 returning to juryo, I'm afraid. I won't rule out Asabenkei, but the odds are against him. I'm happy to see Masunoyama progressing back up the ranks, though.
  10. Gurowake's thoughts on Giku mirror my own, but I think Rocks has found the key. Maybe one will lose and eliminate all debate.
  11. Is 12-3 a yusho equivalent? I think 13-2 would be the bare minimum, and even then still questionable.
  12. Who has the "win and in" situation for Kw, Kotoshogiku or Endo? I think Koto controls his own destiny at this point. Everyone else has to hope he loses. Thoughts?
  13. Your Banzuke from the 2020's

    The day Goeido makes yokozuna, I'll eat my hat.
  14. Best Rikishi 2017 - none

    Doesn't a piece of the kensho money go to the heya and elsewhere?