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  1. I think it may be tough to find enough promotees from Makushita to match the number of likely demotees in Juryo. I'm not holding my breath for Jokoryu, since he typically fades later in the basho. However with the potential for tremendous banzuke luck, he could just make it.
  2. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Is anyone else hungry with anticipation for the Ms1e Hakuyozan vs Ms5e Jokoryu matchup of the undefeated?
  3. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    If Tochinoshin goes kyujo, I don't see anyone displaying the quality of sumo needed to catch up with Mitakeumi, even given his winless streak against Kaisei. He would have to wilt a la Kisenosato for anyone else to take the yusho.
  4. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Pretty much, but I'll throw in 4-0 Mitakeumi as a dark horse candidate, just to keep it interesting. I don't think Takayasu and Goeido are worth consideration this basho.
  5. D'oh! I was going to go back and check that, but you beat me to it. Regardless, Tamawashi and Shohozan won and Shodai lost, and I think that will be the bottom line to the banzuke makers.
  6. I think Ishiura is on the bubble, but IIRC there has been a trend of protecting the potential demotees. Basically, I agree but leave room for the possibility.
  7. The Shohozan - Shodai bout today was essentially a playoff fight for K1w, so it will be Shohozan.
  8. I think however lower Juryo shakes out, there will be at least three demotable rikishi, which means Kizaki is already in. Promotion with 4-3 from Ms4 is not unheard of, and is more likely based on history than non-demotion from J10 at 5-10 (the best case). If Kizaki should win, then it will be much more tidy. Special thanks to Asashosakari for working this info his busy schedule. It's good to know he has his priorities right.
  9. It looks like Kizenryu is in. At worst he would be the #3 promotee and it appears there will be at least 3 demotions from Juryo. Akua has a chance, but he must hope for a loss by Kizaki. Kitaharima has to hope for losses by Kizaki and Akua.
  10. I figured Ms7 Murata and Gokushindo would be marked (~) with a 5-1 record given all the 3-3 rikishi.
  11. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I was going to say after day 5 that Endo was the irresistible force to Ichinojo as the immovable object, but after day 6, I think Ichi's back trouble must have returned, as he can't seem to move himself. Regarding Kotoshogiku's so-called resurgence, look at his schedule this basho so far. By falling to the bottom of the joi, he hasn't faced anyone in the sanyaku yet. Shodai is in a similar situation. I'm glad Aminishiki can take a fall. Seems like he's been thrown around like a rag doll this basho.
  12. Former Sekitori

    Chiyoarashi and Keitenkai also 3-0!
  13. Former Sekitori

    It's good to see Toyonoshima and Toyohibiki both 3-0 at Ms14 and Ms20, respectively. Toyonoshima has shown, though, that he cannot compete in/near the promotion zone at this point in his long career. Can more newly demoted Tokohibiki do any better? Poor Masunoyama is 0-2 at Ms 38. It's impossible not to root for his comeback, so I'm hoping for better results in his remaining bouts. Ganbatte!
  14. Former Sekitori

    As I’m getting older, I’m beginning to relate to those former sekitori who are fighting for a chance to return, so I thought I’d write a bit about them and their chances. Ms1e Amakaze, age 26: This is Amakaze’s first basho in Makushita in more than 3 years. His 3-12 record last basho suggests injury, as he has been steady in mid-Juryo for quite some time. The question is if the injury is still affecting him since 4-3 is all he needs for a return. Return chances: unknown for this tournament, but very likely eventually. Ms2e Tochihiryu, age 31: Tochihiryu has spent the last three years in Makushita, with the exception of Hatsu 2018 (4-11 at J12w). He has alternated KK and MK for the last 7 tournaments. Last basho he managed 4-3 at Ms3e, which suggests the potential for a return, but it also means he is due for MK. Return chances: good, both now and in the future. He seems to be trending upward with two consecutive appearances in the promotion zone. Ms2w Jokoryu, age 29: Most people expected more out of Jokoryu’s career than he has produced to date. He simply hasn’t been the same since Hatsu 2015 where he managed a kinboshi but finished with only a 5-7-3 record. After falling out of Makuuchi, Hatsu 2016 showed him no better luck in his return to the division, again going kyujo 2-4-9. After missing two more tournaments consecutively later in the year, he rebounded with a 7-0 Sandanme yusho, but has fallen short in two trips to the promotion zone since that time. Last basho was his best performance since, going 6-1 at Ms9w. But can he follow that up? Return chances: I’d say 50/50 at best. He has yet to KK above Ms8. I’d give him one more realistic chance should he fail to KK this time. Ms3e Kizenryu, age 33: He’s been up and down between Juryo and Makushita many times over the last several years. Sure he’s getting older, but nothing indicates a decrease in his performance. Return chances: very likely. Ms3w Akua, age 27: Akua has managed only one Juryo appearance, and that was in the Hatsu basho. Fighting at Ms5w last basho, he had a chance to return but only managed a minimal 4-3 KK. Return chances: unlikely, although he has a few good years left to keep trying. Ms4w Kitaharima, age 31: Time seems to be running out for Kitaharima. Since falling back to Makushita, he has managed two brief returns, but with 4 consecutive tournaments in Makushita now, one wonders if he can still manage it once again. Return chances: Probably can manage one last return, but if it isn’t now, the odds will drop significantly. Ms5w Dewahayate, age 29: He hasn’t managed a KK above Ms10 since his last return in 2016. No reason to expect anything different. Return chances: nearly zero.
  15. Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Not even them...